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Haendels father didnt like music so little Haendel practiced hided during the night in a
harpsichord which was in a corner os his loft
The notes of the alleluya touched very hard the English hearts, so all spectator, even the king,
stand up. Nowadays it is an habit listen to the final of this work without hat and stand up.

The last days of his life Haendel became blind but this didnt get lost Haendels composer spirit

Today we can found the mortal remains of Haendel in Westminster abbey. In spite of he was
German, he became English along his life.


Verdi was considerated, at beginning of his carrier , not very qualified for the music so he wasnt
admitted in Milan Conservatory.
Verdi founded an asylum for old musicians in memory of his wife
Verdis operas were used to praise the nationalist character of Italians. Perhaps va pensiero
(choir of slaves from opera nabuco) is one of the most well known choirs in Italia because this
During XIX century period of Italian unification, people shouted viva Verdi which means:
Vittorio Emmanuelle re ditalia

Ravel was a superstitious person; on one occasion, a major concert in Chicago was delayed for
nearly an hour because Ravel had lost his evening shoes and refused to appear on the podium
without them.
Tchaikovsky bet Ravel who could compose a work in just one rhythm. Ravel won; bolero last
around seventeen minutes with no rhythm changes.
At the end of the first performance of his most famous work called bolero, a lady started to
scream hes crazy, hes crazy, and Ravel confess to his brother she had understood the
The piano concert for left hand in C minor was written by Ravel for the piano player Paul
Wittgenstein who lost his left hand during the First World War.

In 1805, Haydn became so ill that reports of his death began to circulate in Parisian
newspapers. Even the National Institute, of which he was a member, announced the
performance of a Mass in his memory. Haydn recovered and was greatly amused, he declared,
"that I might be present to beat time to the performance of my own funeral."
Haydn's Piano Sonata in A contains a minuet al rovescio ("in reverse"), in which the second part
is exactly the same as the first, but played in reverse
Mozart once bet Haydn a case of champagne that his older colleague could not play at sight a
piece which he had composed earlier that day. When Haydn accepted, the score was placed on
the spinet rack and Haydn began to play.
After the first few bars, he suddenly stopped: the composition apparently required that the
hands play at opposite ends of the keyboard while a note was struck at its center. Haydn
conceded momentary defeat, whereupon Mozart took his turn at the piano. Upon reaching the
impossible note, he bent forward - and struck it with his nose

After using part of the "Pastorale Symphony" in Fantasia (1940), Walt Disney turned to his
colleagues and he exclaimed. "This movie will make Beethoven!"
"Eroica," Beethoven's Third Symphony (from 1803), was originally composed as a tribute to
Napoleon (and was originally entitled the "Bonaparte"). When Napoleon proclaimed himself
emperor in May 1804, Beethoven's admiration gave way to considerable disillusionment: the
composer flew into a rage, went to his table, took up the score, and tore the title page in half.
Ludwig van Beethoven was completely deaf during the last eight years of his life. His last
words? "I shall hear in heaven."
The longest known performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony lasted 74 minutes which was
the standard duration of any CD because it was the first music recorded by Phillips (the
company developed this format).