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Learning How to Learn About

Ed. Tech
Whitney Fox & Thomas Bieri

Goals for the day
Introduction to TPACK and SAMR
Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)
Wrap Up (questions, comments, etc.)

Agenda Details 1
Goals for the day:

Understand TPACK and SAMR and how these models relate

to technology integration decisions.

Understand what a PLN is and how it is useful to you.

Develop your own PLN.

Collaborate with colleagues and add at least one thing

to your teachers toolkit.

Agenda Details 2

Introduction to the TPACK and SAMR

What they are and why they are useful concepts

Watch SAMR video:

Watch TPACK video:

Play the TPACK game:


Share out ideas from the game

Agenda Details 3

Introduction to Personal Learning Networks (PLNs):

What a PLN is, why its useful, and how to manage it.

Show useful Ed-Tech tools: Twitter and Pinterest.

Collaborate with peers to make PLN & share ideas.

What is SAMR?

What is TPACK?

How TPACK Works and why it is useful.

Brainstorm Time
1. Form a group of 5 or less
2. Go to
3. Play the TPACK game
4. Be creative and ready to share out!

What is a PLN?

PLN stands for Personal Learning Network.

It means a personalized network of fellow educators
and resources that a person has developed to help them
continue learning and improving their teaching.
This network can exist both face to face and online.
Its a way to stay connected and share ideas!

Why is it useful?

Its a great way to broaden your knowledge and skills.

It is a way to see how other people do things.
It is a way to share what you do and help others.
The creator is in control of what they want to see. You
dont have administrators telling you its a required PD
Your PLN can change when your interests change.
You can stay up to date on the latest hot topics!

How to Manage a pln

An online PLN is easy to manage because you decide when

to attend to it.
The great thing about an online PLN is that information
is always available, but you can decide when to absorb
that information.
When your interests change your PLN can change too.
Simply start searching for other educators or resources
that support your latest interest.

Social Media sources


Twitter is a great way to connect with people around the world
Simply search for things that interest you
Why to use for PD:
How to:


Connect with people and share your ideas and creativity

Create boards to display your interest

Pinterest will automatically put items in your feed that they think
youre interested in

Social Media sources

Pinterest 2015 Tutorial for Education

Create Your own PLN

Create a Twitter or Pinterest account and
start exploring.
Connect and/or collaborate with at least
three peers.

Ask us for assistance or clarification!

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Create, explore, collaborate, engage YOURSELF!


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