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November 2009 - Volume 19 - Issue 2 - Sonoma Valley High School

Wild about the Casa douses

wild things Dragon’s fire
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Float Fest festivites pg. 4

SMOKE C elebrating the return home

Filing flub
Ms. Hansen of the English
Dept. has granted the students in
Mr. Midgley’s and Mr. Merino’s
homerooms a one week exten-
sion on their Senior Project topic
approval packets. The glitch in
organization was the result of
a filing error. Each student has
been given the extra time in
order to revise his or her Senior Photo by Alejandro Tinajero
Project packet. Students wait outside the Boys and Girls Club to enter the dance.
“Even with this setback, the
By Kirsten Aguilar in a while breaking into battles
system this year is running very
between the classes: seniors cried
smoothly,” commented Hansen.
Homecoming at SVHS roared “Twenty ten, twenty ten!” and
“I would say that 95 percent of
to a start last week with Monday’s juniors retaliated with “one, one,
seniors had their packets in on
“tie-dye” dress up day. The car- one, one!”
time. It’s a serious improvement
nival on Wed. boasted spaghetti The Homecoming football game,
from last year, and that’s partly
sold by Stock Club, “ barely legal played against Casa Grande, end-
due to the new tier program and
bangers” sold by Forensics, and ed in a disappointing 41-6 loss.
loss of off campus privileges.”
“cookies for equality” sold by the Also disappointing was this
H1N1 vaccines Gay-Straight Alliance. year’s lack of a streaker; no nude
Students played musical chairs graced the field before the half-
available soon and dropped teachers and peers time display of the class floats.
alike into a dunk tank. The The juniors’ Peter Pan float
A free H1N1 vaccination will be weather held out the entire week: soared above the others, placing
available to those who do not have at Float Fest, the bonfire went un- first in the competition. Sopho-
health insurance. Target groups hampered by rain; its sparks flew mores followed with their fierce
are people six months to 24 years high in the air, orange against a interpretation of The Lion King Photo by James Fanucchi
of age, adults with chronic medi- blackened sky. and much to the chagrin of the Jordan Albertson and Amanda Cisneros cheer in support of the class of 2011.
cal conditions, pregnant women, The parade on Fri. was uncom- seniors, Alice in Wonderland gotten third.” that read “Homecoming.” Three
caregivers for infants under six fortably hot—little kids who lined placed third. The Boys and Girls Club was and a half hours into the dance
months old and healthcare and the sidewalks waving signs and “I don’t understand the judg- transformed by Leadership’s the lights came on and 2009’s
emergency medical service work- parents who held video cameras ing,” said senior Nora Tisell, “If decorations on Sat. Oct. 24. A Homecoming King and Queen
ers. Clinics will be held at Cook sweltered in the heat as the parad- the judges had seen the detail in red carpet spilled from the en- were announced as Jordan
Middle School and Windsor High ing students cheered, every once the senior float, we wouldn’t have trance beneath a glittering arch Villaseñor and Araceli Moya.
School on Nov. 14 from 9:30 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. An additional clinic
will be held at Casa Grande High
School on Nov. 21 at the same
C o m m u n i t y m a k e s s p l a s h i n p o o l ’s f u t u r e
By Hannah Horowitz and coach Sean Mullen as well as tial locations around the valley. The pool would undoubtedly
time. For more information go to Danny Maggioncalda colleague Marc Armstrong. If the city commits to this plan, be an advantage to aquatic ath-
The program and its corre- Sonoma Splash will begin a six- letes and those looking to get a
SVHS students are familiar sponding website are designed to month fundraising campaign. little exercise or relief from a
Local climate action with the vast expanse of grey gather information about the lo- Money will be procured through sweltering day.
gravel lying behind the school’s cal community’s view on the is- pledges to build, endow, and op- “We want a pool that everyone
The Sonoma Plaza witnessed a locker room complex. As of this sue. The group released a survey erate the swimming facility. can enjoy, no matter their age,
little global unity when members Nov., five years will have passed in June which gauged the opin- “The biggest obstacle is the be- group, or interests,” stated Mul-
of the local community gathered since the pool that once occupied ions of 858 local citizens. lief that we cannot afford operat- len. The pool would be open to
in front of City Hall in celebration the space was drained. The vast majority, 99.1 per- ing costs,” explained Armstrong, everything and everyone, from
of the International Day of Cli- The closing of the pool served cent of participants polled, “Yet Sebastopol and other com- toddler swimming lessons to
mate Action on Sat. Oct. 24. This as a catalyst for aquatic sports wanted a pool for some sort of munity pools are examples of club sports, to senior aerobics
occasion was meant to connect enthusiasts and passionate com- use. Over 70 percent felt that the pools that were built without a classes.
the world in a rally for clean air. munity members alike to lobby city should pay for at least half tax increase.” “A new pool would be really
170 different nations participated for its resurrection. of the operating costs. “The SVHS pool was closed convenient,” exclaimed Rosie
with over 4,000 events. Only one This movement has material- The results were sent to the due to insurance issues and there Connors, junior, a member of
day prior, President Obama ad- ized into the Sonoma Splash Sonoma City Council for review was very little public input,” he SVHS’s water polo team.
dressed the U.S. Senate on the Program, a group founded by in an effort to reinstate the idea continued, “The creation of this The school board and Sonoma
encroachment of climate change Bill Hammet, but more recently that the city should conduct a six pool will really be a matter of Splash Program will meet to dis-
and the necessity to take action. headed by SVHS water polo month study to reconsider poten- public will.” cuss pool-related plans this Fri.
Opinion - Editorial
Students experiencing lack of rack Cross mounted on
a slippery slope
By Anna Haley locking their bikes at the science
wing. Students have to share the By Troy Cameron
While touring any parking lot with parents driving
college campus in their children to school. It is dan- There should exist a “wall of
California, you will gerous because students are weav- separation between church and
notice the bikes sig- ing in and out of cars. With the of- state,” Thomas Jefferson once
nificantly outnumber fice racks, students can come right sagaciously noted. Yet these for-
the cars. off the bike path and lock up their tifications seem to be crumbling
You will also notice bikes,” Moll explains. under the cruel Mojave sun.
the quantity of bike Safety is apparently not a fac- Instead, here exists an eight-
racks fits the growth tor concerning Villaseñor, as she foot tall cross, placed precari-
requirement, a com- locks her bike to the science build- ously upon a precipice within the
modity not met here. ing rack and does not feel her bike Mojave National Preserve. The
Many students on “is in any danger.” designated purpose of this monu-
the SVHS campus Even with the differing views of ment is to commemorate fallen
are avid bike riders, students and administrators on the war heroes. This in and of itself
but find the resources logistics of the racks, both agree may not be objectionable, but it is
here to be lacking. riding a bike is the best way for to only the tip of the holy spear.
As Stephanie Vil- get to school. The state park system, mean-
laseñor, sophomore, As Villaseñor mentions, “I ride ing the national government, has
confesses, “There Cartoon by Will Papadin my bike because I like to. It’s also revoked similar attempts to estab-
aren’t enough racks. good for the environment, even if lish a Buddhist monument nearby.
more bike racks if we knew there other near the science classrooms. This action brought about a low-
Bikes are always stacked on each a car is quicker.”
was a need. The only problem is all Despite there being several racks level court case in which the act
other. There isn’t enough room.” Mr. Moll agrees. “I support stu-
the bikes are difficult to watch.” in the vicinity of the office, there was found unconstitutional be-
This view is shared by several dents riding their bikes. It is obvi-
This, unfortunately, is true. There is only one in the other location, cause it favored a single religion.
student bikers, but not the admin- ously green and our students need
are only two places (two too few) causing the large piles of bikes As a side-note, the famed Ar-
istration. According to Vice-Prin- to learn the value of exercise”
where students can lock up their Villaseñor mentioned earlier. If lington Cemetery offers sixty-
cipl Mr. Moll, the school would If this is truly how the admin-
bikes: one behind the office, the you are not one of the lucky stu- four varieties of headstones for
be more than willing to “provide istration feels about students rid-
dents who arrive early, you lock their honored veterans.
ing their bikes to school, then
your bike to a tree. While this particular decision
Obama’s undeserved laurels Regardless of the second loca-
why don’t we have a more “bike-
friendly” campus? was not appealed, the government
By Luther Cenci has in fact released the pressure on tion, Mr. Moll maintains the in- had the bright idea to circumvent
Funding may be an issue, but
Iran that the bilateral Bush agenda tention is to have all students lock the proceedings. They explicitly
with world-wide green polices be-
Barack Obama finally got that had built up. Obama, by insisting their bikes to the office racks. transferred possession of the land
coming more relevant, the school
dreaded early-morning White on multi-party talks, has blurred “The administration has been into the hands of those who seek
can rustle up some money to en-
House call. This time, however, he the focus on nonproliferation. The worried for years about students to preserve its watchful gaze.
dorse our bicyclists.
was shocked to hear a Norwegian inclusion of regional powers such This may have been acceptable
voice informing him that he had as Russia, China and Israel has Costumes for the corner practice had they first removed
just been honored with the Nobel complicated the agenda with par- By Sigrid Forsythe and have impacted the evolution from the cross, thereby securing their
Peace Prize. tisan squabbling, giving the Aya- Chelsea Rose Shiery scary to slutty. neutrality. Instead, Congress spe-
The Prize is awarded by a se- tolla the breathing room he needed As the years pass, more and cifically cited its preservation as
lection committee chosen by the to progress towards a destabilizing When people walk into a Hallow- more costumes are being made for the reason for the land swapping
Norwegian Parliament to the indi- bomb. een store they expect to see caul- younger girls. The tarty togs are not hands. This clearly illustrates our
vidual who, “during the preceding The Iranian nuclear program, drons, frightful just for the adults government’s religious prejudic-
year [...] shall have done the most thought by the CIA to be halted decorations, anymore; kids es, and it’s not pretty.
or the best work for fraternity be- since 2003, has recently been re- scary masks, have been taught For some, this case is not neces-
tween nations, for the abolition or started, as evidenced by the dis- and sleazy Hal- that less cloth and sarily gripping, but the precedent
reduction of standing armies and covery of a secret uranium refin- loween cos- more skin is best. that it establishes is quite worri-
for the holding and promotion ery on an Iranian military base. tumes. Sex is taking some. If we continue to let our
of peace congresses.” However, Clearly, his foreign policy has On Hallow- over the world. It government dictate which denom-
Obama has not made the headway failed to promote “fraternity be- een, people of has now reached ination deserves the most respect
in his foreign policy to deserve tween nations.” all ages enjoy the 31st, a day after they lay down their lives in
these lofty laurels. Also, instead of working to- dressing up, reserved for chil- service of our “patriotic” country,
The Nobel Committee chose wards the “abolition or reduction trick-or-treating dren and candy. then they may as well mandate a
Obama “for his extraordinary ef- of standing armies,” Obama has and venturing The candy has universal religion along with uni-
forts to strengthen international di- in fact drastically increased troop through dark switched from ed- versal health care.
plomacy and cooperation between numbers in Afghanistan, while and murky ible treats to eye Essentially, this creates a rather
peoples,” stressing his commit- continuing to maintain armed haunted houses. delights, cad in slippery slope for all other spiri-
ment to nuclear disarmament. forces in Iraq. It is bittersweet Yet these activi- skin tight black tual displays on federal land. It
However, on all diplomatic irony that a president fighting two ties have gone leather. is necessary that our government
fronts, he has been distracted and foreign wars of occupation can from fun to What will be remains entirely secular in all of
deluded by the political charades win an international peace award. raunchy. Cartoon by Will Papadin next? If women its proceedings.
put up by rogue states. During The Nobel Prize may even be As children are dressing in Many of these religious injustic-
Obama’s first year in office, Iran domestic liability to Obama, fuel- scamper from house to house, sexy bunny costumes for Hallow- es go unnoticed due to the over-
has tyrannically oppressed dissent ing argument that he is all shine gathering their candy, their eyes een, will they save those costumes whelming majority of Christian-
and political freedom and restarted and no substance. Obviously, the are forever stained with the pro- for when Easter rolls around? ity in America. No longer can we
its nuclear program. This is a di- Nobel Committee was dazzled by miscuous woman walking down If this continues, girls around allow the masses to bully us into
rect result of Obama’s multilateral Obama’s public image and was the street. the world will not only follow in dealing with their archaic meta-
policies. unable to see the facts of his for- With the influence of naughty adults’ foot steps by wearing these physical nonsense.
His broadening of negotiations eign policy record. nurses and trampy kittens, girls will outfits, but they will start hav- It seems that the Christian
~Dragon’s Tale Staff~ grow up thinking that this is the ap- ing sex and pushing out babies at conspiracy is creeping into our
ADVISER - Alison Manchester propriate attire for Halloween. younger ages. money, mottos and monuments.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Clarke Campion When did this trend begin? Play- The costumes will no longer fit Its about time that we stand up for
MANAGING EDITOR- Peter Armstrong boy has a major contribution to the from the bulging bellies and hope- our freedom of religion, as well
LAYOUT EDITOR - Rachel Glago popularity of these alluring get- fully this will make them throw as our freedom from religion. Es-
TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN - Rachel Glago ups. Their “sexy bunny” costumes out their provocative costumes to
COPY EDITOR - Troy Cameron
tablishment Clause anyone?
the side.
NEWS EDITOR - Peter Armstrong, Kirsten Aguilar
OP/ED EDITOR - Alejandro Tinajero
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Dragon’s Tale Page 2 November 2009

