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Main points for the basis of Incentive scheme

1) New Additional Sales Target of 20 lakhs for 6 months (10 lakhs for 3months and
3.3 lakhs for 1 month)
2) Minimum New Additional Sales of Net Rs.1.5 lakhs per month or Net Rs. 4.5 Lakh
per quarter to be achieved for the eligibility of Incentive.Net means after deducting
the business lost in that segment of product or different product.
3) Minimum target of Rs.1.5 lakh per month should be properly divided between
important products.
4) Pending Payment target for 70% for every month to be realised
5) Reduction of Stock of Kennametal, Widia, Emuge and Ehwa.
6) Minimum Net 20% of profit in all transactions
7) Cost of Trial material and pending Chalans
8) Implementation of P.O through New system
9) Implementation of Auto pending payment Information to Customers through
11) Govt. compliance and payment of Taxes
12) Reduction of interest given to banks
13) Voucher and reports of pending payment as per system.
14)If Customer has stopped buying material, Engineer should take responsibility in
Liquidating the material.

1)2% incentive will be given on the New Additional sales of Rs.3.3 lakh per
month or Rs.10 lakh New Additional Sales for one quarter. For more than
10 lakh New Additional sales in a quarter 3% incentive wil be given.
a)For less than Net Rs.1.5 lakh Additional sales per month and less than
Net Rs.4.5 lakh Additional Sales in quarter No Incentive will be given.
b)New Additional sales of Rs.1.5 lakh per month should have break up in
following manner for eligibility of Incentive.
1) Kennametal or Widia= Rs.50000.00 per month or Rs.1.5 lakh per
2)Emuge = Rs.20000.00 per month or Rs.60000.00 per quarter
3)Ehwa= Rs.20000.00 per month or Rs.60000.00 per quarter
4) Oil = Rs.20000.00 per month or Rs.60000.00 per quarter

2) For old sales 0.5% will be given as a whole provided 70% of the total
pending payment in that month is realised.
3) Reduction of Dead Stock of Kenna, Widia Emuge and Ehwa will let
Engineer have 4% of total sales on Basic value and 1% to dispatch team.
This sale will not be included in regular sales for incentive purpose.
4)Minimum 20% profit should be there on every sales transaction and for
less than this Permission of Management is must.
5)Maximum Six Challans of Trial Material will be issued to Engineers.To get
more trial material Engineer has to return the trial material and close the
Accounts Department
Rs 5000 of Incentive will be part of performance.
1)Rs.5000 will be linked to 70% target achieved in Pending Payment realisation
working as a Team with Engineers.
Nitin garg
1) Rs.5000 will be linked to 70% target achieved in Pending Payment realisation
working as a Team with Engineers..

Rs.5000 to be linked to performance
1) Rs.2500 will be linked to Implementation of P.O through system and timely
a) 1st month Emuge
b) 2nd month Kennametal
c)3rd month Widia
d)4th month Ehwa
2) Rs 2500 will be linked to %age of Stock to be reduced by 5 lakh per month
with cooperation with Engineers
Kennametal =Rs.125000