Ohio VOAD Ohio Volunteer Organizations Active In Disaster “Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration And Clarification!

” Winter Quarter Minutes Wednesday, 10 A.M., February 17, 2009 Ohio EMA Building 1. Present a. In-House: Mary Woodward, Chair, Ian Bercher-Gerrie, Byron Boffenbroek, Tonya Craft, Link Fink, Teressa Fowler, Terry Hoppe, Brenda Hostetler, Keith Johnson, Greg Keller, Sam Kelley, Bill Lawson, Tessa Mott, Roy Nelson, Bill Piwtorak, Portia Pulsifer, George Siddall, Tammy Siemendinger, Rebecca Tollefson, Bob Weaver b. Conference Call: Elvin Burnell, Erin Cordle, David Legg,, Sister Michael Marie, Bonnie Morrison, Bill Sutherin, Charles Taylor, Douglas Dowson, Secretary Welcome - Mary Woodward, Chairperson Of Ohio VOAD Board Of Directors a. Overview b. Introductions Review Of The Proposed Agenda (QA100217.pdf) - motion to approve and seconded, motion passed Secretary’s Report - Douglas Dowson - Minutes of the Summer Quarter Meeting (QM090520.pdf) - Review Of Minutes of the Fall Quarter Annual Meeting of November 18, 2009 Treasurer’s Report - Roy Nelson - Financial Reports a. Emergency Reserve Fund (Carry-over from last year) c. Breakdown of funds - two unused grant funds d. Report will be filed for audit e. Have received some additional donations but insufficient as yet to fund the extended budget f. For the 990 Federal Report need the Board of Directors to estimate time put in last year as In-Kind Donations Finance Report - Bill Sutherin a. Recommendation For An “In-Kind Donation” Policy In-kind donations are to be defined as items such as food, water, clothes, furniture, or objects with a title, being given by individuals or groups to assist in disaster recovery. “Appropriate In-kind donations will be accepted by Ohio VOAD. In -kind donation offers will be referred to Ohio VOAD agencies or other agencies/organizations able to receive in-kind items. A receipt for the donation will be filed from the member organization receiving the in-kind donation.” b. Greg Keller’s In-Kind Donation Statement From FEMA Disaster Response Policy (3 Pages) pay attention Donated Resources may include.... c. Greg Keller will send it to the secretary and dispersed to the general membership d. Tonya Craft - asking about the distribution process - left in the donor and receiver’s hands to decide - secretary will send out notices immediately if noted as time-value e. Tonya asking Finance Committee to develop a process of communication and distribution. f. Finance Committee regrets Ohio VOAD can not fund Bonnie Morrison as our representative to the NVOAD Conference. g. Internal Revue Letter (Audit) - November 10 Review found all records met general accounting principles Sam Kelley - Haiti - Buckets Of Hope - feed five in a family for a week - get on ship by end of March to be sent to Haiti - can send the food or send the money Southern Baptists have packing instructions and placed to drop off buckets. Bonnie Morrison a. 20 people working with animals in Haiti but not setting up a triage center - going village to village b. Have one mobile unit with limited vet supplies c. Count now of treating 750 animals - 70% of the dogs are street dogs and have now been vaccinated for Rabbies. d. Small backyard farm animals being treated where falling buildings may have injured them. e. Pigs being treated which are running wild with the dogs f. ARCH is a combination of different countries working with animals now taking leadership - Haiti FODPRECA coordinating with the American Group ARCH. g. Have now been recognized with Red Cross to set up an animal shelter next to Red Cross Shelters h. Pet Food Pantry - homeless who have animals or those who don’t have money to cover feeding and care i. $15,000 grant which was set for medical supplies, but not for the transport vehicle which they wanted Regional Meetings of County Citizen Corp Meetings - each region as a lead volunteer agency - additional information will be sent out by Secretary


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10. Bill Piwtorik - developing Special Needs Response at a County Level a. Liberty Township Fire Department in Delaware County - identified 26 people in township need special care in disasters b. Begin working with Delaware County working to identify special needs ww.alcospecialneeds.com - special needs registry which includes a HIPPA form and provide educational opportunities including safety in the home c. Have brought out Sheriffs Deputies to make connections with those having special needs. d. The dispatchers will be able to log onto website to get an update on the special needs e. Someone in their family must have an active email to exchange information of phone number changes and supply further information to these individuals f. Mary Woodward: all member organizations please contact the organizations in Delaware County for information of persons with special needs - Ohio VOAD Secretary will send out contact information

11. Cincinnati Red Cross - Tammy Siemendinger - developing mou’s in county for interdependent disaster response and preparation. 12. Review of emails from the secretary which updates members 13. Board Of Directors’ Reports a. EOC Desk Coverage - Rebecca Tollefson - no reports b. Communications - Bob Davis - no report c. Education - Tonya Craft i. Asking for input from the membership ii. Volunteer Reception Training in the May Spring Quarterly Meeting iii. Call To Action - Governor’s Office - motion to have the Ohio VOAD Chair be the point of contact for Ohio VOAD - motion passed. d. Government Relations - Frank Kirk - no report e. LTRC Coordination - Jim Ditzler - no report f. Membership - Erin Cordle - words of appreciation from Roy for sending out dues and additional donation requests g. Publicity - David O’Reilly - no report 14. Portia Pulsifer - Aidmatrix Portals a. Ohio VOAD Chair, Portia Pulsifer, and Adventist Services administer the Ohio VOAD to receive donations b. Member Bodies can register as recipients c. You may send your information to Secretary who will forward info to Portia Pulsifer to work with FEMA d. 14 Counties under Level 1, 14 Counties under Level 2, and Fayette County under a Level 3 e. Expecting additional snow this next week. f. A number of counties have written and verbal declared emergencies 15. CAN - Coordinated Assistance Network - Leslie Remali-Netter has appointed Mary Woodward as the coordinator in Ohio. a. Any Red Cross Chapter may sign off on a CAN registration b. Red Cross in Ohio is asking every member body to register through their local Red Cross c. Red Cross is going to streamline the process. d. All member bodies are asked to begin the registration - go to CAN.org online to get the registration forms 16. NVOAD Strategic Plan is the template for the Ohio VOAD Strategic Plan - you may also respond to NVOAD on their plan which is on-line. 17. H1N1 - now 17,000 deaths, 250 in Ohio - we have dropped down one level ain Ohio 18. Training Event - Ian Becherer-Gerrie, FEMA VAL Region 5 - Ian will be making the training presentation at 1 P.M. Plan to stay and meet our new FEMA VAL. 19. Disney’s Give A Day, Get A Day Program - go to FirstLink.com to see information 20. Adjournment - Next Meetings And Studies: a. Spring Quarter Meeting - Wednesday, 10 A.M., May 19, 2010 - Worthington Seventh Day Adventist b. Board of Directors’ Meeting - 10 A.M., Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - Worthington Seventh Day Adventist c. Strategic Planning Event Scheduled For Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 1-3 P.M. - Worthington Seventh Day Adventist d. Training Events Scheduled For Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 1-3 P.M. - Worthington Seventh Day Adventist

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