Servant Leadership Training – Do you want to be an effective leader? Are you feeling a need to add to your leadership skills? Do you want to explore leadership in the church? This day of training will teach you about the precepts of Servant Leadership and how it impacts your life and the lives of those you lead. Ministry Training Opportunities • Altar Ministry – If you feel called or are considering involvement in setting up the altar, preparing and serving Communion, etc., come learn about the specifics as well as the foundations of these important rituals in the Christian faith. • Usher Ministry – We are always looking for those who have the gift of hospitality, organization and attention to detail who can serve as ushers and greeters for our worship services and other events. This class will prepare you to serve in this role. • Multi-Media Ministry – Our worship services are enhanced by good sound, good visual arts and seamless projections. If you have experience in any of these mediums, please join us for the training so that you can consider being a member of this important team.

Inclusive Language 101 – Many folks wonder why this is so important to MCC! This class will offer some education around this practice and an opportunity to hear different perspectives on it. If you are curious or just plain hate the idea, come learn before you take a position! Congregational Care Training – This is a six month institute that will prepare you to visit the sick, pray with people, practice the ministry of presence, etc. Relationship Workshop – For those who want to be in a meaningful relationship someday or those who want to improve your current relationship, this if for you! Healthy, mutual and loving relationships are possible! Parenting 101 – No one requires a license to become a parent so we are often caught off guard by the sheer scope of responsibility that parenting brings. Come share this time with other parents or those who want to be as we learn some of the basics. How to Start a Ministry – Has something come up in your spirit that you feel called to do? Have you and some of your friends felt a need to start a ministry that meets a particular need? Then come to this workshop so that you’ll know exactly how to make it a reality!

What’s Theology Got to Do With It? – Ever wonder why theology seems so important to some and so unimportant to others? Does it really have anything to do with my spiritual life? What is theology anyway? Is it important to what I believe about God? This is the place to explore all those questions and more! Lectio Divina – Come and experience a different way of reading the scripture that has the capacity to open up a whole new world of insight! This will change you and stretch you and deepen your relationship to scripture.

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