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Hudson~Litchfield News
Volume 27 Number 48 June 24, 2016 16 Pages


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by Len Lathrop
Chiara Freitas
Julia Balukonis
and Nicolette
told her fellow
Fortin will
313 Alvirne
serve with
graduates we are
Army National
now in control
and we will
continue to ride
Morin will
the roller coaster
report to the
until it is time
Marine Corp,
to step off. She
while Paige
weaved that roller
Watts and
coaster analogy
Matt Canarelli
Traditions change as Alvirne graduates are allowed to decorate their mortarboards for the first time.
are Navy
Not in order are Mackenzie Gendron, Brooke Parker, Kayla Juliano, Sarah Chaput,
her graduation
Jake Emmons, Michalie Williams and Mikayla Sinitris.
message, and
a lot of eyes
teared when she spoke of her parents adopting her from Hunan
Erin Ruigrok used a mystery novel to describe her and her fellow
Province in China, when she was left on the streets. She reflected
graduates journey - I have solved the mystery of Alvirnes fourthon the students roller
floor pool. I have
coaster ride and of her
solved the mystery of
schooling and especially
navigating through
about the last four years.
the Voc wing. Most
We cannot solve a
importantly, I have
long and complicated
solved the mystery of
equation that will
success: hard work
explain the meaning
and dedication really
of life. It is the roller
do pay off in the end.
coaster ride of our lives
Each of us has solved
that reveals the sights of
some similar mysteries
an imperfect reality.
in our time at Alvirne,
The Manchester
but our novels are not
Verizon Arena, once
again, was the venue
Graduates, our
for the celebration of
bodies are full of
the Alvirne High School
nervousness and
Class of 2016, appearing
sadness, feelings
from both sides of the
that should be
dais, as the principal
overpowered with
danced in the aisles. A
excitement and joy. I
lot was happening in
hope that you are all
the hour and 22 minute
proud of what you
have accomplished
The Pledge of
and will accomplish, I
Allegiance was led
hope you see exciting
by the military-bound
and startling things, I
seniors. Principal Steve
hope you meet people
Beals acknowledged
that have different
their commitment to
points of view than
this country and their
you, and most
Taylor Lambert, Erin Ruigrok, Erin Beals, Erika Gareri and Kathryn Stickney
pending service with
importantly, I hope
gather together before the ceremony begins.
appreciation: Jacob
you live a life full of
Noonan, Kevin Harkins and Ray Hamelin going into the Air Force;
Mike Gagnon, choosing Air Force ROTC; Josh McDowell, Ethan
As is the tradition, one award is presented at graduation every
Rainville and Harold Leete entering the Army, while Brandon
year and that is the Chester Steckevicz Award. The award is based

Staff photo by Len Lathrop

Bronco Graduates Told to Take the Front Seat on the Roller Coaster of Life

Jessica Baker is congratulated by Superintendent Bryan Lane.

on ethics, dependability and work effort to better Alvirne and the
community. Steckevicz was involved at Alvirne from 1952 to 1992.
Presented by Director of Guidance William Hughen, the award went
to a recipient whose accomplishments include Student Athletes
Council, cross country, tennis and swimming, work at the food
pantry, unified sports teams, Feed Our Children, Caties Closet, TriAthletic Honor Society and National Honor Society -- Erin Beals.
A few words and a picture of the stunning performance of
Somebody to Love by Queen performed by the B-Naturals cant
be adequately described here. When HCTV replays the graduation,
stop what youre doing and watch. You will be amazed.
Kabir Kalsi has been the class president of the Class of 2016 for
four years. By reciting who he was with the different numbers that
he has been assigned, he did stop short of giving out his social
security number. He spoke about our society of numbers. But then
told his classmates, Numbers dont define us. We are not machines
we are humans, he said. Its the things we are passionate about,
the things we work hard to achieve, and the moments of happiness,
joy, and relief that describe who we are.
Diplomas were passed out, everyone danced and then the 2016
Alvirne graduates were sent out into the twilight and the next
chapter of their lives.

Staff photo by Len Lathrop

The Bench Overlooks Jerrys Beloved Benson Park

Ann Desrosiers sits on Jerrys bench.

The Desrosiers family gathers around Jerrys bench.

The view of Benson Park from Jerrys bench at 5:30 in the morning

by Len Lathrop
days at the park, whenever few could predict where those early efforts would the park. Roger spoke of
The day could not have been nicer as family, friends, car club buddies and Benson Park Committee
the Ben and Jerry T-shirts, which were produced as Jerry stood up to selectmen and others to keep the
members and volunteers gathered to honor the late Gerald Desrosiers, Jr.
volunteer work going forward.
Now a bench is located at the end of the newly moved and painted train station, the spot that
Roger invited Ben Nadeau, the other half of the Ben and Jerry team, to say a few words. Ben talked
overlooks the park from the rise; from the train station, you can see the 9/11 Memorial, the childrens
about how Jerry was always considerate about the volunteers, making sure that there was food and drinks
playground and the parks lawns and trees.
for everyone. Ben mentioned that Jerry could get pizza from almost every pie maker in the north side
The location is
of town. Ben, in an
perfect for a bench
almost broken voice,
dedicated to Jerry.
told of making lists
Everyone there could
of jobs that needed
visualize Jerry sitting
to be done while
there and directing
sitting on the wall by
all of the volunteers
the pond. One time,
efforts to reclaim
when Jerry asked
Benson Park from
if Ben felt like they
time and Mother
were being watched,
they both saw a baby
While his official
fox drinking from the
title is Selectman
pond. Ben provided
Roger Coutu, this
the foxs sound
day, a much better
title would be Jerrys
Roger thanked
friend, a weed puller
everyone on behalf of
and brush cutter.
the family and invited
He welcomed those
them to White Birch
there, on behalf
Catering and Banquet
of the family, he
Hall for lunch.
Jerrys involvement with cars was legendary; many of Jerrys friends came to honor his memory.
lamented on the early

2 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Hudson Police and Harbor Homes Work

Together to Help Veterans

On May 14, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 907 bachelors degrees
were awarded during the universitys 148th commencement ceremony.
Nicholas Christie of Hudson was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree
in aerospace engineering. Jacob Mercier of Litchfield was awarded
a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with high
On May 19, University of New Hampshire-Manchester held its
graduation. Bionka Joy Pouliot of Litchfield graduated with a Bachelor of
Arts in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. She was accepted
into the Postbaccalaureate Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at
MCPHS for the Fall 2016.
Hudsons Megan Middlemiss was recently named to the Deans List
at Bentley University for her outstanding academic achievement for the
spring semester.
Boston University awarded academic degrees to 6,220 students in May.
Among the graduates were Hudson residents Erin E. Donovan, Master
of Science in Occupational Therapy (Two Year Program); Julia S. Ryan,
Master of Education in Physical Education and Coaching; and Ryan T.
Provencher, Bachelor of Science in Journalism.
Litchfields Benjamin Ross Billings has been named to the Deans List at
the University of Connecticut for the spring semester.
Western New England University congratulates the following Hudson
residents Sarah Brauza, an Accounting major and Matthew Gleason, an
Electrical Engineering major for being named to the Deans List for the
spring semester.
Madeline Waslick of Hudson, a Human Resource Management major,
has achieved Deans High Honors for the spring semester at Nichols
The University at Albany extended congratulations to Caitlyn Doherty
and Codyjay Rice of Hudson and Madison Corbeil of Litchfield who were
named to the spring Deans List.
The Plymouth State University Athletics Department has announced the
recipients of its major awards for the 2015-2016 school year, honoring
students for their outstanding achievements in athletic competition, in
the classroom and in the community. Football offensive lineman Ryan
Bellerose of Hudson and an Alvirne High School graduate and volleyball
setter Kirsten Perrotta of Hudson and a Notre Dame Academy graduate
are the recipients of the John C. Foley Senior Leadership Awards for their
performances in the classroom and community as well as on the field/
ice/court. ellerose was a co-captain of the football team last fall and one
of the top physical education graduates at PSU this spring; Perrotta was a
two-year co-captain for the Panthers and one of the top setters in the Little
East Conference, helping the team to a 22-7 record.

Stuart Onsurd, Andrea Reed, Detective Kevin Riley, Captain Kevin DiNapoli, Detective Allison Cummings, John Elsten, and Commander Tony Travia.

Andrea Reed and John Elsten explain what Harbor Homes is all about.
Captain Kevin DiNapoli accepts his award.

Send your Accolades to with a photo

5 George Street, Hudson, NH

Please join us in welcoming our new

doctor Molly Harrison DMD.
Molly is a native of Windham, New
Hampshire. She received her BS at St.
Michaels College in Vermont and her
DMD from the University of Pittsburgh
School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Harrison
completed a General Practice Residency
at Loyola University Medical Center in
Chicago.Molly has been very well received
from both our staff and our patients. The
addition of Dr. Harrison will allow us to
continue to offer our extended hours and
treatment options to all our patients.

William Gagnon, DMD

Christine Lonegan, DMD
Brandon Beaudoin, DMD
Molly Harrison, DMD

Now Accepting New Patients!

Molly Harrison, DMD


by Kaylee Murphy
This Tuesday the Hudson Police Department
received awards from the American Legion Derry
New Hampshire Post 9 presented by Commander
Tony Travia. Awards were given to the following
members of the Hudson Police Department:
Hudson Chief of Police Jason Lavoie, Administrative
Bureau Captain Kevin DiNapoli, Detective Allison
Cummings, and Detective Kevin Riley.
These four Hudson Police staff members helped
with the bicycle collection to provide reliable
transportation for homeless veterans to get to their
Andrea Reed and John Elsten explained and
passed out information regarding Harbor Homes.
They provided bundles of pamphlets so that Hudson
Police can hand them out to any homeless people
they may encounter while on duty.
Harbor Homes is a non-profit community-benefit
program that provides low-income, homeless and
disabled NH community members with affordable
housing as well as primary and behavioral care.
Put simply, Harbor Homes helps people get back
on their feet. A person can live in Harbor Homes
for up to two years. While there they must be
actively searching for work, working, volunteering,
or continuing their education. Harbor Homes has
helped more than 790 people get jobs. They have
also given assistance to about 1,200 veterans.
American Legion Derry Post 9 former
Commander Kevin Gurley first started working
with Harbor Homes before his retirement. Now
current Commander Travia plans to continue that
For more information
about Harbor Homes go to or call 8823616.

Detective Kevin Riley

Staff photos
by Kaylee Murphy

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Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 3

Remember Hudson When ...

