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Stan J. Caterbone
Freedom From Covert Harassment &

Registered in Pennsylvania

1250 Fremont Street

Lancaster, PA 17603
June 22, 2016



Death by a 1000 Cuts
Everyone has either personally experienced or witnessed someone else experience a
dog straining against its leash to the point where the dog is essentially taking its owner for a walk,
rather than the other way around.
Currently, America is the dog owner, and the dog taking us for a walk is the government-industrial
complex of intelligence and law enforcement agencies (the DOJ, FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, etc.), the
Pentagon, local law enforcement agencies, and the corporate partners of those entities the
military and security contractors such as Lockheed-Martin, Pinkerton Security (now Securitas),
and Blackwater (now Puppies and Rainbows, Inc. or whatever theyre calling themselves these
The dog is leading the way and dictating the pace. People familiar with gang stalking or for
that matter drone assassinations might say that the dog has slipped its leash altogether. Or to
use the taxonomy of George Orwells Animal Farm, the pigs and the dogs have formed a profitable
unholy alliance which is now almost impossible to rein in, because at the top, things are done in
secret (for national security reasons) and because jurisdictional and public-private boundaries
have been largely erased.
More than half of the employees of the NSA, for example one of seventeen intelligence agencies
are private contractors. Spying on Americans and incarcerating them are lucrative
businesses, and the privatization of such activities helps the government escape liability for
abuses of power.
In June 2013 Democracy Now! interviewed Christopher Pyle, a former military instructor who
exposed the monitoring of millions of Americans by the CIA and the Army in the 1970s and who
became the target of a smear campaign to discredit him as a result. He was asked about the NSA
PRISM scandal revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden.
CHRISTOPHER PYLE: Its important to note that the vice chairman of Booz Allen happens to be
Mike McConnell, who was former director of NSA and of national intelligence. There is a revolving
door between high government positions and private corporations, and this revolving door allows
these people to make a great deal more money upon leaving the government, and then being
rented back to the government in a contractor capacity. And thats part of the corruption of the
JUAN GONZLEZ: Now, one of the things youve also said is that the top-secret designation is a
way tois more of a way for the government officials, the bureaucrats and the contractors not to

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

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be held accountable than it is to actually protect secrets that the government needs to protect.
Could you expand on that?
CHRISTOPHER PYLE: Well, yes. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which protects us
from unreasonable searches and seizures, only binds the government, doesnt bind corporations.
Thats a serious problem. The reason we have privatization of prisons, in some ways, is for
governments to escape liability. They put the liability on the private corporations that run the
prisons, and they just charge their liabilities as an operating cost.
Presidents, most members of Congress, and the Department of Justice overwhelmingly defer to
the will of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies and the Pentagon rather than, for
example, civil libertarians and peace activists, because thats the easiest course for them
politically. The same dynamic is at work on the local level, where it is almost always easier for
mayors and city council members and the local news media to reflexively side with the police.
Americas military, police, and intelligence expenditures and its incarceration rates dwarf those
of other countries. The city of New York reportedly has a thousand police officers assigned to work
exclusively on counterterrorism duties. That massive security infrastructure might be less
disturbing if Americans trusted their government. That is not the case though.
A Rasmussen Reports poll published in April 2014 found that more than twice as many American
voters regarded the federal government as a threat to their rights than those who viewed the
federal government as a protector of their rights.
Much of the abuse of power by Americas government has been rationalized by the need to
support The War on Drugs and The War on Terrorism, although the moral and practical
assumptions of those campaigns are constantly disproved.
In addition to being inherently violative of individual liberties, the drug war has been a massive
failure since its implementation by President Nixon (for the same obvious reasons that alcohol
prohibition was a disastrous policy). The policy is sustained by inertia, self-righteous hypocrisy,
ignorance, and the political influence of the parasitic entities which profit from it, such as the Drug
Enforcement Agency, and the incarceration industry.
In addition to the enormous social and financial costs, prohibition has had a corrosive effect on the
moral integrity of the nations police agencies. Police corruption cases involving drugs are so
common that the anti-prohibition organization StopTheDrugWar.Org publishes a weekly review of
drug-related crimes by police officers, and the group never runs out of news.
As with supporters of the drug war, apologists and opportunists who unconditionally support the
strategies and tactics of the War on Terrorism rarely acknowledge either the associated
diminution of civil liberties or the blow-back generated by the U.S. governments tendency to
throw its weight around as argued by people such as Michael Scheuer, Glenn Greenwald, Noam
Chomsky, Ron Paul, William Blum, and others. Critics are usually marginalized by the two major
political parties and by the establishment news media for daring to even question the
governments strategies and tactics.
Americas Founders would be horrified at the extent to which we have become a nation of sheep.
We routinely surrender our rights to authority figures in the name of security. The common
assumption is that Americans should assent to whatever the government demands rather than
having the government answer to the people. Americans need to reassert control over their
government; we need to train the dog to heel.
Part of the cultural problem then is that we have become docile. The other closely-related problem
is ignorance. Americans are shockingly uninformed of the activities of their government. A March
2011 Newsweek poll found that 73 percent didnt know why we fought the Cold War, and 29
percent couldnt even name the vice president. Perhaps most disturbing, 44 percent were unable
to define the Bill of Rights.
Naturally, even fewer Americans are familiar with scandals such as Operation Mockingbird, the
Pentagon Papers, Cointelpro, and MK Ultra. No one could possibly assess the plausibility of the

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 3 of 39

reports of the counterintelligence abuses sometimes referred to as gang stalking without a
background knowledge of such examples of extreme corruption.
A passive and ignorant population is ideal for counterintelligence operations. The public is more
easily deceived, and there is a deep supply of potential snitches and perps for Stasi-style bullying
of dissidents and others.
Gang stalking (Cointelpro Version 2.0) is one of the extreme manifestations of Americas
tendency toward militarism and police state governance along with drone assassinations,
warrantless surveillance of email, the Justice Departments aggressive prosecution of whistleblowers, and countless other outrages against the U.S. Constitution.
What is happening is a modern version of the FBIs infamous Cointelpro operations. Naturally, the
tactics and disinformation are more sophisticated than that of the original program. Human
nature, on the other hand, has not changed a bit. When the activists who exposed the original
Cointelpro in 1971 finally revealed their identities in January 2014, one of them, Keith Forsyth,
explained why they felt the break-in was necessary:e
Counterintelligence activities are inherently difficult to explain to the public. They are not
impossible to explain however. Advancements in digital technology have enabled elements of the
government and their corporate cronies to engage in high-tech spying, lying, and harassment, but
they have also enabled the public to uncover what the neo-fascist rodents are up to.
Already the digital public square is filled with information and rhetoric which the government
would prefer to censor, but cannot, posted by Americans fed-up with the corruption, secrecy, and
abuses of power in the upper echelons of government and corporations. Even the federal
governments massive self-serving security apparatus and its abettors in mainstream corporate
media institutions cannot effectively monitor and control the flow of information anymore.
Dissent is harder to marginalize and censor in a digital landscape filled with whistle-blowers,
citizen-journalists, bloggers, and alternative media websites (from all across the ideological
Information outlets such as WikiLeaks, movements such as Anonymous, and whistle-blowers such
as Edward Snowden, have created a flow of uncensored critical information. Citizens no longer
have to wait for the New York Times to expose the next Pentagon Papers conspiracy or for the
Washington Post to expose the next Watergate scandal.
Individuals who are targets of Cointelpro-type operations (gang stalking) need to challenge the
rodents in our nations food chain, and support political reformers progressives, libertarians, and
others who defend the individual liberties of Americans against the predatory inclinations of
powerful government agencies and private corporations. Do not let America mutate any further
into a police state; it is time to push back.
Police officials who share my views about the militarization of
law enforcement agencies
Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle, is an example of a cop who understands that police
in America are being used as pawns in a corrupt system of government. That analysis does not
excuse the crimes of individual bad cops, but it provides the necessary context for understanding
that even good cops are often required to function as elements of an illegitimate machine.
Here are some quotes from Stamper from a 2011 interview on Democracy Now!
There are many compassionate, decent, competent police officers who do a terrific job day in
and day out. There are others who are, quote, bad apples. What both of them have in common
is that they occupy, as it were, a system, a structure that itself is rotten. And I am talking about
the paramilitary bureaucracy.
I think the drug war, which has put police officers against young people and poor people and

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 4 of 39

people of color, the war on terrorism, the domestic dimensions of that war, have all served to
increase the militarization of Americas police forces.
I might even add to that mix the increased privatization of the prison industry in the United
States, where people are in fact making huge sums of money on the backs of those arrested for
nonviolent drug offenses.
Radley Balko, author of Rise of the Warrior Cop, is another important voice on this issue. He has a
blog called The Agitator which is a critique of the militarization of American police agencies. Here
are some comments by police officers who agree with him.
Exposure of corrupt and abusive policing
This excellent website features aggregated news stories and commentary about police brutality,
the militarization of law enforcement agencies, corruption, bad policies, and civil rights violations.
Click on image to enlarge

Riot police at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Photograph by
Brendan Scherer
The Boot Boys of the One Percent
People with power and wealth have always exploited the abundance of bullies in the law
enforcement industry by using them as pawns to serve their agendas.
Activist Jeremy Hammond is currently serving a ten-year prison sentence for hacking the emails of
private intelligence-security firms such as Stratfor and HBGary and exposing their role as
counterintelligence goons for corporations. Hammond said that he views most American law
enforcement personnel as the boot boys of the one percent. I could not agree more.
Clearly there are exceptions. It would be dishonest and simplistic to characterize everyone who
wears a badge or works in the private security industry as a thug. On the other hand, as one
becomes familiar with the evidence that organized stalking is widespread, it becomes apparent

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 5 of 39

that even the law enforcement personnel who do not directly participate in gang stalking are
guilty of maintaining a cowardly silence about such crimes.
In the FBI (Americas primary counterintelligence agency), that code of silence is maintained both
by the culture of the organization and by official policies for example, the agencys exemption
from the Whistleblower Protection Act.
In the Patriot Act era in which we live, information is shared extensively among federal and local
law enforcement agencies. One of the implications of this is that your local police department
officers must know damn well that gang stalking is used as a Stasi-type weapon for controlling
individuals deemed to be excessively independent-minded or to be a potential problem for the
corporate clients of the FBI.
A negative inference about the moral character of most police officials is unavoidable.
Under American laws, when the government has legal evidence that someone is a criminal, he or
she is investigated, arrested and prosecuted. If however, certain government officials or certain
crony corporate clients of the government wish to suppress and terrorize someone for personal
or political reasons, they can target the person with illegal and secret extra-judicial punishment,
just as the communists did in East Germany, and just as the neo-fascist criminals in the FBI did
during the Cointelpro era.
Cops know this, and they remain silent about it. Americas law enforcement industry needs fewer
people like J. Edgar Hoover, and more people like Frank Serpico.
Gore Vidal on Americas Police Agencies
The great essayist Gore Vidal sometimes wrote about the character of American law enforcement
agencies. The following is an excerpt from his 2009 essay America
Every municipality is complaining about local police forces run wild. And no one does anything
about it. And our masters are armed to the teeth and would seem more likely to fire at us instead
of at the troublemakers. I cant think of any civilized country that would allow this, from the look
of these bulky guardians of the peace, to whom no right-minded person would allow even a
slingshot to be given.
So, we are a weirdly militarized citizenry governed by the worst elements in the United States,
and something is bound to blow up, as I have felt for some time now. In my wanderings around
the U.S., I talk to people without money, without power, ordinary voters, as well as nowadays,
people maimed by war, or time, or life or whatever, and I am convinced more and more that this
is a vicious country in which the police are allowed to run amok, absolutely independent of
anyone, and that is why from time to time they are allowed to get away with murder. One
surprisingly knew that a wrinkle has been discovered in the seamless surface of our troubled
state. Policemen are seldom tried for their crimes, or indeed, held responsible for what they do,
which disturbs the peace and causes distress among the orderly.
I would suggest that the president, if he wants to be usefuland not many presidents do in my
experiencehe might as well call together a commission in response to citizens of every major
municipality in the United States who are complaining to central authority about police forces out
of control. And no one dares do anything because the police will say, Well, you know they are
acting like this because they are bad people who hate us because we are good people, rescuing
cats from trees and otherwise loved by every decent person in the land.
What the police in their ignorance have not figured out is that they have lost all credibility since
World War II. They are sort of parasites on the fringe of society and do no particular good for
anyone except possibly themselves.
A minute of Gore Vidal comments about the idiocy of undermining the Bill of Rights with the
Patriot Act.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 6 of 39


