NDSW Trust.

NDSW TRUST’s PROFILE The Trust hereby constituted shall be known as NAMBIKAI DEEPAM SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST.(NDSW TRUST with expansion). (Registered under Indian Trust Act of 1976 in the year of 2006 - Seven board members including myself) Managing Trustee and I would like to touch you regarding as per your mail's request regarding our services done and plan to execute near future. Before registration of our NDSW Trust I had done my service as unorganized ways. We are in given our services to our people through directly as much for their right and aware nesses. In that, our young trust is economically poor trust but our aim of services as wide coverage to the humanity. So I'm a person to search in globally for our under privileged person's development like you as heartily and mindfully. ADDRESS:The office of the Trust shall be situated at A. Nalroad, Perambur-Post, Viralimalai – Via. Pudukkottai – District State of Tamil Nadu, India. PIN: 621 316. (Rented Building). E-Mail Address: ndswtindia_07@yahoo.co.in ABOUT THE MANAGING TRUSTEE:Mr. S. SATHIYASEELAN, B.Com., D.C.P.,(27 yrs.) born on poor rural village area person. And he has to take in his carrier as a social orator for those affected person’s right to fight in his area. His father also a volunteer and social orator that the same category. He is willing to work for our under privileged person’s enlistment and development in all sense. NDSW TRUST’s OBJECTIVES:The objectives referred in to about shall be those treated as Public Charitable and exempt for the purpose of exemption under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and shall be open to all irrespective of Caste, Greed or Religion and subject to the above the objectives of the Trust shall be the following; i) Our Prime Motto’s are to reach the “Social Stability and Social Mobility as equal to all for one WORLD to one COMMUNITY”. And to create a MODEL VILLAGES as an interrelated natural & human resources development through our peoples participation for harmony with nature for PEACE,PROGRESS and PROSPERITY. To execute the both Central and State Governments schemes as Co-operate and Co-ordinate for our rural village people’s


enlistments. And concentrate specifically for our poor DALITS and other’s developments in all sense. iii) To implement and execute of National, International Agencies, Corporate, Institution, Single Donor or Multi Donor etc., for our people’s Social, Economical, educational and health progressing purposes. To conduct rally, demonstration, seminar, meeting, conference, camp etc., jointly and associated with national and international NGO or NGOs /partners/volunteer for create awareness to our rural village people’s social evils at all levels and needy ones. To participate in all sense including MICRO CREDIT for our rural Village people’s families development as each member basis. To implement our village AGRI based lands are to convert of MICRO WATER SHED for conversion of water, soil and enhancement of livelihood production and productivity set-up. To implement of environment schemes for all required to be given priority basis. To set up of water for all is required to be given fillip with clean drinking water and adequate water availability for our domestic needs. To construct SHELTER/HOUSES for our RURAL /TOWN peoples who are under privileged. To implement the agriculture promotional activities are to participate with big ways in all its required of inputs, subsides, scientific/nature methods, high yielding varieties, credit linkages, adequate marketing for the products and a very proactive approach of promoting farming’s. To set up of AGRI related HORTICULTURE, SERICULTURE and FLORICULTURE are to be promoted in a big ways. To set up of ANIMAL HUSBANDARY and DAIRY farm are to be promoted in a big ways including promotion of door step artificial insemination services so as to maximize milk production. To set up of FISHERIES, PIGGERY, EMU and any other avocations are required to be promoted. To Planting TREES in all the vacant lands, waste lands and road side etc., is required to be promoted in a big ways.


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To execute on infrastructure of the village’s in terms of rural roads, connectivity etc., is required to be given priority. To implement on sanitation for all which is required to be focused in a big ways. To execute on child labor are to be eliminated totally by promoting their education. To involve SOCIAL EVILS are required to be prevented. To adoption of villages by Industries, NRIs, Philanthropist etc., is required to be promoted. To arrange adoption of Foreigners / NRIs / Indians in terms of education and health development for our all common poor children. To execute of Net Working of the efforts to Government and NGOs are required to be taken-up. And to a create DALIT Net Working for their versatile developments. To set up of village knowledge centers E-COMMERCE which is required to be promoted, so as to promote marketing of the products of SHGs, several artisans and involved in commerce. To set up a village knowledge centers are required to be promoted so as to utilize IT (Information Technology) enabled services for forming, agricultural related activities, drought relief, and disaster management and resource developmental activities are to involve. To form a Multi-Agriculture Farm for Agricultural and Herbal with full set-up of both processing and marketing units also. To set up of an INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PARK for both BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and also Software development and Training as a mass educated employment opportunities. To open and run Industrial Training Institutes, Polytechnics, Arts and Science Colleges, Sports Education and Training Center, Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges in all kinds, Agriculture Educational Institutions, Advanced Schools (I.E., Matriculation Schools, International Schools, Residential Schools), Arts and Cultural Advanced Education and Training Institutions, To open advanced and Up-to-date Medical Research Developmental Center both in medicine and its needy




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equipments inventions about incurable and other common diseases. xxviii) To open advanced Engineering and Technology Research Development Center for eco-friendly technical invention and other needy one. xxix) xxx) To setup linguistics education, research and training center for Tamil/Sanskrit languages and its literatures etc., To institute and award scholarships including interest free loan, scholarships and stipends and otherwise aid and assist study research in apprenticeship for education and to award prizes for proficiency in education and sports activities among the younger generations. To promote moral, spiritual, cultural and religious activities amongst people. And also accept to built/construct or reconstructs Temple/Church/Mosque etc., according to donor willingness and their religious faith. To establish and run mercy houses for Orphans, disabled, handicapped, mentally retarded persons and aged persons.



xxxiii) To help for marriages of the poor peoples. xxxiv) To open Advanced Health Care Center and its all kinds of education and training center to target on village poor peoples specifically on childhood and motherhood cares. xxxv) To setup village based both Men and Women’s empowerment divisions and its related training center for their economical developments are separately and combined.

xxxvi) To help and rescue with arrange to shelter, food, medicine etc., on timely for natural calamities/disorders and other emergencies for those affected victims. xxxvii) To start advanced job oriented training center as common like computer and industrial developments for who are economically poor person. xxxviii) To maintain, celebrate and perform daily, regular, periodical and customary Poojas and deities and place of worships, to maintain celebrate and perform Ustavas, festivals, religious functions to deities and place of worship and to build develop renovate, repair, rehabilitate, extend, modify aid, assist and donate to Temples and place of worships and to perform Kumbabishagam in general.


And generally to do such other acts, things and/or deeds as may be necessary conducive or incidental or ancillary to the attainments of all or any of the main objectives (i.e.,) the above said objectives.

NDSW TRUST’s APPEAL:All those said our above objectives are come in to prove and execute through kind hearted person and agencies big hand for our rural poor villagers. And we are also willing to our request and expecting those who are willing to support individual donor and also appreciate and accept donor’s option regarding as per rule of our Government of India accepted with warm and highly appreciated one. And others like Agencies, NRIs, Corporate on internationally helping hand to our people for above said of our TRUST objectives.