I trolled back in the main DOC boards, as this is one of the only places I could think of where DF has

made her appearances. The timelineInterestingly, one of her first posts ever was dedicated to the Victorian fashion theme. Dated April 21st, 2008. This is not extremely interesting, it just simply shows she has been around long enough to know that new threads are always started for each theme, especially seeing as how her first post here was the typical starter thread for said theme. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7520533,page=1[/url] She shows some confusion, but it is clear she has been a DOC participant before. At this point in time, AlwaysDay, CanDay, and the rest have not shown up in the forums. The only one present is the DaybeforeApril. In the thread she also refers to following skin guidelines.. Again, she has been in the contest before. In this thread, she is already beginning to show her typical grammar problems, and her angst with her work not making the top 100. Not completely a big deal, until everything else starts to fall into place. Next appearance, a thread titled Outfit Number dated April 22nd, 2008. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7564980[/url] Same thing as before, just adding inquiries as to how the standing works in voting. My guess is to figure out how and why the voting numbers change so frequently. Possibly to find a loophole in the timing of entries and when voting is at its peak, etc. Next appearance, mini contest for Victorian fashion thread. Interesting, here we see some strange tendencies begin, with the buddy voting issue. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7507920,page=4[/url] Twinkley may have had the right notion from the start. But no one paid attention at this point. April 23rd, 2008, we see her again. She makes a note to point out that her entry has a specific pose. For being that she knows about the skins and posing being pulled, as previously shown, this is interesting in the Doctors and Scrubs thread. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7465437,page=3[/url]

She makes next appearances in the mod verses rockers theme thread and the around the world in 80 days thread, contradicting her knowledge on photoshopped entries. In the Victorian theme she accuses one of making what appears to be edited, in the 80 days thread she states she can see no editing in an entry that was pulled. Not that weird, again,

but there is a distinct interest in her knowledge on the subject within merely a days time. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7329333,page=4[/url] In Renaissance we see a weird question, [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7510162,page=2[/url], where she asks about the title. She should know, being a user previously, that the title is twenty letters long. Maybe she did not in the past, but still, that is particularly odd to me to ask something like that, when it is pretty obvious ‘if it fits’ it is ok. Maybe sowing the seeds to make herself look really dumb? Here, another major contradiction. We know at this point she knows about the skin requirements and the GA stuff. In a new thread started by her on April 26th, she now seems completely back at square one. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7767326[/url] At this point, the other ‘dolls’ are still not around. At this point, we all started internally writing her off as someone that just doesn’t know a thing. At this point, her grammar and spelling have not changed either. She sticks to the fairly simplistic stuff. We all remember TheApocalypseCometh, the amusing one that would sit and agree with Mimsy in a most horrible way. She makes her first appearance here, in the Sad sad thing thread [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7564682,page=1[/url] We also see in this thread one of the many guest accounts that pop in and defend Hot Glossy randomly. We all know HG as one of the many that make it to the top without just cause. We also now see Hot Glossy asking about muling, and if it really –is- sucha bad thing [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,7579657[/url] DF appears again in Hawaiian shirts, arguing that coconuts can be shirts. No real big interest there, minus the fact that she cannot seem to remember to capitalize the beginning of her sentences either. At this point, it is pretty repetitious. We have the same sort of posts, etc going on. The point I am just trying to get at is not just speech but timing. It seems that many things have been falling into place just at the perfect time to create an aura of DF as being her own unique IMVU personality.

She starts getting more frustrated in the previous outfit thread. [url]http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters %2521%2521/read.php?2809,7791762,page=1[/url] By the point, we are starting to see LadyDoll pop in once in a while, and DF push her ideas to innocently show off entries before the contest again. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8156602[/url] At this point in time, people are noticing a major problem with the off topics, guest account princesses, etc, that seem to really be flooding in more often then usual. Here is where Mimsy states her opinion about many of these guest entries being flooded in on purpose, and I still suspect she is correct on that. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8112743,page=1[/url] Another thread started by DF, showing her disdain for the contest and the enhancers/backgrounds, etc. Interesting since now, at present, she is on the bandwagon to fully support BFX in the contest. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8099072[/url] The entire thread is hilarious. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,7613936,page=1[/url] She already gave herself up that she firmly believes in friend voting, so why shouldn’t we all be her friend? Essentially, everyone gave her exactly what she needed to hear. She learned the timing differences in the voting, placement ideals, everything. Not to mention, she makes note in a negative manner about wearing those ‘head stars’ and yet in this thread [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,7536111,page=2[/url] she uses them in her teddy angel whatever. I am all for complaining when things are not appropriate and all, but cmon lol. She is wiping herself up with the contradictions. Maybe it is just a lack of clarity on her part, but she has SOOO many. She points out her abhorrence for weapons. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,7945342,page=5[/url] Funny, I went back and checked a few entries. It seems many of her so called best buddies used them in their entries. I wonder if she voted them down or up simply because they were.. her.. angels. By now, we are all getting random visits to our pages, we just don’t realize it yet until the dots get connected later on. Complaining about being downvoted for having a shitty angel, because people openly admitted they were sick of angels [url]