If you can help expose illegal spying and harassment of Americans by intelligence agencies, law
enforcement agencies, and private security contractors, please do so. America needs more
patriots like Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Russell Tice,
William Binney, Ray McGovern, Thomas Drake, Frank Serpico, Thomas Tamm, Hugh Thompson,
Jr., William C. Davidon, John Raines, Bonnie Raines, Keith Forsyth, Judi Feingold, and Bob


Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se Litigant

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

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Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance,

Registered in Pennsylvania

1250 Fremont Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

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December 3, 2009

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 There was a "Surge" in place to harass and Gang
Stalk Stan Caterbone, like most Wednesdays in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The use of
Electromagnetic Weapons were again used in the attack. The attacks took place at
Staples; The Dollar Store; TGIF; and the United States Post Office on Harrisburg Pike.
The computer hacker attacked the Advanced Media Group invoices for the December
posting period.
While away on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 a vandal broke the lock on the front
screen door, making it impossible to lock.
On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 (3) Posters on the Yahoo Fulton Bank Message
Board were thrown off for posting harassing messages re Stan Caterbone and
Advanced Media Group. The 3 messages were removed and Stan Caterbone received
the following letter from Yahoo:
"Dear Stan, Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Message Boards. We have received your
report of potential violations within Yahoo! Boards. We have completed our evaluation,
and have taken appropriate action as per the Yahoo! Terms of Service. For further
details about the Yahoo! TOS, you can visit: Please
know that we cannot disclose any action taken on another user's account. We're unable
to make exceptions to this rule.Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Message
Boards.Regards, Ram Delves"
The Jessie Venture Conspiracy Show debut on True TV Comcast Cable Channel
75 at 10:00 pm featuring the first episode dedicated to exposing the HAARP
installation in Alaska anhe use of the facility for domestic attacks of Electromagnetic
Weapons and U.S. Sponsored Mind Control. The premier episode featured expert Dr.
Nick Begich and a demonstration of synthetic telepathy using a device that scientists
from Europe invented to demonstrate and simulate the HAARP weapon and how it can
place a song inside a persons mind using electrodes attached to the skin. Dr. Nick
Begich also confirmed the use of HAARP for Electromagnetic Weapons attacks to
produce behavior modification such as rage; anger; and pain. Stan Caterbone and
Advanced Media Group will post an audio recording on his site.

December 2, 2009

On November 30, 2009 Lynn Cross, ex wife of Jim Cross, became a friend on to inform me that Dave Cross had died the day before. Dave Cross is
the brother of Jim Cross. Me, Jim and Lynn Cross worked together on a joint venture
project called Radio Science Laboratories in 1988, click here to review business plan,
and have been friends ever since. Jim Cross is a Microwave engineer. In 1994 I also
hired Lynn Cross as an administrative assistant and receptionist for Pflumm
Contractors, Inc. I was in kindergarten class with Rick Cross, brother of Dave and Jim.
And I know Mike Cross. I know all of the Cross' and was stunned at the news Dave had
died. I have been trying to get in touch with Jim Cross for the past 5 years, especially
considering my experience and torture from Electromagnetic Weapons, which are based
on Microwave Technology. However, Jim Cross has been working out of the country. In
fact Lynn Cross had also asked me of his whereabouts.
We decided to meet at the Riverside Club at 3:00 pm for a drink and to catch up. I had
not seen Lynn since the 1990's. Before I had left I emailed the Lancaster City Police
Department telling them I was going there and making sure there was no trouble,

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 9 of 39

especially considering the assaults and stalking by William "Lefty" Plank. I knew the
Riverside Club was a hang out of bikers.
When I arrived I saw my former football coach, John Krouse at the bar and said hi.
What started out as a friendly get-together turned out to be an assault. Lynn Cross
took about 20 minutes before she started to harass and assault me. She kept trying to
challenge me on everything, telling me to change my name and move away to get
away from the locals. She insinuated that I was making the story up about mental
telepathy. And she kept telling me that this Gang Stalking, Harassment, and Torture
will never be over. I had all I could take, only had a few sips of my drink, called her an
"Asshole", picked up my briefcase and nap-sack and left the premises. I believe the
whole episode was set up with the idea of getting me arrested or getting someone to
hurt me.

November 29, 2009

Today I called the FBI at both the Washington D.C. Office and the Philadelphia office to
report Gang Stalking and both harassed me with such arrogance. They acted like they
did not know what it was.

The FaceBook experience is becoming easier however it is revealing some disturbing

information. I have found look-alikes on several pages. Lizzy Pflumm had a picture of a
girl that looked just like her, wearing a dress that she was in. It might have been the
look alike that I talked to in Square One earlier this summer. Keagan Pflumm is very
confusing at times, and he had a picture of Dick Pflumm that did not look like Dick
Pflumm. Denise Burkhardt confused me.

November 28, 2009

The perps have been stealing things from my home/office in a big way. Small things
just to really piss me off. Food, small tools, etc.,. The computer hacking still is a
problem. I have not been able to edit or add to my website for over a week. Today they
changed my email account and put a 16 font message in my signature page and
removed my signatures. For a day or so I did not know what they did, every time I
wanted to write a message I would have to delete the annoying message. It started
when I opened an email from my brother Mike, in Florida.

I really got mad at Sheryl for harassing me and posted on some of her FaceBook pages
asking if she was telepathic. I also researched and downloaded all of her U.S. District
Court actions and emailed one of her attorney's, named Patrick McCarthy of Howard
and Howard of Ann Arbor Michigan. Requesting that the situation be resolved.

Today I went to get some chemicals for my hot tub and when I went to put them in the
perps turned down the temperature to 100 and topped the hot tub off with cold water,
just to piss me off in case I used it right away after putting new chemicals in.

I went to Walmart and got 2 cans of Clear Spray Coat for the bathroom. I went and

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 10 of 39

sprayed a test spot and it looked clear and glossy on the counter top. I went and took a
hot tub and afterwards sprayed a coat on the whole bathroom. The counter top was
dull and not anything like the test spot. I hope the perps did not use the front windows
while I was in the hot tub. Don't know how they got in my home/office to mess with

November 26, 2009

Today on Thanksgiving I sent a video to Mike in Florida wishing everyone a Happy

Thanksgiving. I did not hear from anyone today, completely ignored. The perps have
been using 1252 Fremont Street to annoy and harass in the night.

I have not been posting to the FBI complaint for computer hacking, just because it got
to be too redundant.

November 21-22, 2009

The neighborhood was especially vindictive with harassment for the past few days with
1252 Fremont Street again being frequented. I also had food stolen from my kitchen.
On Saturday night they gang stalked me at Weis Markets.

November 20, 2009

Gang stalkers followed my to TGIF at Park City and people surged me with harassment
all day while I was out. Jimmy Karpathios stalked me at the Lancaster County
Courthouse after I filed 3 exhibits to Case No. 08-13373 CATERBONE v. Duke Street
Business Center, et. al., Exhibits A-46, A-47, and A-48 were filed. They were trying to
sabotage my efforts to purchase painting supplies for my project of renovating my
bathroom. The paint clerk at Home Depot harassed me.

November 19, 2009

It has been a few days of strong electromagnetic weapons, especially on my back.

Someone stole my 5 Gallon Gas Can from the back of my 1991 Dodge Dakota and
approximately 2 gallons of gasoline and siphoned my gas from my truck. I called 911
and reported the crime to police, the perps did not want me leaving on Wednesday to
go and cash my social security check, which arrived by mail.
United States District Court Judge Mary A. McLaughlin closed the Preliminary
Emergency Injunction for Relief Case No. 09-5205. The following email was sent to the
Clerk of Courts:

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 11 of 39

November 19, 2009

To: Michele DiNapoli, Clerk of Courts, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of PA
Re: Missing Complainant
As per my telephone calls to the Clerk of Courts and Judge Mary A. McLaughlin's Clerk today, it
pertains to the following ORDER of November 19, 2009, specifically the following footnote:
"Plaintiff's filing consists of a motion to proceed in forma pauperis and related papers. He also filed a
CD ROM titled "Preliminary Injunction". Rule 3 of the Federal Rules of Procedure provides that a civil
action may be commenced only by filing a complaint with the Court."
1. The CD ROM is titled "Complaint and Exhibits" on the top, and "Preliminary Emergency
Injunction for Relief" on the bottom. Not "Preliminary Injunction".
2. The footnote does not indicate or mention the 53 page "Preliminary Emergency Injunction
for Relief" that was captioned as such, that being a complaint. Did you receive it and did
Judge McLaughlin review it?
3. The Caption and Page 1 reads the following:
Preliminary Emergency Injunction for Relief
I, STANLEY J. CATERBONE and ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP, Complainant, appearing pro se, and
In Forma Pauperis, do hereby file a Preliminary Emergency Injunction for Relief according to F.R.C.P.
65. on this 28th day of October 2009.
The Complainant cites the following under rule 65: (1) Issuing Without Notice. The court may issue a
temporary restraining order without written or oral notice to the adverse party or its attorney only if:
(A) specific facts in an affidavit or a verified complaint clearly show that immediate and irreparable
injury, loss, or damage will result to the movant before the adverse party can be heard in opposition;
and (B) the movants attorney certifies in writing any efforts made to give notice and the reasons why
it should not be required. Upon review the court will find that it is an unnecessary and impossible
burden for the Complainant to provide notice to any of the listed parties.
Dated October 28, 2009
4. Again, why does the docket show "Allentown" for the Court?
5. Why does my address state "Conestoga" instead of "Lancaster"?
How on earth can you explain this, and how on earth are you going to remedy this problem? You
have just violated my right to due process, have you not?
Stan J. Caterbone
Advanced Media Group

November 17, 2009

Today a poster on the Fulton Bank message board assaulted me during an exchange. I
had reported the incident to Yahoo and he was reprimanded and the post was removed.
The post reads, you just might need a Rodney King; flogging with no
cameras....................I would definitely take a few whacks....................get lost,

Another poster responded, I am sure Yahoo knows you well. As does probably all the
businesses in Lancaster ("here comes Mr. Paranoid/ Freako/ Crazy/ Nutcase/
Obnoxious/ Lunatic again") When was your last pyschologist appointment? Are you

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 12 of 39

taking your meds? And of course I responded, Actually, I'm glad you mentioned that.
You should have never approached that subject, but since you brought it up, I will
respond in kind.

Since the summer of 2007, during which there was a COURT ORDER by Lancaster
County Common Pleas Judge James P. Cullen and the Lancaster County District
Attorney's Office, no psychologist or psychiatrist will give me any type of evaluation,
not for the COURT ORDER, not for the Social Security Administration, and not for the
Judicial Affairs Office of Millersville University. The last time I requested an evaluation
was just a few months ago, and the same response NO. And this includes both
psychiatrists and psychologists.

Now, why do you thing that is? I tried to get evaluated for a number of reasons, in a nd above the

By the way, for the record, the Citizens Commission for Human Rights that responded to my
complaints of psychiatric abuses over the last 22 years, concluded that I did suffer from Psychiatric
Abuses; not from any psychiatric illnesses. Anything else you would like to discuss?

Today I found out they ruined some frozen meat in my freezer and of course used
Directed Energy Devices on my back.

I also finally received my Windows 7 Update, after formally complaining, however,

because the Computer Hackers had rendered my DVD drive useless and inoperable, I
cannot upgrade to Windows 7 operating system from the old VISTA operating system.
They are cute.

November 16, 2009

More problems at the Capitol Copy Service in the Fulton Bank Building, downtown
Lancaster. Today is one of the most blatant problems that I have had there, since
discovering the new copy service last month. Last week I went in to have 62 pages
scanned and 2 photos enlarged and mounted on foam board. The one picture was of
my father standing with me, Phil, Mike and Tom in front of St. Joseph Church for Tom's
First Holy Communion in June of 1972. This picture discredited the lies and rumors
about my father, especially considering it was only a month before he was arrested,
and little more than a year before he was ORDERED to leave the County of Lancaster,
Pennsylvania. The second picture was of my mother and my brother Sammy in St.
Joseph Church in 1973. Another damaging picture. The black male that usually waits on
me again tried to harass and fabricate a situation that required either an arrest or a
disturbance. On the day that I first requested the service I specifically made certain
there were going to be no computer charges for either of the services. The black male
first tried to stall, after telling me it would only take 5 minutes, so that the meter would
expire on my parking spot. I, of course, sensed this and went and moved to another
parking spot in front of Fulton Bank, for another hour. He first told me it would only
take 5 minutes. Of course I recorded these incidents, for the record. On that day, he
left me standing outside before I asked when it would be finished, now it was going to

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 13 of 39

take several hours. I told him I would come back the next day. The next day, it was not
done. The white male took me behind the counter. They already scanned the photos 2
or three times. Now, he had to mount the pictures. Of course they were not scanned
properly. I said I would come back. I had figured out the cost to be approximately
$10.00. On November 16, I returned and the black male tried to charge me over
$22.00 and started to fight with me about the computer time. I told him I recorded the
conversations, and another black male had to redo the invoice and apologize.