87 Lowell Road c. 1977

submitted by Ruth Parker

For years 87 Lowell Road was the home of Etienne J. and Rose
Levesque. This couple raised a family of two boys (Leo Paul and Robert)
and three girls (Marie Anne, Eva and Cecil). He was employed at and
later retired from John Mansville in Nashua. Mr. Levesque passed in
November 1968 with a family of some 17 grandchildren and five greatgrandchildren. During these years the family saw many changes along
Lowell Road. Prior to 1962 Birch Street did not exist; by 1962 Birch
Street connected Lowell Road with Winnhaven Drive.
Soon after his passing this fine commercial site at the southern corner
of Birch and Lowell was cleared for development. A stately willow tree
was sectioned and hauled away. The former Levesque home was raised
off its foundation and moved a quarter mile down Birch Street by local
contractor, John Lester.
This home remains today at 13 Birch St. as a private residence and the
home of Richard and Shirley Nason and their family.
By 1970 a three-store front building was constructed on this corner and
occupied by Cumberland Farms, Antons Cleaners, and Russell and Sons
Carpets. Within a few years Antons relocated and Cumberland expanded
into their space. The carpet place was replaced by Cardinal Reality and
later by Hudson House of Pizza.
This weeks photo, from the collection of the Historical Society,
was taken about 1977 for publication in the history update, Town In
Cumberland Farms and Hudson House of Pizza remained at this spot
until just a few years ago. This location is now occupied by Veria Pizza
and Hudson Mini Mart.

Teenagers who Live

with Addicts
are Not Alone

Local Girl
Raises $1,000
for Cancer Research

Courtesy photo

submitted by Frank LaFountain

Lexi Ripauldi raised $1,000 selling bracelets to help
researchers find a cure for cancer, which took the life of her
friend, McKenzie Lowe, way too soon.

Do you live with or love someone who is addicted to drugs?

You are not alone.
Narateen is a 12-step self-help group for teenagers who have
family members or friends who are addicts. Narateen, which was
offered during the school year at Alvirne High School, will hold
meeting on Thursday nights throughout the summer from 7 to 8 p.m.
at Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson.
One member named Kristine shared her story: When I came
to Narateen, I was sure no one else felt like me. My dad raged a
lot, and, when he would start, I would hide in my closet, quiet as
a mouse, until it seemed safe to come out. Mom said he was in a
bad mood but would feel better soon. Why was she always taking
care of Dad and not us? I knew Dad was using drugs and that he
WOULD feel better, once he got what he needed.
At my first meeting, a member shared a story that had happened
to me! We talked after the meeting, and now we talk on the phone
in between meetings. It feels so good to know I am not alone.
Narateen meetings are open to all teenagers who are coping
with addicts. They provide a safe place to share. This anonymous
program requires no dues, fees or attendance obligations. By
coming to Narateen meetings, you learn that drug addiction is a
disease. It is not the family members fault that a mother, father,
brother, sister or friend has becoming addicted to drugs.

Hudson Fire Log

Sunday, June 12: 8:15 p.m. Medical aid,
Newstead Street (L). 11:24 p.m. Box alarm,
Lowell Road.
Monday, June 13: 2:31 a.m. Medical aid,
Cedar Street. 2:42 a.m. Medical aid, Melendy
Road. 3:40 a.m. Medical aid, Page Road
(L). 9:01 a.m. Medical aid, Woodland Drive
(L). 10:18 a.m. Medical aid, Highland Street.
10:53 a.m. Motor vehicle accident, Ferry Street.
12:25 p.m. Medical aid, Glasgow Circle. 2:56
p.m. Box testing, Bonnie Heights Lane. 4:37
p.m. Medical aid, Central Street. 4:41 p.m.
Medical aid, Reed Street. 5:30 p.m. Vehicle
fire, Sagamore Bridge Road. 6:02 p.m. Medical
aid, Brook Drive. 7:00 p.m. Service call, Lowell
Road. 8:33 p.m. Medical aid, Baker Street.
Tuesday, June 14: 12:49 a.m. Medical aid,
Wentworth Drive. 1:51 a.m.
Medical aid, Rega Avenue.
12:01 p.m. Medical aid,
Derry Road. 12:47 p.m.
Medical aid, Charles
Bancroft Highway (L).
1:01 p.m. Motor vehicle
accident, Ferry Street. 1:33
p.m. Fire call, Ferry Street.
1:44 p.m. Medical aid,
Bear Path Lane. 1:54 p.m.
Medical aid, Oak Drive
(L). 2:16 p.m. Medical
aid, River Road. 3:22 p.m.
Mutual aid Ambulance,
Nashua. 6:41 p.m. Medical
aid, Pilgrim Drive (L). 6:54
p.m. Medical aid, Willow
Street. 6:55 p.m. Medical
aid, Lowell Road.

Wednesday, June 15: 12:43 a.m. Medical

aid, Old Derry Road. 3:30 p.m. Medical aid,
Nathaniel Drive. 7:21 p.m. Fire call, Flying
Rock Road. 7:47 p.m. Medical aid, Spruce
Street. 10:01 p.m. Medical aid, Woodhawk
Way (L).
Thursday, June 16: 3:35 a.m. Medical aid,
Glenview Drive. 11:02 a.m. Medical aid, Talent
Road (L). 12:14 p.m. Service call, Willow
Creek Drive. 12:52 p.m. Service call, Putnam
Road. 2:33 p.m. Box alarm, Lowell Road. 4:40
p.m. Mutual aid Forestry, Pelham. 6:28 p.m.
Medical aid, Dracut Road. 9:14 p.m. Medical
aid, Fulton Street. 9:26 p.m. Service call, Derry
Street. 10:53 p.m. Fire call, Thurstons Drive.

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4 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

Setting the Record Straight

Andy Renzullo is Back in the Ring

I want to set the record straight about some of the political attacks in the
wake of the Orlando attack. Kelly Ayotte voted to keep guns out of the
hands of terrorists, but Democrats dont want you to know that.
Kelly knows there is a way to protect the constitutional rights of
Americans while also keeping the guns out of the hands of terrorists, and
that is exactly what the bill she voted for did. She is now trying to get people
of both parties to come together on a solution that can actually pass the
Senate - instead of political grandstanding.
So next time you hear someone use this false claim, remind them that
Kelly Ayotte has voted to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and she is
leading the way to find a bipartisan solution to actually get a bill passed.

A seasoned legislator is back in the ring. Thanks, Andy Renzullo, for

deciding to seek another term to the General Court. Andy, in the past, has
been a stalwart champion for the Hudson Seniors, the citizens of Hudson,
Pelham and the State of New Hampshire, fighting for issues important to
Hudson and Pelham voters. We could always rely on him to be up there in
Concord working hard for the voters in his district.
Andy served 10 years in the legislature and then retired two years ago.
After careful thought and a lot of encouragement from his constituents,
he has agreed to represent us again. Lets give this seasoned conservative
legislator another chance to serve Hudson and Pelham voters again.
Rick and Sandy LeVasseur, Hudson

Willard Baker, Jr., Hudson

It has been a Great Journey

A Job Well Done by Boy Scout Troop 11

of Litchfield
Recently, the Boy Scouts of troop 11 called to tell me they were on their
way to do work on my lawn, trees and shrubs. Phil Durand, who usually
does it, was out with a bad back. So these Scouts did a remarkable job till it
showered and Phil came to finish it. It looks so nice.
Thanks again to troop 11. Ill never forget the time, effort and company
you gave me.
Pat Jewett, Litchfield

As I retire this year from the Hudson School System, I would like to thank
the wonderful parents and children in Hudson that I have been privileged
to work with over the years. It has been a great journey for me that I will
forever cherish! Being a member of the Hills Garrison School Family has
been fabulous! A special thanks to Mrs. Martellini, Ms. Connors, Janice,
Mickey and my Fourth Grade team. As Mrs. Martellini, Mrs. Desrosiers,
and I retire this year, we know that the Hills Garrison School Community
is so Blessed with having Lois Connors as Principal. She is a remarkable
person, an exceptional leader and an advocate for all children. Lucky You!
I wish you all well and thank you for your encouragement, good wishes
and love. Theres always a sadness in leaving those you love, but, today
I rejoice with all that we have been able to accomplish together! Always
remember to respect each other!
Leslie Liakos, Hills Garrison School, Hudson

Summer is here. It officially started Monday at 6:34 p.m. Eastern

Standard Time, when the sun reached its northernmost point of the
equator. Schools are out for the summer,
everyone seems to have a different
schedule, even traffic congestion has
changed, but then again, Lowell Road
in the late afternoon was still bumper to
bumper in front of Presentation of Mary
The Fox has had time to look around
this week and will have things for readers
to think about. Lets make a list:
When will the relining of the culvert
of Central Street start? It was to be down
during school vacation, but then lets not
forget the bridge/dam on Pelham Road --it
took a lot longer than a summer.
The construction bids for the Lenny
Smith Central Fire Station will be before
the selectmen on Tuesday, with the
asbestos issues that were presented on
the 14th; at best it will be an interesting
presentation. Words from the fire chief were prefaced with a
reminder that we are a Chevrolet town not a Cadillac one. Sounds

like some trimming might be needed to be done to make budget.

If the selectmen do what the school board did last Monday the
13th, a lot of procedures were
waved as it was the last meeting
of their fiscal year as they have
decided not to meet on the 27th.
The Fox regrets not having
information on the long-term
teachers and administrators
who were recognized on their
retirement, but watch on July 1 for
that information.
But back to selectmen. If
history repeats itself then usually
they plan to use an expended
budget funds. This year a lot of
that leftover budget funds has
already been used for the Benson
Park parking lot.
In closing, the Fox has to hope
that the town did not spend every
spare dollar it has on the parking
lot and something will be cut from the fire station plans. That would
be important to the town in the long run.



