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Multiple Choices. Choose the best answer from the given choices. Shade the
letter of your answer on the answer sheet provided. (3pts. each)

How many sides does each polygon have in 1 and 2?

1. Octagon
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9
2. Decagon
a. 10
b. 11
c. 12
d. 13
3. What do you call a 965 sided polygon?
a. Tetrahectahexacontakaipentagon
b. Pentahectahexacontakaipentagon
c. Enneahectahexacontakaipentagon
d. Enneahectaoctacontakaipentagon
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4. Find the interior angle of a 76-sided polygon.

a. 175.26
b. 216.21
c. 164.25
d. 174.26
5. A regular polygon has a total interior angle of 2520 . Find the number of diagonals
of the regular polygon.
a. 116
b. 102
c. 103
d. 104
6. A rhombus has an area of 304.5i n . If its longer diagonal measures 29. Find
the measure of the shorter diagonal.
a. 21.
b. 17.


d. 11 .
7. Give the name and the number of sides of a polygon if it has 27 diagonals.
a. Pentagon ; 5
b. Nonagon ; 9
c. Hexagon ; 6
d. Decagon ; 10
8. If a right trapezoid has an area of 222m2 and an altitude of 2m. What is the perimeter
of the trapezoid if the bases have a ratio of 2:7?
a. 200.02 m
b. 250.87 m
c. 248.91 m
d. 238.63 m
9. A regular polygon with a perimeter of 7200 m has sides measuring 60 m. Find the
area of the polygon and name that polygon.
a. 4124354 m; Hectaicosagon
b. 8248707 m; Hectaicosagon
c. 4124354 m; Hentaicosagon
d. 2062176 m; Hectaicosagon
10. An unusual design of picture frame was bought by Susan in the supermarket. She
has to fit a rectangular picture with dimensions 16x9 cm. If the picture frame has
parallel sides that measures 16cm and 24cm, and has a height of 10cm, find the
wasted area if the picture is inside the frame.
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64 cm
32 cm
46 cm
56 cm

11. What is the area of a quarter circle with a radius of 6 units?

a. 9 sq. units
b. 10 sq. units
c. 11 sq. units
d. 12 sq. units
12. What is the area of the square with a diagonal measuring 2 cm?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
13. An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle with an area equal to 64 square units.
Find the area of the triangle.
a. 83.14 square units
c. 76.19 square units
d. 84.56 square units
e. 91.17 square units
14. Find the area of a sector bounded by a 75 central angle in a circle of radius 9








15. A regular hexagon is inscribed in a circle with an area of 121 c m . Find the length

of the side of the hexagon.

a. 10 cm
b. 11 cm
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12 cm


13 cm

16. What is the area of a segment of a circle whose diameter is

angle of 85

19.74 c m2


70 c m


60 c m2


58.78 c m

18 cm and a central

17. Find the area of the figure below if the area of the rectangle is 30m2 and the ratio of
its length and width is 3:1. Point D is the center of the circle.
a. 53.56m2
b. 43.46m2
c. 59.34m2
d. 49.67m
18. What is the area of the triangle ABC if AB is tangent to the circle whose radius is 5m
and angle C is 30.
a. 10m2
b. 9.45m2
c. 8.65m2
d. 7.22m2
19. The area of a circle measures 907.9202769 cm. Find the area of a sector with an
angle of 69.
a. 174.0190531 cm
b. 87.00902654 cm
c. 10.2365606 cm
d. 4985.25 cm
20. Find the area of the spandrel if the area of the parabolic section measures 18726 in
and has a height of 228 in.
a. 246.39 in
b. 28089 in
c. 9363 in
d. 4681.5 in

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