Another Item Stolen. On or about October 19, 2009 I was approved by Hewlett Packard
for my new free update of Windows 7 Operating System for shipment. The deal was
part of the package that went with the purchase of my Compaq Laptop Computer
purchased in early September at Office Max in the Red Rose Shopping Center,
Lancaster. As of November 17, 2009 I still have not received the update in the U.S.
Mails. Of course, the Computer Hackers do not want my system upgraded to Windows
7 because of all the problems my current Vista Operating System contains would be
wiped out.

November 14, 2009

I was at Fulton Bank yesterday, Friday November 13, 2009 at about 2:50pm. I
accessed my safety deposit box and when finished went to the teller window. The new
young white female waited on me. I wanted to make a withdraw of $90.00 cash from
my PayPal Mastercard Debit/Credit Card.

I had a balance in the account from the last two refunds from my eBay transactions
that were reversed by PayPal after ruling in my favor for receiving damaged goods.

I had done this same transaction several times at Wachovia Bank, with no fees. The
last time was on Monday. Fulton Bank refused, the teller said that the machine was
old and not all credit cards swipe through the machine correctly. I questioned her, and
said "Well Wachovia is right up the street, I'll just do it there like I always do".

Lindsay, the Spanish teller at Wachovia said that the transaction was declined due to
insufficient funds. I argued with her that I had enough of a balance in the account. All
the tellers were listening and started chiming in.I drove back home, logged into my
account, and took the attached pictures with my camera. Then I went to CVS and
printed out 3 copies, 2 4X6 and 1 5X7. I drove back to Wachovia and waited in line. A
black female identified herself as Nelson Polite's niece started to talk to me. I told her
about the time that Nelson Polite harassed and stalked me while I was working as a
pollster supporting Hillary Clinton during the May Primary at the Greek Orthodox church
across the street. I told her that minorities around here (Lancaster) give the civil rights
movement a bad name. I then handed the teller the photo and told her to give it to

The computer hacker now has corrupted the printout of my filing of this to the
to does not contain the pdf of the facsimile; which
includes the civil rights complaint.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 14 of 39

The same is also true of the facsimile sent this morning to the U.S. Senate Judiciary
Committee, attention Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman. The computer hackers continue
to torture me on a daily basis with these attacks. I cannot gain access to my website
host company, and they have told me they are ceasing operations as of November 14,

See the following, which may not be an authentic email:

Over the past couple of weeks, the hosting company where your sites are housed
experienced a critical network failure related to a network attack. All services are
coming back online slowly. This is completely unacceptable and it is clear that this
operation will not and cannot provide adequate service. This incident has hasten our
decision to close this site within the next 2 weeks. This will allow you enough time to
set up new accounts and migrate your sites. We have a self-service site at that we encourage you to consider. If you are looking to host multiple
sites, we offer a Virtual private server that starts at $29.95/month. This is ideal for
larger organizations with high volumes of email and web traffic. All SiteWebMaster
operations will end on November 14th.

To: Clerk of Court's Office, U.S. District Court of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA:
Re: Errors and Delay in Filing of Preliminary Emergency Injunction and Related Requirements, Judge
What is going on? List of Problems. You Could Be Indicted If This Is Malicious/Intentional On
Anyone's Part In Your Office.
1. Where is the Original Action? It is not listed on the Docket. I received a letter from you
after it was received in your Office.
2. It is Not Conestoga, PA It Is Lancaster.
3. I Certified Mailed everything to Philadelphia, not Allentown.
4. There are 47 pages to the Application for In Forma pauperis. I have never been denied In
Forma Pauperis in your courts.
Attached are all of the files associated. I want this docket corrected immediately. I will call you later

Stolen Mail - On November 9, 2009 at 6:22:45 pm Clerk No. 16 of the Harrisburg Pike
Post Office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania a Certified Document containing a Civil Rights
Complaint was mailed to the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Criminal Division, 950
Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C., 20530 was mailed and paid for using a
Visa Credit Card. The U.S. Postal Clerk said it would most likely be delivered in one day.
Today, November 13, 2009 the tracking system states the following: Label/Receipt
Number: 7009 1410 0001 2125 3668 Class: First-Class Mail Service(s): Certified
Mail Return Receipt Status: Acceptance Your item was accepted at 6:21 PM on
November 9, 2009 in LANCASTER, PA 17604. Information, if available, is updated
periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

The Computer Hacker rendered the page blank. Nothing appears on the page.
The update contained the following information:

This is the first day of November that I am able to update this website. The Computer
Hackers have kept me from editing and updating this site for the past 9 days. The U.S.
This District Court is days away from issuing a Case No. for my Preliminary Emergency

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 15 of 39

Injunction. I submitted the requested In Form Pauperis Application and Case

Management Forms to the Clerk of Courts on Thursday, November 5, 2009. It was
mailed certified from the Harrisburg Pike Post Office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In the past 5 days I have taken more pain medication due to electromagnetic weapons
since the Lancaster General Hospital Pain Assault this past July when I had the
emergency surgery in my mouth.

I continue to have to take items purchased back for exchange or refunds, the most
recent were clothes purchased at Walmart last week.

There continues to be a steady stream of night time visitors to 1252 Fremont Street
while the neighbors of 1250 Fremont Street have stepped up their stalking and
harassment. The water that suspiciously appears in front of my kitchen sink has reemerged on Friday and Saturday.

The hot tub water has not needed to be re-filled for about 6 weeks. The perps stopped taking the water out
on a daily basis.
November 11, 2009

At 04:48:26 PM I mailed a Certified Document Certified Label No.

70091410000121264602 to the Clerk of Courts, United States District Court for the
Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The
document contained filing requirements and an In Forma Pauperis Application for a
Preliminary Emergency Injunction for Relief which the Clerk of Court was awaiting in
order to Docket the new Civil Action. Today, November 11, 2009 at 2:56 AM the
Tracking No. only provides that the item was received, there is no further activity. The
postal employees at the Lancaster Post Office in Downtown Lancaster and Harrisburg
Pike have a history of stealing my intended documents and packages for delivery.

November 10, 2009

On November 9, 2009 I filed criminal complaints with the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil
Rights Division, Certified U.S. Mail No. 700914100000121264602.
Staples verified that my Rewards Check was mailed on October 19, 2009. I only received it on
November 4, 2009 after I filed the complaint. One of the neighbors probably stole it from the U.S.
Mails and put it back into my house after I filed the complaint.
Today I find that someone stole everything involving my new FREE Windows 7 Upgrade from HP.
They are really desperate in the County of Lancaster to hurt me. The cannot take much more.
Strong electromagnetic energy devices, and strong harassment and stalking. Eric Danz again was
stalking me today at the Manor Shopping Center. He was Bret Stabley's best buddy when Bret was
having his affair with Pami Pflumm back in 2001 to 2005.
Speaking of Bret Stabley, did you know:
This is what I know, at least all that I can think of right at the moment.
It all started back in 2001 when Brett Stabley showed up at the Pflumm residence in
Conestoga. He had never been down there before that time. He then started his affair with
Pami Pflumm; all in an effort to get me jealous. Then everyone jumped in and used it against
me. The sad thing is is that it did not bother me in the least. I don't know if people thought it

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 16 of 39

was a hoax or not. Pami would tell me. She would wait for him on her back porch; he would
close McFly's and park in Safe Harbor Park and walk up the hill - then they would play house
until daybreak. Then it started that after the kids left for school, Brett would go down to the
house until he went to work, or until they came home from school.
They (Lancaster and Conestoga Community) kept badgering me with this Brett and Pami
thing. When I would leave the Pflumm's house at night, Brett would pass me on Main Street
headed to their house. They would all play these games. During the day, Pami would call me
while in bed and she and Brett would make sure I heard him in the background. Even the kids
would try to irritate me with how Brett and Pami were sleeping in the family room at night.
When I would show up for a family function, everyone would make sure that I knew Brett was
coming right after I had left. It was quite sickening. Then the situation was that when Lizzy was
old enough, Dave would take Keagan and Brett would end up with Pami and the girls;
something like that.
In early 2005 I remember someone remote viewing me that they were setting me up with
Sheryl Crow. I warned them that it had better be true and not a game. I distinctly remember
telling them this on several occasions. I kept thinking it was CIA. I guess they were starting to
remotely train my mind for telepathy. Anyway, I would read messages on the Sheryl Crow Fan
Forum that were personal to me, but they were under aliases. We were not communicating
telepathically. It was only a friendship, platonic. I did not know about Lance at first. It was really
not intended to be anything but friendship at first, by all parties. Then Sheryl told me that
someone tried to set us up to meet at Lilith Fair in Hershey in 1998 or 1999, whenever the tour
was there. I remember I was all ready to go to the concert and changed my mind at the last
In June of 2005 Sheryl sent me a photo, via the fan forum, of her in a blue tee shirt, she said it
was the night she was leaving the states for France in preparation for the Tour De France with
Lance. That's when I had all the pictures of Lance's kids with me. I though that Sheryl was
taking the pictures of the kids for me, at least that is what they wanted me to think. The black
ops/CIA or whoever it was kept telling me that we had to work together, but be physically apart.
I thought the work was us working on philanthropic causes. Sheryl was doing a lot of that work
back then, and I was working for years with Project Hope. The handlers were good at setting
this whole thing up.
They knew that they would eventually use Sheryl to torture me. In August of 2005 is when
Brett, Dave Pflumm, and the rest of the gang entered the picture to stop me and Sheryl from
continuing our relationship, whatever it was. A few weeks later, Lance and Sheryl got engaged.
I remember when I was in California they tricked Sheryl into thinking I was in Conestoga. That
is when they abducted her and the cult ritualism, the brainwashing; and the sexual torture
These people that did all of this, probably screwed Lance up as well. I'm sure they all told him
another story about me and Sheryl.Then Brett Stabley did the same thing with Sheryl that he
did some years earlier with Pami Pflumm.The lines get very blurred as to who is who in these
games of U.S. Sponsored Mind Control. Remember what U.S. Sponsored Mind Control is. It is
the use of technology, developed and created by U.S. Departments and Agencies, now used
by who knows who.
Now, you all have my affidavit. I'm sure I could spend hours going over this. I do still have the
photos and the Sheryl Crow fan forum entries from 2005 as well as my calenders with notes
and memos to support the preceding. All secure in my safety deposit box.
Now, I could be totally wrong about who I am telepathic with. We did not start our full-time
telepathy until late 2005. This is about the same time that I was writing to Plan B, the company
owned by Bratt Pitt and Jenifer Aniston. I was trying to get someone interested in telling this
horrid nightmare. At that time Brad and Jenifer still owned the company together.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 17 of 39

Now, there is a reason that no one will confirm just who is telepathic with me, it would defeat
the whole purpose. The confusing element to this is that like my father, and his grandfather, I
am naturally psychic.
You all keep torturing me and pushing me; and I will keep pushing for justice and telling the
truth until I am restored to whole.

November 8, 2009 - In Summary

This is the first day of November that I am able to update this website. The Computer
Hackers have kept me from editing and updating this site for the past 9 days.
The U.S. This District Court is days away from issuing a Case No. for my Preliminary
Emergency Injunction. I submitted the requested In Form Pauperis Application and
Case Management Forms to the Clerk of Courts on Thursday, November 5, 2009. It
was mailed certified from the Harrisburg Pike Post Office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
In the past 5 days I have taken more pain medication due to electromagnetic weapons
since the Lancaster General Hospital Pain Assault this past July when I had the
emergency surgery in my mouth.
I continue to have to take items purchased back for exchange or refunds, the most
recent were clothes purchased at Walmart last week.
There continues to be a steady stream of night time visitors to 1252 Fremont Street.
The neighbors of 1250 Fremont Street have stepped up their stalking and harassment.
The water that suspiciously appears in front of my kitchen sink has re-emerged on
Friday and Saturday.
The hot tub water has not needed to be re-filled for about 6 weeks. The perps stopped
taking the water out on a daily basis.
Of course, they continue to torchure me with the computer hacking, at times they mix
that with mental harassment and electromagnetic weapons. I usually sound the horn
to counter these attacks.
I was continuously harassed and stalked during the early evening of First Friday at
Gallery Row on November 3, 2009. Doug Beck, is one of them. His father still lives
some 12 doors down from me. This summer he showed off his Masonic Ring to me at
Fulton Bank in the Manor Shopping Center.
Craig Roda has been around me 3 times in the past week. Is he trying to send a
message from Fulton Bank, he is the President. I don't appreciate the stalking.
My brother Dr. Phillip Caterbone has been in Lancaster since Friday, November 3, 2009;
and is leaving today. We are scheduled for breakfast this morning. He said he was
staying at the new Marriot in Downtown Lancaster.
I will try to detail these incidents in the coming days.