http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8027588,page=7[/url] in the A is for contest. The skins going AP mid contest. She claims her best friend is a dev that quit do to this all. Who does she know that developed and quit around that time?. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8049653,page=2[/url] On her little list that she has in her groups, I can only think of one person that really had stopped developing and suddenly is now starting up again, SIV. Will get to this later. Notice, this is around the time more and more frequently certain people were starting to push around in the DOC rankings. More interest here, where it seems certain skins used by a large lot of DOC users was affected. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8080436[/url] In this post we see LadyDoll again, saying the skin in question is makes everyone look like a carbon copy, though it being flagged was wrong. A new user Guest_Buddy1000000 starts rambling off about hate against Northpeaceangel and starts attacking Poly for how she handles her threads. Me thinks this suggests activity with known past users that have had issues with the DOC and the forum in the past, and it is somehow connected. Yet another gues account pops up in this thread under the name I will report you. Guest LiarX also makes an appearance. Note the spelling and grammar in some of these accounts. Note that DF has not spoken up at all. At this point she has tried to be in every thread possible, but not this one. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8296046,page=3[/url] The Georgia Peach controversy. Sexymandababe won first, and some mod ‘somehow’ screwed up and removed it before the standings were finished. HiddenHal0 then won and got the rewards. Ladydoll says she is so sorry, but it is only natural for Hal0 to now win, and she is upset that people are taking it out on Hal0 for being involved in scandal. Why did hal0 not come and speak herself is something I always wondered. At this point, SIV and hal0 have been monopolizing the DOC with really horrid looking entries in comparison to others. Mimsy points out the weirdness that I had won twice in a row, and now Hal0 has, by accident of course. Shortly, SIV will do the same. One again, DF is not present. Df is present [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8296005,page=4[/url] and freaking out she cannot make it past the other entries again. She wants to wishlist all of the enhancers. A few posts back, she wanted to cry because the contest should have been all about the outfit and not the enhancers. She even had run a contest to separate the users from non users. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8512244,page=2[/url]

She starts to slip. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8554546[/url] She is starting to interchange ‘u’ for ‘you’, which we know she does not normally do. There are total of three times I have seen it. Once in her junkie group, once just yesterday in the DOC main forum holla board, and just after seeing this. She also shows for the first time (and only I have seen thus far) using this expression *faints*, which is the same that the eloquently speaking guest account used to defend Hot Glossy in a previous thread (renaissance). Once again, not entirely weird on its own. However, she has multiple presence similarities to other accounts on a whole, and it connects many more dots, especially given that she becomes the one that feels sorry for HG and rats out the DOC diva group in the name of defending her. I am missing the thread with Apocalypse where she flipped out and everyone took pokes at her, but she is interesting as well. A ghetto girl with a gothic webpage. A girl that could not spell for crap yet had amazingly eloquent and deep poetry all over her page at the time. (Yes, I was damn nosey, and it is damn weird to me that her ‘personality’ can be so conflicting). The connection is strange, but there is something to be said for her as well. I just cannot grasp that one fully yet. Moving on. We are all getting many messages now from Dollface. Oskuraa, a past winner, is now getting messages about voting. She starts to ask DF to leave her be, and suddenly her entries, which used to do well, start plummeting. She is really starting to show harassment to many users, asking them how they do so well and why she does so badly, etc. Some of the people that have spoken with me reveal they were not even top ten placing, yet she continued to badger them anyway. She went so far as to accuse said person of downvoting her for a disagreement and continued to act in such a manner upon being ignored. The paranoia is not unlike many people here, however, it still speaks interesting notions on her character considering she plays so happy go lucky in public. Df freaking out that her boyfriend is placed higher than her in the contest. [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,8342748,page=3[/url] She continues to bring up her typical fits. We STILL have not seen her little buddies speaking up for her yet.. until.. Hot Glossy makes her thread (deleted I believe) about ‘someone’ that told her the doc divas were speaking badly of her. At the time, Dollface had joined DOC divas. She was weird, but friendly, and no one knew this info about her yet, even though it was happening to alot of people at the time. Hot Glossy made her post about everything in the DOC, and as you know, revealed it was DF that ratted people out. DF freaked, and apologized, etc. She held firm to her story, she was innocent. I ignored it, spoke with her privately and told her I was pissed still, but I left it alone. The next day DOC had the clue contest. I took second, Dollface took first. A girl who had scratched to make even the top 50 prior, had shitty entries, and had JUST had a fallout with HG. Accusations flew again. She flipped again. She defended herself again. Yadda yadda. I won the contest the next

