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Friday Bulletin

The Weekly Muslim News Update

Jamada al-Awwal 15, 1428/June 01, 2007

Issue No. 214

History as Islamic bank comes to Kenya

A milestone has been made after Kenya became the rst country in
East and Central Africa to have a fully edged Islamic bank.
This follows the licensing of the First Community Bank (FCB) by the
Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Tuesday.
The bank is expected to open its doors in the near future to the Muslim community eager to have a nancial institution to cater for their Islamic sensitive banking needs. Members of the board are expected
to meet this weekend to set the stage rolling for FCB.
The approval of the Islamic bank by the Treasury and the CBK came
after recent amendments to the banking Act which had hitherto limited banking services to interest based nancial institutions. Finance
Minister Amos Kimunya announced plans to amend Section 4 of he
Banking Act to allow Islamic Banking in the country during the budget speech in June last year.
First Community Bank is a joint venture between local and foreign
investors from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The principal
shareholder is Al Madina Investment and Finance, a Kuwait based
investment company dealing in Islamic nance.
The Bank has a core capital of Sh1 billion, well ahead of the minimum Sh250 million set by the Central Bank of Kenya.
FCB will commence its operations with four branches, two in the
Nairobis Central Business District, one in Eastleigh and another in
Mombasa with plans to expand to other towns in the country.
First Community Bank is promising to give conventional banks a
run for their money for its wide range of services which will include
mortgages, housing nance, car nance, health schemes and other
services all inconformity with Islamic tenets. Muslims will get what
they are used to or even better quality services, Abdulqadir H. Muhammad one of the directors of FCB told The Friday Bulletin in an
exclusive interview.
He was however quick to add that the bank will not be discriminatory

Set up schools to improve on

education, Muslims told

Muslim entrepreneurs have been urged to set up schools and other

educational institutions to empower Muslims educationally.
The chairman of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Mr Ibrahim Hussein said Muslims should also take advantage of the existing conducive environment put in place by the government to set up
schools which will give a holistic education approach to members of
the Muslim community.
He added that it was the policy of the government to ensure that
additional institutions are set up by the private sector to expand the
existing learning facilities.
With more Muslims being empowered educationally, they will become responsible members of the society able to make further contributions to the development of the country, he said.
Mr Ibrahim said this at the prize giving day of WAMY High School.
The school, located in Nairobis South B estate is an educational
establishment of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY).
The chairman sent a word of caution to students to keep away from
drugs saying that drug abuse will hinder their academic progress
and also pose a grave danger to their health. More so, he stressed
on students to observe Islamic values and urged them to resist peer
pressure and temptations which could place them at risk of acquiring
the dreaded HIV/AIDS disease.
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but will also welcome non-Muslims wishing to enjoy the benets of the
Islamic banking system.
To ensure that the banks polices are in full conformity with Islamic
tenets, FCB has incorporated a four member Shariah Board Advisory
committee comprising of leading scholars both from outside the country and within. They include Dr Hussain Hamid Hassan who will be the
chairman and also sits on Shariah boards in various banks in the Middle East and Dr Muhammad Amin Ali Qattan. On the local scene, it
has sought the services of Sheikh Badru Jaffar Swaleh, currently the
Fatawa (Islamic edicts) director of Majlis Ulamaa Kenya, the national
council of Muslim scholars and Sheikh Muhammad Abdi Omar, popularly known as Sheikh Umal, the Imam of Masjid Abubakar Easleigh.
Abdulqadir gave an assurance that the bank will provide fully edged
Islamic banking percent services and said that they took an extra step
to ensure that all its shareholders were only involved in banking practices which were inline with Islamic teachings.
Nadhif Jama who has more than twenty years of diversied experience in Islamic banking is expected to be named the Chief Executive
Ofcer (CEO) of the First Community Bank.
Nadhif, a Kenyan national who is now with the Sharjah Islamic Bank
in the UAE has been instrumental in pushing for the concept of Islamic banking in the country since the late 90s.
Expectations are rife within Muslim circles to have a nancial institution to cater for the community as most of the present conventional
banks offer interest based transactions which is considered one of the
most gravest sins in Islam.
Since the amendment to the Banking Act, several banks have opened
up windows offering interest free-based accounts to accommodate
Muslims who have largely kept away of the banking operations. Another application by the Gulf Islamic Bank which also promises to
provide Islamic banking services is still pending with the CBK.