To: Lancaster City Police Department

October 30, 2009

Second Assault in less than a week, October 29, 2009. First Assault last Saturday morning, October 24,
2009 at Dillerville Road and Manheim Pike. Last evening at about 6:15pm I got into my truck (to meet

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 18 of 39

Ken Rhoades, another TI who came to meet with me from Michigan from the Freedom From Covert
Harassment and Surveillance Organization, or FFCHS) at the Manor Cinema, and noticed a green/tan
GMC Jimmy parked a in front of 1244 Fremont St. It was sitting high on its wheels, and two white males
approached from the opposite side of Fremont Street, both drinking beers. I did not recognize the vehicle or
the 2 white males.
I became suspicious and drove down the block watching them in my rear view mirror. The
popped the hood and were hanging around the vehicle looking very suspicious. I turned
around in the alley on the opposite side of Fremont Street down near the end of our block and
went and parked on the opposite side of the Fremont Street at about 1247. One male was in
the drivers seat on a cell phone and the other was looking under the hood. I took out my
camera and tried to take a picture of the them using my outside mirror, so not to let them see
Then 3 white males, two that live in 1242 Fremont Street, and one that keeps visiting and
says he is the brother of the tall white male of 1242 Fremont Street. This male, short dark
hair, about 5'6" and about 135lbs approached me. Now he keeps stalking me. He always parks
his car, a dark green small compact, near my house and stalks me. He always is coming and
going when I am. He comes up to my truck and asks me why I am taking a picture of his car,
which is parked right in front of me. I tell him I was taking a picture of the truck across the
street and he starts yelling at me to mind my own business. He tells me he is going to call the
police, I tell him to do that or I will and say I live right there pointing to my house. I tell him
to stay away from me and my house and he starts in a rage and comes closer and slams his
hand against my car door really loud, I sped away to the Manor Cinema and ran out of gas.
Ken Rhoades pulled up on a silver chevy pickup truck introduces himself. I was shook up and
told him what happened. I put more gas into my truck and instead of going to get Ken a hotel
for the night, I asked him to instead follow me to my house for our meeting. We first went to
Turkey Hill to get some gas, then we went to my home/office at 1250 Fremont Street and had
our meeting. After about an hour and a half we went to the Iron Hill Brewery at F&M for
dinner, then I took Ken to the Days Inn on Lititz Pike where he is staying. We will have another
The occupants/visitors of 1242 Fremont Street have been a problem for me with harassment
and stalking for more than a year. The guy who used to drive the silver/maroon van who
stalked me the most, even in downtown Lancaster has not been around for a few months.

October 29, 2009

The computer hackers were caught yesterday, Wednesday, October 28, 2009 working
for the Lancaster County Courthouse and trying to stop the mailing of the U.S.
Preliminary Emergency Injunction from reaching the Clerk of Courts at the U.S. District
Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Before I had left my home/office I had downloaded several files that I needed to be
printed; all were sent to Staples via their online submission. Staples also had an order
to print the U.S. Preliminary Emergency Injunction and the Exhibits. It was also the
last day to file my Praecipe for Reinstatement for Case No. CI-08-13373 in the
Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
I first went to the Lancaster County Courthouse to print the necessary files from my
flash drive in the Lancaster County Prothonotary Office, as I have been doing for more
than a year. The files were not in my flash drive. The computer hacker some how
deleted the files before I ejected the flash drive from my computer at my home/office.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 19 of 39

The computer that I usually print from was being used by a person that started to ask
me to help him; he was harassing me and trying to distract me. Fortunately, WORD
came on the computer and I was able to write a new Praecipe from scratch and
complete the reinstatement file. However, being that the staff at Staples always tries
to harass me and change my files, I had to go back home and make a CD-ROM of the
files in case Staples tried to say the did not receive them; which they have done on
several occasions.
At Staples, every document was printed wrong, they were all printed on double-sided
paper and everything had to be printed again. However, I did get to the U.S.P.S. Post
Office on Harrisburg Pike before closing at 7:00pm and was able to mail the Preliminary
Emergency Injunction to the Clerk of Courts in Philadelphia.
The stalkers from Lancaster Catholic High School were all around me, starting at with
Mimi Tomilnson Newcomer on Fremont Street when I left; Fulton Bank, Dino Diapaolo,
the Lancaster County Courthouse, Craig Roda and Mary Glah Genovesse; Jack Scwartz
(Not of Catholic High but of Conestoga) of Friendly Taxi and Red Rose Transit; Alex
Diapaolo at the House of Pasta on Millersville Pike. For the record regarding Lancaster
Catholic High, Judge James P. Cullen and Joe Roda, Esq. were classmates a year or two
before my brother Samuel Caterbone. They all knew each other.
Today I find out that a U.S.P.S. Priority Mail Package containing the Camcorder
purchased on Ebay that did not work, was stolen from the Downtown Lancaster Post
Office. The tracking number comes up with no record indicating that the seller never
received the camcorder; which explains why he never paid me the $103.65 refund he
owes me. This is the second problem in 2 weeks with mailings from the Downtown
Lancaster Post Office on Chestnut Street; of course it figures, it is right across the
street from the Lancaster City Police Headquarters.

October 27, 2009

For the past three weeks someone has been putting water in front of my kitchen sink;
wetting the floor and my feet. There is no consistency as to when it happens, and it
appears to be from 1252 Fremont Street. I have not had any water taken from my hot
tub in the same time period. One day these bastards will fry.
Yesterday, Monday October 26, 2009 I had to take Vicodin and a muscle relaxer for the
pain. Someone also deleted my appointment in my Google Electronic Calender and I
missed my dentist appointment. I had to reschedule for today. The electromagnetic
weapons were on full force. The computer hacking is almost impossible to deal with.
On Sunday, October 25, 2009 they started to use directed energy devices and
electromagnetic weapons on my back, causing sever back pain, along with the usual
mental harassment and computer hacking. I also had some food stolen from my
house. I went to the Weis Markets to purchase ingredients, and the rest of the
ingrediants for the recipe which I already had were stolen.
On Saturday, October 24, 2009 I was Assaulted in the Streets of Lancaster. A
white male got out of his car, pounded on the passenger side door, tried to get in my
truck, and chased me through the intersection at Dillerville Road and Manhiem Pike. I
tried to stop in the middle of the intersection at a red light, and tried to get someone to
help me. I sped away to the Manhiem Township Police Department, where I wired
myself with an audio recorder. You can listen to the recording by clicking here.
The Pennsylvania Statute for Criminal Assualt and Battery is Title 18 Section 2701 to
2703, an assault/battery is committed when one person 1) tries to or does physically
strike another, or 2) acts in a threatening manner to put another in fear of immediate
harm. Many states declare that a more serious or "aggravated" assault/battery occurs
when one 1) tries to or does cause severe injury to another, or 2) causes injury through
use of a deadly weapon. Historically, laws treated the threat of physical injury as

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 20 of 39

"assault", and the completed act of physical contact or offensive touching as "battery,"
but many states no longer differentiate between the two.
Since 2005 I have been assaulted on at least 4 occasions and law enforcement
continues to ignore this Organized Stalking and Harassment. Hopefully when I file my
Emergency Preliminary Injunction in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of
Pennsylvania, something will be done about this.
On the evening of Saturday, October 24, 2009 Erica Wietzel of the Lancaster County
Adult Probation and Parole Department was again stalking me. This time it was at
Jack's in Millersville. She had a friend harass me. Erica was my probation officer for
the Fleeing Charge. I have just put up a web page regarding that scandal, click

October 24, 2009

Strong Electomagnetic Weapons fired on me. On Friday, October 23, 2009 the
Lancaster County Court Reporters Office had made a huge mistake. I sent them
the following email:
1. "Just how do you reconcile your accounts. The receipt is from the Court
Reporters Office yet I made the check out to you personally. Your balance sheet
would not be right. The Court Reporters Office Cash Account, which is a short
term asset, would be short.
2. Just because it has been a practice of your office does not mean it is a legal
3. She did not offer the $.30 cents back, I had to say something first.
4. I know how to validate and verify a cd-rom. If my computer was hacked to find
no data on the cd-rom, it is the same as nothing being on the CD-ROM.
5. After visiting with you today, Friday, October 23, 2009 and again leaving without
the CD-ROM you have proven your guilt; all you did was try to annoy and harass
6. In addition, you stated that the transcript is on your laptop, that in no way is a
secure environment and system for court related documents.
7. See ya soon."
On Thursday, October 22, 2009 at Fulton Bank at the Manor Shopping Center I went to
my safety deposit box and wanted to download some files from my laptop to my 500GB
external hard drive in storage. There is an electrical outlet in the booth. The little
babies at Fulton Bank turned it off before I got there so I could not back-up my files. I
have done this many times at both this branch and the branch on Columbia Avenue. Of
course had the Computer Hackers not vandalized my DVD burner in my laptop, I would
not have had to do this.
Then I went to the Lancaster County Elections Office at North Queen Street to get a
copy of a CD-ROM that contains a database of all registered voters of the County of
Lancaster through the newly revised Open Records Law. The took my $20.00 check
and told me it would take a few days, which does not sound right. We'll see.
Finally, on Thursday, October 22, 2009 I went to the Lancaster County Unit Collections
Department and made my first $50.00 payment, which was due by October 31, 2009
and then to the Lancaster County Court Reporters Office with a Money Order for a
transcript of the October 24, 2007 Sentencing Hearing held by Judge James P. Cullen.
The cost as $56.70 and I had a $57.00 money order. (I was in there the day before,
gave them $57.00 cash, and after an hour gave me an excuse that all of a sudden it
would not be done until the next day. I demanded my cash back and told them I'll try

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 21 of 39

it again on another day.) I get the paper copy and the CD-ROM of the electronic file
home and find the CD-ROM is blank, containing no electronic file of the transcript.
On Wednesday, October 21, 2009 the Lancaster Community Surged me with
Harassment and Burglaries. It started with the usual computer hacking. There
were stolen items from the U.S. mails, stolen items from my home/office, extorted
funds, stolen items from the Sears Warehouse of my items on Layaway. I did receive
my Social Security check in the mail. Of course it states on the front of the envelope
the crime and the payment date if the envelope is tampered with.
1. On October 9th, 2009 I mailed a copy of the United Nations Council for Human
Rights Complaint and CD-ROM to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to the
Department of State in Washington, D.C.. It was received and signed for on
October 14, 2009 however someone stole the Certified Return Receipt from the
U.S. Mails. Yesterday I went to the downtown Lancaster Post Office, where I
initially mailed it, and they gave me a copy of a scan that said a M. Jackson
signed for it on October 14, 2009.
2. I took my check to the Wachovia Bank branch on Manor Street to deposit before
2:00 pm and they, of course, harassed me again. I had to cash the check then
deposit the cash. They wanted to confuse me and have me deposit the check,
which would not have made the funds immediately available for my debit/credit
3. Before I left my home/office I searched for my file "Sears Layaway" folder. It
contained the receipts of payments for an air compressor and 4-piece Driver
Drill Combo Kit. Both items were vandalized so I was replacing the tools. I find
that it was stolen. So I had no copies of the Layaway receipts. I find it
suspicious that the day before I received a flyer in the mail from Sears
advertising add-on tools for the Driver Drill Kit. This usually is a sign from the
perps trying to let me know they stole the file.
4. I get to Sears and spend about 45 minutes getting the Checkout Clerk to take
my $175.00 payment to complete the Layaway purchase. They had a wrong
phone number in addition to the stolen receipts. They instruct me to go to the
rear of the Auto Center at Merchandise Pick-up. The clerks at Merchandise
Pickup declared that the 4-piece Driver Drill was lost. My problem was that the
kit in the store did not have a hammer drill, and the item I had on layaway did.
I, of course, also purchased the items at a reduced sales price. I told them to
forget about the air compressor, which they had, and said I demanded a full
refund. So I went back into the Sears Store for a full refund of $275.00.
5. It took about an hour of harassment and lies, and some stalling by some
manager named Dave Clark (he took my credit card and $175.00 payment
receipt and disappeared from the check-out register) to finally get my Visa
Credit Card Refund Receipt for the $275.00 and a $5 dollar bill for the Layaway
transaction fee. So, I finally left with a $275.00 Refund Receipt, $5.00 and my
credit card.
6. I wake up the next morning (Thursday, October 22, 2009), after working on my
laptop computer during the night, and the $275.00 Refund Receipt was stolen
from my home/office while I was sleeping.

