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Make a Pledge to Walk more. Eat well. Live longer.

Walk for your heart at the 2016

Greater Northern
New Jersey
Heart Walk
The American Heart Association is committed to helping Americans eat better, move more and live longer. The
first annual Greater Northern New Jersey Heart Walk is part of this movement and serves as the cornerstone
walking, recognition and celebration event which annually brings together thousands helping raise funds to
support lifesaving cardiovascular research in an effort to fight our No. 1 and No. 5 health threats: heart disease
and stroke.

Did you know?
80% of cardiac events could be
prevented by living healthier?
October 23rd, 2016 Join us and help create a
8:00 a.m. Registration Opens culture of health.
10:00 a.m. Walk Kicks Off

ADP Corporate Headquarters Why? Life is Why.™

1 ADP Boulevard
Roseland, NJ 07068

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For information on how your company can be involved with the Greater Northern New Jersey Heart Walk,
please contact the Greater NNJ Heart Walk team:
We Need Your Help Raising
Funds to Fight Heart Disease and Stroke!
Our Mission:
Building healthier lives, free of
cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

At 4 months old,

Join Us Today!
Jake Urowsky
was diagnosed

Start a Community Team for the with a severe heart

disease called dilated
Greater Northern NJ HeartWalk cardiomyopathy. After
a brief stay in hospice,
experimental drugs and
Greater Northern New Jersey
a lifesaving surgery gave
Heart Walk Jake more than a second
1 ADP Blvd. Roseland, NJ chance … it gave him life. At 8 years
October 23rd, 2016 old, Jake loves anything involving a ball. He has
8:00AM Check In - 9:00AM Walk played travel baseball for the past two years and dreams of
playing for the New York Yankees!

Register online at After witnessing the miracles of modern-day medicine, Jake’s

parents, Amy and Todd Urowsky, now devote their energies to raising funds for the American Heart Association by participating
in Heart Walk. For the past six years, Team Urowsky has been
As a Team Captain for the
the largest family team. More than 100 team members have raised
American Heart Association …
more than $115,000.
• Recruit family, friends and neighbors to
raise money for our lifesaving mission!
• Everyone can raise money online.
Contact Information:
• Raise money as a team through group
fundraisers and events. Suzanne Isbell
Regional Director Greater Northern NJ
To Start a Team …
Phone: 848-218-2493
• Go to the website and click “Register Here.”
• Select “Start A Team.”
• Select “New Team Under Company” and
“Community Teams” as the company.

This seal signifies that the

American Heart Association -
National meets the BBB Wise
Giving Alliance’s Standards for
Charity Accountability.
Support Our Mission
Research: Fighting Heart Disease and Stroke
More than 2,200 Americans die of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases each day — one person every 39
seconds. These diseases claim more lives each year than cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases and accidents combined.
Research is a major weapon in our fight against cardiovascular diseases. Since 1949, the American Heart Association has funded
more than $3.3 billion in research to increase our knowledge about cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

We Need Your Help

Our research programs have contributed to many important scientific advances. Yet we need more resources to fund deserving
research and to attract and encourage promising scientists to careers in cardiovascular and stroke research. Although we
funded 979 new research grants in 2010–11, we didn’t have the additional $97.2 million needed to fund the other highly
meritorious applications.

1940s 1960s 1980s

An AHA-funded researcher finds Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was An AHA-funded researcher’s earlier basic
sulfanilamide can act as a diuretic. developed. The AHA led the way in work provided preliminary data for the
Diuretics help treat congestive heart CPR training for the public. understanding of how the drug-eluting stent
failure and high blood pressure. would work.

1950s 1970s 1990s

An AHA-funded researcher implants the An AHA-funded researcher shows An AHA-funded researcher receives approval
first externally powered pacemaker in a the overriding dominance of the for a treatment for Respiratory Distress
patient with a surgical heart blockage. kidneys in the long-term regulation Syndrome, a common cause of death for
of blood pressure. premature infants.