By Connor Vickers and that was similar compared to the standouts included the classics
Gabe Bassett studio-recorded versions. Most of “Highway 61 Revisited” and
likely, Dylan is just bored with “Man in Me.” The encore was the
Eight thousand excited fans filed the repetitiveness, and it is un- cherry on top when he played the
into the Greek Theatre to watch derstandable to want to change up three cult classics, “Like a Rolling
Bob Dylan, dressed similar to a the style considering that he has Stone,” “Jolene,” and “All Along
Dia De Los Muertos skeleton, play been touring and performing lon- the Watchtower.”
a rocked-out set of new songs and ger than any SVHS
classic tunes. student has been
The whole concert was a strange alive. In fact, Dylan
mix of difinitively Dylan, yet he has been dubbed as
lacked many of the classic Dylan going on the Never
elements. He had a full band, in- Ending tour, which
cluding two electric loud guitars. refers to his non-
This stands in stark contrast to the stop schedule since
idea of Dylan many have in their June 1988.
Photo by Rachel Glago head, the small, quiet man sitting As incredible as
playing an acoustic guitar and har- it is that Dylan
Having a fling with His voice was not nearly as
raspy as what was expected, but
is able to play Photo by James Fanucchi
his classic songs Bob Dylan and his band at the sold out Greek Theater
in any style he
a wild thing it was definitely more worn down
than 1960’s Dylan, though he is
wishes, it still
takes away from the concert ex-
Gabe Stein, senior, commented,
“He was much more unenthusi-
By Shannon Murphy he can make everyone happy. Of still the same classic rebel.
course, it quickly becomes ap- perience when your favorite song astic but he still had his musical
However, most of the songs Dy- charm.”
“Where the Wild Things Are” parent to him that no matter what comes on, and it is difficult to even
lan played were unfamiliar unless Musical charm he had.
is not only a heartfelt story of he does that there will always be identify it.
close attention was paid to the lyr-
acceptance but also a relatively those who disagree with him. Dylan played a variety of songs
ics. Often times, the lyrics were all
accurate reflection of human
behavior. Spike Jonze conveys
The soft furry exterior of the
mysterious creatures accompa- Benefit concert brings in big bucks
from a variety of eras. Some
High fidelity
these interactions with the use nied with their razor sharp teeth 5 songs to download
By Peter Armstrong tle Feat, and Jackie Greene, a man
of emotionally complicated and unquenchable bloodlust re- By Will Papadin
of great variety, who showed off
fuzzy creatures. minds us that all beings have More than six thousand audience his skill of switching between two
Much like the book, the movie faults, and thankfully, this re- 1. Lady Jesus – The Asteroids
members attended the concerts at different guitars, a harmonica, two
is fueled mostly by stunning vealed to Max that the best thing Galaxy Tour
the B. R. Cohn Winery this past keyboards, and vocals. The lineup
visuals and one’s own interpre- for him to is to smooth things A Danish alternative pop band, The
month, on Sat. and Sun. Oct. 3 and also included Pat Simmons, Jr., son
tation. Though some values in over with his own family. Asteroids Galaxy Tour have been
4. The concert, which was put on of the member of the famous San
the movie were rather blunt, they The tone set in the later half gradually scaling the mountain of
by “vintner, philanthropist, and Francisco eclectic rock band.
were also enjoyable. The movie of the film did more than depress pop culture. “Lady Jesus” is their
music artist manager” Bruce Cohn, The concert was given a new
itself appeals most to a teen and the viewer; it put things in per- second single. With a rough edged
as described by sonomavalley. feel when Journey headlined, af-
adult audience, that is, an age at spective. Jonze did not sugar- sound, loose, drunken vocals and
com, raised money for many non- ter a number of preceding acts,
which people can appreciate the coat human, or in this case Wild heavy druming, this song sounds
profit organizations in the county, including Sonoma’s own Whisky
metaphorical value but are also Thing, interaction; he presented like it was recorded in a garage. This
including Sonoma Valley’s Boys Thieves. Giving the audience a sur-
familar with the inner workings both the heights and depths of is the exact reason why this song
and Girls’ Club and the Level II prise twist, the band left the stage
of a adolescent mind. human emotion. should be downloaded.
Trauma Center at Santa Rosa Me- finally after playing their clas-
Even Max, played by Max Re- It’s rather impressive how well morial Hospital. sic, “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and
cords, isn’t able to sustain the uto- Jonze turned the 11 sentence 2. Shining Down – Lupe Fiasco
The weekend kicked off with a seemed as if they would not be giv-
pia he has tried to create amongst work of Sendak into a 100 minute Lupe Fiasco is back for his third
dinner and auction on Fri. Oct. 2, ing any encores.
the Wild Things. He begins to film that held the viewer’s atten- album, Lasers, and “Shining Down”
which raised over $165,000. The However, within a minute, they
see that, much like people, the tion. His adaptation of Maurice is his featured single. Fiasco features
dinner was prepared by chef Brad- came back on, to the surprise of
Wild Things aren’t flawless, that Sendak’s classic children’s book Matthew Santos in “Shining Down,”
ley Ogden, and a total of 536 bid- many, and ended with their famous
they all suffer from their own in- was beautifully complimented by in a similarly collaborative manner
ders participated in the auction. hit “Any Way You Want It.”
securities and each one expresses the majestic vocals of Karen O, as “Superstar.” With Fiasco’s com-
The main events did not begin un- The weekend ended with a grand
it differently. Max also realizes lead singer of New York’s Yeah fortably fast rhythmic rapping and
til Sat. Oct. 3, when The total of over $400,000 raised for
that he can relate to every Wild Yeah Yeahs. For those familiar faint laser sounds in the background;
Doobie Brothers headlined the charity, a stark contrast to their mea- this song is download worthy.
Thing in one way or another, and with the book, the movie gives a concert at the winery itself, on the ger beginnings of just about $500,
each one comes to respresent a nostalgic feeling that is felt even estate’s idyllic stage. “It’s one of a 23 years ago. Cohn remarked, “We
different aspect of his own per- after the cinematic experience. 3. Animal – Miike Snow
kind,” said Cohn. “Where else can have had some great charity events A Swedish band that apparently
sonality. While some believe that the you see the sun set over the vine- here over the past 23 years, but I
Once the dysfunctional re- movie should have been hap- spells Mike ‘Miike,’ “Animal” is
yards?” think everyone will agree that this a cool, laid-back electro pop song
lationship between the Wild pier, the realistic nature of the Performing with the Doobies is one of the very best we have ever
Things becomes a reoccurring film is what gives it its best at- that needs to be downloaded. Main-
were such acts as Pablo Cruise, Lit- produced.”
theme, Max begins to ask how tributes. streamers, if it helps your decision it
was just recently featured on a
Twelve actors bring to life a story of justice and opinion Gossip Girl episode.
By Jesse U’Ren time of opening important message about think-
night,” assures ing outside the box, not taking 4. Up, Up and Away – Kid Cudi
Accusations fly and confusion Savannah. everything at face value, speak- You might know Kid Cudi for his
runs rampant as the Drama De- Kristen Palmer, ing out for yourself and not giv- overplayed single, “Day ‘N’ Night.”
partment begins rehearsals on the stage manager ing in to the status quo. But this song is a hidden gem that re-
play Twelve Angry Jurors, a story for the previous Throughout the production, quires no adjusting. It is a song that
about going beyond the expected play, West Side themes such as racism, cultural can be liked the first time played. Its
in order to find truth. Story, has taken bias, fear, ignorance and deep- uplifting accoustic guitar and beats
Twelve Angry Jurors shares up the same job seated personal prejudices influ- creates a Cudi anthem that all can
the same script as Twelve An- for Twelve An- ence the decisions and judgments agree with.
gry Men, but changing the name gry Jurors and that will decide the outcome of a
from “men” to “jurors” allows is very satisfied Photo by Jesse U’ren young man’s life. 5. Hurt Feelings –
both genders to audition for the with the play so The cast of Twelve Angy Jurors practice in the little theater. Written by playwright Regi- Flight Of The Conchords
parts. Savannah U’Ren, fresh- far. nald Rose in 1954 as a teleplay, Everybody has gone through it, the
young Puerto Rican man as he
man, commented, “I think it’s ap- “Some of the kids are actually and then adapted as a stage play self-pity process, dealing with hurt
is tried for murder. It brings to
propriate since most of our cast really good at it, they take a lot the next year, Twelve Angry Men feelings. Fortunately this New
life the turmoil and frustration
are girls” of enthusiasm into it and its nice has been awarded three Emmys, Zealand duo displays it the best. This
in holding another person’s life
Practices have taken place four to see something that normally twice for best director twice and song is hilarious and every time you
within your hands.
times a week for the last two bores people to death in sopho- once for best actor. listen to it you will discover another
Through a slow process of anal-
weeks and performance dates are more year [english] being used Although still a work in prog- ridiculous lyric. But music junkies
ysis and questioning, the play
looming over the actor’s heads. as it is intended,” proudly states ress, the Drama department’s I recommend you don’t stop there;
brings to light different points of
“Everyone is working really hard Kristen. production of Twelve Angry Ju- download the whole album to get
view and aspects of a seemingly
to make sure the play gets put on The story is that of 12 people rors should be the must-see pro- the full comedic atmosphere of their
set-in-stone case.
on time…We’ll be ready by the assigned to decide the fate of a duction of the year. slapstick rhymes.
Twelve Angry Men teaches an
Dragon’s Tale Page 3 November 2009