October 21, 2009

Yesterday, Tuesday October 20, 2009 Lancaster City and Lancaster City Police
Extort More Money while Harassing and Psychologically Assaulting Me - The

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 22 of 39

Classic Surge.
It started out when I parked on the first block of West King Street, the last
parking spot before the entrance to the Hager Parking lot. I went to the meter
and a black male approached me who was waiting near the parking meter. As I
put my dollar bill in the meter after punching in the spot number, the black male
suspiciously started asking me how to use the meter and started peering over
my shoulder. Unfortunately, the meter printed out a "Refund Ticket" rather than
a "Parking Ticket". Well, legally I paid the City of Lancaster $1.00 for parking; I
was not going to put another $1.00 in the meter. I did not know why it would
not print the "Parking Ticket".
The day before I was given a quote of $0.13 cents per page for scanning paper
documents at the Capitol Copy Service. Remember my proposal and
Exclusive Rights to a Downtown Lancaster UPS Copy Store. See my
Downtown Lancaster Investment Plan for details. Well I needed 2 receipts copied
and they kept stalling. In addition to taking my time, the owner tried to charge
me a surcharge of $3.50 for computer time, which he never mentioned. He said
he would wave the charge this time. Had I known about the $3.50 computer
charge I would have never went into downtown Lancaster in the first place. I
would have found another way to scan the documents.
When I returned to my car I had a parking ticket for $10.00 with a time stamp
of 38 minutes from the time I had parked; which did not surprise me in the
least. So, of course I drove straight to the Lancaster City Treasurer's drive up
window at the Lancaster City Police Station to have the parking ticket for $10.00
dismissed. I did pay for parking.
The clerk at the window acted confused, told me she could not dismiss the
parking ticket and asked me to come inside. I parked my truck and went inside
where she had me talk to the City Customer Service Representative. I explained
what had happened. The woman got snippy and called the Lancaster Parking
Authority. Her explanation was that if the Lancaster City Parking Authority
found the parking meter to be faulty they would dismiss the ticket; otherwise I
had to pay the ticket. I argued that I did pay for parking. The Lancaster
Parking Authority had my $1.00. She kept arguing that I did get a refund. I
looked at her and told her the "Refund Ticket" was not legal tender, it was only a
piece of paper - I did not get a refund; I got a piece of white paper worth
absolutely nothing and was not legal tender. The Lancaster City Parking
Authority had my $1.00 of legal tender. I asked for the "Refund Ticket" back
and said she was "nuts".
I walked to my car and a Lancaster City Police officer walked out toward me, spit
on the ground about 12 feet in front of me. I spit at the ground. He got all
charged up and shouted "did I offend you?". I stated no, I just ate a roll of
smarties, courtesy of the counter at the customer service desk. He turned and
walked to an unmarked car. I noticed he was chewing tobacco.
I suspect the entire event was set up and the Lancaster City Police wanted to
either cite me for harassment or a 302 petition; in addition to extorting the
$11.00 from me. Had I not been so quick at the Capitol Copy Center, they
would have gotten another $3.50 cents from me.
I cannot leave my house without being harassed; tortured; and having monies
stolen from me; no matter where I go or what I do.
Summation: Due to the actions and criminal activity of the foregoing, it is
reasonable to prove that every aspect of the Complainants life, Stan J.
Caterbone, is subject to undo influence; harassment; torture; obstruction; etc.
This situation and set of circumstances as outlined here, and in the page "State
of Affairs" and all previous filings; reports; and statements, is a prescription for
only one endgame - death or suicide. There is no life action or activity that is

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 23 of 39

immune from this horrendous HATE CRIME. The precedent and landmark
elements that make this so appalling is that the Complainant has never done
anything to set these circumstances in motion but to be right regarding
International Signal & Control back in 1987; as well as many other
proclamations and forecasts. That being said, it is also widely reported that
many Targeted Individuals and Victims of U.S. Sponsored Mind Control are lead
to death and/or suicide. The Lancaster Community-At-Large is guilty of creating;
abetting; fostering; and executing this tragedy. The fact that local; state; and
federal law enforcement induce and encourage this environment of hate is

October 17, 2009

Today, Saturday October 17, 2009 at 10:34AM Electromagentic Weapons and Mental
Harassment at it's extreme. Extreme torture and mental harassment. It started on
Friday and continues today. Sheryl will not shut her mouth up. She keeps harassing
me about everything.
Now I find out that a computer hacker deleted the incident report regarding Comcast
Cable. The cable was installed on September 5, 2009 on a Saturday. When we called
to have the service restored on my mothers account, the customer service
representative told me to have a money order prepared. I ordered the installation
online and have a transcript of the chatline it reads"Bryan> Your monthly fee is $69.99
plus taxes and fees, there is a one time installation fee of $81.45. Total to be paid upon
installation is $151.44. Please prepare check or money order.' and that is exactly what I
had done. Not only did I do half of the installation for the Comcast Contractor who did
the install; but the installer refused to accept the money order from CVS for $152.00.
He told me that "installers are not allowed to take money from customers". I
demanded twice for him to take the money order, and he refused. Then he said that
we got a $20.00 credit for him being late. I get the actual bill and the total is $152.08,
not $151.44 less the $20.00 credit as promised. They did credit the $20.00 bu the
total comes out to $152.08. Go Figure that out. So I tried to pay the amount online,
and I was not able to set up the online account using the Comcast Account Number. So
I called Comcast and the Service Representative told me that I could set the online
account to make online payments because we did not receive the password in the mail
to set up the online account. The customer service representative told me not to worry
that there would be no monies due until the end of October. Of course in the
meantime, we get a $262.00 bill in the mail. They are not getting any monies until my
social security check arrives on October 21, 2009.
In 2006 I filed a civil action against Comcast and they had to appear before MDJ
Ballentine to defend against my complaint. Of course, MDJ Ballentine lied; committed
perjury; and obstructed justice by dismissing me before a decision then saying that I
left in the middle of a hearing. That n.... will get it in the court of law by me some day;
and hopefully I will put her in jail for what she did to me. I was also chlorophormed in
her office on too many occasions.

October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009 the Electromagnetic weapons and devices were back again

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 24 of 39

today. Had to take 1/2 of a 7.5mg Vicodin after I returned home from courthouse,
then the mental harassment began.
Someone discharged by battery and I was not able to jump my truck at Staples with
my battery charger. I had the truck running with the doors locked and no key inside;
so they probably turned of the engine. A woman had to jump me using jumper cables.
A service station said the battery was bad, I know they shorted something out in my
truck to cause this problem.
At least 2 people from O'Halloran's bar stalked me at Fulton Bank; one was Michael
Long and the other was the long haired with the headband. I can't go out anywhere in
Lancaster without being harassed and stalked, and the Lancaster City Police are
definitely accessories to these crimes. Hell, they stalk and harass me as well.
My neighbors have had a habit of coming and going when I do; but lately since they
read that it is a common problem with Targeted Individuals, they do it more often.
As far as the computer hacking; I witnessed three of my neighbors in the last year
carry computers into their homes; 1248, Dawn Sutton; 1246 Joy Hoover; and the
punks at 1242. I'll eventually find out if they are or were hacking me or entering any
of my electronic accounts. They may also be using the computer to harass and stalk
me through one of the social networks. They may even be using electronic surveillance
on me through the use of their computers. This would a crime under Pennsylvania law
Unlawful use of computer/electronic device under Title 18 Section 3933, HINT.

October 15, 2009

Computer Hacking is almost unbearable on a daily basis. I can no longer make back-up
discs with my dvd burner.
Today, October 15, 2009 Lancaster City Police respond to complaint regarding
Computer Hacker turning on/off Comcast Broadband Internet connection on or about
There are now (3) items missing from the U.S. Mails that were not delivered as of yet:
Monthly Social Security Check - Should have arrived yesterday or today.
Last months check arrived on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.
From Amazon Books a book titled "The True Story of America's Psychic
Warfare Program" ordered on October 9, 2009 and ships within 2 business days
at the earliest. (Delivered on Friday, October 16, 2009 - You will find a history of
me raising hell then the item or transaction being successfully completed; it
pays me to raise a little hell)
Tickets to the upcoming conference in Hershey Pennsylvania titled "Get
Motivated" featuring Rudy Giuliani; Zig Ziglar; Terry Bradshaw; etc., Called
today to confirm I received tickets. (Delivered on Friday, October 16, 2009 -You
will find a history of me raising hell then the item or transaction being
successfully completed; it pays me to raise a little hell)
I am still waiting for refunds from the following purchases on Ebay that arrived but did
not work; or were broken after they arrived at the Lancaster Post Office:
Konica Camcorder Item No. 230377736684 Purchased on September 16, 2009
for $98.50 plus shipping.
Biometric Fingerprint Weatherproof Lock Item No. 380084124236 Purchased on
September 20, 2009 for $209.99. (filed a dispute because he wants me to wait
2 weeks for refund)
(2) 16-megabyte Flash Drives Item No. 270452661959 Purchased on September
21, 2009 for $19.98 plus shipping. (filed a dispute with PayPal)
So, for the record, as of today, October 15, 2009 I am out-of-pocket $1,707.47

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 25 of 39

plus shipping charges of approximately $70.00.

Saturday, October 10, 2009 6:19:54 PM

Last evening Friday, October 9, 2009 I had been harassed at (2) events in Lancaster
At Charlie Smithgall's Campaign Headquarters as I was leaving; I was not
harassed by anyone in the front of his headquarters. If anyone cared to witness
my discussion with a tall fellow with gray hair, we had a previous relationship as
attorney/client for a very short time and I was simply making a point so he
understood the seriousness of the matter. I do not consider the fellow a foe, for
the record. The problem was when I was jump starting my car and the longhaired red-neck that pulled the same stunt with me during a Neighborhood
Council Meeting at Southern Market, tried again to start trouble.
The other incident of harassment happened during the "pounding" of Lancaster Catholic
v. Pequea Valley at Rosmere Stadium. Father Leo Goodman, Pastor of Saint Mary's
Catholic Church, of which I am a member, continues to harass and cause problems with
me. I have documented numerous other incidents by Father Goodman. You may read
the long history of problems that I have had with the Roman Catholic Church by
reviewing the document titled: "Stan J. Caterbone, U.S. Sponsored Mind Control, and
the Roman Catholic Church" in the New Document Library page of this website. There
are original letters and correspondence dating back to 1998 when I was officially
communicating and meeting with executives of the Diocese of Harrisburg regarding
harassment by parishioners of Saint Mary's Parish and other Roman Catholics. I did
wire myself with an electronic recording device to insure that no one, especially law
enforcement, could lie about any harassment that may have taken place. They will
always lie and try to change the truth. It is the only way to protect myself from
malicious and wrongful prosecution. By the way, you do not have the expectation of
privacy at public events or facilities, according to the law.

Friday, October 9 5:53:13 AM

Did you know that President Bill Clinton Apologized in 1995 for U.S. Sponsored Mind Control
Experiments? Click here to see the video of his statement.
The perps had the audacity to not only short my truck battery/electrical system, but yesterday, my
gas can was stolen with a gallon of gas in it. Of course I called 911 and an officer cam to my home
(so he says) then went to Turkey Hill on Hershey Avenue to find me and take a report.

