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Cruz, Ma. Eunice M.

February 8, 2015

4 P's of Marketing for Architects

Dr. Edgar M. Chavez

The title of the piece is The 4 P's of Marketing for Architects from Practice Clarity Helping Architects
Build Business. The topic focused on how to differentiate architectural practice from other firms through
marketing the 4 Ps. The authors purpose is to tell the readers the marketing strategies to have a firm that
will be different and stand out to other firms.
The article was very convincing as it gave an informative details and examples of real life situations
or their experience of the four differentiators. It leaves out important reads especially in differentiator 1,
which is Position as it identifies who you are, what we do, for whom, and to what benefit.
The piece held my interest as it made me think of my future career as an architect. How do I see
myself 10 years after graduation, am I still an employee or did I already established my own firm? These
differentiators helped me figured out on how am I going to market my future firm as an architect. The first
statement is Who You are, as I went through the reading, the thinking of my future firms name suddenly
came in to my mind. Does Eunarchy Design Studio or Ma. Eunice Architects is a good firms name? Will it
catch clients attention? I got butterflies in my stomach as I am looking forward to one of the most look
forwarded goal of being an architect. Next, is What we do? The statement that caught me is Yes, the
services are important, but its much more important for you to understand clearly yourselves what youre
really doing. As a student, Im still figuring out whether if I can do the requirements in school or not, but at
the end of the day, I let my optimist side of me should prevail, I can do it! So when I become an architect
and have my own firm, we could give the best chosen services a group of professionals can give to
Position statement 4, which are the clients. The second differentiator, Process. This part got my interest,
Plan Design, Build As Im thinking my own process, this is a great one but still, I will invest on thinking the
process that will make it different from others. The third one is Professionals, as a student Im not the most
outstanding one, but Im working to be one through my works. I realized having a good background will help
me to make a great profile to market in the future profession. On the other hand, I like to have a good
phone with a good camera, not to take selfies but to take beautiful shots of things related to architecture
and I realized that this will also help me to introduce my firm through good photos. Last differentiator is
Portfolio; I am guilty enough that some of my works arent worthy enough.
This article made me realized and learned lot of things in marketing strategies. The future awaits,
so do I. Today, I will apply these things as a student so I can do it better when I come to the reality of the