Floating Festival
Disney fun for everyone Teacher of
the month
By Jesse U’Ren Makers and Span-
ish Club.
Expectations were Sonoma High’s
high as Sonoma High trademark band,
prepared for the much The Jaywalkers,
anticipated and re- took the stage,
nowned gathering of along with Burn-
spirit and excitement, ing Broadway, a
known as Float Fest. new band to the
Through a collab- school.
orative effort from all Made up of sev-
grades at SVHS, Float eral SVHS gradu- Photo by Anthony Arjona
Fest inspired feelings ates, Burning
of school spirit and Broadway played By Anthony Arjona
loyalty through excit- an impressive
ing games and activi- set of hard rock, With an amicable, lighthearted
ties. which caught the personality, it is not suprising that
The theme for this attention of many students have taken a liking to Den-
year’s floats was Clas- Photo by Andy Mitchell onlookers.
nis Housman, P.E. teacher.
sic Disney movies. The juniors’ float soared over the competition. “It’s a chance Growing up in a small town lo-
Seniors took Alice in D.J.’s on each float. Michael Darling soaring over a to go out there cated on the Oregon coast, Hous-
Wonderland, juniors had Peter True to the theme of the story, series of moss covered caves, re- and play music, it’s what we like man enjoyed playing many sports
Pan, sophomores received The the seniors’ float was as wild and sided near the ship of the dreaded to do,” stated lead singer Bryan during high school. These included
Lion King and freshman were random as Alice’s adventures in pirate known as Captain Hook. Martinez. baseball, basketball, football, track,
given The Little Mermaid. Wonderland, depicting images Sophomores built a model of After the floats were shown and cross country.
Each grade was given nothing of the Mad Tea Party, along with Pride Rock, with a young Simba and the bands were done, people “My favorite one to play was
but a flat-bed trailer and their the Walrus and the Carpenter standing upon it, along with col- congregated to the gravel area baseball, my most successful one
imaginations to create a float. poem which surrounded a tree ored lights. The float led into a behind the tennis courts for the was football, and I tried to play bas-
Nothing could be bought or built containing the Cheshire Cat. football grid with a goal post at much-anticipated bonfi re. ketball in college. I moved to No-
by parents. Peter Pan was the theme of one end in the spirit of Home- Every year Sonoma Valley vato during my junior year in high
The atmosphere at Float Fest the juniors’ float, which won coming. Fire Fighters oversee the burn- school,” elaborated Housman.
was one of fun and festivity as the float competition, and they Freshmen kept it simple, show- ing of nearly 50 palettes of wood Starting at Long Beach City Col-
each class showed off their hard certainly lacked no talent in the ing a scene of violent waves and along with a gracious amount of lege for one year, and ending at
work in constructing their floats. artistic department. Realistic a fearsome looking sea dragon, cardboard which lit up the en- Sonoma State for the rest of his
There was music as well as live drawings of Wendy, John and leaving much of what dwells tire parking lot and could be felt college career, Housman decided
“under the sea” to the imagina- from a good 40 yards back. to become a physical educator.
‘Teens In Action’ aspire tion.
Float Fest wasn’t just about the
By the end of the night ev-
eryone went home full of spirit
Housman started teaching in
the year of 1992 at West Marin,

