Multi Dimensional effects of Drug Abuse

There are day to day Changes in the society & so are the norms. Sometimes these changes abolish the past to the extent that the future generations don’t believe about its real historical perspective as they can’t remember the ramentents of the past. These changes are going on and our Kashmiri society is turning into big social evils now is one of such social evil the drug abuse. The topic of drug abuse is of diversified importance in the whole world. It poses a great threat to the humanity & to the whole society. It is increaresing day by day & is one of the public challenges apart from the devastating conquences for the users & social disintegration of the family and community among other things.The drug trafficking and abuse leads to various types of violence & criminalities which include several political & economic dislocation of society & the economy also. It seriously affects the sociopolitical order & economic security of many state of our country. It also encourages many corruptions in states where public. Earning is low & illiteracy & unemployment is raising Now, the selective use of drugs, have increasing abuse & dependence. The main connection of drug use & abuse to crime is the illeagal purchase & use of narcotic drugs. Many of these drugs have short & long term affects ranging from pleasant feeling to damaging the body organs & causing physical & mental illnesses. Indiscriminate use of drugs becomes dangerous and produces gradually physical, mental & moral detritions of the abuser. Women drug abusers practice prostitution as a means of obtaining money for drugs. Drugs make the abusers physically, & psychologically dependent on the drugs when they feel un- comfortable urge for it. Under the influence of drugs, the abuser shows several minor or major impulsive behaviours,e.g telling lies, cheating, violence’s, robbery, rapes, kidnapping even murders ect. Infact the fun & curiosity to experience with drugs may graduate them to drug addiction Drug abuse produces a disease by affecting almost all the systems of the body & produces a complex syndrone which not only cripples the life of abuser but also poses serious problems to the society & to the nation as a whole. The addiction of drugs has been growing fast in Kashmir since last two decades. Ethical issues to the treatment of a person with drug abuse are not the same as in the treatment of any other disease. While getting into the trap of drug abuse is very simple & easy, but the process of getting out of it is a complicated & painful process. Addiction has a deep impact on the individual. It not only affects the body & mind but also atrophies the family & social relationships of the abuser too. The Drug Addiction entangles the abuser in his own web and they are the persons who do not want to face the reality of situation. The health, the relations & their duties will safer as the drug seeking behavior will advance. Preventive education, law enforcement clinical treatment alone is not enough to stop the drug abuse. Thus tackling the drug addiction efficiently needs a sincere and holistic approach & treatment Team work where, Doctor’s friends, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselor’s, social workers, home people & other supportive persons have to come together to put the victim (addict) out of addiction. It provides & prescribes an important insight into the common pitfalls and the basic personality disturbances which are the root cause responsible for the abuser’s addiction. Negative Impact on Development. In fact , drug abuse control is more important Than the health education, employment, justice &protection of basic human rights. Its rising links to poverty, illiteracy, unemployment are clear. For our developing Country the burden is quite heavier than the resources that need to be spent in health care .Social & sincere criminal justice System should deal with drug abuse control & trafficking which is most important. Prospects for the bright future remains hazy & dim as long as illicit drug abuse is allowed to dominate. The economic &social life of the people gets badly affected. An integrated approach should be evolved by trained experts &specialists from different fields like psychosocial, economic enforcement, medical fields who can help tackling this multi dimensional disease of drug abuse at respective levels. The rising incidences of unstable broken homes, unhealthy & negative parental attitudes, increasing behavioral disorders, due to poverty of love & affection & a desire for temporary excitement with friends may hurt them to experiment with drugs & get hooked to it. 1

Now the production, trafficking & consumption have reached to peek with the availability of all types of drugs from street peddlers, vegetable &fruit sellers’ tea shops gyms, in fact from any where or any place depending upon the demand. No amount of constrains or checks by the enforcement agencies could dismantle the supply network which is facilitated by mobile phones etc. Dangerous methods for using these drugs ranging from tablets, syrups, powers, creams, injections, inhalation’s have developed along with the increase of abuse and there is also increase of problems caused by addiction which include not only the physical, psychological, medical abuses but also drug related crimes, work place absentees causing productivity losses , family dysfunction, violence women& children etc. The HIV, AIDS, Infective Hepatitis, among the intraveinous drug users &their changing style in relation to their high risk behavior & its severe consequences. Their families undergo another cause of concern for the society. Apart from economic burden the problem of social & health issues affect both the abuser and the society in general The impact of illicit drug trade becomes evident by rising consumption of abuse which leads to 2 to 4 times increase in accidents & at workplace absentees in job 2 to4times higher among the drug users than non users. This rising drug abuse among the youth of our Country is involving with serious short & long term social–economic implication ,widespread drug abusing culture imposes asocial , economical & unhygienic burden on the people which no Society can to bear or neglect anymore unlike the past, the substance use or misuse is associated with unemployment poverty which leads to do unlawful things or deeds or become criminals, victims of rape or other violent assaults which in turn warns of crime, the risk of violence & victimization to obtain drugs. The drug abusers are not the only one who suffers from the social affects of its abuse but their spouses, their children, are also at the increased risk of neglect & abuse by their drug abusing parents. The high risk of drug abuse exists among the children of drug addict parents, a fact that appears to have both environmental as well as genetic influences. A high degree of motivation is essential for the success of any intervention programme as the consequences of addiction may be varied & may cause immense problems to others e.g. family relatives, neighbor’s, friends etc. Comprehensive management of drug abuse requires a medical, & non- medical as well as hospital & non hospital sittings by person with different trainings & backgrounds. The J& K is the one state of India which is underdeveloped of which Kashmir is one Provance. Un-employment and poverty are the grave problems in this province which are also the two causes of drug abuse. The nature of the drug abuse has affected the socio- economic & health status of the affected families very badly. The H.N.S.S Drug De-addiction cum rehabilitation Centre located Near Shiraz Road, Victory Crossing H.N.S.S Lane, Khanyar Srinagar is taking various measures to eliminate & eradicate it, but a single sparrow can not make summer. Similarly our single H.N.S.S De- Addiction Centre can not fight alone against the menace of drug-Addiction in the valley Kashmir. Every individual level, at personal level, community level, society, print & electronic media as well as Govt should exercises its sincere approach for awareness, education & motivation among common people & youth of the valley.
AUTHOR Dr. Hamida Jan Chairperson.H.N.S.S De –Addiction Centre H.N.S.S Lane Victory Crossing Khanyar, Sgr Kashmir