We are involved in madrassas,

US envoy admits

The United States ambassador to Kenya Michael Reinneburger admitted that his country had vested interest in madrassas in the country. He said the United States was involved in supporting the Islamic
schools as part of its civic education and outreach approach among
Muslims in various countries.
We have actually been involved in supporting madrassas not only
here in Kenya but in other parts of the world, the ambassador said
during a television talk show on KTN on Monday.
Mr Renneburger, however, did not elaborate on the nature of support
being extended to the Islamic schools though Muslim leaders have
been vocal against the US involvement which they assert is aimed at
changing the curriculum of the Islamic schools.
On the so-called war on terror, the envoy said the US viewed Kenya
as a strategic partner and added that his government will continue
to extend support to the Kenyan government in the ght against terrorism.
While Reinnenburger dismissed assertions that the US is ghting Islam in the guise of ghting terrorism, Abdulhamid Slatch, secretary
general of the Young Muslim Association, said the actions of the United States here in Kenya and the Muslim world were contrary to the
ambassadors claim.
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This Newsletter contains some of Allahs names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep,circulate or shred.

State should review its policy on terror arrests

The country is in the middle of another ogre of violence perpetrated

by suspected Mungiki adherents. Horrifying acts of beheadings,
wanton killings, arson and other acts of violence in the last one
month have generated concerns regarding the security situation in
the country.
These acts have not spared the guardians of law and order either.
Just this week, two policemen were killed in the line of duty in a Nairobi suburb by suspected members of the illegal group. A ten-year
old boy as well as an elderly man also fell victim to this brutality.
But even after these horrifying attacks continue to create terror
among citizens, apart from the arrest of politicians said to be inciting
the violence and the usual round up of suspects, nothing tangible is
yet to emerge about the efforts to nd and bring to book
the perpetrators of these chilling acts.
Strangely enough, senior government ofcials who include the defence minister Njenga Karume have gone
an extra mile to call for dialogue with Mungiki members
as a way of nding a lasting solution to the matter.
Yet, even in the face of this carnage, the government
instead of focusing its attention to create a climate of peace and
security for its citizens, continues to ex its muscle on suppressing
innocent people among the Muslim community.
Last months chilling raid by the anti-terrorism police unit in Mombasas Guraya estate where alleged dangerous peoples turned out
to be innocent members of the public is still fresh in the minds of
those who can remember. Going by the recent terror arrests in
Mombasa and subsequent deportations of several Muslim preachers, the government is, unfortunately sending a signal that it will not
listen to appeals by Muslim leaders to respect the rights of a section
of its citizens.
We do also express our concerns about the continued culture of deportations which has not only affected foreigners but also bonade
In the name of state security, many people who include heads of