©2012, American Heart Association. Also known as the Heart Fund. 3/12DS4834
The Heart of New Jersey
Heart disease and stroke significantly impact our community.
On average, heart disease claims the lives of over 18,730 New Jersey residents each
year and stroke claims the lives of over 3,402 residents. But in many cases, heart
OUR MISSION disease and stroke are preventable.
To build healthier The American Heart Association | American Stroke Association is the nation's oldest,
largest voluntary organization providing public health education in a variety of ways
lives free of in order to help individuals live healthier lives and reduce their risk of heart disease
cardiovascular and stroke. Our programs, educational resources and advocacy initiatives are all
targeted at helping people identify and adopt healthier lifestyles.
diseases and stroke. We provide science-based treatment guidelines to healthcare professionals to help
ensure the best treatment for every patient, every time. We educate lawmakers,
policy makers and the public as we advocate for changes to protect and improve the
health of our communities.
Reduce deaths
from cardiovascular
diseases and stroke Research: Saving and Improving Lives
Since 1949 the American Heart Association has invested more than

20% 20%
$3.8 billion on research to fight heart disease and stroke — more
than any U.S organization outside the government. At least 28 cents
of every publicly-donated dollar to our affiliate is channeled into
research. We’re a trusted leader in the worlds of science and
Improve health medicine, funding the work of 13 Nobel Prize winners during their
of all Americans careers. The research we’ve supported has led to breakthroughs that
have saved countless lives including the first artificial heart valve, the
implanted pacemaker and CPR techniques and guidelines.
26% of deaths In New Jersey alone, the American Heart Association funds
in New Jersey $2,714,200 annually through 15 research studies.
are attributed
to heart disease Princeton University 2 $92,000
and 5% to stroke
Rutgers, State University of NJ 13 $2,622,200

NEW JERSEY TOTAL 15 $2,714,200

89  5,636 55 92,566
companies have You're the Cure Hospitals have been Children participate
been designated as volunteers help recognized for their in Jump Rope for
Fit Friendly Worksites, advocate for public commitment to Heart and Hoops
helping their employees policy change. quality improvement for Heart
stay healthy. and patient outcomes. educational
programs. (609) 208-0020


©2016, American Heart Association. Also known as the Heart Fund.

GO RED POR TU CORAZON The My Heart. My Life. movement is a END STROKE™

The Go Red For Women movement comprehensive health, wellness and Together to End Stroke focuses on
celebrates the energy, passion and fitness platform that empowers stroke awareness by engaging stroke
power of women to band together to Americans to get healthier by improving survivors, caregivers, friends and families
wipe out heart disease and stroke. eating habits and increasing physical of survivors and healthcare providers to
It encourages awareness of the issue and activity. share the message that stroke is
challenges women to know their risk and preventable, treatable and beatable.
take action.


Our You’re the Cure advocates are the HANDS ONLY™ CPR TO SERVE
moving force behind policy change at the Each year more than 9 million people are A program designed to improve health
local, state and national levels. Through trained in CPR through our Emergency within multicultural communities by
emails, phone calls, press outreach and Cardiovascular Care (ECC) programs. providing tools and resources that
face-to-face meetings with decision With our CPR Anytime™ kits, you can increase healthy living behaviors,
makers, You’re the Cure advocates learn CPR skills in just 22 minutes, while enhance the chain of survival and
directly influence policy on health issues. anyone can learn CPR skills through our expand access and empower Hands-Only CPR interactive website or communities.
mobile app.



WORKSITES A new approach in the fight against HOOPS FOR HEART®

Our Fit Friendly program recognizes childhood obesity, our teaching gardens Educational and fundraising programs
employers who champion the health of are real-life learning laboratories for for elementary, middle and high school
their employees and work to create a students to learn what it means to be students. The programs have raised over
culture of physical activity and health in healthy. We teach children how to plant $800 millions dollars while helping kids
the workplace. Our Activity Tracker tools seeds, nurture growing plants, harvest learn jump rope and basketball skills,
allows employees to track their physical produce and ultimately understand the community responsibility and how to
fitness activity. value of good eating habits. keep hearts healthy. or


THE GUIDELINES® A nationwide initiative to improve CONTROL
Helps ensure hospital's are reliably treatment for victims of what’s called This program empowers people to
applying our most recent scientific ST-segment elevation myocardial understand, monitor and change their
guidelines designed to ensure every infarction, or STEMI. In this kind of heart blood pressures through a combination
patient gets the right care. Healthcare attack, immediate treatment is critical to of resources including volunteer health
systems are recognized for providing survival. Mission: Lifeline aims to mentors and our Heart360 tool.
consistent evidence based care and decrease STEMI deaths and improve
demonstrating required compliance. quality of care for all survivors.