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Reforms to Improve NH
Veterans Care

submitted by the Ofce

of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte
In a letter to Department of Veterans
Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald, U.S.
senators Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen
urged the VA to act on the reforms that
have been proposed by the Veterans
Choice Program third-party administrator,
Health Net Federal Services. These
changes would improve communication
between the VA, TPA and veterans
and streamline business operations to
improve access-to-care options for New
Hampshires veterans.
As you should be aware, veterans and
participating healthcare providers across
our state continue to encounter problems
participating in the VCP. Whether
through difficulties in communication,
customer service shortcomings, or
about the


Wills, Trusts
Powers of Attorney

programs operation, these barriers

diminish the level of care delivered to our
veterans - an unacceptable result, and
antithetical to the goals of the creating
statute, the Veterans Access, Choice, and
Accountability Act of 2014. Health Net,
the TPA that covers New Hampshire,
submitted contract modification requests
to improve the program at the beginning
of May, but thus far VA has not acted
to implement the reforms, wrote the
Ayotte and Shaheen have continued
their bipartisan work to improve
veterans care by pushing for reforms that
concentrate on speedy access, quality and
wider availability of care. The senators
are pushing for VCP reforms to deliver
access-to-care alternatives veterans have

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This one is for you. As for the college graduates, my
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The key in doing this is trying to meet as many people
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During freshman year you may also want to do a club or
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I joined rugby, and after a year I quit because I didnt feel
like dying. That is a brutal and violent sport. Plus Im not
exactly a team player. My parents recalled that from when
I was 6 and playing soccer for the first time. However, Im
still friends with some of the people who played rugby with
me. I joined the school paper because there was free pizza
every Thursday and my adviser made me. I didnt stay for
the people because I didnt like most of them. Lets just say
they werent my cup of tea. However, I ended up staying
on the paper for two years because it was a really good
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job applications.
Embrace college for what it is. Try new things and hang
out with people that you wouldnt have hung out with in
high school. You never know who you might meet and you
never know who you might become. Only half of what you
learn in college is the academic portion, which is the more
important half. The other half is the social aspect. Most bad
social situations are caused or enhanced by alcohol and
drugs. Remember that.
On the bright side youre basically free. Youve escaped
the clutches of your controlling parents and are stripped of
all the labels that you were saddled with in high school. Of
course you still will be labeled and put into stereotypes in
college. Thats life and its never going away, but if you dont
like your current labels, you have a chance to change them
and be someone else for a little while in college. If you like
your new self you can be that person for the rest of your life.
I hate it when people say they dont believe in stereotypes.
They exist. Its human nature. Right or wrong, good or bad,
its all kind of irrelevant. Theyve always existed and until
we all look, think, and act exactly the same, they arent
going away. Stereotypes ignore no race, gender, ethnicity or
religion. Stereotypes affect everyone in different ways and
they are rarely changed. What people forget is that typically
there are both negative and positive stereotypes that apply to
everybody. They may be true and they may be false. They
may not apply to every individual.
The quicker that you learn not to care about what people
think of you, the sooner you become who you were always
meant to be. Be who you want to be and be happy about.
Screw everyone else. Yeah, so after you graduate college
you probably wont change the world, youll probably
be struggling to pay your bills for the rest of your life, but
its your own life. Do what you want to do and have the
confidence to not allow people to tell you otherwise.
That is my advice to all the seniors who have just graduated
high school and are trying to figure out what they want to
do for the rest of their lives. You can reach me at Nicole@


At Collins Dentistry for Children we
believe in prevention and early treatment



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Columbus, Ohio. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review and approval.
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Insurance Company. NPO-0194M1.1 (04/16)

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See for info.

Water Play Area &


(Opens June 25th)

Boys of Summer!

(Opens June 25th)

Magic Mayhem!

(Opens July 1st)


(Opens July 2nd)

For show schedules

& details, visit

on Monday, July 11 at 9 a.m.

There will NOT be

a newspaper July 8

Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar

Summer Reading Programs for All Ages
at Rodgers Memorial Library. Children
11 and under can earn raffle tickets for
each hour they read and have a chance
to win fun prizes. Students entering grades 6-12
can earn points towards raffle tickets for reading
or listening to audio books and participating in
Teen summer activities at the Rodgers Memorial
Library. Teen prizes will be awarded. Adults can
get raffle tickets for each library book they read or
listen too, including e-books, and any library movie
they watch as well as for participating in library
programs in July and August. Prizes include gift
certificates to local stores and restaurants. Go to to sign up.


Upcoming Summer Activities for Children at

Rodgers Memorial Library
June 24: Kilted Colin, Family Comedy, 6:30 p.m.
on the library lawn. Summer Reading Kickoff.
June 28: Toddler Time for two year olds, 1010:30 a.m. Registration required, go to rmlnh.
June 28: Lego Brick Club. Drop in to build
some crazy creations and watch The LEGO
Movie! Parents attending the Adult Fans of
LEGO can drop their kids, ages 6-10 while they
play, too!
June 29: Reading Side by Side. The whole
family can each bring a book and curl up
together to read. Attendees will get raffle tickets
for a chance to win some great books.
June 29: Silver Knights Baseball Skills, 1:30
p.m. Meet some players from the Nashua Silver
Knights. They will be showing off some skills
and giving tips outside on the library lawn, all
ages welcome.
June 30: Story Time for ages 3-5, 1:30-2:30
p.m. Stories, crafts and activities. Registration
required, go to
July 1: Library Olympics, 1 p.m. Come
participate in our library contests, riddles,
quizzes, and activities are all part of the family
Fridays thru July 29
Books & Babies, for 18 months and under, 10:30
a.m., Rodgers Memorial Library. To register go to
Saturdays thru August 13
Crazy Craft Day, drop in any time 9 a.m.-12:30
p.m. at the Rodgers Memorial Library and make a

craft while supplies last. To register go to rmlnh.

Saturdays thru September 3
Rodgers Memorial Library Summer Hours:
Open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Saturday, June 25
Strawberry Festival, 10 a.m. to 3
p.m., Litchfield Community Church, 259
Charles Bancroft Highway. Come enjoy
the festivities, good music and a tour of
Litchfields historic church (11 a.m.). Venders and
church groups invite you to participate in this gala
event during strawberry season.


Saturday, June 25 & Sunday, June 26

The Hudson Lions Club will hold its Annual Yard
Sale on at 104 Lowell Rd., Hudson, from 8 a.m. to
4 p.m. Plenty of items- something for everyone.
All proceeds go to the Lions Charitable Projects.
Look for the white tents!
Monday, June 27
Coloring for Adults. Why should kids
have all the fun? Coloring is a popular
new hobby for adults too. The Rodgers
Memorial Library in Hudson will hold a
drop in coloring program for adults on the fourth
Monday of the month from 1:30 to 3 p.m. and 7
to 8:30 p.m. We will have coloring pages on high
quality paper, art quality markers and colored
pencils available or you can bring your own
coloring book so you can join in the fun. Come
by and enjoy this easy, creative and relaxing hobby
while sharing in the company of other coloring

back to the local farm with a discussion about

the benefits of buying local and eating within the
season. Enjoy a cooking demonstration of recipes
featuring locally harvested seasonal ingredients and
sample the distinct flavors of your local harvest.
Farm fresh ingredients never tasted so good! Enjoy
a cooking demonstration of two recipes and
samples for all to taste and recipes to take home.
6:30 p.m., Rodgers Memorial Library, in Hudson.
Pre-registration required, space is limited. Go to or call 886-6030 to register.


Thursday, June 30
Feasting from Our Local Farms, the
Benefits of Eating Locally and Seasonally:
Cooking Demonstration and Tasting with
Chef Liz Barbour. Join Creative Feast chef
Liz Barbour as she explores our modern journey


Offices will re-open

on Monday, July 11 at 9 a.m.

There will NOT be

a newspaper July 8

Saturdays, July 2 thru August 27

Aaron Cutler Memorial Library in Litchfield Closed


Monday, July 4
Hudson Town Hall - Closed
Rodgers Memorial Library - Closed


Tuesday, July 5
Aaron Cutler Memorial Library - closed for
in observance of Independence Day.


Wednesday, June 29 & Thursday, June 30

th Upcoming Activities for Grades 6-12 at
Rodgers Memorial Library
June 29: Laser Tag, 9:30 p.m.-Midnight.
Play Laser tag in the library! All equipment
provided. Pre-registration required, no
June 30: Teen Cooking with Liz Barbour. Learn
how to make healthy snacks, there will be
samples of the food to try. Registration required.
To register go to

will be on vacation beginning

Monday, July 4

standout activities that help faith flow into real

life. Plus, we will help kids discover how to see
evidence of God in everyday life - something we
call God Sightings. You can register online atwww. or
contact Sandy Birr at 759-3746.

Friday, July 8
Irish Genealogy with Michael Brophy,
Rodgers Memorial Library Genealogy
Club, 1:30 to 3 p.m. Brophy is a nationally
known, professional genealogical researcher,
heir search specialist and lecturer from the Boston
area. He specializes in New England and Irish
genealogy subjects. Mike was featured on the
Irish TV series Dead Money, a genealogy TV
show about heir searchers and conducted research
for Who Do You Think you Are? Brophys
presentation will include Irish ancestral research
using vital records, immigration documentation
and unique resources and give attendees a practical
guide to finding the origins of their Irish ancestors.



Friday, August 11 thru Sunday, August 14

Hudson Old Home Days, Hills House,
Derry Road.
Tuesday, September 20
Hudson Police Department sponsored
its 55th Semi-Annual American Red Cross
Blood Drive at the Hudson Community
Center from 12 to 7 p.m.

Sunday, September 25
Fourth Annual Hudson Historical Society
Lumberjack Show, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hills
House, 211 Derry Rd., Hudson. Bring the
family out to cheer on both collegiate and
professional lumberjacks and lumberjills as they
chop their way to glory while they compete in
old-time lumberjack events! If you had fun last
year, be assured youll have twice as much fun
this year, with many surprises to be announced in
the coming months, so stay tuned! Events include
cross-cutting, underhand chopping, single buck,
springboard, and everybodys favorite ... hot saw!
Food, beverages and t-shirts will be on sale all
day, starting at 8 am. Dont forget to bring your
chairs, blankets, and whatever else will make for a
spectacular day of lumberjacking, as this event is
rain or shine! Free Parking and Admittance.


