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Measuring Task Concentration

Inline measurement of the concentration of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) Measurement
of Sodium Hydroxide
Instruments Used
PIOX? S with transducers M2N7
Advantages Customer
• reliable non-invasive concentration measurement
• installation in the main flow
• good measuring effect
• robust measuring procedure
• no wear
• drift-free measurement
Selling points
• uniform product quality
• reduced laboratory costs
• moderate price in comparison with alternative measuring methods BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
BASF is the leading chemical company in
the world with approximately 95,000
Description employees, customers in more than 170
countries and over 100 production sites
worldwide. In 2006, the BASF group
The BASF main facility in Ludwigshafen is the world's largest single generated a turnover of 52.6 billion EUR
chemical production site. All of the over 200 production sites are and an operating result of 6.7 billion EUR.
interconnected in various ways, and more than 2000 kilometres of BASF's main facility in Ludwigshafen was
pipelines above ground enable short distances for the transport of founded 140 years ago. It has developed
products and energy. They are part of the BASF network. The sodium into the world's largest chemical production
site worldwide with approximately 2000
hydroxide (NaOH) produced in the electrolysis installation is also buildings and an area of more than ten
distributed over company grounds. The observance of the required square kilometers. The headquarters of the
concentration is controlled inline by a non-invasive measurement with company as well as R&D are located here.
BASF's process analysis competence center is specialized in the adaption
and application of process analysis technology (PAT). There is long-term
experience here with the application of all current process analysis methods.
The center advises the sites about suitable analytical methods for a specific
measuring task, plans the measuring system and supervise its installation
and commissioning. Clamp-on ultrasonic concentration measurement in the
process has already been tested with success, it was used for example in
the production of high purity sulphuric acid. The arguments for the use of the
non-invasive technology for concentration measurements of NaOH were
most of all the proven reliability of the robust procedure and the easy
installation in the main flow. Previously used density measurement Photo: BASF
procedures had proven to be ineffective for this task.
The measurement of the characteristic curves required for concentration
measurements with ultrasound was carried out in the PAT laboratory for
ultrasound measuring technology. These curves reflect the dependance of
the sound speed of the medium on concentration and temperature. A very
good measuring effect was observed in the concerned concentration range.
Since the measurement was installed, PIOX? S reliably monitors the
observance of a constant NaOH concentration. The concentration
determined by PIOX? S is transmitted to the process control center. If the
measuring value deviates from the preset value, the process is
automatically regulated.


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