for a positive reaction floats. Live bands preformed and

food was sold by campus clubs
and pride
from what was an al-
successful and amazing
and transferred to Sonoma Valley
High in 1998. Working for the past
such as Interact, GSA, Money, Float Fest. eleven years, Housman still loves
By Hannah Horowitz teer opportunities before switch-
his job.
As students delve further into
the school year and the rigor of
ing the focus to their upcoming
Halloween party.
The club, which meets in the
Aerobatic Angels “Some of the best things about
being a P.E. teacher would have to
be that I can wear shorts whenever
coursework increases, students room of Danielle Lovejoy, Eng- the Team Oracle plane, with aero-
By Chelsea Rose Shiery I want, I can be outside whenever
can easily find themselves caught lish teacher, on Tuesdays, is in batic pilot Sean Tucker behind the I want, and I have a lot less paper-
in a storm of stress and nerves. the initial stages of development
The soundwaves blasted on- action. work to grade,” commented Hous-
Co-presidents and founders of The month of Nov. will be their Hurtling through the air at a
lookers’ ears as they tilted their man in a jovial tone. “I also get a
Teens in Action Club Elizabeth second month as a full-fledged
heads back to observe the Blue stomach dropping 300mph, Tuck- cool sunglass tan along with a sock
Garcia, senior, and Yulianna club and they are always looking
Angels surging overhead. On Oct. er soared to great heights with a tan during the fall and spring.”
Camarena, senior, realized the for members.
11, many witnessed a spectacle of few tricks up his sleeve. “Some of the other perks would
importance of a community in “We do fun things, and we do From skimming 10 ft. above the
a lifetime. have to be beating, no, pelting my
which to relieve some of that what we can to better the school,”
As the fog rolled in Sun. morn- water to shooting straight up in students with badminton birdies
pressure. explains Chelsea Rose Shiery, se-
ing, many were worried the Blue the air and spiraling back down, and I always feel young, as I am
“We wanted to start a new club nior. The club helps out the school this red plane left
Angels would not constantly surrounded by young
with no GPA or fee required” and the community at large by the audience in
make an appear- people .”
describes Garcia. “Our club fo- picking up trash and helping each awe.
ance. Housman likes to spend time with
cuses on anything from help with other with homework. When the An-
However, anxi- his family on the weekends and of-
homework to information about So why join Teens In Action gels eventually
ety was quelled ten goes wine tasting.
college and scholarships to a fun when life is already crammed bolted across the
when the Blue “I’m just an average Joe,” admit-
place to hang out.” with busy schedules and lunch- sky, the sight was
Angels pulled ted Housman.
Garcia elaborates on her inspi- time activities? While it may not breathtaking.
through with their After school Housman has “way
ration to create Teens In Action, have the prestige of Interact or Each jet ap-
performance. too many meetings,” but after-
explaining, “Over the summer I Key Club, Teens In Action looks peared to be
Before the Blue wards, he enjoys an afternoon run.
helped in the La Luz Center. They for a new approach to old ways. Photo by Chelsea Rose Shiery connected to the
Angels sliced the “I run 5-10 miles and try to get
talked about clubs for specific “It’s also just a good way to get
fog above the The Blue Angels taking the sky. next. They were enough rest for the next day, I wake
things with a lot of requirements, out of the rain and relax,” laughs
city, other jaw-dropping perfor- all in sync with each other as they up at 5a.m.,” stated Housman.
and Yulianna and I wanted to cre- Garcia. flew in tight formation, mere feet
mances entertained the crowd. After teaching a subject for so
ate a club where everyone could Their motto “Diversity and
Introducing the day’s presenta- from one another. long, people might wonder if it
be accepted and have a part.” Healthy Living” summarizes the With the booming sound, close
tions were the Patriots, a team of starts to get boring. “I would not
The success of this last goal is club’s hope for all students. These four jet flyers who proved to be proximity, and unity of the flyers, want to teach another subject. The
undisputed. The atmosphere of teens are taking initiative to cre- watching the Blue Angels is an
more than amazing. only class I wish I could teach
the club is friendly and creative. ate an accepting and fun atmo- With streams of red, white, and event that will forever be remem- would be Honors P.E. or AP P.E.
Kids take some time to unwind sphere, in which they hope all can blue following their every move- bered. If you like sports, can’t be a sports
before bringing their attention to be involved and enjoy themselves With the excitement intensifying
ment, the pilots performed a num- coach, and can’t teach academics,
the board, where the leaders of while they strive for a unified and with each performance, this spec-
ber of aerial maneuvers. teach P.E.”
the club discuss potential volun- happy community.
Following the fantastic four was tacle is truly something to see.
Dragon’s Tale Page 4 November 2009