An online assessment and tool to help all NETWORK FOR PROFESSIONALS

Americans gauge their heart health. An online community created to connect The most authoritative and comprehensive
Identifies where individuals stand on people living with heart disease and web resource available to scientists,
Life’s Simple 7,™ our seven stroke with others who are going clinicians and healthcare providers.
recommended areas of focus and through similar journeys. Connect with thousands of other
creates a customized action plan. professionals around the world, share and discuss articles by prominent heart and stroke researchers, register for
classes and conferences and much more.

©2015, American Heart Association. Also known as the Heart Fund.

Greater Northern NJ
Heart Walk
Sunday, October 23rd participant will
receive a
Roseland, NJ bandana and
finisher medal
Immediately following ½ Mile Course at completion!
the walk
with Obstacles
(No water or mud activities in the course)

For Kids 5-12

Parents must complete a waiver
for each child to participate.

$10 Donation to Participate

Please Visit the Website for

Register at

Locally Sponsored By:

Life is why
we’re building
a culture of health
Starting from a
foundation of research
Providing patient
education & support

Supporting post-
Strengthening Improving HBP event recovery
public policy and other health

ADVOCACY determinants
Improving care Delivering of health
and response online learning

Cultivating healthier Increasing

workplaces physical activity


healthy families

healthy eating
Engaging with
the community Partnering for
healthier schools &
early childhood programs
ADVOCACY Advancing
& EVENTS research
Hoops for Heart,
Jump Rope for Heart, CPR education as a
& HeartChase graduation requirement

Faculty & Teacher

Health and Wellness

Our Mission: Building healthier lives,

Making the free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.
healthy choice
Our 2020 Goals:
the easy choice
where we live,
work, learn, play
and heal. Reduce deaths from heart Improve cardiovascular health
disease and stroke by 20% of all Americans by 20%
Life is why
we’re building
a culture of health

Paving the Road to Mission Success

Making the healthy choice the easy choice
where we live, work, learn, play and heal.

Advancing Engaging with Partnering for Improving

research the community healthier schools healthy eating
& early childhood programs

The work we do begins and Volunteers join efforts to raise Schools can foster habits for a Our programs and advocacy
ends with research. awareness and fuel the mission. lifetime of better health. efforts build a culture of health.
Hoops for Heart,
Expanding Heart Walk Improving access
Jump Rope for
capabilities for to healthy foods
Heart Ball Heart, & HeartChase
prevention &
treatment Quality nutrition Improving industry
Go Red standards
Awarding grants to For Women CPR graduation
further the mission policies Educating with
HeartChase Heart-Check mark
Healthy Way to Grow

Increasing Cultivating
Building Strengthening
physical activity healthier
healthy families public policy
Active lifestyles lead to improved Our work helps families improve Businesses can launch employee Improved laws make the healthy
heart health. quality and length of life. heart-health campaigns. choice more accessible to all.
Building more Changing social Fit-friendly schools Smoke-free air
walkable norms
communities Tools for healthier Healthier food
Consistent teachers and faculty culture
Improving access to messaging and
tools for families Recognizing
safe places to move and schools Active
and play workplaces: active environments
Improving HBP living, smoke free,
PE equipment & jump and other health healthy procurement Access to care
ropes to schools factors

Providing Supporting Addressing

Improving care
patient education post-event predictors
and response
& support recovery of health
More lives are saved through Education and support help more After a stroke or heart attack, Improved environments lead to
improving systems of care. people live well and thrive. families need help & education. better health outcomes.
Mission Condition Stroke family Community
Lifeline/CPR Education warmline infrastructure

Algorithms & Patient Support Online and in Faith-based

treatment Network person support channels
guidelines groups
Social media Accessible care &
CME training & engagement and Publications healthy lifestyle for
facility education urban/housing
certifications projects