Normal Operation Sequence

10 - Plug the Stove In 11 LED's indicate P.O.S.T. 12 Burn Drive cycles three (3) times 13 Exhaust Fan Runs for 30 min then OFF 20 - Startup Mode Push ON Button & set Heat Level #1 LED on Number of LED's show Set Heat Level Burn Drive cycles three (3) times Feed Wheel Begins Feeding Fuel After 1½ minutes, Air pump comes ON After 15 seconds, the Igniters turn ON Within 5 minutes, Smoke and than Flame Igniters turn OFF after Flame is established After 15 seconds the Air Pump goes OFF Stove Ramps to Heat Level 4 After 20 minute Startup Period, stove ramps up or down to User Set Heat Level

Stove Does Not Respond
LED is NOT LIT on the Mother Board (RED / 115) (GREEN / UBB)

Check for Power at the Receptacle Contact Electrician NO YES Check for 120v at Mother Board Across RED & WHITE wires - (J4 / 115) (J3 / UBB) NO YES

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Unplug Stove

Unplug Stove

Check ALL Connections Between Cord End - Repair or Replace as Necessary

40 - Normal Run mode 41 Stove runs at User SET HEAT Level 42 Ash Dump per Heat Level 43 Stove ramps to Heat Level 4 during the Ash Dump process 44 Stove runs until User turns the Stove OFF 50 - Normal Shut Down Mode 51 52 53 54 55 Push the OFF Button Feeder Wheel Stops feeding Fuel 1st 10 minutes Exhaust Fan Increases speed Next 20 minutes Exh. Fan runs at 50% speed After 30 min. total, Ash Dump, Stove is OFF

Remove and Test F3 BAD GOOD

Replace Fuse F3 with: 125v 5amp or 6amp Bussman GMA Series LittleFuse 217 / 218 Series Shawmut GGM Series

Plug Stove In 10

No Response

Replace Mother Board as per Kit Instructions

LED on Mother Board Lights Push the ON Button 20


Run Stove

H:\Tech Support\Training\SMTSG - Stove Does Not Respond.doc