It was the year 1993, when a 10 year old boy wandered of into a forest. He found a portal to a world unknown for 500 years. He then meets a forest girl, who explained to him that he was the chosen one. She then gave him a sword to slay evil, and a shield to defend him. He started a search to collect 3 spiritual to open the door to the Sacred Realm. After his search was over, it would be 7 years

before he returns to the hidden world.

It was a Saturday morning when I had just finished school. I’d usually wait until no one was around or looking before leaving. Today was different because I agreed to meet someone. Little did I know that I was being watched. I walked into the forest where I went to grab my sword, and then changed into my hero clothes. After I changed I stretched

before trying out my sword. All of a sudden I heard a noise coming from the bushes. I became suspicious since no one ever comes to this forest, and thought it of been an enemy. I then saw a familiar face. “Ah man! Were you following me?” “I guess … I was… following you” “Navi how long were you standing there?” I then put away my sword seeing she was no threat. “Long enough, I saw you take out that sword, and it looked like you knew what you were doing.” Then she started walking towards me, closer and closer every second. “Hey, what are you doing why are you walking close to me?” She then looked at me as if she was staring at me. “What happened to your ears?” “What, is there something wrong with them?”

“Not really, it’s just that they’re pointed.” “Oh, I thought you meant something else. They become pointed whenever I take my sword out from its stand.”

“Why are you wearing green clothes?” “I sort of have to, I’m the hero of time.” “What?” “Never mind.” “What’s through that door over there?” “You ask a lot of questions. It’s just a portal, and a place I need to be, right now!” I then was walking through the portal, when Navi jumped through it. ”What did you do that for? Now you have to wait.” “What do you mean I have to wait?”

“You have to wait until I talk to my friend, and bring peace to a temple. I can only go back through the portal after I complete a task.” “Ok, so where’s this friend of yours?” “She’s probably outside waiting for me.” “Where exactly are we?” “Well, we’re in my house, and outside is Hyrule.” “What do mean Hyrule; it sounds like it’s not on Earth.” “That’s just it; it’s not on Earth it’s in the 2nd dimension.” “Huh? What are you saying?” “The land of Hyrule, the parallel Earth in the 2nd dimension.” “I still don’t get what you’re trying to say.” “Don’t worry; it’s too hard to explain. I don’t even completely understand it. Anyway I have to meet my friend.” “Who is this friend?”

After that Navi and I went outside of my house to look for my friend. “Yoo-hoo! Hi Link.” “Hey, nice to see you Saria.” “This is your friend, she’s so short.” “Excuse me! Didn’t anyone ever tell you to respect your elders? Oh and hi.” She then grunted. “What’s up with her? She’s so grumpy, and is she really older than me?” “She doesn’t like to admit it, but she’s actually 25 years old.” “WHAT! That little thing is 25!!” “Hey! I'm standing right here you know.” “Saria I guess ill see you later?” “Ya, ok see you later.” Navi then followed me into the forest.

After exiting the korkiri forest something was happening, Navi was transforming. “What? How come I’m shrinking? What’s happening to me?” “Ah, now I have to wait longer!” “Who cares about waiting, look at me? What am I, and when do I turn back?” “You’re a fairy now, and you can’t turn back until you help me with my mission. My mission to bring peace to Hyrule.” “I don’t get it. What do you mean by help you?” “Whenever I face a new enemy you give me information about them, because that’s what fairies do. They watch over they’re partner, which right now is me.” “So I’m stuck like this.”

“Ya, pretty much.” Then I continued until the end of the path and stopped. I then took out this instrument called an “Ocarina’’ and played “Epona’s Song” to call my horse. I jumped on and rode it until I was at the foot of Death Mountain. Death Mountain was by a stream, the stream surrounded a fortress beside the mountain. I road up the path that lead to the top of the mountain. I left Epona at the summit because the mountain’s heat was too intense for her. I had to put on my Fire Tunic to help me stay in the heat. “Come Navi lets go in the temple.” “I ‘m not going in there it might have monsters.’ “That’s exactly what’s in there.” “Nope, I’m not going in there.” ‘Fine, be that way, but I‘ll leaves you here all alone.” Navi looked

around scared. “Wait up!” I went into the entrance to an open room with three doors, one in front of me, one on the left, and one on the right. I went through the door on the right. There was a lizard-like creature. “Navi how do I beat this thing.” “You have to wait for it to slash then pause, that’s when you have a chance to strike it.” After that was done I went through the next door and found the “Megaton Hammer.” It was the weapon made to defeat the temple boss. I went back to the entrance room and went through the door in front of me when I first came in. I then met the boss, “Volvagia.” It’s a flying serpent of fire, threatening to destroy a

peaceful race called the Gorons. Gorons eat rocks from the top of Death Mountain. Now they’ll starve to death if no one stops Volvagia. “Navi, anything on Volvagia.” “Ya, you have to wait until Volvagia’s on the ground, and then you can stun it with your arrows. Then use the hammer to finish it.” After I defeat Volvagia, something happens. The dark clouds on Death Mountain turn to normal. “Well I guess I have to return to Saria.’’ I then rode down the mountain, past the stream, through the Lost Woods, and then to Saria. ‘’What do I do next? I’ve already transformed Death Mountain back to normal’’ ‘’I guess you have to go to the lake then” I left immediately to make it to the lake by nightfall. I arrived in 45

minutes.’’ Here we are Lake Hylia.” ‘’So why are we here Link?’’ Navi asked ‘’We have to bring water back to the lake’’ The Zora clan cant survive without it. ‘’Hi, Link.’’ ‘’ Oh, hi Princess Ruto. I didn’t expect to see you here. Why are you here anyway.’’ ‘’Same thing you are, except I’m here to try to solve the problem in a peaceful way.’’ ‘’ Ya, you go do that, but the minute things get out of hand I’m getting in there.’’ ‘’Ok, bye Link.’’ ‘’ See ya Ruto.’’ ‘’Who was that Link?’’ ‘’That was just a friend I met the first time I got here.’’ I started