Monday, July 18 thru Friday, July 22

New Life Christian Church, 272 Lowell
Rd., Hudson, will hold its Vacation Bible
School on from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Children
ages 4 through grades five, and its free! Our
theme this year is Cave Quest! Kids will explore
the rock-solid foundation of Jesus love. Cave
Quest VBS is filled with incredible Bible-learning
experiences kids see, hear, touch and even taste!
Sciency-Fun Gizmos, team-building games, cool
Bible songs and tasty treats are just a few of the


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Protecting Property Rights Requires

Avoiding Unintended Consequences
by State Senator Donna Soucy
When it comes to protecting landowner rights
from the threat of eminent domain, particularly for
our residential homeowners, New Hampshire has
some of the strongest protections in the country.
Less than 10 years ago, we strengthened our
already tough eminent domain laws by amending
our state Constitution to ensure that no persons
property could be taken by eminent domain for
the purpose of private development.
Theres no one in New Hampshire who doesnt
agree that we need to protect our landowners
rights, but there has been some disagreement
over the best course of action when it comes to
enacting greater protections under state law when
an interstate pipeline is proposed.
This year, the legislature considered and
debated HB 1660, which had two components.
First, it enacted much more strict protections for
eminent domain takings for interstate pipelines
and second, it enacted energy efficiency reforms
that would have reduced energy costs for
businesses and homeowners.
And while I supported both concepts, the
final version of HB 1660 was unacceptable and
I joined a bipartisan majority in the Senate by
voting against the bill for a few reasons.
My first concern with the final version of
the legislation was problems with the eminent
domain section of the bill. In the final version,
the legislation would have allowed homeowners

to require utilities to take their

entire property even if the utility
was only temporarily using the
property. For instance, if a utility
company needed to temporarily
build an access road through
someones property to construct
a pipeline, the landowner could
have required the utility to take
the entire property through
eminent domain and compensate
the landowner for the full value
of their property. While we can
all agree that the landowner
should be compensated for
this temporary use of their
property, a permanent
taking of this property for
a temporary use would
drive up construction
costs and potentially push
the increase cost onto all
energy customers.
Secondly, was the concern that House
Republican leadership refused to compromise
on the energy efficiency portion of the bill and
stripped it out. The energy efficiency part of this
bill had bipartisan support in both the House and
Senate, was fiscally prudent, and would have
led to a better energy future for everyone. It
would have reduced energy costs for businesses

immediately and homeowners

in the long run, it would have
helped hundreds of low-income
households make it through the
winter, it would have supported
good jobs, and it would have
likely lowered property taxes by
increasing efficiency at municipal
and school buildings.
Because the House Republican
leaders refused to compromise
on the energy efficiency portion
of the bill, a bipartisan majority
in the Senate refused to go along
with HB 1660 without
these provisions.
Lastly, and most
importantly for
landowners, the final
version of HB 1660
would have given false
hope to landowners
trying to protect their
property. Why do I say this could have given
landowners false hope? Because in the case of
federally regulated interstate pipelines, the US
Constitution preempts state statutes.
If this new law violated the federal Constitution
(and in my opinion, it very likely did), it would
have resulted in time-consuming and expensive
litigation for landowners, only to see no different



Community News In A Home Town Format

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Puzzle 26 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.51)



Generated by

result if we made no change in state law. Because

of the potential cost to landowners in the courts
due to this unintended consequence, I could not
support the final version of HB 1660.
Even though the attempts to strengthen
eminent domain protection for landowners were
unsuccessful this year, there is still time to enact
greater protections against any new proposed
pipelines. Kinder Morgan has withdrawn their
application for their pipeline through southern
New Hampshire and there is no similar pipeline
proposal on the horizon.
There were many pieces of HB 1660 that had
broad agreement, including requiring utilities
to pay for an independent appraisal of land to
be taken through eminent domain, requiring
compensation for temporary housing and legal
fees to be paid for by the utility, and requiring the
state to intervene in any pipeline proposal at the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
We have the time to get it right and not only
make sure we enact the strongest protections for
landowners that we can, but also making sure that
there are no unintended consequences that could
negatively impact landowners defending their
property rights.
(Sen. Donna Soucy is serving in her second
term as state senator representing District 18,
which includes the town of Litchfield and wards
5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in Manchester. She is also the
deputy Democratic leader in the State Senate.)

Are you looking for a church home?

Visit us and feel the warm welcome.
Sunday Worship Services- 10:30 AM

On the First Sunday of each month we serve communion and

have a time of fellowship and refreshments after Worship Service.

Food Pantry for Hudson residents

Hours: Tues & Thur 10am to 12pm
"Best kept secret
See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM
that is right
in plain sight."
236 Central St., Hudson, NH 882-6116


6 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Former Pinkerton Administrator

Takes Reins as CHS Principal
the New Hampshire Assistant Principal of the Year
for his work in the Freshman Academy and with
students, families, faculty and staff.
Lonergan prioritizes effectively transitioning
students into and out of high school, values
personalizing students educational experiences,
supports using research-based educational
practices to improve student success, and sees
teacher professional development as critical to
improving instruction and assessment.
Lonergan has been actively involved in
numerous committees including, but not limited
to, new teacher programming, academic and
behavioral interventions, attendance policy,
concussion management team and freshman
seminar. Additionally, he serves on the Board
of the Alexander Eastman Foundation, the NH
Excellent in Education Board, and on the NH
Statewide Principal Evaluation Task Force.
Lonergans warm greeting and clear focus by
CHS students, staff, community members and
school board throughout the selection process
were key to his decision to accept the position.
He is excited to bring his educational vision and
experience to Campbell High Schools intimate
and personalized learning environment and looks
forward to begin working with all Campbell High
School staff in support of its varied academic,
student support and co- and extra-curricular
Superintendent Jim ONeill stated, Bill has a
wealth of experience at the high school level and
I have been very impressed by Bills depth and
breadth of knowledge about secondary education.
I look forward to working with Bill as we continue
to grow programs of excellence at Campbell High


Hi everyone, Im Oscar! Ive had a

tough start to life and am looking
for an understanding family who
will help me overcome my fears.
Not much is known about my past,
but staff here has taken the time to
get to know me and love me, and
they promise me that my future is
bright. I need to live in a home with
adults who are experienced with
dogs, and I need to be your only
pet. Once Ive had time to warm up
Little Miss
and get comfortable youll see what
a sweet boy I can be. Do you have
Humane Society Hours
room in your heart for a boy who
Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri...Noon to 5:00 p.m.
needs extra TLC? Please give me a
chance today! Come meet me at the
Sat & Sun.... 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Humane Society for Greater Nashua And check us out at WWW.HSFN.ORG
and say hi to me.

24 Ferry Rd., Nashua

889- 2275

Look at this face! How can you not

love a kitty-face like this? I'm
Little Miss and I am a great
companion, content to sit near
you while you go about your
business, and sometimes I'll even
strike up a conversation. I don't
mind being pet but when I've had
enough attention I will let you
know so a home without younger
children who might not
understand my cues would be
best. I like to play, especially toys
that I can bat at. And catnip - I like
that! I did not like living with
other animals so I do need to be
your only pet. Dont worry, Im
worth it though! I wont ask for
much more than a comfy place to
snooze, maybe a nice sunny
window to look out, some pets
and attention from my humans,
and a treat or two once in a while.
Could I be the kitty for you? Come
meet me at the Humane
Society for Greater Nashua
and say hi to me.


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with Rich Lascelles

Rumor Has It
The Celtics Played at Darrah Pond

Tom Satch Sanders

Ever since I started going to the Roy Memorial
Park at Darrah Pond I had heard the rumor that
the Boston Celtics had played at Talent Hall. It
just didnt make sense to me ... why would they
play in a small gym with no bleachers? I know
the NBA was not always flush with cash and
didnt pay their players millions of dollars, but
why Talent Hall? But at the urging and assistance
of my friend Jason Kolm I decided to look into it.
This is what Ive been able to determine.
For 36 years, Don Nelson and Tom Satch
Sanders, Celtics stars back in the day, ran a series
of basketball camps in New England. They
brought in other pro players and local coaches
and provided instruction to campers. In 1969
and 1970, they utilized the facilities
at Camp Litchaven at Darrah Pond
to run their camp here. Campers,
coaches and yes even professional
players, stayed in the cabins for the
two-week camp.
I reached out to Satch and
received a gracious e-mail from
him detailing his memories of being
here in Litchfield. He reflected on
one of the challenges of keeping
the campers busy during the early
part of the evening. Apparently,
Don Nelson was an aspiring guitar
player and used to make the rounds
of the cabins playing the guitar.
Satch said on at least two occasions
the Litchfield Police brought back
campers they caught sneaking into the Litchfield
Drive-in. He said his experience here was quite
enjoyable and even tried to get his wife to move
to New Hampshire.
Lou DAllesandro, who was athletic director
at New Hampshire College at the time, directed
the camp. Yes, that Lou DAllesandro, who has
represented Manchester in the state senate for
many years. Reached in Manchester, Senator
fondly of the
camp saying
it was great
fun and felt
the campers
got a lot out
of it. He
said the
campers had
the benefit


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HA&R Landscape Materials R
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Hemlock Blend
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a big part in his life. Mike attended two of the

camps over the summer while attending Bishop
Guertin High School in Nashua. He later became
a camp counselor. He credits the skills gained
there in helping him make the varsity at BG his
junior year and being the captain of the team his
senior year.
But that wasnt all ... he became fast friends
with another camper who attended Pinkerton
Academy in Derry. They not only competed
against each other through the years, but he also
introduced Mike to a girl named Jayne ... Mike
and Jayne have now been married almost 40
years, have four grown children and are expecting
their eighth grandchild soon. They have lived all
their married life within a nine iron shot of the
So to put the rumor to rest, THE Celtics did not
play at Darrah Pond, although some of them did
and at least one played the guitar!


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Don Nelson
of not only Sanders and Nelson but also other
NBA players like Bailey Howell, Togo Palazzi,
Emmette Bryant and Lenny Wilkins. I guess it
was a different era ... I cant imagine Kobe Bryant,
LeBron James, or Steph Curry conducting camps
and living in cabins in the off-season.
I was able to find three people with local
connections who attended the camp. Mike
McKay and Steve Lessier, both former Litchfield
residents, attended as well as current Litchfield
resident Mike Morin. In fact, Mike Morin credited
the camp with playing and continuing to play

Courtesy photos

submitted by Litcheld School District

On Wednesday, June 8, the Litchfield School
Board appointed William D. Lonergan as
principal of Campbell High School. He replaces
Laurie Rothhaus who served as principal since
William Bill Lonergan earned his Bachelor
of Arts in English from the University of New
Hampshire in 1989, and he began his educational
career as an English teacher at Pinkerton Academy
in 1990. During his early years teaching, he also
served as a sub-varsity coach in the Pinkerton
boys soccer program earning the NHIAAs subvarsity coach of the year in 2000. In 1998 he
began his Master of Education at Rivier College,
and, in 2001, he and his family relocated to
Florida where he taught at Dunbar High School
in Fort Myers from 2001-2004. He also coached
varsity soccer, served as English Department chair,
participated on the principals leadership team,
and continued his masters work taking courses at
Florida Gulf Coast University and completing his
administrative practicum.
In 2004, he returned to Pinkerton, completed
his masters in education, resumed teaching
for one year and then was offered an assistant
principal position. Shortly after beginning his
administrative work, he was recruited to join a
School-Within-a-School committee exploring
the connection between freshman success and
high school completion. He played a key role
in researching, planning, developing, presenting
to community stakeholders, and, in 2011,
implementing Pinkertons Freshman Academy,
where he currently serves as an associate dean.
In 2014, Lonergan was recognized by the New
Hampshire Association of School Principals as

Its all about...