& Rad Royalty

Crowning new monarchs
By Chelsea Rose Shiery was nonchalant. of the float theme. “I loved our ners]. It was a good change,”
and Caity Tremblay “I wasn’t tripping about it,” float, it was really creative,” agreed Villaseñor added.
reflected Villaseñor. “If I won I Moya eagerly. They were quite a pair: Moya,
Cheers resounded won, if I didn’t I didn’t.” They also attended the football quiet but nice, and Villaseñor, out-
through the Boys and However, the candidates were game, enjoying the lively atmo- going and energetic. Despite their
Girls Club as Jordan anything but inactive; they were sphere and vitality of the crowd. personality differences, they both
Villaseñor and Araceli required to attend all the home- “Even though we lost, everybody enjoyed the festivities which cul-
Moya, seniors, were coming events. had a lot of energy,” mentioned minated their senior year.
announed homecoming “If I wasn’t one of the candi- Moya positively. “It was fun to hang out and dance
king and queen for the dates I probably wouldn’t have Though a school with a large and ride in a car,” Villaseñor com-
class of 2010. gone,” honestly commented latino population, it’s been years mented enthusiastically about the
“I was excited because Villaseñor. However, he en- since a latino pair were homecom- Mustang.
I have never had that joyed the various events, includ- ing king and queen. Overall, the canidates had a blast.
much attention before,” ing Float Fest. “Usually it is the same people be- “I thought it was really fun” bub-
admitted the smiling “It was pretty sweet,” ing nominated,” Moya comment- bled Moya excitedly.
Moya. Villaseñor remarked about the ed. “I wanted to try something new A slight smile played across his
Both candidates de- floats. “The juniors’ was good for myself and for the school.” lips, and Villaseñor summed up the
cided to participate on a and seniors’ was artistic.” “It was pretty sick to have two whole experience: “I am glad that I
whim. Both regal winners were fond Mexicans [for homecoming win- did it. It’s a good memory.”
“I wanted something
different, so I asked my
friends to vote for me Tamales with a tasty twist
and they said they would By Victor Vasquez 1 tablespoon vanilla extract tamale at both ends.
help,” disclosed Moya. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon Prick the husk several times us-
Moya was thrilled Photo by Joe Gilmore Fall is here and that means 1 tablespoon ground mace ing the tip of a sharp knife, and
about her candidacy; Araceli Moya and Jordan Villaseñor slow dance be- a whole lot of Halloween candy 2 cups raisins, dark or golden, repeat for the remaining tamales.
Villaseñor, in contrast, neath the flickering lights at the Homecoming dance. and thanksgiving turkey, but if 36 dried corn husks (soaked, Then, steam the tamales for 45 -
you want to shake things up a bit, washed, and drained) plus more 50 minutes.
Leather on asphalt: here is a recipe for you!
When you think fall food, the
for ties.
First is the easy part: in a large
What you should be left with is
a sweet tasting version of a Mex-
Mystery of the missing wallet traditional Mexican dish of tama- bowl combine the masa, pump- ican classic, the perfect switch
les would probably the farthest kin and sugar. Add the vanilla, up for fall!
By Danny Maggioncalda and zoomed out of the teacher’s thing from your mind, however, mace, cinnamon, and raisins. Although making tamales isn’t
parking lot. when you throw in pumpkin as Mix until well blended. the easiest task in the world,
Everyone “From there, the laws of phys- the main ingredient, you create Next assemble the tamales one it’s still enjoyable. It is best to
feels the same ics took over. I turned left into something truly unique. at a time. To assemble, place two make cooking a social event, to
when a wal- the turn lane, and my wallet went This recipe makes about three or three heaping tablespoons round up some buddies to make
let goes miss- straight and ended up on the west dozen tamales. The ingrediants: of the masa mixture in the net them. Don’t worry if you can’t
ing. There is a side of the road.” 12 - 15 cups of basic fresh masa of the smooth side of the corn eat them all, they’ll be super
cycle of emo- An observant driver follow- 1 10 oz can pumpkin puree husk. Fold the sides of the husk easy to give away; everybody
tion: the initial ing him honked his horn several 2 cups sugar (use less to taste) in toward the center and tie the loves free food!
jab of panic, followed by denial, times, but Ross was unable to hear
disbelief, anger, and finally a
jump ahead to, “Oh $%@#, not
over the music blaring through his
speaker system.
Sowing seeds for future farmers then into smaller groups with the ideas. I just provide as-
AGAIN!” – acceptance. The driver, realizing he could
For Mr. Ross, on Tue., Oct 13, not gain the rider’s attention, called chapters, which sistance on how the students can
usually operate through get the material they need or help
there was no sense of panic after pulled over and picked up the
high schools; SVHS has set up an event. But during most
his wallet was left stranded on the abandoned item. Just as he did so, such a chapter. of the meetings I never talk. It is
roadside across from the SVHS a second driver pulled up to the The Sonoma FFA chap- a very student-run organization,”
campus. He was unaware of his scene claiming the wallet was his. ter consists of six offi- explains Ms. Story.
loss until he received a phone After an exchange of arguments, cers: seniors, Mackenzie With the officers suffering from
call from Deputy Rocky Seffens a physical confrontation ensued. Mackling, president; the infamous reputation of the ag-
of the Sheriff’s Dept. His posses- Man #1 and Man #2 engaged Leonela Armenta, vice riculture program -- that it is not a
sions had been safely recovered in a tug-of-war with the wallet president; Stephanie serious class, -- few students take
and would be returned to him in until Deputy Rocky Seffens ap- Campos, secretary; de la the next step to become officers.
the morning. proached with his lights flashing. Torre, historian; junior “I think people know about ag,
“It’s really a lucky thing. I The perpetrator quickly fled. Kaitlyn Weber, trea- but don’t know about the FFA.
Submitted Photo surer; and sophomore Also, not everyone hears good
mean, that wallet had all my cred- Seffens approached the discov- Sonoma Chapter FFA officers Blaize Lowe, Amanda Tori Cooper, reporter. things about ag. People think
it cards, my driver’s license, and erer of the lost item, who iden- de la Torre, Leonela Armenta, Mackenzie Mackling, Sonoma chapter also has it’s an easy class where students
cash,” explained Ross. tified himself as nothing more Tori Cooper, and Stephanie Campos relax outside
a sentinel officer, Blaize just have to raise a pig, but it’s
Upon inquiry, he was able to than Pedro. Pedro believed the after a conference in Dixion. Not pictured: Kaitlyn
Weber Lowe, junior. so much more than that,” pro-
recall the events of that morning wallet belonged to a teacher. Sef- There are a few hoops fesses Ms. Story.
in full detail. On brisk mornings, fens opened the folds in search of By Anna Haley prospective FFA officers have to In the FFA program, students
Ross wears a cold suit for added identification, and a call to Mr. jump through. Firstly, students raise animals, compete in public
There is one institution at SVHS must be enrolled in SVHS’s agri- speaking events, learn horticul-
protection as he rides his motor- Ross was quickly made. that provides a haven for students culture class.
cycle to SVHS from Petaluma. Pedro saw to it that his duty as a ture, attend conferences, per-
who have a passion for agricul- “But that’s not all,” adds de la form community service, inform
He remembers keeping the wallet Good Samaritan was fulfilled. He ture. That organization is the FFA, Torre. “I had to fill out an ap-
in one of the suit’s many pockets. left after supplying his first name the public about agriculture, and
or Future Farmers of America. plication with questions like boost student leadership.
After arriving at school, he and phone number to the deputy. The FFA program is a nation- ‘What would you do as an of- “FFA is important to the com-
placed the wallet on the back seat Mr. Ross subsequently made wide society which assists agricul- ficer?’ I also had to go through munity,” states Mackling. “A lot
of his bike, hoping not to forget it multiple attempts to contact, turally-inclined students, which an interview with last year’s of people don’t take us seriously,
after he’d stowed away the suit. thank, and possibly reward Pedro. holds conferences to inform them president, vice president, and even though farming is how we
However, he proceeded to cover Yet, he was never able to reach about new farm techniques and the two advisors.” all get our food. Sonoma is based
up the bike and head off to his the man directly. jobs relating to agriculture. With background in FFA span- around agriculture, so it’s very
“I’ve always had an interest in ning back to high school, Ms. important to us.”
classroom, thus leaving the black “I would have liked to thank
animals, but I didn’t know what Story, the Earth science, plant and Despite the myriad events the of-
leather wallet lying camouflaged him personally, but I guess this I wanted to do. Ag gave me what soil science, and agricultural biol-
on the black leather seat. is a situation in which I’m not ficers attend, Cooper remembers
I wanted to do in life,” expressed ogy teacher, acts as an advisor to the core reason for FFA: to learn
At around 5 o’clock, Mr. Ross meant to. He was an honest citi- Amanda de la Torre, senior and the officers along with Mr. Sou-
left his room in a hurry to get zen, and I truly respect him for valuable lessons. “I’ve learned to
Sonoma FFA historian. kup, the agriculture teacher. step up and try my best. I’ve also
home. He uncovered his vehicle what he did.” FFA is split into states, and “They [the students] come up learned to work hard.”
Dragon’s Tale Page 5 November 2009

