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Set A

Symbiosis International University

SCMS, Noida
External Examination
Subject-Organizational Development
MM= 45 Marks

Time 1 hour

Note: - Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory.

1. Discuss the concept of Organization Development along with its nature and scope.10 Marks
2. Highlight the importance and relevance of employee involvement programmes in an organisation
in todays world.
10 Marks
3. Discuss the motivational approaches of work design.
10 Marks
4. A) Discuss the types of change in organizational context with relevant examples. 5 Marks
B) Define MBO method of performance appraisal with its process in brief.
5. A) What do you understand by High Involvement Organisation? Discuss the various features of
such organizations.
10 Marks
B) Discuss the concept of Downsizing and its various tactics with examples.
Answer key of Set A
1. OD is a system wide application and transfer of behavioral science knowledge to the planned
development, improvement, and reinforcement of the strategies, structures, and processes that
lead to organization effectiveness. It is a positive, continuous, its not linear etc.
2. EI is referred to as involvement of employees in decision-making and fostering their participation
in organizations matters and empowering enhances quality of work life, commitment, job
satisfaction, high involvement, industrial democracy etc.
3. Motivational approach relies upon motivational theories and attempts to enrich the work
experience by job enrichment aiming to create jobs of high level of meaning, discretion,
knowledge etc.
4. A) The two types of change are first order/continuous and second order/discontinuous change.
B) MBO is management by objectives where goals are set first and then achieved by the
employees. The steps are work group involvement, joint manager and subordinate goal setting,
establishing action plans for goals, establishing criteria of success, review and recycle, record
5. A) Using employee involvement projects aims at using high involvement work practices to create
high involvement organisation. Features are Flat, lean organisation structures, job design, open
information system, career system, selection, training, reward system, HR Policies.
B) Students will discuss about the concept of downsizing which is an intervention aimed at
reducing the size of the organization. Tactics are work force reduction, organization redesign, and
system redesign. They will write about its relevance in todays business scenario.

Set B
SCMS, Noida

External Examination
Subject-Organizational Development
MM= 45 Marks

Time 1.5hour

Note: - Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory.

1. Discuss the process of organization development in detail.
10 Marks
2. A) What do you understand by intervention? State its different types. 5 Marks
B) What do you understand by learning organizations? Discuss its various features.
3. Discuss the concept of organization culture and its relevance/importance in changing business
10 Marks
4. A)Write short notes on the following: 10 Marks
A) Assessment Centers
B) Kurt Lewins Model of Change.
C) Reward system Interventions D) Work Life balance Intervention.
5. Explain the various types of individual and work group interventions designed to bring changes
in the organization.
10 Marks
Answer key of Set B
1. The process of OD can be divided into entering, contracting, diagnosing and designing
2. A) Intervention is any event, directed toward improving organizational effectiveness that
disrupts an organizations normal way of operating. The different types are Individual,
Team/Group, Process, Global, Organization wide, Community and nationwide.
B) Learning organization are those with the ability to learn how to change and improve
themselves constantly. Features include structure, information systems, human resources
practices, organization culture and leadership.
3. Organization culture can be seen as organizationally shared phenomenon representing a stable
and coherent set of beliefs about the organization and its environment. Students will write their
view point regarding its importance like performance, employee satisfaction, role clarity etc.
4. A) An Assessment Center consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple
evaluations including: job-related simulations, interviews, and/or psychological tests. Job
Simulations are used to evaluate candidates on behaviors relevant to the most critical aspects (or
competencies) of the job.
B) Kurt Lewins models three steps are unfreezing, moving and refreezing.
C) Students will write as per their understanding about the importance of reward system
intervention and its importance in OD.
D) Students will write as per their understanding how work life balancing intervention work and
its impact.
5. The various individual interventions are coaching, mentoring- group training, leadership
programme, 360 degree etc. The various group interventions are dialogue sessions, conflict
management, fishbowl, team development etc.