Thursday, October 8, 2009 8:23:32 AM

Yesterday, Wednesday October 7, 2009 was another day of computer hacking;

harassment; stalking; and vandalism. The pain from electromagnetic weapons on my
back has now been countered, for now, or they are just into torturing my mind.
They have a new model; follow me around and keep my truck battery from charging.
Ever since they drained the battery on Tuesday, it has not fully charged. Now if I run

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 26 of 39

the truck and restart without leaving the truck, it will start. But the moment I leave
the truck and return, the battery is dead. This is just like the model of stealing my
gasoline. I have reason to believe that the punks of 1242 Fremont Street and/or
William Lefty Plank's Brothers (Bloods/Crypts/Peagens) have been doing this. There
are too many people from the 1200 Block of Fremont Street that continue to at least
harass and stalk me on a daily basis.
The staff at Wachovia Bank did everything in their power to try and produce an
overdraft fee. BJ's still has not credited the $181.00 for the printer that was returned
on the evening of October 6, 2009 and my PayPal did not sweep the refund of $98.00
into my checking account at Wachovia Bank.
I was finally able to secure a new Dentist, Dr. John Cooper. His father was our
orthodontist and I went to Wheatland with his sister Mimi. His grandfather (I
believe) founded the Lancaster Cleft Pallet Clinic in 1938. It went on to
become one of the only clinics of it's kind in the world. Let it be known that Dr.
John Cooper said that my teeth were in good condition with only a small repair needed
on a tooth with a small piece on the top that is chipped. He laughed at the statement
by Lancaster Regional Hospital's "gingivitis" remark on all of my charts. Next month on
October 26, 2009 I will have the tooth repaired and in November will get a full set of
xrays. Then we will work on restoring the extracted teeth that Lancaster General had
taken out, unnecessarily, of course; I should have been treated by Black and Black
Associates, or New Holland Dental Clinic, or the Southeast Clinic before I required the
extraction due to the infection getting into my bloodstream from non-treatment.
Remember, it took 4 Emergency Room visits from July 11 to July 19 until anyone would
treat me. Oh that's right, I WAS DELUSIONAL!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 6:53:23 AM

On Sunday, October 5, 2009 I changed my front door lock to my home/office at 1250

Fremont Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The back door is always locked with a
nightstick. These locks were never used and no one has any keys. Since the Biometric
Fingerprint Lock that I received did not work, and Select Security refused to install a
security system, for no reason other than to continue the vandalism and thefts; I did
what I could. We'll see who is going to gain access. Would you all please help me in
keeping these perps out? In 2004 Dave Pflumm said "everyone" had a key to 220
Stone Hill Road, Conestoga. He proved it by literally breaking into my house (with
Lizzy and Keegan) on Thansksgiving Day while I was in the basement.; the day he told
me the previous quote. I guess he figured since he brought me a turkey, it would be
alright. Unbelievable.
I mailed the Complaint to the United Nations Council for Human Rights in Switzerland
at the Chestnut Street Post Office, and the receipt is timed at 12:01:51 Custom Form
No. LC775399807US on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.
Yesterday, Tuesday October 6, 2009 I had experience more vandalism and thefts. It
just doesnt stop. First I had purchased 2 pounds of turkey thigh at Central Market to
make my turkeyJerky. I went to Weis Markets after filing Exhibit A-38, Case No. 0813373 at the Courthouse, and when I rode away I realized that I packed my
saddlebags with my groceries and laptop but forgot my knapsack in the shopping cart.
I rode back and there was a Weis Market employee standing beside it telling me he
watched it and no one touched it. I got home and the 2 pounds of turkey thigh was
missing and gone. I dont know if anything else is missing or not.
At about 5:30pm I loaded my truck with the HP C7280 printer and someone had
drained my battery. Apparently someone did not want me picking up the paper copy of

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 27 of 39

the 723 page document that was part of my Complaint to the United Nations Council
for Human Rights or they did not want me to be able to return my printer to BJs Club
on Centerville Road.
Before I went to the Lancaster County Courthouse, I had a conversation with Rufus
Fulton, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fulton Financial. Rufus retired in
2006 and is now an acting Board of Director. I have had several conversations with
Rufus, but yesterdays will be the last. Mr. Fulton must understand that when he is in
public and converses with me, I hold him to the same standard that everyone holds me
to. He is an embarrassment to the County of Lancaster and to Fulton Financial. I civilly
and cordially approached Mr. Fulton and pulled a business card from my wallet and
asked him if you would oblige me and look at my website. He interrupted me before I
could tell him what I wanted him to see, and he emphatically told me Sam, I dont
believe any of it. People call me Sam when they want to harass me. They want me to
be reminded that they look at me and remind them of my father. I responded are
telling me that you dont believe that the United States government produces the
artillery and weapons that I mention on my website?. He again responded with the
same I dont believe any of it. I, knowing that most of the mind control weapons are
cited and confirmed in either declassified government documents or through United
States Senate Hearings. I told him that I was going to hold him accountable and state
that for the record, and he said he did not care. I gave him another chance to recant
what he said, and he refused. This is what he gets for shooting off his mouth; he is just
like everybody else in this dam town. And people want to doubt that I have legitimate
claims against Fulton Bank for the hundreds of thousands of dollars they (Fulton Bank)
have extorted from me and my brother, Tommy.
I must make note of all of the people that were around me yesterday at Penn Square
over the lunchtime hour: Fred Kendall, Joyce Michaels (looked like her), Rufus Fulton,
Brad Roda, Mary Gatis, Rock Fitzgerald, Judge Denis Reinaker (Courthouse), Bruce Roth
(Courthouse), Robert Hallinger and his receptionist (Courthouse), Erica Weitzel,
Lancaster Planning Commission guy, blonde attorney?, Jerry Larish, Jim High, Jack
Buckwalter, Kevin Cosmore . Anyone know what all of these people have in common?
It seems that before I file significant exhibits or motions, people come out of the

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 8:42:27 AM

Monday, October 5, 2009 the Computer Hackers broke my new HP Photosmart

C7280 All-In-On Printer, that was just purchased a few weeks ago. I now have
to return it to BJ's Club.
On the same day the telepathic harassment and pain was one of the worst assaults that
I have had. I was trying to complete the monthly invoices for Advanced Media Group
and the remote viewer was so clever and relentless while I was trying to work both the
electronic calculator and my WORD file at the same time. It was almost impossible to
complete. The same was true of the final edition of the complaint to the Council for
Human Rights of the United Nations.
This morning the Computer Hacker literally locked my cd drive for 2 or more hours
while I was trying to finish the copy for the U.S. Department of State.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 8:34:47 AM

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 28 of 39


A continuation of the vandalism. Since September 4, 2009 I have had 12 purchases that have had
to be returned due to them being broken or the wrong product. This method does not require
criminal trespass and burglary into my home/office at 1250 Fremont Street. I loose time; money;
and must ship the items back or go back to the respective stores and get harassed again.
On Thursday I had spent some $20.00 in postage returning items that I had purchased on Ebay.
Yesterday, Friday, October 2, 2009 I received 3 items in a very suspicious manner from the U.S.
Postal Service. I was taking an afternoon nap when the mail woke me up as it came through my
door. In the mail was a Notice to pick up a parcel from the Harrisburg Pike Post Office on or after
October 3, 2009. Also in the mail was my renewed Pennsylvania auto registration renewal sticker,
which was a few days late, of course. I went out and put the sticker on my plates and came back in
the house. A few minutes later the door bell rang and a U.S. Postal Carrier said he had some
packages for me. He handed me one and asked for the Notice back and asked me to sign it. I
asked what he was doing, why didn't he ring the bell when he delivered the mail. He flat out lied and
said he did. I was 8 feet from the ringer, impossible not to hear, sleeping or not. Anyway he
delivered my next (3) items purchased from Ebay. None of which work. All three have to be
refunded. Then this morning I tried to install the biometric finger print locks for my front door, again
a purchase from Ebay. Now it does not work. Now for the record, I am very experience with Ebay,
both as a seller and a buyer. I was selling on Ebay full-time a few years ago and had a perfect
feedback score, until the perps saw I was begining to make money. I had the same record with my
Now, let's review the record concerning the security of 1250 Fremont Street. In the past few
years the following has taken place:
I was denied contents insurance by the Spiziri Insurance group.
I was denied a security system with monitoring by Select Security, owned and
operated by Patrick Egan, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
I was unable to purchase a functioning biometric finger print lock-set.
The Lancaster City Police Department refuse to take any complaints of vandalism or
thefts; dating back to 2007.
The insurance company, State Farm, that insures the contents of 1250 Fremont Street
under my mother's property and casualty company refuses to pay.
The Pennsylvania Departmtment of Insurance refuses to enforce the insurance laws
of Pennsylvania regarding the above.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) refuses to meet with me.
Lancaster City Mayor Rick Gray, after more than four (4) meetings refuses to do
anything but ask who owns 1252 Fremont Street.
Lancaster City Chief of Police Keith Saddler refused mediation through a process that
was I initiated with the Lancaster Mediation Center.
The County of Lancaster, through a Meeting with Former Administrator Mark
Esterbrook also refused to engage in any Mediation process in December of 2007.
My Family refused mediation through the Lancaster Mediation Center during the
same time that I filed with the Lancaster City Police Department.
The following items are now considered non-functional and must be returned to the sellers:
(2) 16 Megabyte Thumb Drives.
1 I-Touch Biometric Finger Print Lockset.
1 Memory Foam Laptop Case.

October 31, 2009 12:38:00 AM

We are back to the vandalism; this time it is on purchasing replacements for things that
were either vandalized or stolen before, or for new items. I made several purchases on

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 29 of 39

Ebay the past few weeks, and just like earlier, most of the items had to be returned
because the arrived in non-working condition. They were either vandalized by the
seller, or by someone who intercepted the package prior to delivery, or by a neighbor
who stole the package from the U.S. Postal Delivery Person.
Microsoft Office 2007; the discs would not load.
Konica Camcorder; the drivers would not work and the SD Disc did not work,
technically making it impossible to transfer the media files to my computer.
Sansa Clip 2 MByte MP3 Player; they changed the add from New to Used and
took me 3 weeks to get a manual for the device.
Headset for a Computer; the microphone was taint and scratchy when using it
with my phone system.
Speakers for my Laptop were either broken or the computer hackers simulated
the noise and could not listen to music.
The Computer Hacking is making it almost impossible to get anything done,
click here for the latest rounds of complaints to the Federal Bureau of
Investigation IC3 Unit.
The accident of September 4, 2009 when a driver with an expired registration rearended me is another issue where everyone wants to harass and lie; click here for the
documents. I reported the accident an hour after it happened to my Insurance
Agent of Record; and the Insurance Company wanted to act like I was trying
to avoid the reporting requirements.
They are again using electromagetic weapons on my back. I went all week without
having to take any medication for back pain, the last on early Friday evening, then first
thing Monday morning I was back taking medication; and have everyday this week.

September 22, 2009 5:45:27 AM

I have been experiencing EXTREME lower back pain from Electromagnetic Energy
Devices for the past 4 days and had to make an appointment with Dr. Sullivan for
September 22, 2009 at 10:20 am. This is the worst it has been.
Today, it took me all morning and a call to 911 for the ABBEYVILLE FAMILY MEDICINE
STAFF to take my call to make an appointment due to extreme lower back pain. They
kept putting me on hold and leaving me hang on the phone; 10:25 minutes; 14:47
minutes; 5:37 minutes. That was after I kept getting a busy signal; making me call
The computer hacking and intrusions into my computer are getting so bad that now I
just update FBI Complaint No. I0909141752127141 several times a day. The hackers
have a way of making my mouse jump when highlighting and dragging text that would
drive you insane.
Today, September 21, 2009 I ORDERED one BIOMETRIC THUMB PRINT DOOR LOCK for
my front door at 1250 Fremont Street; hopefully you will soon see me without my
backpack on my back. I also CONTRACTED with a third party that backups and
encrypts every file on my new laptop computer in real time mode and stores every file
Today, September 21, 2009, I received an invoice from LANCASTER GENERAL HEALTH
for a Balance Due of $29.50 to Abbeyville Family Medicine for an ADJUSTMENT of
$36.50 for OFFICE OUTPATIENT VISIT/ NEW LEVEL III. This is very suspicious given
today I made the appointment for my back pain.
Perps stole a new container of pepper; they love to steal my food.
I had received the following items from Ebay that did not work or were changed:

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 30 of 39

Microsoft Office 2007

USB to IDE Adapter
MByte Sansa MP3 Player was listed as new, then changed and received without
an owners manual.
Today, September 21, 2009 I received a hand written letter from my brother Steve
Caterbone and my Mom requesting that I pay for all utilities and a $43.00 UGI Gas Bill.
However, the letter did not match his handwriting or the telephone conversation of
September 13, 2009. On September 12, 2009 he had requested that I pay for the UGI
gas utility. In response I sent him a letter and on September 20, 2009 sent him $60 via
PayPal (Mike Caterbone).
On Friday, September 18, 2009 I went to Harbor Freight Tools, Lincoln Highway East,
Lancaster to return a Cordless Drill. I had it sitting in the passenger side floor for a few
days and when I picked it up, it was soaked, the cardboard box was ruined. I took
special care to package it just the way I received it. Some perp, probably the guy
named Toby in the 1300 Block of Fremont Street who used to hang out with William
Lefty Plank.
Then I went to Walmart, about a mile away on Lincoln Highway East, to get some Dr.
Scholls Foot Inserts to help deal with my back and groin. I have been looking for these
kiosks for about 4 weeks. You stand on the kiosk and it tells you exactly what type of
insert to purchase, which are located on the sides. A few days ago, I finally got online
and located the kiosks at all of the Wall marts. When I stepped on the machine, it
would not work. An employee came out of the Pharmacy and told me it worked earlier
in the day, but they needed to call the sales rep to repair it. I took pictures and
recorded the event, I was again wired with a recording device.
On Friday, September 18, 2009 I went to the Lancaster Catholic High School Football
Game and wired myself due to being harassed and stalked all the time. I was ignored
and infuriated by my former friends Mike and Mary Lynn Dipaolo (with Sheryl Crow?)
and harassed and berated so bad my Tina Fulginetti Kirchner that I had to leave before
halftime. I solicited the support of Father Pete Hahn of St. Leo Catholic Church
regarding Organized Stalking and Harassment/Directed Energy Devices and gave him
my card.
After the game I went to the Beach/House of Pasta on Millersville Pike for a drink and
was harassed by the James Street District Patrolman; whom I already complained
several times to Lisa Riggs, Director of James Street, regarding his stalking and
harassing me. Listen to audio transcript.
On Saturday, September 19, 2009 I participated in the Conference Call for Freedom
From Harassment and Covert Surveillance (FFCHS). There were 33 members present. I
was also asked to join the committee to solicit a Hollywood/Celebrity Spokesperson by
director Derek Robinson. I also joined there lawsuit against the Department of Justice.
On or about Wednesday, September 16, 2009 I went to Smithgalls Pharmacy to pick
up a yard sign for the Election of Charlie Smithgall for Mayor. Upon leaving, the pastor
of the First Reformed United Church of Christ, who told me he was ex-navy, was again
stalking me. This time he walked a few feet from me carrying a hunting rifle in his
arms, pointed down to the ground. I was not a very happy camper. I told him to stay
away from me, he said Dont worry about it. What fool would do that, I mean, without
putting the gun in a gun case before carrying it around the streets of the City of
Lancaster. He was heading from Mary Street to Lemon Street. The last time I saw him
was in the Lancaster County Sheriffs Department when I was getting Sheriff Bergman
or Deputy Chief Reese to review one of my CI-08-13373 filings, as per President Judge
Farinas ORDER. I guess he was just getting his gun permit. We have had discussions
prior to this about MKULTRA; my father; and the U.S. Navy.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 31 of 39

September 11, 2009

My first Doctors appointment with my new primary care physician, Dr. Denise Cope of
Abbeville Family Medicine on Abbeville Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania ended up being
another attempt by Lancaster General Hospital to intimidate; harass; extort; and lie.
On August 3, 2009 I signed releases from Mastropietro and Associates Family Practice
to Abbeville Family Medicine and was given 2 choices for primary care physicians; Brian
Sullivan, M.D. or Denise N. Cope, M.D. I selected Denise N. Cope, M.D..
Abbeville Family Medicine kept stalling the process, even though they had a yard sign
on the property stating Now Accepting New Patients.
On September 10, 2009 I called and made an appointment with Denise N. Cope, M.D.
to evaluate my pulled groin and back problems and to consult on the emergency
surgery of July 20, 2009. The customer service person gave me a fixed price of
$80.00, and I accepted.
On Friday, September 12, 2009 I showed up at about 3:15 for my 3:20 appointment.
The switched doctors to Dr. Brian Sullivan, M.D. and lied and said Dr. Denise
Cope was not in the office, when she suddenly appeared in the waiting area as I
was leaving.
They tried to charge me $148.00 instead of the $80.00 agreed upon price.
Two staff members pulled me into an office and tried to berate me and harass
me because I did not answer my cell phone the day before and they could not
leave a message because I have no voice mail on the account.
The nurse gave me a false blood pressure reading.
Dr. Brian Sullivan, M.D. tried to again refute the false and fabricated 302 petition
of July 19, 2009 and the reason the Lancaster City Police; the Lancaster General
Hospital; the Lancaster Community-At-Large, and most importantly all of the
defendants that I have filed civil complaints against in civil courts; and of course
all of the police departments that filed false arrests; need so desperately to
discredit my allegations and change the truth.
Abbeville Family Medicine also lied about what medical records they do have.
Both Dr. Brian Sullivan, M.D. and Dr. Denise Cope, M.D. as well as the entire
staff have violated the Hippocratic oath.
Then after I get home, there is a message from Amy telling me she adjusted the
bill for services.
Again, some perp soaked the passenger side floor of my 1991 Dodge Dakota with
water. Now immediately following the imprisonment of William Lefty Plank on June
15, 2009 and for about the next month or so, even during heavy rains, there was never
any sign of water on the floor mats. Then about 3 weeks ago, it started again.
The USB to IDE cable and power supply that I bought from Ebay several weeks ago,
does not work after first trying it a few minutes ago.
Computer hackers locked me out of my facsimile account and I again was not able to
update my website.
Another Complaint to the FBI IC3 Complaint No.
Microsoft reset my email account after hackers closed my account for 2 days.

September 10, 2009

Strong Elecromagnetic Devices past several days.

Vandalized Mr. Coffee automatic coffee maker, does not work anymore.
Stolen Identity with email account; Microsoft closed account for 2
days due to fabricated violation with terms and conditions.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 32 of 39

Filed complaint with the FBI Cyber Crime Unit Complaint ID No. I090100045224132.
The following was reported:
Description of the Incident - Describe in your own words how you have been
victimized. September 10, 2009 My computer and online accounts have been
hacked and my identity stolen for many years now. I have been reporting this
crime to every available law enforcement agency within my jurisdiction. My most
recent incident includes the closing of my email account without merit; most
likely because persons access and use my account without my knowledge or
my refuses to send out any email accounts. I
would advise you to please go to and
read the Executive Summary on the Welcome page for more information. I don't
believe this form will allow me enough space. The other problem is that the
Lancaster City Police Department; the Lancaster County District Attorney Office;
and the FBI Office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania all refuse to investigate. I would
accept a meeting with the U.S. Department of State to consider negotiations for
conditions to move outside the domestic United States or to another country of
my choosing if my situation is too difficult for you to investigate, or if the rule of
law intimidates you in any way.

September 7, 2009

My Braun 4615 Electric Razor

My Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker
My New Compaq Presario CQ60-421NR
I purchased my new Compaq Presario CQ60-421NR on August 28, 2009 from Office
Max that ran a sale of $150.00 of the retail price of $550.00. I must say I am
impressed with the machine, forgetting about all the things that dont work on my
machine. I have been keeping a log of the items that did not function or were just not
working properly from the beginning. Of course, the computer hackers threw
themselves in the middle of this. As it stands now, the computer hackers do not like me
using a Word processor. First of all, on September 28, 2009 I the salesman sold me
Microsoft Office Student Home Office 2007 version for $99.00 and told me that no older
versions of Microsoft Office would work with the Microsoft Vista operating system. He
also told me that my documents that I created with Microsoft Office 2007 would not be
backward compatible with other version of Microsoft Office. He failed to recognize my
expertise with PC computers. You only need use the Save As funcion and select how far
back you want your documents to be compatible. I own Microsoft Office 2000, with a
valid registration number. I found out that he lied to me and the next day returned the
Microsoft Office 2007. The following is my log of flaws and functions that did not work,
and it is a shame because for the price, I am very impressed. I guess Ill have to hope
they have more in stock:August 28, 2009 - The directories using Microsoft Explorer
were all mixed up and would not sort. The Search function did not work.
1. August 29, 2009 - The computer started with the following No Bootable
Disc.. for no reason. The computer has been always shut down using the
Microsoft Logo. Also, I could not produce a DVD of data. The whole machine
froze and had to be rebooted.
2. August 30, 2009 - Photos are skipped when browsing using Microsoft Photo
Gallery. Also the videos would not operate in my Emergency Injunction CDROM.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 33 of 39

3. August 31, 2009 - Windows Explorer kept changing, and would not operate
4. September 2, 2009 - The CD-ROM writer kept changing menus and would
always freeze. While trying to make a copy of Remote Viewing CD Exhibit
for Court Case No. CI-08-13373 with Russell Targ, Remote Viewer, the CDROM would make a noise and not work.
5. September 4, 2009 - I had wasted at least six or seven CD-ROMs trying to
make copies of Remote Viewing CD Exhibit for Court Case No. CI-0813373 with Russell Targ, Remote Viewer.
6. September 5, 2009 - All of the Word Processing programs stopped working;
Microsoft Office 2007; Microsoft Office 2000, and Wordpad. Photos are
7. And everyone wonders why I had to withdraw all of my Federal lawsuits.

September6, 2009
There are several new incidents since September 2, 2009 to report.

On Friday, September 4, 2009 I spent about an hour with a technician/salesman from

Select Security, a company owned and operated by Lancaster Township resident Patrick
Egan, for a proposal and estimate on a security and monitoring system for my
home/office at 1250 Fremont Street. We agreed on a price and payment schedule and
he gave me an installation date of Wednesday, September 9, 2009. He left the meeting
to meet with Patrick Egan and was supposed to email me an electronic version of the
hardware; and payment schedule. He later emailed me and said Hey Stan, Select
Security is unable to assist you with your security needs. Thanks, Matt Self, Sales and
Marketing Coordinator, Select Security, 241 N. Plum Street, Lancaster, PA 17602,
Direct: (717) 481-6307 * Fax: (717) 481-7574 .
September 4, 2009 during First Friday in Downtown Lancaster I (1991 Dodge Dakota
4WD Pickup Truck) was rear ended with malice by two Spanish persons driving a 1991
Chevrolet Blazer, Burgundy SW. Damage to my rear bumper. I was smart enough to
stay in the exact position and made certain the assailants did the same. I took crime
scene photos that proved the car was not legally registered at the time of the incident
and the tires were aligned toward my truck, proving that they came across from the
inner lane on King Street as I was backing into a parking spot. Also, it is my testimony
that the female was driving and first got out of her car yelling at me and accusing me
of being drunk and a crack head. I had just come from Sheetz on Manheim Pike;
Lancaster Bicycle Shop on Manheim Pike; Weis Markets; Home Depot; and the Office
Max, all of Red Rose Commons, after leaving my home/office. I have time stamped
receipts. I was at no other place during the entire day. The incident occurred at
approximately 8:15pm with Lancaster City Police Officer Mendez, Badge No. 92. The
assailants names are George Maldonado of 1202 Clay Road, #1, Lititz, Pennsylvania,
17543 and Kristin Wilson, 220 Kinseyville Road, Nottingham, PA 19362. They have
Allstate Insurance, Policy No. 928473088. I have 10 crime scene photos. The Assign.
No. is 004463. Two James Street Investment District Bike Patrol Persons also harassed
me, both males that I did not recognized. As soon as the Lancaster City Police
responded I made sure he called the Lancaster City Safety Coalition to see if a video
was available.
My Zenith SM274481195 36 Television/Stereo was vandalized yesterday, September 5,
2009 and no longer works at all. The power no longer comes on.
After sealing my patio with a brown tarp, the corner closest to Dawn Sutton of 1248
Fremont Street was totally undone by vandals, yesterday or last night, September 5,

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 34 of 39

I was harassed by Dawn Sutton and chased off of my patio roof while painting
yesterday, September 5, 2009 then she followed and stalked me at the CVS Store,
Manor Shopping Center about an hour later.
Considering that about a month ago they vandalized and broke my Sharp RV-DV550U
Digital VHS/DVD Recorder and my Panasonic RF-PV275 27.5 Flat Screen DVD/VHS
Television Set, just about every piece of electronics has now been vandalized in my
home, including 2 laptop computers, 1 desktop computer, and 2 inkjet printers.