Muslim NGOs and religious teachers have been rounded up and

sent out of the country unceremoniously.
While this is happening, the Kenya government continues to give a
conducive environment for thousands of Christian missionaries operating in the country. Among them are some, who include a pastor
from a neighboring country, who have queries regarding their stay
in the country.
The government has in the past also expressed concerns that Italians with no valid work permits were illegally operating businesses,
notably in the hotel industry in Malindi. In all these cases, we have
not seen any attempt by the government to investigate and arrest
these people or issue deportation orders as it is being done on
members of the Muslim community.
The Mungiki menace and the general crime wave being experienced remain the greatest threat to peace
and security in the country. Even the US ambassador
Michael Reinneburger himself acknowledged this during a television talk show this week.
But we fail to understand why our government has
failed to realize this and instead continued to traumatize innocent
Muslims. Muslims in this country feel that there are besieged by a
government which is increasingly trampling on their rights.
Our appeal remain that the government commit itself to respect and
treat its Muslim population with dignity and refuse to succumb to the
whims of those pushing it to torment its citizens.
We do also petition Muslims in senior government ofcials to use
their inuence to see to it that the continuous violations of the rights
of their brothers and sisters are brought to an end. They ought to
reect on the saying of the Prophet peace be upon him which states
that Muslims are like one body and if one part of the body is in pain
then the whole body is affected.
Their position renders them to be representing community interests
and it is prudent that they contribute in defending the interests of
their fellow Muslims.


Set up schools to improve on education, Muslims told

The Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Kassim (Left) with Mr Ibrahim Hussein
(centre) and Mr Ahmed Hussein, the director of Childrens Services during
the WAMY High School prize giving event on Saturday

Further, the TSC boss advised parents to work closely with the school
administration and teachers to promote academic excellence.
Mr Ibrahim commended the school for its exemplary performance in
last years Kenya Certicate of Education (KCPE) examinations. He
lauded the 2006 candidates for uplifting the image of the school and
the Muslim community at large.
Let this be our Alliance and Starehe. We have the capability to make
it, he said pointing to Alliance High School and Starehe Boys Centre
which have earned a feat for being among the top performing schools
in the country.
Speaking at the same function, Mr Ahmed Yusuf, a former secretary
of the Kenya National Examinational Council (KNEC) urged other
Muslim organisations to emulate WAMY in setting up educational institutions so as to uplift the education standards of Muslims in the
He said that the community should not be contented with the few
top performing schools like Abu Huraira Academy and Sheikh Khalifa Secondary School but strive to set up more institutions providing
quality education.
During last years KCSE examinations, WAMY High School attained
the 65th position nationally triumphing over more than 4,000 other

secondary schools in the country. In Nairobi province it was ranked

in the 16th position. This was the second time the school was sitting
candidates for the examinations. In 2005, it was ranked third in the
private schools category in Nairobi when it made its rst appearance
in the KCSE examinations.
Ahmed Kashif Maalim who emerged the best student last year was
among top performers who received awards at the event. A hadh,
(One who commits the Holy Quran to memory), Ahmed was placed
in position 83 in Nairobi province.
Present at the function held on Saturday at the school were the Chief
Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Muhammad Kassim, Director of the Children
Services Ahmed Hussein, Idris Farah, the SUPKEM educational
secretary, Muhammad Osman Warfa chairman of Jamia Masjid and
Sheikh Muhammad Ismail, the principal of Abu Hureira AcademyMombasa among other dignitaries.

New date for Voters Registration

The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) announced that it will

carry out another round of voter registration exercise beginning this
The month-long exercise estimated to cost 600 million shillings will
be carried out between June 11 to July 10. Youths who have just
acquired national identity cards are among those targeted.
This being the last registration before the general election, ECK
chairman Samuel Kivuitu, called on eligible voters who did not register during the last exercise in March to take advantage of this last
opportunity to register.
Registered voters will also have a chance to inspect the voters register between July 24 and August 22, 2007 to ensure that their details
match those on the list.
Muslim leaders have in the past appealed for Muslims to register in
large numbers to ensure that the community plays a signicant role
in the voting outcome.
The leaders have promised that just like in the 2005 November referendum, they will give appropriate guidance to the community to
make an informed choice during the forthcoming next general elections slated for December this year.

Who are the Muslim Moderates (Neo-Mods)?