Gauchos corral Dragons Time-out

By Rachel Glago

Off the court, student athletes

jump into action and discuss
their current season.

Steven Murden, Senior

Varsity Football

1. Position: “I play quarterback

and safety.”
2. Number: “I am number 3.”
3. Pre-game meal: “The night
Photo by Joe Gilmore before a game, the team goes to
Charlie Watson, senior, attempts to catch a pass from quarterback Steve Murden, senior, against Casa Grande in the homecoming game, on Fri. Oct. 23
Mary’s after practice and eats
By Ben Graff Casa opened the scoring early This gave the Gauchos a 21-0 lead Sonoma fell to 3-5, 1-3 in league pasta.”
in the first quarter, on the opening heading into the halftime Home- play, while Casa Grande improved 4. Other sport: “Wrestling is
Casa Grande quarterback Nick drive of the game, backing up a coming festivities. to 6-1, 2-1 in league. another sport I play.”
Sherry and running back Kahlil solid march down the field with an Ultimately, Casa was able to With only two games remain-
Keys lived up to the hype, defeat- 11 yard pass by Sherry, but missing score 3 more touchdowns to make ing, the Dragons will face a tough
ing Sonoma 41-6 to spoil the Drag- the extra point to make it 6-0. the score 41-0, before the Dragons matchup on the road next week
on’s Homecoming game. The Dragons were able to tie were finally able to get themselves against, first place Petaluma, led
It was the Gaucho’s defense that down the Casa Grande offense un- on the board. by electrifying running back Sean
told the story, virtually shutting til late in the second quarter, when Sonoma scored on a 5 yard pass Sullivan.
down star running back Yahya Keys pounded the ball in from the from Steven Murden, senior, to Following the Petaluma game,
Muslim, sophomore, holding him 5 yard line, with a two point con- wide receiver Cody Montgomery, Sonoma will return home for an
under 100 yards for the first time version to follow, making it 14-0. senior, which drew a sarcastic extremely important game against
since the season opener against It seemed this would be the score standing ovation from the frustrat- Analy on Senior Night.
San Rafael. going into the half, but Sonoma ed Dragon student section. With Sonoma moving from North
“We had them on the ropes,” stat- fumbled deep in its own territory, However, the Dragons then failed Coast Section Division II, down to
ed wide receiver Tyler Rose, se- and Gaucho linebacker Connor to convert on their attempt for two Division III, the game against Ana-
nior, “But we made too many little Waggoner scooped up the loose points, which brought the game to ly, a fellow D-III school, will have
mistakes, which led to the loss.” ball to take it into the end zone. its final score, 41-6. playoff implications. Jersey Witous, Sophomore
Varsity Volleyball

Soccer Dragons on a hot streak 1. Position: “My position is

By Charlie Watson 2. Number: “I am number 5.”
3. Pre-game meal: “Right
The Dragon boys, who have been before a game, I have to eat
on a winning streak for the past three chocolate, but the night before,
weeks, have skyrocketed into an in- our team usually has a pasta
tense SCL championship race. feed and we load up on carbs.”
After dropping a big game to 4. Other sport: “I also play
Windsor, the Dragons beat Analy, basketball for SVHS and club
Rugby rage Healdsburg, El Molino, Petaluma,
and Casa in an overtime thriller.

