PART II The Brackin “Circular Model of ARG Development” For Alternate Reality Games


Deus City Player Statistics

Player Path to Level 3, “Enthusiastic” Status

A Hypothetical “Square Model” of Alternate Reality Games

The Brackin “Circular Model” of ARG Development

Two “Adjacent ARGs” with Shared Game Elements

A Theoretical “ARG Cluster” of “Adjacent ARGs”

A Theoretical “Inclusive ARG”

The Brackin “Circular Model of ARG Development”
Takes the proven 42 model of player participation to the next level Is the much needed descriptive model of ARG development Allows for a multi-sided ARG with multiple points of entry and player paths Enables proper Illustration of “Adjacent ARGs” Allows for new theoretical ARG designs, such as the “ARG Cluster” and the “Inclusive ARG”

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