Life / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability

5 George Street, Hudson, NH

l Care
Exception tire Family
for The E

Our mission is to provide

comprehensive, state-of-the-art
dental care to our patients in a
comfortable atmosphere for
a reasonable fee. We stress
preventative dental care to help
maintain your teeth for a

Now Accepting New Patients!


Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 7

by Len Lathrop
If youre a Hudson resident, you must have
driven past Kimball Webster School. It is the red
building on the corner; it has been there since
1896. Need more help visualizing it. Think the
corner of Library Street and School Street, next to
the Hills Memorial Library, across the street from
the Lenny Smith Fire Station, next to the Library
Street School.
While from the road this antique red school
looks good, it is in need of some maintenance
and upkeep. This is where the important story
begins. But before we tell you about the repair
plans that the Hudson School Board reviewed
on Monday night, it seems that a history lesson is
needed. The papers good friends and historical
society members Ruth Parker and Dave Alukonis
were asked some simple questions and what they
provided is very interesting; it is best to reprint so
keep reading.
At the annual town meeting on March 10,
1885, Hudson adopted the town system of
schools whereby the 10 pre-existing school

File photo

history with, according to Kimball Webster, bitter

and determined opposition.
At the annual town meeting of March 17, 1896,
the matter of building two new schoolhouses
was discussed, and a committee of seven was
chosen to investigate and report to the adjourned
town meeting on April 14, 1896. At that meeting
on April 14, there were nearly 700 names on
the voting list - a large increase in the voting
checklist due to the recent right of suffrage, which
had been granted to women in school affairs.
Resultant of the meeting, two new schools were
authorized and a committee was established to
oversee construction. Eight thousand dollars was
authorized to construct the two schools. The
larger one, which became the Kimball Webster
School, was built on land donated by William F.
Chase with a budget of $5,000 for construction
and furnishings. This schoolhouse was
constructed with two stories with two classrooms
on each floor, as well as a basement.
The second school authorized by the 1896 vote
became the Dr. David O. Smith School and was
constructed on Windham
Road on a lot donated
by Dr. David O. Smith
with a budget of $3,000.
This school was a singlestory structure with two
classrooms. This school
burned on Dec. 7, 1907,
and was replaced by the
two-room schoolhouse of
similar design known as
the Hudson Center School
on Kimball Hill Road.
This school continued in
use until 1956 when an
addition to the Dr. H. O.
Smith School on School
Street was constructed,
allowing all of Hudsons
first through eighth
grade students to attend
at that single location.
Subsequently, the Hudson
Center School was
The original Kimball Webster School before the addition.
unoccupied and eventually
sold. It still exists at the
districts (each with its own school) were abolished
present time and is occupied by a local business.
and one district then prevailed. It should be noted
With the construction of the two new schools,
that Hudson was one of the first towns in New
most of Hudsons primary school students then
Hampshire to adopt the town system.
attended either school in a graded system
In fact, Hudson adopted the system in
similar to what is currently in place. By 1921, the
anticipation of the change in state law which was
Kimball Webster School was overcrowded and a
passed in August of 1885. During the remainder
four-classroom addition, on two floors, was added
of 1885, the newly elected school board (Kimball
to the rear of the existing structure. This building
Webster, Dr. David O. Smith, and Daniel Gage)
burned on Jan. 14, 1929, during the schools
consolidated the preexisting 10 district schools
afternoon session. No injuries resulted. The
as much as possible (without new construction)
school was quickly rebuilt in a form very similar
down to seven districts. This proved to be one
to the original and remains this way at the current
of the most contentious policy changes in town

Staff photo by Len Lathrop

To Paint or Not to Paint is Not the Question,

but How to Repair the Kimball Webster School

In its last years as a schoolhouse, the Kimball

Webster School was the setting for most, if not
all, of Hudsons third grade classrooms. This
lasted until the construction of the Nottingham
West Elementary School in the 1980s. At that
time, the Kimball Webster School was renovated
for the purposes of becoming the offices of SAU
81 which administered the schools of both the
Hudson and Litchfield school districts. Previous
to these renovations, the superintendents office
and associated administration was housed in a
suite at Hudson Memorial School.
Now, back to Mondays school board meeting.
In a memo to the board, Business Administrator
Karen Burnell outlined that the district in
September of 2015 sought proposals to replace
the deteriorated wood and paint the building.
Only one bid was received --for painting only- and it required that all wood replacement be
completed prior to painting. Burnell has been
diligent meeting with other vendors, none of
which were interested in the job. She has now
found a firm interested in the project and they
offer two prices.
A.J. Wood Construction offers a first option:
Repair all deterioration and prime and repaint
entire building at a cost of $60,000. Or another
option: Remove all exterior siding and replace
with James Hardie siding. Repair rotted trim and
paint at a cost of $110,000.
Burnell explained in her memo that Hardie
Plank Siding is a fiber cement siding that has a
natural cedar look with a soft texture that mimics
wood. This material is commonly used for historic
buildings, is
Over 20 Years
for 30 years
and will not

New England Motor Car Company- Hudson, NH


need to be painted for approximately 15 years.

She also pointed out that a current quote for
painting this building (not including repairs) came
in at $33,000 with a life cycle of only five years.
In the memo, she also explained where
the money for the project could be found or
transferred from another budget line item. A large
amount would come from the balance in the
Aramark contract closage.
While the board recognized that the building
was in need to repair, some questions arose, most
focusing around the Hardie Plank siding. Member
Lee Lavoie, who owns a building management
and repair company, explained that the Hardie
planking expands and contract with temperature
change, and every seam must have the end of
the planking painted and flashing installed at the
joint. The board spoke about other options for
the project including a different type of paint that
is baked on; both members Nadeau and Lavoie
mentioned different buildings in town where
repairs have been made using this baked-on paint.
The general consensus was that this historic
structure needs repair, but the board members
would like to see other options. However, with
the tight timeframe and the end of the fiscal
school year fast approaching, there would not
even be another meeting before the fiscal year
changed on July 1. Member Megan Pollack made
a motion that Burnell be authorized to find the
best method to fix the building and enter into a
contract to do so. Her motion was approved on a
voice vote.

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8 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News


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Applauding Senate Progress on

Comprehensive Addiction and
Recovery Act
submitted by the Ofce of
U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte
U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte applauded action
taken by the Senate on June 16 to begin
conferencing the bipartisan Senate-passed
Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act that
she helped introduce. The legislation will be
conferenced with several opioid abuse-related
bills subsequently passed by the House of
Representatives. Senator Ayotte helped co-author,
introduce, and then reintroduce CARA and has
been a strong advocate for addressing the opioid
abuse crisis in a full and comprehensive manner.
I am pleased that my colleagues were able
to come together today and move to conference
CARA. I look forward to seeing a final product
that is comprehensive in nature so that we can
get this important bill to the Presidents desk and
better assist those in New Hampshire who are

on the front lines of this epidemic, said Senator

Ayotte. We cannot tackle this issue from one
side and Im urging the conferees to include all
the necessary components of the comprehensive
approach taken by the Senate, as well as
additional resources proposed by Senator Shaheen
that I supported. As they develop the final bill,
I will continue to call on the conferees to retain
important measures we fought for, including a
focus on prevention, support for first responders,
treatment and recovery.
Ayotte worked for nearly two years to bring
CARA to a vote, and it passed the Senate 94-1
in March. On Monday, Ayotte met with Speaker
of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) to discuss the
urgent need to conference CARA and produce
a comprehensive final product that promotes
evidence-based solutions.




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Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all

OF veHicLes?
who served,
and currently
serve our
responders who help keep us safe!

Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 9

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

Principal Beals acknowledges their commitment to our country and their pending service with appreciation: Jacob Noonan, Kevin Harkins and Ray Hamelin, Air Force; Mike Gagnon, Air Force ROTC; Josh McDowell, Ethan Rainville and Harold Leete,
the Army; and Brandon Lavalley, Kiara Freitas and Nicolette Fortin, Army National Guard. Dashaun Morin will report to the Marine Corp, while Paige Watts and Matt Canarelli are Navy bound.

From the left, Brad Nadeau, Monika Lukitsch, Jessie Baker, Alicia Truitt and Nick Boudreau
are all smiles before they make the big walk.

Brenden Lavalley, Jacob Noonan and Michael LeBlanc gather around Michael Dubeau SMSGT,
USAF (Ret) before the ceremony.

Congratulations Graduates




Erin Beals accepts the Chester Steckevicz Award.

Recognizing American
Legion Scholarship
Valedictorian Julia Balukonis

Congratulations Graduates. As you know

graduation signifies the ending of your
scholastic endeavors from either high school
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Courtesy photo


From left are AHS Principal Steve Beals; Bob Guessferd

of the American Legion; Erin Beals; Kathryn Stickney;
Gillian McNally; Soultana Tufts; and Rob Everett,
senior vice commander of S.A.L. Squadron 48.
submitted by Rob Everett
American Legion Post 48 has chosen this years
community scholarship recipients: Erin Beals,
Gillian McNally, Kathryn Stickney and Soultana
Tufts. The American Legion family congratulates
the entire Class of 2016.


Co uates!




185 Lowell Rd, Hudson - Corner of Executive Dr.

12 Derry St, Hudson 882-9532


Early Start Learning Academy & Child Care

Class of 2016
the Building Blocks to social,
emotional & acedemic acheivement

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141 Kimball Hill Rd.

