The Leadership Golf Challenge

A unique leadership programme that challenges you to breakthrough your leadership potential and attain higher levels of performance… on the green
You are a manager of your organisation, division, or department with immense scope to impact not only on the operational and financial performance of the business, but also on the motivational and cultural aspects that shape your organisation’s future competitive positioning. As you're constantly being asked to do more with less, being able to lead people to accomplish their best and sustain the results is increasingly important. You may be questioning why you have genuine leadership ability, yet are still only getting average results. Training successful leaders means going beyond the traditional classroom. At CELSIM, our leadership programmes leverage the power of competitive team-based simulation experiences to create alignment, catalyse change, and drive long-term performance. We believe in enabling participants to get the best out of people by assisting them to get the best out of themselves. That means participants will be able to attain higher levels of performance and more importantly, sustain them.

Led by experienced leadership facilitators and PGA golf coaches – a golf challenge, the business of leadership
In an increasingly complex corporate and competitive environment, superior leadership qualities and competencies are critical to success. An innovative and powerful leadership programme, The Leadership Golf Challenge provides participants with the opportunity to gain leadership skills, while improving their game of golf. This programme goes boldly where no leadership training has gone before. It raises the standard for leadership development with an engaging, fast-paced simulation on the golf course as the extended classroom where application of skills are immediate, the learning process enjoyable and memorable! Participants, in just two days, leapfrog to higher levels of judgment and insight. They’re challenged to think. Assess risks. Deal with non-performance. Decide. Act. They get blindsided. They recover. They consider both short- and long-range business impact. The challenge becomes the backdrop for deeper insight into the leadership actions that lead to positive business results.

Part business simulation. Part experiential learning. 100% challenge. Are you ready for your next big opportunity?

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The Leadership Golf Challenge
Transforming today's opportunities into tomorrow's business
Learning Objectives Primarily, The Leadership Golf Challenge is a competitive team-based simulation designed around the game of golf to achieve the following example learning objectives: Teamwork and Leadership • How to build effective teams, implement change efficiently, avoid conflict, and work with a team in a competitive environment • How to identify individual leadership "blind spots" and recognise personal leadership styles Communication and Interpersonal Skills • How to develop communication processes that optimise corporate performances • How to manage superiors, subordinates, and peers in stressful, competitive situations Strategy • How to align team performance with corporate strategy and collaboratively solve complex business problems • How to create and articulate a clear strategic vision as a team and implement the vision in the face of adverse events Integrated Debriefing and Leadership Sessions Over the course of the simulation experience, teams participate in carefully designed leadership sessions that link simulation learning to real-world performance. Following the simulation, participants usually engage in intensive debriefing sessions. They are guided through critical thinking exercises as they explore organisational leadership challenges. They understand the criticality of the leadership role, what they must do to lead effectively and how their behaviours and actions impact both personal and organisational success. About CELSIM CELSIM is the Leadership and Simulations arm of Corporate Edge Group. Based on our GAINMORE™ Advantage Learning and Development framework – developed through 14 years of research – we deliver high impact training using experiential simulations to offer a unique blend of realism, pragmatism and thought leadership for business advantage. We have successfully partnered many public and private sector organisations worldwide, including Affin Bank, Aviva, Astro Networks, DSM Nutritional Products, National Library Board, Nokia, Sime Darby, Sunway Holdings and Temasek Holdings in Asia, to maximise their people performance. Copyright © 2009 CELSIM - All Rights Reserved From the onset, we work closely with our clients to create practical, relevant and challenging development programmes that deliver immediate and lasting impact on organisational performance. To discuss how we can transform you and your organisation to cope with the immediate, prepare for the future and lead the process of organisational renewal, please contact: John Kenworthy Head of CELSIM Tel: (65) 6245 0908 Email:

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