Yamin Zakaria

In 1925, shortly after the symbolic destruction of the Ottoman State,

Ali Abd Ar-Raaziq, a graduate from the distinguished institution of
al-Azhar University of Cairo, issued a controversial religious edict
(Fatwa). He claimed that the institution of the Islamic State (Khilafah)
is not an integral part of an Islamic society.
Prior to this, no genuine Islamic scholar endorsed the abolition of
the Islamic State. It would be supercial and hasty to consider such
incidents as merely isolated events in history.
The contentious Fatwa of Ali Abd Ar-Raaziq represented the apex of
the reformist movements, which begun campaigning for reformation
since the early eighteenth century or earlier, in order to halt and revive the declining Ottoman State. In contrast, during the early period
of the Islamic history, the various movements were primarily conned
to debating the various interpretations of the Islamic texts. Not a single scholar or a movement of that period ever advocated the need to
reform Islam.
This contrast can be explained by the observation of the eminent
Islamic Historian, Ibn Khaldun. He stated that, it is natural for the conquered subjects to look up to their conquerors for solutions to their
problems. The defeated will naturally seek to identify the causes of
their defeat and often attribute it to their way of life (ideology). Hence,
the result is either reformation or abandonment of their ideology. Either route will lead to a level of emulation of the conquerors ideology.
Thus, the reformist movements began to imitate the West by approving the imposed European model of nation states and eventually deserted the concept of a unied Islamic State.
In line with historical trend, new reformers best described as the
neo-moderates (neo-mods) have arisen, as the Islamic world faces
renewed vigorous aggression from the Capitalist-Zionist-Christian
axis (neo-colonialists). Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq are
the most recent examples. The neo-mods (reformists) unlike their
forerunner are primarily the product of US-led initiatives rather than
emanating from within the Islamic world with the aspiration to revive
the Islamic society. Similarly, the neo-colonialists are also distinct
from their predecessors. They are primarily focused in colonising the
minds rather then just the rich resources. A nation mentally enslaved
has very little willpower, and the capability to resist subjugation.
The quest for colonising the minds of the masses has necessitated
in pursuing an intellectual battle. The aim is not to eradicate Islam,
which failed miserably in the past and proved impossible, but to secularise (marginalise) it in the minds of the Muslim masses. Simultaneously, the neo-colonialists are advocating democracy and freedom
as a suitable alternative. Since democracy and freedom plays the
predominant role in shaping society, which obliges any functioning
religion to be secularised, as two people can not occupy the same
seat at the same time. Therefore, democracy and freedom can easily coexist only with a secularised version of Islam.
Secularised Islam is also conveniently termed as moderate Islam.
The US government has initiated a drive to manufacture scholars
and experts to promote a moderate version of Islam, simultaneously recruiting and promoting those existing moderates (neo-mods)
that are wittingly or unwittingly campaigning for the same. If the policy
fails, the US has already issued threats to enforce democracy and
freedom. It is certainly a mystery as to how the Western intelligentsia
can talk about enforcing democracy and freedom, without noticing
the inherent contradiction or hypocrisy of enforcement with the values of democracy and freedom.
Apart from the carriers of moderate Islam, everyone else simply falls
into the radical camp. They are often scorned by labelling them as
fundamentalists, fanatics, and extremists. The neo-mods are given a
positive image as liberals, modern, and free thinking, regardless
of the strength of their argument.
The different types of the neo-mods are briey examined below:
Radical Reformists
These radical neo-mods vociferously argue that democracy and
freedom as dened and practiced by the West are totally compatible
with Islam. As stated above, this is only possible under a secularised
version of Islam, where Islam would only have any relevance in the
individuals personal sphere of activity at his/her discretion.
How is it that two ideologies emanating from different sources can
have the same principles and values, unless it is a monumental his-