(Keyes Hill Rd.) Hudson, NH

10 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The 8th grade graduating class of Presentation of Mary Academy

The 90th Graduating Class of Presentation

of Mary has a Bright Future Ahead

Nicklaus Connerty, after receiving his diploma,

flips his tassel as he leaves the altar.
by Len Lathrop
On June 14, Presentation of Mary
Academy held the schools 90th
convocation, a liturgy and graduation

Nicholas Tomkins interprets the prayer responses

in sign language.
ceremony for 53 students completing eighth
grade. On the inside of the graduation
program was a poem, with no author
credited, that reads:

Our lives are shaped forever by those we meet,

Cebrero, Anthony Ciampo IV, Nicklaus Connerty,
Norah Cummings, Logan Daniels, Sara Doucet, Connor
the friends we make and the love we experience, the
arguments we have had and the making peace, the
Duffy, Louis Dvorak, Gregory Fallon, Colin Ferris,
things we have done together, for each other and for
Jack Fitzgerald, Kevin Flaherty, Alex Gallant, Olivia
those less fortunate. All this has given us something that
Gavlak, Thomas Glatz, Timothy Greene, John Handy,
Kendall Heintz, James Heitmiller, Elizabeth Janiak,
will last. We have been blessed.
Long after weve forgotten the grades of our exams,
Lauren Lavallee, Grace Lehto, Kathleen Lordan, Kayla
MacDonald, Akhilesh Makam,
Well remember the
friendships, the times of
Amanda Messina, David
growth, the fun, the quarrels,
Munson, Adrian Niceforo,
the laughter, the jokes. Well
Riley Nigohosian, Jacob
Pacheco, Victor Palazzolo,
remember how we helped
each other grow, in faith and
Matthew Peters, Annalise
Reed, Erin Reilly, Samantha
in hope for a bright future.
We have been blessed.
Scott, Ashley Superior,
While the graduates
Jared Todisco, Nicholas
Tompkins, Joshua Toubia,
offered the welcome, the
Connor Urbach, Grace Wang,
readings and the Prayer of
the Faithful, Father Joseph
Bennett Wein and Danielle
Cooper of Saint Kathryn
Church spoke directly to
Two students were
the graduates during the
recognized with special
awards. The Zachary
homily, with a story about
a small boys journey, he
Tompkins Christian Award
was presented to Kevin
spoke about Gods plans and
Flaherty. This award is given
everlasting love.
During the liturgy, the PMA choir provides the responses.
You all have heard he told
to a student who, through the
As part of the choir were violinists
years, has demonstrated a
them I have a plan from
Daniel and Isabelle Chin, and Sofia Ocque.
your parents, teachers and
commitment to his/her faith
and has not been afraid to live
Sister Maria (PMA Principal).
that faith through word, action and attitude.
They are plans for success, and this success has been
built on the foundation that has been laid for years, an
The Mother Rivier Award is given in honor of Blessed
Anne Marie Rivier, the foundress of the Sisters of the
education that no one else has, one that is not equaled
in academic settings.
Presentation of Mary. This honor is bestowed upon a
After the liturgy, Sister awarded the Class of 2016 its
student who has demonstrated academic effort, generous
service, simplicity and a sense of humor. The 2016
Sidney Bavin, Maxwell Beland, Sophia
recipient was Norah Cummings.
Family, friends and graduates were treated to a
Beland, Olivia Paige Belleville, Maika
Bernard, Sarah Bemyk, Isabella Bruno,
reception in the gymnasium from the parent group
Zackery Buckley, Olivia Cargnel, Isabella
following the recessional.


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Staff photos by Len Lathrop

Your Locally Owned,

Independent Dental Office
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The recipient of The Mother Rivier Award

Norah Cummings leans in for a warm embrace from
Sister Maria as she is presented with her award.

262 Derry Road (Rt. 102) Litchfield, NH 03052

Congratulations Graduates!!!






Serving all your hardware needs since 1975.

114 Derry Rd. Hudson, NH 03051

p:603.883.3100 f: 603.883.8878

Kevin Flaherty has the distinct honor of earning

The Zachary Tompkins Christian Award
for his commitment to his faith.


Maynard & Lesieur

31 West Hollis St.Nashua, NH

883 7739


Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 11

Nonprofit Charitable Groups

must Register with
NH Charitable Trusts Unit
submitted by the Ofce
of the NH Attorney General
Attorney General Joseph A. Foster issued the
following consumer alert to citizens of the State
of New Hampshire: All nonprofit charitable
organizations doing business in New Hampshire
must register with and report to the NH
Department of Justice Charitable Trusts Unit.
In order to solicit donations, the charity
must be in good standing with this office.
Organizations that wish to conduct a raffle are
required to obtain a raffle permit from the city or
town in which the prize will be awarded.
Recently, the charitable trust unit has received
complaints from consumers who purchased
raffle tickets to support an organization named
Smile God Loves U Foundation. While it
was created as a New Hampshire non-profit
corporation to help people get treatment for
heroin addiction, it is not a registered charity
with this office.
Smile God Loves U sold raffle tickets to
benefit a substance abuse treatment center. The

ticket price was $50 and offered a chance to

win two snowmobiles with a trailer or $12,500
cash. The winning ticket was to be drawn at
a local establishment on Jan. 30 at noon. The
drawing did not take place. When consumers
called Smile God Loves U, they were advised
that the organization had not sold enough tickets
to award the prizes. Although one purchaser did
manage to get back the ticket price, it is unclear
whether all purchasers have received refunds.
Also, the substance abuse center received no
funds from the raffle.
Attempts to resolve the matter with Smile God
Loves U have not succeeded. Therefore, the
attorney general suggests that consumers who
bought raffle tickets should contact Smile God
Loves U to seek a refund. The attorney general
also urges caution if consumers are approached
to donate money or buy raffle tickets from the
Consumers with any information concerning
this organization should contact the charitable
trusts unit at 271-3591.

Winer and Bennett, LLP

has been providing exceptional
legal advice and advocacy
to its individual and
corporate clients for
over 55 years.

Hudson Community Television

Monday, June 27 and Thursday, June 30
7:00 a.m. Jazz Cardio
7:30 a.m. Expedition New England
8:00 a.m. The Humble Farmer
9:00 a.m. Lucys Big Beautiful World of Painting
9:30 a.m. Rodgers Memorial Library Music
10:30 a.m. Seattle Community Farm
11:00 a.m. Old Man of the Mountain - 10 Year
11:30 a.m. Expedition New England
12:00 p.m. Cooking with Marie
12:30 p.m. Small Things Greatly
1:00 p.m. Peters Corner
1:30 p.m. The Humble Farmer
2:30 p.m. The Folklorist
3:00 p.m. The Local Kids Show
3:30 p.m. Old Man of the Mountain - 10 Year
4:00 p.m. Steve Katsos Show
4:30 p.m. That Was the Week That was
5:30 p.m. Cooking with Marie
6:00 p.m. Cheer Talk
6:30 p.m. Jazz Cardio
7:00 p.m. Web of Light
Tuesday, June 28 and Friday, July 1
7:00 a.m. Jazz Cardio
7:30 a.m. The Humble Farmer
8:30 a.m. The Folklorist
9:00 a.m. The Apostolic Fathers with Steve Ray
10:00 a.m. The History of the Tuskegee Airmen
12:00 p.m. Litchfield Fire Department and
Hudson Fire Department - Fire Rescue Demo
1:00 p.m. Whats Cooking in Lakeville
1:30 p.m. Web of Light
2:30 p.m. Good News - Dorothy Part 2
3:00 p.m. The Folklorist
3:30 p.m. The Local Kids Show
4:00 p.m. Steve Katsos Show
4:30 p.m. The Humble Farmer

5:30 p.m. Peters Corner

6:30 p.m. Jazz Cardio
7:00 p.m. ACT Racing
Sunday, June 26 and Wednesday, June 29
7:00 a.m. Jazz Cardio
7:30 a.m. Cheer Talk
8:00 a.m. Knights of Columbus Present
9:00 a.m. Good News - Dorothy Part 2
9:30 a.m. Voices of Truth
10:00 a.m. Trinity Assembly of God
11:00 a.m. Mountain Man Adventures
12:00 p.m. Paul With Steve Ray part 2
1:00 p.m. Good News - Dorothy Part 2
1:30 p.m. Stateside Footy
3:30 p.m. Trinity Assembly of God
4:30 p.m. Rodgers Memorial Library Music
5:30 p.m. Jazzercise
6:30 p.m. Jazz Cardio
7:00 p.m. That Was the Week that Was
Saturday, July 2
7:00 a.m. Jazz Cardio
7:30 a.m. Adventures of Lee and Jeremy
8:30 a.m. Local Kids Show
9:00 a.m. Rodgers Memorial Library Music
10:00 a.m. Cheer Talk
11:30 a.m. Alvirne Farm Day
12:00 p.m. Good News - Dorothy Part 2
12:30 p.m. Peters Corner
1:00 p.m. Web of Light
2:00 p.m. ACT Racing
4:00 p.m. Joey Pole Racing Plans for 2016
4:30 p.m. Steve Katsos Show
5:00 p.m. The Humble Farmer
6:00 p.m. Peters Corner
6:30 p.m. Jazz Cardio
7:00 p.m. ACT Racing

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Laurel Place


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12 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Thumbs Up?

Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.
Thumbs down. The Orlando Shooter no more
represents all Muslims as he does all gun owners.
.If you believe criminals will follow existing
or new regulations, then I would recommend
relocating to Chicago, Florida or New York ... how
are all those extra regulations working for you

Hudson students 44 percent were not college

ready taking remedial classes in college before
they can take their pre-requisites. I ask our
superintendent, what is being done to improve
math scores in the 30 percent and low English
scores on the Smarter Balance? How are these
kids prepared for college? What is being done to
improve test scores? Property taxes in 2014, 2015
on the school side went up 52 percent; raises
were given despite these low test scores.

Thumbs up to Coach Scott Taylor for all the

years youve dedicated to
coaching (first soccer and then
lax) our youth in Litchfield. We
appreciate you taking the time
Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW
to get to know and understand
the boys, and for meeting their
individual needs. Youve helped
them develop and mature as
players and as people too!
Thank you!

Thumbs up to our very own Robin Pappal for

swiftly securing a scholarship at Albany Medical
School. Circus peanuts for you!