By Rachel Glago They rebounded from the tough

loss to Windsor by toppling a highly
Through endurance, strength, favored Analy team in a dominant
and composure, rugby is com- 2-1 victory, and have been on a hot
monly known as one of the most streak ever since.
dangerous sports there is. With these recent victories, the
Grant Noble, SVHS senior, Dragons have improved their re-
takes on the challenge, play- cord to 12-5-1, and 6-2-1 in league.
ing rugby for a Santa Rosa club With that record, the Dragons are in
team. His team plays most of second place with only three games
their games in Santa Rosa, but remaining in the season.
occasionally ventures out of the “Everybody gets along so there are
country to play in different tours. no side issues when we play,” stat- Sarah Summers, Junior
Photo by James Fanucchi
With a team of 40 players, 15 ed senior co-captian Dylan How- Brian Clementino, senior, races towards the ball for a deep pass down field. Varsity Cross Country
on the field at a time, Noble says arth, when asked about the key to against Windsor, which was sched- Dragons were downed by a strong
that rugby is “like a brotherhood, their recent success. uled for Oct. 21, was rescheduled for Jaguar team. The game was full of 1. Position: “We don’t have
a fraternity and a football team The team chemistry and atti- the Oct. 26, and played on the Jaguars controversy and dirty plays. One girl positions in cross country. We
combined to create this great tude has been a major cause of the brand new turf field. on Windsor tried to throw a punch all run the same distance, which
bond of guys.” team’s victories. For the Lady Dragons, who have at one of the Dragon girls, and only is about 3 miles.”
Noble plays 2nd row, also “We are all eager to get that win and not had as successful of a year, they received a yellow card, which easily 2. Number: “We also do not
known as “lock.” A lock, comes prove to people that we are a good hope to finish off the season on a high could have been a red card. have numbers.”
in behind the front row of the team, and can play with anyone,” ex- note and make playoffs. The loss was tough on some se- 3. Pre-game meal: “We can’t
scrum. There are two locks that plained Howarth. With a 11-6-1 record, 5-5 in league, niors, mainly because it was most really eat before we run, or then
bind together, coming underneath If the boys hope to gain their sec- playoffs are up in the air, but that likely their final home game, but we will puke, and it’s hard to
to give support to the boys in the ond league championship in three is not discouraging the team. The the season is not over yet. The Lady carb up the night before for the
front row. years, they will need to win the rest Dragons lost a very good game to Dragons still have a chance of mak- same reason.”
“Rugby is a sport you can’t wait of their games, and have Windsor league foe Windsor, in their excit- ing playoffs, where anything can 4. Other sport: “For SVHS,
to play. You step on the field and lose at least one of their remaining ing Senior Night, 0-3. happen. Their final home game is a I also run track, but outside of
you forget about all the dangers,” games in the season. The game against Windsor was make up game against Petaluma on school I dance.”
explained Noble. Their highly anticipated game full of suspense and intensity, as the Thurs., Oct 29.
Dragon’s Tale Page 6 November 2009

Marin splashes Dragons

By Matt Fraser record being 0-5 league and 3-15
overall. Their game ended in
After a fierce start of the season, an 7-0 loss against MA, so they
taking down the two-year league too will be fighting in their last
champion Cardinal Newman, the league game to get a victory on
boys’ water polo team has begun the board.
struggling to stay afloat. The boys’ j.v. team held their
The boys faced off with Marin undefeated title, and devoured
Academy last week at the ACAC, MA 7-3, while the j.v. girls did
fighting hard to come out on top, not get a chance to play.
only to crawl out of the pool tired, The boys’ water polo team is
beaten and with an 11-6 loss. Bat- comprised of seniors Zach Adams,
tling for the Dragons were seniors Dom Amara, Peter Armstrong,
Clarke Campion with two goals, Clarke Campion, Sean Hammett,
Peter Armstrong with two goals, Michael Juricich, Kevin Phillips,
Jeff Shoemaker and Dominic Jeff Shoemaker, Paul Sokoloski
Amara with one goal each. and Mason Thomsen, along with
The recent loss against MA is Chris Allard, sophomore, Danny
a continuation of the weeks prior. Fonsecca, sophomore, and Chase
After the stunning victory over Campion, freshman, 13 in total.
Cardinal in the first league game, The girls’ team, with 14 players,
the Dragons have not been able to consist of seniors Melissa Balich,
keep up the streak. Despite their Monika Bauermeister, Elizabeth
dedication and hard work, the last Lawlor, Eva Lindstrom, Shirley
four games have ended in losses, Morovich and Destiny Reyes to-
bringing their league record to 1-4 gether with juniors Marissa
and a 6-8 overall. Bragstad, Olivia Connors, Taylor
With one league game left in Jordan, Natalia Minatta. Also
Photo by Joe Gilmore
their season, the boys’ team is Ghitta Ferrara, sophomore, Zoe Sean Hammett, senior, takes a shot on goal against rival Cardinal Newman at Agua Caliente Aquatic Center on Oct. 14.
sure to practice hard and bring all Gaarder, freshman, and Rose
they’ve got to Ukiah and finish Greenberg, freshman. be enough players for the sport to should play!” exclaimed Danny hope for the girls’, but the boys’
the season on the same note they While there happens to be a continue next year. Fonsecca, one of the few under- could be dying out. Unless the
started on. large team this year, the team is “I really hope that we can gath- classman players. few players left can rally together
The girls’ team has not fared mostly seniors, causing much er a new team together, water With only 3 non-senior boys and at least 4 more players, there will
too well this season either, their uncertainty whether there will polo is so much fun, everyone 8 non-senior girls, there is still be no boys’ team next season.

