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Serbian Journal of Management 7 (2) (2012)



Simon S. Gao
School of Accounting, Financial Services and Law,
Edinburgh Napier University Business School,
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Address: Craiglockhart, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ, UK,
Phone: 44-131-4554446
Fax: 44-131-4554460
Prof. Simon Gao, Ph.D., is Professor of
Accounting and Finance at Edinburgh
Napier University and has led the research
development of accounting and finance since
1999. He has a PhD from Erasmus
University Rotterdam and an MA and a BA
from Xian Jiaotong University of China.
Simon has been the UK academic director of
the joint Masters programme in insurance
accounting based at Southwestern University
of Finance and Economics in Chengdu,
China since 1996. Currently Simon is the
research leader of the Edinburgh Institute of
Accountancy and Financial Services, and the
schools PhD programme co-ordinator.
Simon is a visiting and guest professor at
five leading universities in China.
He has published three books and over
fifty academic articles and led a number of
research and consultancy projects. Simon
has supervised 12 PhDs and been a

PhD/DBA external examiner at a number of

British, Australian and French universities.
Simon is also an external examiner for the
Association of International Accountants and
two UK universities. He is currently the
accounting editor of Afro-Asian Journal of
Finance and Accounting and a member of the
editorial board of International Journal of
Accounting, Auditing and Performance
Evaluation, the Journal of Finance and
Management in Public Services, Asian
Journal of Accounting, Enterprise Risk
Management, and Journal of Chinese
Economics and Foreign Trade Studies.
Profesors Gao reserch interest areas are:
Risk management and corporate governance;
Social and environment reporting;
Accounting and finance in China;
Derivatives disclosure and accounting
policy; XBRL and financial reporting;
International leasing accounting and


finance issues. His teaching areas are:

1) International Accounting [BA/BA
(Honours) Accounting]
2) Management of Company Finance
[BA/BA (Honours) (HK) Accounting]
3) Strategic Financial Management
[MBA/MSc (Accounting and Finance)]
4) Insurance Accounting [MA (Insurance
Accounting), SWUFE, China]
5) Insurance Investment [MA (Insurance
Accounting), SWUFE, China]
Previous Appointments of professor Gao:
10/95- 02/98 Senior Lecturer in Financial
Glasgow Caledonian
University, UK.
Senior Lecturer in
Staffordshire University, UK
University of Central Lancashire, UK
Erasmus University
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Associate Lecturer in
Shaanxi Institute
of Technology, China
Tutor in Management,
Shaanxi Institute of Technology, China
Selected Research Journal Publications
(since 2000):
2012 (Lv, H. and W. Li): Dividend
Tunnelling and Joint Expropriation:
Empirical Evidence from Chinas Capital
Market, The European Journal of Finance,
Vol.18, No.3-4, pp. 369-392.
2012 (with Hwang T, Owen, H): A Twopass Model Study of the CAPM - Evidence
from the UK Stock Market, Studies in
Economics and Finance, Vol. 29, No. 2, pp.
89 - 104.

S. Gao

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S. Gao

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