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Research topic:

“Does motivation of the employees affects the job performance”?

Independent variable

dependent variable
job performance

Introduction to the topic:

These days in business the focus is on more productivity from fewer resources. One of the most important resource today companies have is the human resource. And now the question is how to increase the productivity from human resource. There are different methods and techniques being used by different companies in the world. For example some companies give bonuses, incentives or better work environment in the work place. Motivation of the employees influences the productivity and hence the performance of the employees. Most people believe that they could give as much as 15% more effort at work than they do. DEFINING MOTIVATION MOTIVATION IS…. “Anything that provides direction, intensity, and persistence to behavior.” “A willingness to exert effort toward achieving a goal” “A necessary but insufficient condition for effective performance.” “Not the same as job satisfaction” DEFINING PERFORMANCE

PERFORMANCE IS…. “Concerns those behaviors directed toward the organization’s goals, products, or services.” “The act of performing; of doing something successfully” Job performance is a commonly used, yet poorly defined concept in industrial and organizational psychology, the branch of psychology that deals with the workplace. It most commonly refers to whether a person performs their job well. Despite the confusion over how it should be exactly defined, performance is an extremely important criterion that relates to organizational outcomes and success.

Objectives of the study • Is motivation a good tool for the good performance of the workforce • To find out the relation between motivation and performance of the employees • Up to what extent motivation affects job performance • Can motivated employees be helpful in achieving organizational objectives Significance of the study To analyze the importance of motivation, for better job performance of the workforce. A happy workforce means a successful business. The present is the era of competition therefore every business strives to have an effective and efficient workforce in order to excel. This is only possible if your workforce is sincere with the organization and working whole heartedly.

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