Phillies move on, look to repeat

By Ben Graff Lee’s Phillies moved on to the captured a playoff berth in epic fash-
World Series, after beating the ion, with a walk-off win in the 12th
Every young baseball player in Colorado Rockies in 4 games, inning.
America currently aspires to be in and knocking off the Los Angeles Once in the playoffs however, the
the position of Philadelphia Phillies Dodgers, who completed a surpris- Twins faltered, getting swept by
pitcher Cliff Lee. ing first round sweep of St. Louis, the Yankees, who moved on to the
Lee, who was acquired in a mid- 4-1 in the best of 7 series. World Series against Philadelphia,
season trade from the Cleveland Coming off a career year in which by defeating the Los Angeles Angels
Indians, has been the picture of per- he converted literally every single of Anaheim, who had advanced by
fection up to this point in the 2009 save opportunity that presented it- sweeping the Boston Red Sox, 4-2.
postseason, giving up just 2 runs in self, Philadelphia closer Brad Lidge Yankee 3rd baseman Alex
24 and 1/3 innings for an earned run has been less than stellar this year, Rodriguez is looking for redemption
average of 0.74. making the end of games a huge following some subpar postseason
“Lee has been dominant. He hits question mark for Phillie fans. performances that leave many fans
his spots, and does a great job of As for the American League, the in New York questioning his merit
Photo by Joe Gilmore changing speeds,” declared Jeremy Minnesota Twins finished the season as an overall great player.
Krysta Young, junior, spikes the ball at a Windsor opponent. Branconi, senior, a pitcher on the in a tie with the Detroit Tigers atop Prediction: Yankees over Phillies
Sonoma High baseball team. the American League Central, and in 6 games.
Dragons devour Jaguars Lady Dragons serve Casa Grande
By Zach Adams ners by Kendall Smith, senior, Sophia By Charles Watson championships, which
Somers, senior, and Molly Lyons, ju- is scheduled for Nov.
Sonoma Dragons spiked their way nior, the Dragons stayed neck and neck The Lady Dragons tennis 5-6 at Santa Rosa
to the top against Windsor high during with Windsor on the score board. squad, who dropped their first six Junior College.
their second round of SCL matches. An ace by Kaylee Vollert, junior, tied matches, upset SCL rival Casa The Lady Dragons
During their first encounter Windsor the game up 15-15. The Dragons kept Grande in a thrilling match on hope to be in position
was the victor, but the Dragons would fighting fire with fire but unfortunate Tue., Oct. 6th. to win their final two
not allow this to happen again in the lost the second game 22-25. After disappointing matches matches, and end their
home house. They were by no means finished against Casa Grande, Healdsburg, season on a high note
The j.v. was in a similar boat seek- brawling. Sonoma still had fight El Molino, Analy, and Petaluma, before SCL’s.
ing revenge from their previous loss, left in them, which was more than the Girls secured their first vic- With only 6 seniors
and they conquered their opponents Windsor could say, and it was come- tory of the season. on their 18 player ros-
as well with a 25-10, 25-15 score. back time. The girls were led by Gianna ter, the Lady Dragons
Gabrielle Peterson, sophomore, Smith started the second game off Johns’ 6-3, 6-1 victory at No. 2 will be looking for-
claimed, “It was the best we’ve played hard with two slams to the left cor- singles, as well as Laura Harvey’s ward to having expe-
all season and a good way to start off ner. Lauren Fisher, senior, served a 6-6 (7-5), 6-0 triumph at No. 3 rience in the years to
the second half of the season.” combined total of six points in a row singles. come.
The varsity girls had more of a putting the Dragons at 7-1. With sev- The girls also obtained victo- Comprising the girls’
battle in their match. Starting off with eral slams by Sophia Somers and aces ries by Mackenzie Kelley, senior, tennis squad is Chi
a tough first game, the Dragons lost by Suzanne Amaral, sophomore, the who downed her No. 4 singles Wong, Meagan Dur-
17-25. Dragons conquered 25-16. opponent 6-2, 6-4. At doubles, fee, Jessica Forchione
The second game began with Wind- Holding the same firepower the senior Alexandra Zaualeta and Photo by James Fanucchi Courtney Struthers,
sor leading with a 0-4 shutout, but a Dragons skirmished with Windsor but freshman Jessica Johnston beat Jessica Forchione, senior, returns an opponent’s shot. Alexandra Zavaleta,
long-winded rally ended with Sono- came out on top 25-22 in game 4. their opponents 5-7, 6-4, 6-1, and cess has not continued as of late. Francesca Stornaiuoio, Laura
ma tromping, putting them on the The fifth and final game ended with freshmen Courtney Struthers and They dropped their last match to Harvey, Sophie Howard, Gianna
scoreboard. a bang with a 15-4 triumph. The Francesca Stornaiuoio downed Windsor in a disappointing 6-1 Johns, Jessica Johnston, Macken-
Jersey Witous’, sophomore, serv- Dragons had achieved the victory they their foes 6-2, 4-6, 6-2. defeat. zie Kelley, Mckenzie Lawrence,
ing gave Sonoma a combined total desired and were able to gain the re- The 5-2 victory over the Gau- The tennis squad has two more Elsa Martinez, Regina Mellinger,
of four points putting Sonoma ahead venge they had wanted from Windsor chos was impressive and excit- matches left in the season, not in- Elisa Merino, Raquel Rios-
8-5. After several smashed to all cor- on their home turf. ing. However, the Dragons suc- cluding the SCL singles/doubles Gomez, and Anna Robles.
Dragon’s Tale Page 7 November 2009
Halloween’s happily haunting happenings Caught in
Dragon’s Head
Haunted House
Fright Fest
Six Flags Marine World
Local haunted house! hosts haunted houses and
What is your fa-
One of the best haunted exhibits as well as keeps
houses for thrills and their rides open for more vorite
excitement. Petaluma Corn thrills and terror.
YouTube video?
When: Opens at 7 p.m. Maze When: Park closes 10 p.m. 14th Annual
Halloween Swing Where: 631 West Spain The four acre maze offers Where: Discovery Spooktacular
Dance Party Street everyone a challenging Kingdom, 1001 Fair- Trick-or-Treating
-- Sonoma, CA walk through the 10 foot- grounds Dr. Free trick-or-treating at
West Coast Swing les-
Cost: $10 plus tall corn stalks. Only --Vallejo, CA 94589 Petaluma Village
sons and dance. Costumes
one way in and one way Cost: Free with season Premium Outlets at
recommended, but not
out. pass. Day pass for Six participating stores
required. Food and
When: gates open at 6 Flags (if bought online): When: 5:30 p.m. to
beverages included.
p.m. $29.99 9 p.m.
When: 7 p.m. Lesson,
8 p.m. Dance Where: 550 Stony Point Where: 2200 Petaluma
Where: The Dance Room, Road Blvd N.
2921 Santa Rosa Avenue, -- Petaluma, CA --Petaluma, CA
Cost: $9 Cost: Free
--Santa Rosa, CA “Charlie the Unicorn”
Cost: $10

Harassment at Plaza -Mr. Jacobs, math

shocks students teacher
By Dalton Amador When the police arrived, the man
had already left the scene, but was still
While protesting at the plaza, mem- in the surrounding area. According to
bers of SVHS’s own Gay-Straight Bremner, the police questioned the
Alliance (GSA) and their supporters man, put him in handcuffs, and drove
were verbally harassed by a passing him away.
man on Fri. Oct. 9 at 5:30. “He was After the students finished protest-
in his early 20’s, and looked and acted ing, three of the protestors were walk-
very drunk,” explained Shane Ezen- ing down West Napa at 7:30 when
spergar, junior, and leader of the GSA. they saw the same man walking in
According to Enzenbergar, the man their direction. Despite their attempts
stood behind the protestors and yelled to ignore him, he allegedly gave re-
insults like “fags,” “queers,” and “go torts and shouted offensive remarks at
back to San Francisco.” Meanwhile, them. The protestors ignored him and
the protestors continued to calmly ask continued walking. “I am astonished
him to leave. that people are still so drastically ho- “Bollywood videos”
Aaron Bremner, junior, claimed that mophobic,” commented Bremner.
he personally tried to convince the Officer Reagan commented that Photo by James Fanucchi
-Kendal Krupa, senior

Phoenix on fire
man to leave, but to no avail. “He told students should ignore harassers and The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma is plagued by financial woes.
me that homosexual relationships are continue protesting in such a situation
loveless and can only be physical,” because what the man was doing was
said Bremner. When the man alleg- not technically illegal.
edly spit twice on the protestors’ own Mr. Fichman, advisor to GSA, ex- By Gabe Bassett Gaffey, theater manager. Gaffey
rainbow flag, the Freedom Patriots, plained that the harassment of gay stu- continues to work as a volunteer in
a protesting group who primarily fo- dents is a hate crime, and students can The economic recession has hit his old position. Along with Gaffey,
cuses on Democratic standings, called file a complaint to the police if such an almost every aspect of the Ameri- the Phoenix’s executive director
the police. incident occurs. can Society, including the historic Amber Faur has also been laid off.
Phoenix Theater in downtown Hagen, commented “They have in-
Petaluma. credibly devotion to our cause, and
The theater has hosted acts ranging want to keep the theater open every
from Sublime to Andre Nickatina, day.”
and has been a haven for teens in The only remaining paid employ-
Petaluma and Sonoma county for ee at the theater is the music direc-
over 25 years. The theater is open tor, Gio Benedetti. He has been cut
every day, and is a safe environ- from full-time to half-time. “The Greatest
ment for teens, providing various Adam Spry, frontman for the Jay-
programs to help needy students. walkers stated, “The Phoenix is a Freakout Ever”
Recently, many of the theater’s very unique venue and the liveli-
usual donors have encountered fi- hood of local music really depends
nancial cutbacks, and subsequent- on its survival” -Adam Kohut, junior
ly, are unable to donate the amount “We’re at the point where we
they used to. Another factor to these won’t be able to continue what
financial challenges is the grant we’ve been doing unless we get
money has been dwindling. more money,” lamented Hagen.
“We don’t have any money in the On the bright side, many individ-
bank, and don’t have any coming uals have gathered to raise money
in the foreseeable future,” stated for the ailing theater. Over $2500
Bruce Hagen, president of the the- has been raised so far just through
ater’s board of directors. a group of young people working
Due to these hard times, the Phoe- together to ask friends for contribu-
nix has been forced to lay off Tom tions.

“ Cholo Adventures”

-Jose Gonzollez,

Dragon’s Tale Page 8 November 2009