September 2, 2009

On September 2, 2009 we applied for security through Select Security of Plum Street,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania and are awaiting a response. Choice Security and Yarnell
Security have already been excluded from any type of inquiry due to fraud and or
harassment in the past regarding the installation and monitoring of a home security
system at 220 Stone Hill Road, Conestoga, Pennsylvania. No one better cause a
problem in our negotiations for a home security system for our home/office at 1250
Fremont Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
This report does not cover all incidents, but was compiled mainly due to the surge in
vandalism over the past week or so.
Since the end of June, 2009 we have been dictating memos on a micro cassette
recorder and securing them offsite. This new techniques was administered mainly as
the result of the Pain Assault initiated on July 8, 2009 and executed in part by the
Lancaster General Hospital, the Lancaster Regional Medical Center, the Lancaster City
Police, and Mastropietro and Associates Family Practice.
The memos are of daily incidents of vandalism; harassment; stalking; and torture by
directed energy devices and weapons and or electromagnetic microwave technology.
(See Executive Summary - Federal Whistleblower and Targeted Individual of U.S.
Sponsored Mind Control dated July 28, 2009)

September 3, 2009
Update on Current and Recent Vandalism/Theft Reports:

September 2, 2009 broke gear cable on bike in order to cause accident by having
cable wrap around chain while riding. Vandalism happened in front of Fulton Bank,
Manor Shopping Center, where bike was parked. Also bent front reflector.
September 1, 2009 broke outside light under patio and left the metal in the socket so
that you have to remove without being able to unscrew the actual light bulb.
Stole bird feed from backyard bird feeder, twice in last week and a half.
Drain hot tub of water on a continuous basis.
On August 27th or 28th soaked passenger floor of 1991 Dodge Pick-up Truck. This used
to be done every time it rained, however, it stopped on or about June 15, 2009 when
William Lefty Richard Plank was committed to Lancaster County Prison.
Hacked new Compaq Presario Laptop.
On August 28, 2009 hacked the edit page of Advanced Media Group website, .
ust about every home improvement done over the last several days has been
sabotaged after completion, or they have done everything to prevent me from making
purchases required for the projects.

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 35 of 39

Saturday, August 29, 2009 9:50:00 AM

(4) Four Manheim Township Merchants Commit Theft By Deception on August 26th,
August 27th, and August 28th of 2009.
August 26, 2009 - Lens Crafters, Park City Mall, Manheim Township,
Pennsylvania refused to provide Eye Examination for Prescription Glasses and/or
Prescription Glasses.
August 27, 2009 - Kohls Department Store, Park City Mall, Manheim Township,
Pennsylvania switched a pair of Asics Sneakers Size 9 to Avia Size 11 at the checkout
August 27, 2009 - Dr. Harry Breitman, Optometrist, Park City Mall, Manheim Township,
Pennsylvania Examined Eyes for $49.00 and the Prescription was wrong.
August 28, 2009 - Eyemart Express Store No. 71, Park City Mall, Manheim Township,
Pennsylvania, Charged $288.86 for (2) Pair of eyeglasses that were not right and could
not be used, $288.86 was voided that day, however no credit was issued on bank
statement as of yet.
August 28, 2009 - Cartridge World, of 1937-B Fruitville Pike, Manheim Township,
Pennsylvania, charged $35.76 for (2) Lexmark Ink Cartridges that were empty. The
black printed 3 pages before running out of ink and the color cartridge registered as
"Low Ink" upon installation.

August 25, 2009 to August 29, 2009

Other Incidents And Surges Of Harassment; Vandalism; And Electromagnetic and Telepathic
Torture of last few days (August 25, 2009 to August 29, 2009) :

Today, August 29, 2009 Six (6) of Water drained from hot tub.
Today, August 29, 2009 Passenger Side Floor Flooded with Water.
Brand New Compaq Presario CQ60-421NR Does Not Operate Without Major Problems.
Office Max Sold Computer and Software on Misinformation regarding Microsoft Office,
Which Had to be Returned.
Today, August 29, 2009 Went to the Manheim Township Police Station to Report Thefts
by Deception and got Harassed by Officer Taking Report; He Tried To Provoke Me.
Lancaster Solid Waste Management Would Not Provide Correct Information for
Recycling Yard Waste.
Constantly Harassed By Neighbors, Especially the Bloods and Crypts or CrackHeads.

Friday, August 14, 10:44:25 AM

Since the Pain Assault in my mouth is now over, they started going back to the old
Directed Energy Device Weapons with Back, Neck, and Headaches.
August 11, 2009 1:15:38PM
I had someone at my window last night, sounded like they were trying to open screen
window. Called 911 and made complaints about 2 other incidents for yesterday, August
10, 2009 ( dead battery at UPS Store, Stone Mill Plaza and 8 inches of water taken out
of hot tub).

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 36 of 39

Lancaster County Wide and Lancaster City Police forget that I have a Police Band
Radio. I taped Lancaster County Wide Communications lie to the Lancaster Police and
said that I hung up, then the Lancaster City Police said "that is the response I thought,
or something like that.
Then, a sometime later, Lancaster City Police scare the hell out of me shining a
flashlight in my back kitchen door and window.
Why didn't the Lancaster City Police ring the door bell and come to the front door????
Thankfully for my micro cassette tape recorder, gotcha again!
The following was broken and vandalized in the past week (July 25, 2009 to August 3,
2009): one gas powered week whacker; one 27" Panasonic TV (VCR will no longer
work); one Sharp DVD VCR Recorder (VCR will no longer work); my saddle bag for my
I also in recent weeks added the following to CATERBONE v. Duke Street Business
Center CI-08-13373 President Obama; Attorney General Eric Holder; and Chief of
Lancaster City Police Keith Sadler; among others. I will be claiming racial and ethnic
discrimination in that complaint.

August 7, 2009 10:21:59

Lancaster General Hospital (LGH)Tried to Get a Court Order under the 302 Commitment
to have Advanced Media Group's website taken down:
Dr. Daniel McIntyre stated on the medical file the following as part of his notes: "...
Patient has a long history of delusional thoughts secondary to his Bipolar disorder. He
apparently has a website that provides him an avenue to express his grandiose
thoughts and delusions. This patient is clearly in need of psychiatric help. He also needs
medical attention to the dental abscess he currently is suffering with. I do not feel the
patient is safe for outpatient follow up. I have arranged for Conestoga Oral surgery to
admit the patient with a 302 petition in place. Psychiatry to see patient in
consultation." Transcribed on Mon Jul 20, 2009 12:57 AM

Monday, August 3, 2009 12:49:05 PM

Dr. Denise Cope of Family Practice Associates of Lancaster on Abbeville Road,

Lancaster, better not refuse me as a new patient as my primary care physician.
Today, August 3, 2009, I submitted my forms to transfer to that practice and the
receptionist tried to tell me that she needs to review my medical file from
Mastropietro Associates first. This is not what I was told on July 29, 2009 when I
first picked up the paperwork to switch primary care physicians.
Today, August 3, 2009 in my appointment with Dr. Henrichsen of Conestoga Oral
Surgeons, he said it will be a month or more until my mouth opens wider. I am
still restricted to an opening of only 1/2 inch.
The following was broken and vandalized in the past week (July 25, 2009 to
August 3, 2009): one gas powered week whacker; one 27" Panasonic TV (VCR
will no longer work); one Sharp DVD VCR Recorder (VCR will no longer work); my
saddle bag for my briefcase.
I also in recent weeks added the following to CATERBONE v. Duke Street Business
Center CI-08-13373 President Obama; Attorney General Eric Holder; and Chief of
Lancaster City Police Keith Sadler; among others. I will be claiming racial and
ethnic discrimination in that complaint.
The Project Hope Tommy Caterbone Memorial Golf Tournament that was held at

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 37 of 39

Crossgates Golf Course yesterday, Saturday, August 1, 2009 ended in disaster. I

attended two times, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Did not see
anyone I recognized on the Golf Course, and there was no dinner at 6:00 pm, as
in the past 13 years. Jimmy Karpathios; his wife; Tina Albright; Lizzy Pflumm;
Pami Pflumm; Dave Pflumm; Bill Pflumm; Tina Dougherty; Dakota Royer; Tina
Royer; James Doran; all were there around the pavilion, lying to me about the
golf tournament.
Lizzy Pflumm is now a confirmed Professional Stalker and Harasser. What the hell,
did the Pflumm's take over Project Hope. I did see a prize table with tee shirts
and golf shirts, which of course I was able to walk away with, with permission
from someone.
First a worker from Crossgates told me in the afternoon that dinner was at 5:30,
then in the evening, 2 workers said it was served at 3:00 pm.

You people just don't quite

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Staples of Golden Triangle Shopping Center refused on 2 occasions to print 2

brochures from Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance Organization
( One on Organized Stalking and Harassment and One on
Directed Energy Devices. On Wednesday July 29, 2009 it was Brett ... and on
Friday July 31, 2009 it was a white female. They are already a named party as a
defendant on CI-08-13373 in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
Wednesday afternoon, July 28, 2009, Steve Midciff, CEO of Lancaster Regional
Medical Center agreed to a meeting to discuss their conduct. The meeting was
scheduled for Thursday, July 29, 2009 at 10:00am.
Steve Midciff, the CEO of Lancaster Regional Medical Center and Dr. Anthony
Mastropietro, my former Primary Care Physician, ambushed me and assaulted me
in another attempt to 302 me. I had to leave after about one minute in his office.
Could not believe it. Just like Lori Austin of Millersville University and the former
head of LETA had done to me the past few months.
Then today, July 30, 2009 I had a medical appointment with Dr. Rodriquez of
Mastropietro Associates for a 2nd opinion of my jaw, which still only opens 1/2"
after emergency surgery. Again, Dr. Mastropietro (via telephone) and his office
manager assaulted me on the telephone, he said "do you remember meeting with
me yesterday?". The would not let me meet with Dr. Rodriquez. Did they harm
me three times, one by making me visit the Emergency Room 4 times before
they would treat me; then did they do something wrong at surgery?; and now
they are trying to cover up all the mistakes with yet another 302 petition. These
people need some serious help.
I immediately went to a Family Practice on Abbeville Road and started the
process of switching my primary care physician.
Saturday, July 25, 2009 I am recuperating from surgery, they did put me under
general anesthesia. I still am not able to open my jaw very wide, and must
crumble my food.


LGH Pain Assualt

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 38 of 39

July 24, 2009

On Thursday evening, July 23, 2009 another tooth began hurting me, and they again
began hitting me with Directed Energy Devices with Harassment.
For the record, on Sunday evening at no time did the Lancaster City Police or Lancaster
General Hospital ever present me with a 302 Warrant at my home or in the Lancaster
General Hospital.
Some of incident I have recorded of Lancaster City Police in my home.
Admitted to Behavioral Medicine in Emergency Room at Lancaster General Hospital
about 9:45pm Sunday Evening, July 19, 2009.
Three hours later taken to Intermediate Intensive Care Unit Room Number 6003.
Monday, July 20, 2009 emergency surgery done on mouth, including infection that
reached into my blood stream and system.
Operation a success, thanks to Dr. Henrichsen, MD of Conestoga Oral Surgeons and the
LGH Intensive Care Unit/Operating Room Team. Interviewed by Two (2) LGH
Psychiatrists who refused to sign into 302 Petition Efforts by LANCASTER CITY POLICE
See Symptoms of the United Nations Petition in the FFCHS, Freedom From Covert
Harassment and Surveillance Document.
Harassment by Lancaster General Hospital Doctors and Nurses. Dr. Vito DiCarmillo and
Possibly Given Wrong Medication.
Left with Little Mobility in Jaw. Cannot Eat Most Foods.

July 17, 2009

Cavity; Electromagnetic Weapons; Poison; or a combination of the three!

Dr. Black, the Dentist from Willow Street, refused me as a patient yesterday, July 15,
2009. Was a patient since 1994.
Since January I have been refused treatment by a dentist from Southeast Clinic,
Lancaster City, New Holland Dental and Dr. West, and now Dr. Black and Associates of
Willow Street.
Pharmacist (Mr. Jacobs) at CVS, Manor Shopping Center advised me to see an
Endocrinologist, yesterday, while harassing me.
Pharmacist at Weis Markets, Amy Brent, was harassing, yesterday, July 15, 2009.
My mobility in my jaw went from 1" to 1/2", as of today, July 16, 2009.

July 15, 2009

Pain is not subsiding, although, with the aid of Momentum Back Relievers, I have been
able to reduce swelling in face.
I must go back to another Emergency Room again today, the 8th day of this PAIN

Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016

Case 5:15-cv-03984-JCJ Document 70 Filed 06/22/16 Page 39 of 39


July 13, 2009


Do Not Have Access to Computers/Internet or Time To Provide More Detail.

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Gang Stalking in America Declaration

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June 22, 2016