walking around the lake with Navi, when I heard a huge thumb. ‘’What was that Link?’’ ‘’I don’t know but it can’t be good.’’ ‘’Ahhh, Link help!!’’ ‘’Ruto!!” ‘’ What’s happening.’’ ‘’ The temple boss’s henchmen are taking her prisoner.’’ Running towards the temple, I thought of something. ‘’ I can’t believe it. Why didn’t I know 7 years ago there was a man. A man with evil yellow eyes. He’s behind all this. ‘’ I was running towards the temple doors which was in a small pool off water. I was just 5 feet away when it was slam shut. I swam to the surface. ‘’ Blast, I have to use a way to open those

doors. I thought to use my Hookshot since I could use it under water. It worked the doors were opened. I swam to the surface in the temple. I climbed to a small rock sticking out of the water. I changed into my Water Tunic so I could breath under water. Navi didn’t need it because she could already breath under water. I swam into an open area and found four openings. This was different than the mountain temple because two of the openings were locked. I went to the first tunnel on the left and found a chest at the end of it. When I was half way down the tunnel I seen two pairs of metal bars near the start of the tunnel lower slowly. I had to swim fast to get out of there. I finally got to it; I then picked it up and swam for my life to get out of there. I was reach

the entrance of the tunnel a giant fish was behind me trying to eat me. I was almost there. I swam underneath the bars. The fish was right behind me, then the bars closed and the fish slammed into them, “Ha, and that’s why I’m on the swim team.’’ I opened the chest and found a bonze key. I thought because it was bronze I could use it on the bronze lock. So I swam to the door that was the first opened area. I opened it and went in. It closed behind me ‘’ Whoa, I guess that means I get a key in here.’’ I swam to the end and seen a huge monster. I used my Hookshot to kill it. I had to hit it five times. I got to another chest, I opened it and there was a silver key. I went to the open room again and opened the other locked door. “There’s a gold key link. There’s also a shark!!” I quickly put on

my Propel Boots. I usually used them to jump high. I swam around the shark and got the gold key before you could say ‘’ weenin-shnitsalvandoogal-hymmer”. I swam out the door at the end and slammed it shut. I then went through the last opening and used the gold key to open the door at the end of the tunnel. I went through the door, swam to the surface and climbed on the ledge. I heard a noise. It was odd because it was a bouncing sound. ”Hmmm, that’s weird.” “What do you mean weird?” “I’m not quite sure.” I then heard the sound of electricity. It was the stinging sphere Bubolez. “U…u…uh Navi, I really need help with this one. I don’t want to get shocked!” “Ok, for Bubolez you have to wait until it’s out of the water,

because if you fall in you can get electrocuted.” “Ya, that’s really comforting Navi.” “After that just shoot it with your arrows, but since your sword and shield are metal you can’t use them.” “Anything else Navi?” “Ok, I’ll think of something. So I waited until it was out of the water, and then hit it with my arrows. “Now what? I have to think I have to think quick!” I then thought that if I needed to use my Hookshot so much in the temple, I could probably use it to kill Bubolez. ”I hope this works… yes a direct hit, Bubolez is finished!” I defeated Bubolez and then found Ruto through the next door. “Oh, you’re ok.” She then teleported me, Navi, and her out of the temple. I went to her palace.

“Link, shouldn’t we see Saria?” “Ya, I think I should, but she’s too far.” I then played my Ocarina and played “Saria’s Song.” When I play it I can talked to her to wherever I am. “Hi Link did you stop Bubolez?” “Ya I did, now I’ll just head for the castle ok.” “Ok, good luck Link bye.” I then got on my horse and headed to the castle. When I was there I saw someone I haven’t seen for a long time. ”Hi Zelda” “Hi Link, here, take this medallion it’ll make you stronger.” “Thanks Princess Zelda, see you.” I went in the castle and went straight into the Royal Courtyard. “Ha, ha, ha!” “What the, whose that?”

“I am Ganondorf, the gerudo king!” “Navi, it’s the man with the evil eyes. You caused me so much pain! Now you DIE!!” I rushed towards him enraged with anger. He then slammed me into the wall. “Do you really think it would be that easy?” He then through an energy sphere at me. I blasted it back at him and stunned him. “Now’s your chance Link!” “This ends NOW! GANONDORF!!” “Noooooo!” I then stabbed him in the chest. “I…I can’t…believe I was…beaten by a kid.” It was over. Peace was finally restored to Hyrule.” I rode back to the portal. Navi turned back to normal. “I have to stay here.” “I guess this is goodbye.” “Yup, I guess.”

“I won’t forget you Link.” “I know we’ll meet again Navi.”

The End

SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO PASS TO THE OTHER SIDE There was a young boy who wandered off into the forest and found a portal, to a hidden world. Now 7 years have past and he still doesn’t know much about this hidden place. One day a girl followed him into the portal. This wasn’t a problem because the girl was then given the knowledge of every enemy. She helps the boy defeat the source of chaos in the world, and she returns to Earth. Who knows if she’ll meet him again? About The Author Diego Gonzalez is a young author who enjoys humor and fantasy. He really likes playing with friends, and video games. Diego doesn’t really like someone who’s bossy. He wrote this story because he wanted to reflect how much he knows and doesn’t know about the Legend of Zelda. ‘’ a fantasy that has adventure and imagination…’’ - Scholar’s Choice. ‘’… a story that’s problems are solved in an interesting way…’’

-The Globe and Mail. ‘’… it has adventure, it has action, it has everything…’’ -Evan Macpherson.