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Any Real Family Naturist Resorts in the Mid Atlantic Region?

We recently received the following question in our inbox:

We would like to see a family nudist resort with our two sons, ages 17 and 13. They would be
willing to go only if you can find a group of other young kids or teenagers there.
What are some of the nudist resorts in the Mid Atlantic region that commonly have a large
number of children my sons' ages? I went to meeting fresh folks etc. Most of the folks were
elderly before that promised to be naturist family-oriented but I suppose the 'nudist families'
had no children. Please email us with some recommendations? Thanks.
Despite the amount of "family-friendly" nudist resorts and naturist clubs in the U.S., there are
far fewer that really have a major existence of naturist families and children.
It is gloomy, but it appears as though naturist clubs which were once populated by families
and kids, you're now lucky if you find one or two "token" nudist children there. Anybody who
has visited naturist resorts during the 70's, 80's and 90's has probably noticed this change.
I grew up at Rock Lodge Club in NJ, which includes ever been quite family-oriented. And I do
not mean they simply write "Kids are welcome" on their website.
Rock Lodge has always organized special naturist family events during summer time, it has
two playground areas while offering communal playthings at the playa and game places.
They truly make a conscious attempt to focus on nudist families with young children.
Growing up during the 90's, I witnessed a rapid decline in the number of children at RL. By
the time I was 12, I had one best friend my age and 1-2 other girls to hang out with,
depending on who was around.
My younger brother stopped seeing our nudist club thoroughly because there were no longer
any young boys around his age.
Children Painting at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens Family Nudist
Resort (FL)
I haven't spent as much time at Rock Lodge over the previous few years, but fortunately,
there appears to be an uptick in naturist families with children again! But whether there are 5
children or 20 kids, I still urge RL as they're truly a terrific place for young families.
But what will be to account for this change in the demographic at naturist resorts and naturist
clubs? My best guess is that it's due to a deficiency of promotion. It is the same reason clubs
are not bringing young adult nudists. They're not accommodating to the 21st century and
using today's tools to bring in new folks.
This lack of on-line presence is an important dilemma and unfortunately, many naturist
companies are going to go under unless they change their MO.
Moreover, there may also be some clubs that decided to become more swinger-oriented, or
couples-only, or determined to merely appeal to empty nesters only.
Whatever the cause, I think the naturist community must be more pro active in bringing in
more naturist families and children again. There is no motive nudist clubs and resorts
shouldn't be filled with them! It is a disgrace to see them evaporate from naturist places and
ultimately, it's a hindrance to the increase of the naturist movement in general.
One of the most pervasive and dangerous myths about nudism in the U.S. is that it is not
"family-friendly" and that nudity is bad for kids. This myth has no basis in reality, and studies
on the topic have really found that simple nudity is beneficial to kids.

But it lasts and it's always used an excuse to shut down unclothed beaches and nudist
places (or to reject proposals for new ones). The lack of actual families in naturism is not
helping to crush A Warm Reception Given To LA World Naked Bike Riders Through Los
Angeles .
When it comes to response to the question above, I recommended visiting Rock Lodge,
especially during holiday weekends and their particular family days. I have also seen quite
several children at Empire Haven during the yearly Northeast Naturist Festival (though I can
not speak for the routine Empire Haven season, but I am thinking there is not generally a lot
of children.)
Large naturist occasions and festivals, given that they're kid-friendly, are typically wise since
they bring lots of individuals.
Aside from that, I am kind of at a loss because of this region. At other clubs, I've either seen
just one or two children, or we were not there long enough to see the usual crowd.
So what can you recommend, readers? Have you any idea any family friendly naturist
resortwhere you have seen an important existence of families / children in the Midatlantic
area? (I don't understand exactly where they reside, but the Mid Atlantic region can comprise
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia & West Virginia.)
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