day for adventurers. Speakinverses, dollface, alwaysday, canday, and a few others came by to say grats, thought they had NEVER done so before. SIV did the same to Rhi when she placed high in Burton. They stopped, gave congrats, and gifted. Now lets go back to the Burton contest. SIV pulled a late night win to yoink DeeperSymphony from first. HiddenHal0 had done the same to me previously in the A is for contest. DS experienced the same thing. NUMEROUS people visiting her page and exclaiming she should have in fact won by sheer quality. Same for me. Lets look at Back in Black. I was high for hours, got pushed down and SIV takes the lead, with a VERY nonstellar entry. Adventurers, SIV in the LAST half hour of the contest goes from below the top ten to third. I watched myself. I watched every entry get pushed, all in that last crucial half an hour. In this Hot Glossy thread we finally saw the other ‘day’ and ‘doll’ girls all come to Dollface’s defense as well. We find out through many people that DF has her own groups. She has since had MANY. Each one contains only a specific amount of people, including subelvolumen, SIV, Hal0, DF, ladydoll, alwaysday and canday. The first was a joke and made into a public mockery which was deleted in the main doc forums, but eyes WERE opened, until the BFX argument started. ME THINKS this was opportunity. She was kicked last the night before from Si Se Puede. That same night Ladydoll,canday, alwaysday, and a few others joined the BFX group. I know because I saw them all babbling greetings and hellos in the holla board. They/she knew about the fighting with Mimsy and BJTK. She saw posts in both forums, she saw the fights on the DOC boards. The stamps go down. Does anyone remember when Dollface did not get her stamp or credits right away, and she flipped out after winning first place? I do. I remember ALL of the numerous times she used to flip about her standing and the DOC. So the reward stamps disappear and she is calm. Of all people, SHE is calm. This makes no sense, whatsoever. She states they were never in the catalogue, which I swear, even Tal remembers, they did used to be there. Just too weird. Suddenly both groups go bu bye. BFX and Si Se puede. DF was a prior member in Si se and was getting remmed for being a mule and a liar. Not the most important fact, however, a large base of speculation into her little ring/group of cheaters was becoming clearer. Target taken down. Next target-BFX, where they had JUST become members. Why is this group a threat? Well, BJTK is not fond of Mimsy, and that is a good start. It could look like they are simply fighting each other. On another note, alot of that entire groups competition comes from BFX users that openly share work, ideas, etc. Take them both down and try to break spirits. Target two gone. Let everyone try to do the fighting for you, etc We have DF [url] http://imvu.com/groups/group/%2521%2521%2521Daily%2BOutfit%2BContesters%252 1%2521/read.php?2809,9226032,page=3[/url] claiming she is only being attacked because she is NEW (stress the new??) and so on so forth.

Odd facts/observationsSiv has also managed to say, almost word for word, by a comment on Stellar’s page, about the same thing I had posted. I had made comments about wanting to try and get highest points for the month and then start working on developing. I noticed the comment on Stellar’s page when I was browsing the Si Se Puede activity list. I found it odd she would use my phrasing so closely. Many people can attest to that, since I also told many people the same thing in private messages. Dollface, Canday. Alwaysday, have the same manner of speaking. Siv and ladydoll are also similar. Dollface has lately been having trouble keeping up with her usual and her speech is slipping, as mentioned before. Think back on any contact you ever had with her and cross reference it to your DOC standings. Everyone that I am talking to thus far is telling me when they were super nice, they did better, when they were snippy, the fell. We have since discovered that many of them are all from Australia and have known one another prior to all of the groups being started for the DOC. Oddly enough, DF and her entire entourage never bothered to stop and make any comments in the DOC board about the groups disappearing. I am copying this from someone that sent it to me as an observation, another interesting observation[i]I know there's a theory that the doll/days are all the same person. Also, I can't be sure, but something about SubeElVolumen is *** at me. SIV SEV... ? SubeElVOlumen... The volume raises... raising her voice in protest? Does anyone remember her from before all this started?[/i] This is a known member to DF’s groups, but is always silent in her party. A new BFX group has been started. Dollface joined immediately. She was posting her own items to promote sales of things she developed, even though Ria had to explain to her it is a BFX group only, not a promotional spot for her own developing. Guess who just started developing FX? Remember when we said that SIV stopped developing around the time the whole drama fiasco started? Well, she is starting again, with her own line of FX. Strange, with the BFX group going down, and Si Se puede, the group that calls out DF for all of her weird events. DF is starting to find someone to target in place of herself. A convenient target, at that. More info on this as it develops.

I have every screenshot posted where the links are inserted in case my reference points from the events in the DOC main group get magically erased, deleted, whatever. I have the screenshots from all of you. I have not posted them mainly because I do not want anyone to have their names screwed over for what was in them. However, with each one, and my reference points above, it has helped put together this entire timeline in fairly accurate order, plus or minus a few hours on some of them. They all prove the varying degrees of both the events and speech pattern fluctuations. There are two basic patterns shown- the SIV pattern which is more proper and the ‘doll’ pattern which is jumbled. They also have strong links to the old mannerisms of a user known as NPA, NorthPeaceAngel. Take into consideration the ‘it just so happens’ that certain ones of them are now producing new items for sale.. You may draw your own conclusions, but from what I have seen from all of you, these are either all the same person, a pair of people, or a group of fanatics bent on causing nothing but trouble and muling for one another. I do believe that a few of the users in question – SIV, NPA, DF, alwaysday, canday, ladydoll, HG, subelvolumen (SEV)- are the same person, maybe not all of them, but a few of them are. I think there are probably more accounts connected to this. I truly think many of them were created throughout time to serve their own purpose when the time arose.