Oil Burner Tune Up Special $125

Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services


Over 30 years of experience - Fully Insured

All Brands
Thumbs down to the
High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters Available
search process for a new
603-635-2012 SeniorDiscounts 603-204-8581
principal for Campbell High
School. The search committee
failed to consider at least two, highly qualified
candidates who are residents of Litchfield. Many
communities strive to have residents lead their
Thumbs down, New Hampshire is number 1
schools, but apparently thats not the case in
for opiod abuse. Could it be lack of opportunity
and decent paying jobs, or the highest college
tuition costs in the country, or even the lack of
Pell grants/financial aid? We need to continue to
Thumbs down. Remember, perception is
speak to our state reps about the importance of
everything! When receiving a very generous
grants/financial aid for our students interested in
scholarship to plaster a happy smile on your face,
going to college. More federal monies need to
shake the benefactors hand, say thank you, smile
be issued to pay for college aide. We have high
for the camera, hold your head high, keep said
property taxes in New Hampshire, low paying
smile on your face and be humble when you
jobs and little opportunity for our young people.
return to your seat. Because when you look like
you just sucked on lemons after receiving your
award and act as if you wanted to be somewhere
Thumbs up. While stopped at a traffic light
else. This conduct makes the people who gave
I saw a driver blatantly talking on a cell phone
you said award think twice. There were many
tooted the horn to indicate a No-No activity just as deserving students present at Monday
received a finger salute and mouthies in response
Nights Awards Dinner who applied for the same
and she continued cell phone use - wrote to the
scholarships, I am quite sure that they would have
Hudson Police Department giving date, time,
gladly changed places with you. Signed, Said
location and license plate number - Hudson PD
Benefactor (one of the many)
called and said they would contact the car owner
and pass along that info - A big thumbs up from
me to the Hudson PD!
Thumbs down to Obama and Shaheen, its
their policy of allowing illegal migration of
terrorists that led to the Orlando massacre. Now
Thumbs down to the hoarders in Litchfield!
Obama and Shaheen want to make it easier for
This is a beautiful neighborhood, cant the town
the terrorists by taking away our ability to defend
do something about this eyesore, its a fire hazard
our families!
waiting to happen! Dont know how their
neighbors put up with it!

Thumbs down to the family in Litchfield with

the house in the backyard! There is a man living
in there who throws parties all the time and many
of these party goers look underage. Where are the
police on this?

Thumbs up to Mr. Sullivan. You have done

another fabulous job with the kids. Litchfield
is lucky to have such a dedicated person as a
director and are proud of the three productions
this year as well as all you have accomplished.

Thumbs up to Alvirne High Schools Class

of 2016 and Principal Steve Beals for such
a wonderful and entertaining graduation
ceremony. My mother thoroughly enjoyed the
commencement ceremony and said that it was
the best she has ever been to. She should know,
shes seen all 10 of her grandchildren graduate
(four of them from Alvirne) and said that this
one outdid the rest. Allowing the graduates to
decorate their caps and letting the beach balls rip
after the formalities were completed added to the
festivities! Great job Erin R. Julia B. and Kabir K.
as well.

Thumbs down to the pizza place under new

management. You got the order wrong four times.
Hold the onions means hold the onions. Food
allergy. Light sauce means easy on the sauce.
Marinated chicken means there should be chicken
on the sandwich and no cheese means scrape off
the cheese and let it go. Maybe you should be
paying more attention to a customers requests
rather than your makeup and low cut jumpsuit.
Keep your coupons and keep your attitude.

Thumbs up/Thumbs down. In 2015 a popular

local newspaper stated, New Hampshire and

was already fixed. How deep is this problem?

Thumbs down. How do you use our laws to
go bankrupt four times in nine years? Then how
do you turn around and get to spend $45 million
on yourself as a candidate? Someone got taken.
Someone at Trump University got taken. Trump
is in this campaign for the money, he knows he
stands to make trillions.

Thumbs down to the Litchfield School District.

Week after week we see thumbs down to the SAU
office. What is going on? I thought this problem

Thumbs up to Democrat presidential nominee

Hillary Clinton. Her Republican opponent
Donald Trump continues to spew out hate-filled
diatribes against foreigners, taking advantage of
the Pulse nightclub tragedy to shore up his bigoted
demographic. Concurrently, Clinton continues
speaking to the truth regarding the proliferation
of assault rifles and other deadly weapons in
our society. We are the most violent nation in
all of Western civilization, and will continue to
be as long as the Washington GOP and gunloving allies like Trump continue their opposition
against common-sense weapons laws, including
background checks, that 80 percent of Americans


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Thumbs up. Its unnerving to live in such

a damaged world. On a daily basis, please
remember our first responders, our police,
firefighters and public safety officers in your
prayers. They put their lives on the line every day.
Every time a police officer has to pull someone
over, you just know he/she is literally playing
Russian Roulette with their life. On behalf of all
the people they keep safe each day, a big thumbs
up from a grateful member of the community.
Thumbs up. Nicole (if thats her real name)
and her column All About Me is kind of


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Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs

up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Thumbs comments
can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Thumbs
comment, please specify that you would like it printed
in the Hudson~Litchfield News. During the election
campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct
endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page.
No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to
the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

(Ready for state inspection)

Brake, Suspension

With Coupon

Thumbs down. The people that toss everything

from a cigarette butt to dirty diapers out of their
car windows. Why is it so hard for someone to
not litter? How hard is it to just wait until you get
to a garbage can? I especially get annoyed when
people leave their trash in shopping plaza parking
lots. Almost every business has a garbage can in
front of its doors. Why dump
your stuff on the pavement?
Dump your Big Gulp cup into a
trash can. Dont teach your kids
to litter, either. When in doubt,
throw it an actual trash

Thumbs up. To the Hudson

News for covering all
Everyday Low Prices
the different graduations that
have taken place over the last
few weeks. We enjoy getting our
76 Derry Road (Route 102 Plaza) Hudson, NH
paper every week but the last
Wed - Fri 10:00 - 6:00, Sat 10 - 3:00
few weeks were just wonderful,
with all the smiling, happy faces
of the graduates. The pictures were plentiful and
it made this parent very happy and proud. Thanks
Thumbs down to the Litchfield School
again for all the great photos and stories that went
Board for empowering a part-time, interim
along with them. Hats off to the graduates! Well
superintendent to select the next principal
done and good luck.
for Campbell High School. His choice is a
person with no connection to the school or the
Thumbs up. To the local mechanic who gave
community of Litchfield. He will be gone in a
me a totally different quote than the first big box
year and we are stuck with his choice to lead our
store mechanic guy had given me. Im glad that
high school for years to come.
my friend suggested I go get a second opinion
for the problem I was having with my car. The
local mechanic did not know that I had already
Thumbs down to me! I was reading the June
seen one other mechanic and got a quote. He
17 thumbs with such excitement when I saw that
told me that I had the same problem that the first
Chief Buxton was leaving the town, only to be
mechanic said I had, but his price for fixing it was
disappointed when I realized it was Chef Buxton
almost $100 less. I dont know if it was the parts
leaving. If only it was the other way around! Too
or the labor that made the price go up so high the
bad the wrong one is leaving. Maybe Fire Chief
first time but it doesnt matter, what matters is that
Buxton will surprise us with a much needed
I want to give thumbs up to the local guy who
fixed my car and did not overcharge me.

Autos Trucks Commercial Vehicles RVs

NH State Inspection FREE Tire Rotation

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Thumbs up. The new Welcome to Hudson

sign is a lovely addition to our town. Sometimes
when the people speak, the powers that be
actually listen. Just the simple fact of having a
welcome sign signifies that we are an open and
welcoming community. The sign itself is very
pretty, and the message that it conveys speaks
volumes to visitors and residents alike. It gives
people a real opportunity to take pride in our

Hudson Pool & Spa Care

We want to be your Mechanic

Oil Change

refreshing in its own way. I can see that a lot of

people dont agree with what she says, and she
even manages to aggrivate a few people. But she
reminds me of an oyster and its pearl. Its irritating
until it produces this wonderful thing. Maybe that
is what will become of Nicole and her column. It
may be called All About Me but its really about
all of us. Shes what we used to call a squeaky
wheel - hopefully she will continue to provide
though provoking insights into her generation and
hopefully inspire change.

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at Town Hall, 12 School Street, Hudson, New Hampshire to consider adding Chapter 259-32 and
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Town of Hudson

Town of Hudson



Proposed Modification to Chapter 317-30 of the Town Code of the Town of Hudson

Proposed Additions to Chapters 259 and 317 of the Town Code of the Town of Hudson

Chapter 317-30 is entitled Vehicles and Traffic, Schedule III, Stop Intersections
Please take notice that in accordance with NH RSA 41:11-b the Town of Hudson Board of Selectmen shall hold a public hearing on June 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the Selectmens Meeting Room at
Town Hall, 12 School Street, Hudson, New Hampshire to consider an amendment to Chapter
317-30 of the Code of the Town of Hudson. The amendment would add a stop sign on Bockes
Road at the intersection of Lawrence Road.
Residents wishing to speak on the matter are invited to attend.
Stephen A. Malizia
Town Administrator
June 24, 2016 HLN

Chapter 259 is entitled Parks and Recreation Areas and Chapter 317 is entitled
Advanced Landscape & Design
Vehicles and Traffic

Spring Clean Ups

Please take notice that in accordance with NH RSA 41:11-b the Town Complete
of Hudson
of Select Complete Fertilizing
men shall hold a public hearing on June 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM in the Selectmens
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at Town Hall, 12 School Street, Hudson, New Hampshire to consider adding
259-32 and
Low Cost Spring Clean Ups
Chapter 317-24.1 to the Code of the Town of Hudson. The addition would add permitted parking
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to the top parking area of Benson Park.
Well Meet or Beat

Residents wishing to speak on the matter are invited to attend.

Any Competitors Price by 10%


Stephen A. Malizia

Town Administrator
June 24, 2016 HLN

14 - June 24, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News






Staff photos by Kaylee Murphy

Birds of Prey Land in Litchfield


The Eurasian eagle owl shows off its impressive wing span.

as she
to the
pie crow.

Puzzle 26 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.51)

Generated by

Answers on page 5

Dumont - Sullivan
Funeral Homes &
Cremation Services

eagle owl. It can be found in

Russias Siberia and parts of Asia.
Kelly remarked that if Arnold
Schwarzenegger were a bird,
he would be this bird. The owl,
although large in size, only weighs
about eight pounds. Part of the
reason is that the bones are hollow
and the bird has a lot of feathers.
If you were to touch the owl with
your finger, feathers would come
up to your knuckle.
All four birds were interesting
and different. Both kids and their
parents learned some fun new
facts. The presentation was an
educational and fun way to start of
the summer.



