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AECT 360 Structural Theory

Fall 2010
Lab Assignment 3 DUE at beginning of next Lab
Directions: Do all 5 problems on separate sheets. Your work must be submitted in
bound word-processed format. Be sure to include NEAT sketches for free-body
diagrams and cross-sections. Include units for every number, and clearly state all
assumptions, etc.
Problem 1 (20 points)
GIVEN: A pair of flitch beams are constructed using 2x10s sandwiched around a 3/8
thick steel plate. They are used to support a 4-0 tall pallet of plywood. Assume the
plywood sheets are 4-0 x 8-0. Use a wood unit weight of 45 PCF. The modulus of
elasticity for steel Esteel is 29,000 KSI and wood Ewood is 1,500 KSI. Assume the
pallet is centered on the beam span.
1) Determine the transformed moment of inertia and section modulus (about the
strong axis) of the composite beam assuming steel is transformed into equivalent
2) Determine the maximum permissible span of the flitch beams such that the
allowable bending stress, Fb of 1300 PSI on the transformed wood section is
not exceeded. Assume that the weight of the beam is insignificant.

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Problem 2 (20 points)

GIVEN: A steel W14x30 steel beam is reinforced with a C8x13.7 steel channel
symmetrically welded to the beams bottom flange as shown below.
1) Determine the moment of inertia about the strong axis, Ix of the reinforced beam.

2) Determine the moment of inertia about the weak axis, Iy of the reinforced beam.

y1 = 1.786

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Problem 3 (20 points)

GIVEN: A 10,000 lb. marquee is to be supported by 5/8 diameter steel rods as shown
below. The allowable tensile stress for the rod is 21.75 KSI.
1) Determine the maximum allowable tensile load (in kips) that the rod can carry
based upon allowable stress.
2) Determine the minimum attachment height above the top of the marquee such
that the allowable tensile load (as determined in Part 1) in the rod is not

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Problem 4 (20 points)

GIVEN: The empty steel tank as shown below is fabricated by thick steel plates
welded together. The unit weight of steel is 490 PCF. The tank is filled to the top with
gravel having a unit weight of 115 PCF. Assume the allowable compressive stress of
the steel angles is 9 KSI.
1) Determine the weight of the empty tank, assuming it has 5 sides (i.e., no lid).
2) Determine the weight of the gravel.
3) Determine the total weight of the tank.
4) Determine the load applied to each of the 4 legs.
5) Using the steel angle shapes as shown in you Lecture Notes Appendix,
determine the minimum size square angle leg such that the allowable
compressive stress in the angle is not exceeded.

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Problem 5 (20 points)

GIVEN: The built-up wood header beam as shown below is must carry a uniformly
distributed wall loading of 350 PLF. Assume the allowable shear capacity of the 14d
nails is 160 lbs.
1) Determine the moment of inertia about the strong axis of the built-up header.
2) Determine the maximum allowable nail spacing considering horizontal shear
along the length of the header.

2x8 top & bottom

2x12 sides

Nails, spacing = ???

Header X-Section

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