torical coincidence! Furthermore, how can they remain distinct but yet
have identical principles and values! Of course, that is not the case
in reality and hence the Islamic laws are reinterpreted when there
is an overt conict with the principles of democracy and freedom.
The outcome is that the Islamic laws are replaced with secular laws,
whilst keeping up the Islamic pretensions. Therefore, it is no surprise
that these neo-mods always evaluate Islam by measuring it up to the
yardstick of freedom and democracy.
This process of reinterpreting Islamic texts in areas that is well established leads to a level of absurdity. As an example, they view polygamy with disdain even though the Prophet peace be upon him
fully practiced it along with his companions. Who decided in the rst
place that polygamy is inherently wrong? These self appointed intellectuals (neo-mods) do not for once recognise that those in the West
attacking polygamy are the most polygamous people around, with
their culture of freedom placing very few limitations to the sexual
practices. Any form of sexual behaviour is acceptable as long as it
is not a second wife! If you are accustomed to Jerry Springer, the
pretexts is often, it is because you are not home, and so I slept with
your stepson or your dad!
The apologists are either fervently pragmatists or isolationists. The
former are politically active and operate with a defensive mindset.
The latter are mostly non-political, their focus is primarily conned to
individual activity in gaining knowledge, spiritual enlightenment and
some conne to theological issues such as the nature of the Creator.
The isolationist neo-mods by their own conduct are behaving like the
medieval monks living in caves, oblivious to the reality, and by de
facto promoting a secular version of Islam.
However, a few of these isolationists unexpectedly transformed after
9/11, and suddenly they were advisors to the likes of George Bush,
participating fully in the political arena. As the US began a new wave
of brutal attacks post 9/11, instead of confronting, the language employed was one of reconciliation and apology. They even resorted to
using their Islamic knowledge of the technical terms to justify their
(neo-mods) conduct.
The pragmatists on the other hand usually resort to provide a convenient interpretation of the legal texts in certain areas, so that it has
an acceptable meaning to the non-Muslims and the Muslim secular
elite around them. This has dual purpose in seeking to avoid conict
and attaining certain material benets. As a consequence, this leads
to the constant erosion of the Islamic values with the ongoing apology for Islam and being Muslims. In addition, their lack of perception
and analysis of the implications of their actions has often resulted in
scoring political own goals.
Some in the name of seeking to inuence, every year eagerly attend
the Iftar parties at the embassies, where they dine with those who
have just murdered so many innocent and defenceless Muslims and
non-Muslims. To the contrary, these neo-mods have become useful
showpieces in legitimising the actions of these imperialist governments, to the Muslims at home and abroad.
Despite the Iftar parties and the picture shots, were they able to have
any inuence on the current US policies regarding the captives in
Guantanamo Bay, or the war in Afghanistan or Iraq? Only people who
are upright, altruistic and principled can engage in political discourse
on behalf of their community. Consider the recent example from the
poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who refused the knighthood on the basis
of British governments current policy in Iraq and her colonial history.
How many of these neo-mods would turn down such an opportunity
on the basis of their self proclaimed leadership and principle?
The neo-mods do not have a consistent position and are trying to
reconcile the irreconcilable by twisting evidences, along with their illogical principles. A position that has caused more confusion, and
harmed the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Whilst some may have
good intentions but others, and in particular the radical neo-mods
clearly have malicious intent, evident by their overt cooperation with
those seeking to undermine Islam. Some of these radical neo-mods
are using pretexts that are so absurd that it is laughable, and then
they parade themselves as Islamic scholars, with credentials from
institutions that are operating to undermine Islam from its basis.

Arbitrary arrests of Muslims continue

The terror police in Mombasa last week arrested ve people who included
a woman on terror allegations.
Muslim leaders condemned the detentions which they termed as subjective to members of the community. They said the government is failing to
exercise the rule of the law and was employing arbitrary measures when it
came to the arrest of Muslims who were being accused of so-called terrorism involvement.
Speaking at Baluchi masjid in Mombasa, CIPK organizing secretary, Sheikh
Khalifa Muhammad noted that while Muslims appreciated the efforts by the
government to maintain the security of its citizens, the pretext of terrorism
should not be used to harass innocent Muslims.
Sheikh Khalifa complained that in all these arrests, the basic human rights
of Muslims were not respected.
Those detained were being held at the Port Reitz police station. They were
apprehended as they came from prayers at Masjid Tawba in Kisauni.
Last month, in an incident which ignited strong protests from the Muslim
community and human rights groups, an Imam at the Kwa Shibu Mosque
in Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa Sheikh Ibrahim Mohamed was arrested together with 10 other people in a late night raid by the terror police. While
the police initially linked him to so-called terror activities, he was deported
out of the country on what the police said were alleged irregularities in his
immigration papers. This was done even after a court case against his arrest was pending in court.