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by Kaylee Murphy
Families flocked to the Litchfield Middle School on Tuesday
night to watch Jane Kellys presentation on birds of prey.
Kelly, of On the Wing Wildlife Rehabilitation in Epping, gave an
informative speech with both children and parents posing a variety
of questions about each of the four birds that she brought. To keep
the kids attention she would ask them questions such as what
a specific bird might eat. One child answered chicken noodle
Kelly said she frequently gets funny questions about various
birds. She has had people call her up on the phone frantically
asking if their dogs will be ok if vultures are outside. Her response
is vultures eat dead things, so is your dog dead? Kelly has been
rehabilitating birds for six years.
The African pie crow was the first bird Kelly introduced to the
audience. This black-and-white crow can live up to seven to 10
years in the wild. It is fairly intelligent and can remember faces for
up to three years. Like parrots, these crows try to mimic human
words, but because their tongues are pointed and not round, the
words arent as clear. This bird lives in Kellys home and tries to
eat her salsa when shes not looking. According to Kelly, the crow
thinks hes human. At the end of his time during the presentation
he protested going back into his cage.
The second bird was a screech owl named Scout. A small gray
bird, Scout was hit by a car and so cant see out of one of her eyes.
Owls eyes are fascinating because they can make their eyes work
independently as well as together. They can also see infrared and
ultraviolet light.
The barn owl was the most beautiful bird that Kelly presented.
She said if Jay Leno were a bird he would be the barn owl,
probably because of its large, elongated head. Barn owls can be
found in barns located primarily in the southern United States.
Unfortunately, this barn owl decided to leave everyone a present
on the cafeteria floor.
The last bird that was brought out was the biggest, the Eurasian


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The beautiful barn owl (A Jay Leno look-alike?)

makes an appearance at the presentation.


The screech owl looks around the large crowd curiously.


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who have completed Beginner I or equivalent course.
Puppy Kindergarten- For Puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks.
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Hudson - Litchfield News | June 24, 2016 - 15

Campbell Graduate
Hayden Stagnone
Earns Fisher Cats
Scholar-Athlete Award

Griffith Comes up Just Short

of Claremont Speedway
Repeat Victory

established the Fisher Cats Foundation to be
a catalyst for the betterment of communities
statewide by supporting youth programs that
encourage education and promote healthy
living. Through the generous support of
players, employees, sponsors and fans, the
Fisher Cats Foundation continuously works
to make a positive impact throughout New
Hampshire and north central Massachusetts.
As the primary funding source for the teams
philanthropy, the Fisher Cats Foundation
supports a wide variety of non-profit
organizations and coordinates several
fundraising programs and events. Since its
inception in 2006, the Foundation and the
Fisher Cats have provided nearly $4 million
in monetary and in-kind donations to over
3,500 non-profit organizations.
Since 2007, the Fisher Cats Foundation
has awarded $292,500 in scholarships to
117 New Hampshire and Massachusetts
students. The Fisher Cats return home on
Friday, June 24 to begin a weekend series
against the Harrisburg Senators. Fans will
have the opportunity to meet Paralympian
Victoria Arlen and take photos with Clifford
the Big Red Dog on Friday the 24th, while
Star Wars Night returns to Northeast
Delta Dental Stadium on Saturday the
25th. Sunday the 26th is Franco-American
Heritage Day at the ballpark, and the first
1,000 kids will receive a free superhero
baseball thanks to Bank of New Hampshire.

Griffith was upbeat but

disappointed in his post-race
comments, When you can have a
battle like that with the caliber of
drivers such as Jeremy and DJ, its
fun. I feel bad for DJ toward the
end; thats not the way a racers day
should end and congratulations to
Jeremy on the victory. We wanted
a repeat win and we came up just
The Hitman Firearms & Industries/
FEP Insurance Toyota Camry race
team now turns its focus back the Pro All Stars Series
as the tour invades Lee USA Speedway on Friday, June
24. Derek currently sits sixth in the season-long points
battle and should contend for his first PASS victory. The
last time PASS visited Lee Speedway on June 26, Griffith
captured an eighth-place finish.
Keep up with Derek Griffith on social media
at or
derekgriffith12 and
Courtesy photo

submitted by Tyler Murray,

New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Campbell High School graduate Hayden
Stagnone has earned a 2016 Fisher Cats
Foundation Scholar-Athlete Scholarship.
The senior is one of 12 scholarship winners
who will be recognized during an on-field
ceremony before the Fisher Cats game on
Saturday, July 9.
Ten graduates from New Hampshire
high schools and two from northern
Massachusetts were named Fisher Cats
Foundation Scholar-Athletes, each earning
a $2,500 scholarship. The scholarship
recipients were selected based upon
criteria of academic excellence, athletic
achievement and active citizenship in the
community. Money for the scholarships was
raised through several foundation endeavors,
most notably the Granite State Baseball
Dinner held annually in November.
Stagnone is receiving the scholarship in
recognition of his hard work as a scholar and
an athlete at Campbell High. Hayden served
as a captain of the schools soccer team
after having participated as part of both the
basketball and track teams. On the soccer
team, he won MVP in 2014 and made allstate selection teams in both 2014 and 2015.
Hayden was also a member of the schools
student council, the National Honor Society
and the New Hampshire Scholars. He will
attend Assumption College with an interest
in pursuing a major in biology.
The New Hampshire Fisher Cats

submitted by Eric LaFleche

After visiting Claremont Speedway for
the first time ever in 2015 and coming
away with the Granite State Pro Stock
Series victory, Derek Griffith rolled into
town on Friday, June 17, with a repeat on
his mind.
The 2015 GSPSS champion started the
night off right by capturing his heat race
victory. He then drew an invert of 8. The
young Hudson native would roll off in
eighth place on the 17-car field.
Griffith moved through the field quickly
and was in the top 5 within the first 15 laps of the
100-lap event. DJ Shaw and eventual winner No. 09
of Jeremy Davis all battled it out in the later part of the
Griffith and Shaw would swap the lead out several
times, with Davis riding in the third spot and as the laps
winded down, the two drivers got into an incident that
caused Shaw to spin; then on the white flag lap, Griffith
got loose which allowed Davis to drive underneath him
and grab the checkered flag.

Alvirne and Campbell Baseball Players

Achieve All-State Status
The New Hampshire High School Baseball Coaches
Association annually recognizes high school baseball
players across the state for their accomplishments
during the season. Congratulations to 2016 All-State
team players for their accomplishments.
NH All-State Team Players
Division I
Second Team

Matt McKinley, Alvirne, Grade 12

Jacen Hudson, Alvirne, Grade 12
Division III
First Team
Kyle Shaw, Campbell, Grade 12
Griffin St. Onge, Campbell, Grade 11
Second Team
Matt Gagne, Campbell, Grade 11

Iron Birds Rule the Roost as Majors Division Champions

submitted by Charlie Huggins
In a battle of the top two teams in the Hudson Youth Baseball Majors
division the Iron Birds were able to flex their muscle and top the determined
Rock Hounds 7-3 to capture the title.
Quintin Perillo got the Hounds on the board in the top of the first when he
ripped a single up the middle plating Austin Spooner who singled earlier in
the frame. The Iron Birds went quietly in their half of the inning but erupted
for three runs in the second giving them a lead they would not relinquish.
Anthony Santos, Dean Wimmer and AJ Prescott all walked to lead off the
inning, and Liz Huggins hit a 3-2 changeup into left field scoring two runs.
Prescott would also score on an errant throw with Huggins eventually
winding up at third. Spooner would score on an Ethan Moccia double in the
third, cutting the lead to one, but Xavier Santanas single in the bottom of the
third would score Evan Beals who had tripled.
The fourth inning was quiet for both teams. John Crawford would score
in the fifth to again make it a one-run game at 4-3, but with hits by Josh
MacDonald, Beals, Santana, Wimmer and Prescott, the champs scored three
more runs to seal the game. The Iron Birds finished the season with a 16-1
record while the Rock Hounds wound up at 9-8.
Liz Huggins cruises into third as Mark
Rando awaits a throw.

The newly crowned champs show off their hardware.

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Josh MacDonald scores the fifth run

of the game and the final run
of his HYB career.


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equivalent of driving the length of a football field without looking at the
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One Industrial Drive

(Rt. 111, Hudson, NH

16 - June 24, 2016

Hudson Hornets U11 Team
Takes State Championship

Bobcatz Take Championship

in Walk-Off Fashion

submitted by Hudson Hornets

On June 19, the Hudson Hornets girls U11
soccer team played the Merrimack Mustangs in
Pembroke for the Division 3 State Championship.
The game was hard fought by the two teams with
spectacular play on both sides of the ball.
At the end of the first half, Hudson was down
zero to one after a hand ball in the penalty box
resulted in a penalty kick for Merrimack. In the
second half, the Hudson team came back to take
the lead 2-1 until a goal in the final minutes of
play by Merrimack tied the game at two a piece at
the end of regulation time.
The game proceeded to an overtime period that
ended with the score still tied. After an additional

overtime period with no score, the game

proceeded to the penalty phase where each team
performed five penalty kicks. The Hudson goalie
was spectacular, only allowing a single ball to get
by her while the Hudson players scored multiple
goals leading to a Hudson victory.
Coach Kraus and the girls were understandably
ecstatic over the victory. This team has worked
exceptionally hard over the past two years leading
to this point. It was a particularly special win
given that this was their goalies final game as
she is moving out of the area after the season
completes. Congratulations to the ladies of the
Hudson Hornets and the dedicated coaching staff.

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Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo


submitted by Jimmy Cestrone

The 10U Bobcatz won the
Hudson Recreation championship
with a thrilling extra-innings
three-run homer off the bat of
Madison Mad Dog Bradish.
The Bobcatz, with the
number-1 seed, faced the
number-3 seed Tyngsboro
Lightening for a winner-take-all
game Thursday night at Kiwanis
field. The Bobcatz were the
lone remaining Hudson team in
the final four. After the Bobcatz
relinquished the lead in the final
frame, the emotional game went
into extra innings, setting up the
international tie-breaker scenario.
It was proven that seven innings
wasnt enough, so, to the eighth
they went. The Lightening pushed
one run across to take the lead.
With the Bobcatz having
home field advantage they were
awarded last ups, setting the
stage for Mad Dog. With one
out and two on base Mad Dog
came to the plate. The tension
10U Bobcatz: Lisette Beauchemin, Maiya Beauchemin, Madison Bradish,
could be cut with a knife, with
Allyson Casey, Faith Cestrone, Kaelyn Collinge, Najiyah Mitchell,
the home crowd chanting Here
Courtney Peaslee, Kate Vowels, and Mia Tardiff. Missing from photo:
we go Bobcatz. Mad Dog, after
Miley Auger. Coaches Jimmy Cestrone, Glenn Bradish, and Marty Vowels.
swinging and missing twice,
sent a 2-and-2 fastball sailing
who finished with three hits on the day and 14
over the right fielders head and sending the
strikeouts on the hill. The Bobcatz got a late
hometown faithful into a frenzy. The Bobcatz got
defensive stop by Kate Vowels and timely hitting
a gutsy performance from pitcher Faith Cestrone
from Courtney Peaslee and Allyson Casey.

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