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Even though we can’t explain what love is, commonly speaking, when it comes to

science we can. “Serious scientists simply assumed that love -- and especially
Romantic Love -- was really all in the head” (Gray), and I agree with this statement
because now with all the improved technology we have, we are able to study how
our body’s react in different situations. All our thoughts, feelings and dreams come
from brain activity however, the reasons why we respond in certain ways is because
of our beliefs and knowledge that we have gain thru the years. Like Gray said “The
injunction to love and to be loved has hummed nonstop through popular culture; it
is a dominant theme in music, films, novels, magazines and nearly everything
shown on TV,” so I also agree that love is culturally maintain because from
generation to generation we try to learn and try to make assumptions of what love
is but we don’t have to leave it all to the influence we get from TV or magazines but
also from the interaction with the people that surround us every day. Each person
has his own understanding of love and that makes it even harder to explain because
not everybody have experience the same events or moment in their lives.
Moreover, trying to know what love really is or why is there is like trying to know
why humans have emotions or just why we simply exist. What we can do is study
our various behaviors and molecular mechanisms that lead to different emotions
are experienced whit science.
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1. “the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses” (Cummings 23)
This means that a person doesn’t need to say that loves you because you already
know just by looking into your lovers eyes.
2. “you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens” (Cummings, 7)
This means that the feeling is so powerful that makes him change every time he is
with that especial person and is like a reborn or new beginning when he is with her.
3. “That looks on tempests and is never shaken;” (Shakespeare, 6)
This means that their love is so strong that nothing can break it.
4. Love’s not Time’s fool” (9) Shakespeare
This means that time can pass but love will never do.
5. More than whole mines of gold” (5) Bradstreet
This means that their love is so rich and valuable that is compering to gold.
6. The fire won’t catch. The wet wood’s caked with ice (Minot 9-11).

we just have to see the world with kind eyes. 10. books or magazines. “My love is such that rivers cannot quench” (Bradstreet 7) This means that is so in love that never get tired of it always will want more. However. 7. 20) Minot This mean that their love is secure and strong as the first day it started. 8. “Bound to each other like soldiers coming out of a battle” (4. . I haven’t experienced yet. I always have believe that love is everywhere. even with people we don’t know. nothing will happen to their love.has such small hands” (Cummings 24) This means that love can cover more than rain and can touch someone life in an incomparable way. not even the rain . 9. Love can be in just a look or just in a smile. “Is firm and compact like a young man's back” (19.5) Olds This means that together can get thru everything and are there for each other whenever they need to. “nobody. All I know is from movies. I believe like in those poems a love can be strong as a rock or as beautiful and delicate as a flower. when it comes to romantic love. If someone doesn’t show it’s because doesn’t know how to express it.This means that even is not the best of the days and there is some trouble. But.