We are in madrassa bussines-envoy

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are increasingly generating concerns among Muslims in the country. Since
the programme on madrassas came to light in 2003, Muslim leaders have
raised strong objection against the plans which they afrm is aimed at diluting the teaching of Islam in the schools.
Only recently, Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) secretary
general Sheikh Muhammad Dor spoke of another attempt to re-introduce the
programme. He said questionnaires were being distributed to madrassas
under the National School Mapping exercise being carried out by the Ministry of Education.

Saturday Lecture
Rights of non-Muslims in an
Islamic State
Sheikh Abdulatif Abdulkarim
Saturday 2nd June 2007
Jamia Masjid Multi Purpose Hall


Every Tuesday between
Maghrib and Isha by
Sheikh Nur Huda
Parklands masjid

Scholarships for Quran recitation and

memorisation classes

Jamia Masjid is oering 20 scholarships to those wishing to

undertake the above course
For further details contact the
Jamia Masjid Commiteee
Before 16th June 2007


Two (2) competent Dental assistants urgently required for a

busy dental clinic in the city centre of Nairobi.
Applications and CVs can be dropped at
Jamia Training Institute
Jamia Masjid Complex, Ground Floor or
The Friday Bulletin oces, Jamia Admnistration Oces

Further cataract operations

Last month the Ummah Foundation Social Services Department reported that 40 cataract operations had successfully
been completed at Garissa.
The Foundation is pleased to report that arrangements are in
place to undertake further one hundred cataract operations
at Garissa this month. Any person who needs this surgery is
requested to register himself/herself at Ummah Foundation
ofces (Bro. Khairallah Tele. No. 0723 745817) or contact
Bro. Shakil Jaffer at Garissa Tele No. 0733 511032.

Relocation of Ummah Foundation oces

The Secretariat announces that the ofces at Village Plaza,

Ngara have been taken over by our sister organisation known
as Kenya Bureau of Halal Certication and the ofces of Ummah Foundation moved to Pioneer House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi, effective 1st June 2007. The postal address, mobile
telephone numbers and the e-mail address of the Foundation
remain unchanged. Notice of change of land line will be published as soon as the new phone numbers are available.
Members of the Ummah will be very pleased to know that
the Halal Certication Programme is moving very well and
their activities will be reported from time to time in these columns.



The Government has released the second term tranche to

all the Constituency Bursary Fund accounts towards this
years bursaries. This funding is to cater for the needy cases. You may therefore apply for bursary if you are a Constituency resident parent or guardian of a student attending
a Kenyan Public secondary school, and you have outstanding fee balance. The Committees in accordance with the
current Ministry of Education guidelines shall allocate the
bursaries. It is important that you get a full understanding of
the allocation criteria from your local leaders.
A FREE copy of the application forms is available from the
ofce of your local leaders. In Nairobi, the forms are available at Jamia Library and all the District Ofcers, Chiefs
and other local authority ofcials. When lling the form
please ensure that you complete it in its entirety including
the full name of your child, admission number (mandatory
for form 1 applicants), current outstanding fees balance,
and village/estate/ward/location. All forms must be nally
authenticated by the Head teacher of the school the student is attending before being submitted to the Committee
before the closing date set by the Committee.


Available for construction 2 oors 840 sqm
per oor above Jamia Plaza on a build and
lease policy

Interested investors to apply to giving testimonials and

proposals to;
The Secretary General
Jamia Masjid Committee
P. O. Box 40629
Not later than 15th June 2007

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