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6th.Ray of God Peace, Ministration and Selfless Service.

The 6th. Ray is the Ray of Accelerated Unity. Life Lesson:-- “ Walk the Middle Way of Balance.” The energy of the 6th. Ray :---enables you to minister and serve all life. The energy of the 6th. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the Solar-Plexus Chakra correctly :---by mastering your desires. --by aligning your desires with your goals in life. --by setting aside your own desires when necessary to support and serve others. --by mastering your emotions. --by engaging the power of your emotions as an instrument for peace. --by cultivating inner peace, brotherhood and selfless service. --by striving to walk the Middle Way of Balance. --by letting your solar-plexus chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love as God Peace. --by letting the solar-plexus chakra radiate the Dynamic peace that will consume all division.

Positive Qualities of the 6th. Ray.

--peace --brotherhood --selfless service --right desire

--balance --harmlessness --desirelessness --reunion with God.

Unbalanced Expressions of the 6th. Ray. --anger --fanaticism --egoism --fear --passitivity Harmlessness. --You become harmless when you:---let go of all desire for justice, revenge. --you let go of trying to somehow make up for the wrong by committing new wrongs. --you stop fighting and resisting. --you stop feeling victimized. --Leave such things behind and love and surrender --agitation --aggression --overindulgence --anxiety

unconditionally. Then the Holy Spirit can descend and change the situation so that what seems to be the guaranteed outcome will not come to pass.

--By refusing to play your part in the dualistic struggle, you might inspire others to realize that there is an alternative, there is a way beyond the struggle.

Reunion Reunion with God. --The highest, safest and most expedient road leading to reunion with God, is the Path of Initiation under one or more of the Ascended Masters, wherein you invoke the Violet Flame (through the giving of decrees and rosaries) to transmute your past records . You also call on Archangel Michael as your protector ( by giving his decrees and rosary.) ---for Violet Flame decrees. For decrees and rosaries.

Peace. --Peace can only be obtained through your heart chakra, by going to your heart daily and practicing being centred in your heart. ---There is only peace where there is love. And there is only love where there is the Will of God. --The only place you can have peace is inside your own being. --Keys to peace:---forgiveness and tolerance.

--giving up all revenge. --overcoming all warring in your own members. --reconnecting to your own Higher Self, your I Am Presence. --bringing your conscious awareness in contact with your soul so that you can make sense of your life with your conscious mind. --using your free will to make right choices. --focusing on being Who You Really Are and letting other people be who they are or who they are choosing to be at the moment. --expressing your own unique individuality and being less concerned about the beliefs and actions of others.

If you are at peace---then know that you are Being Who You Are. If you are not at peace---then know that you are compromising your true individuality and you will feel agitation in your solarplexus chakra. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I find peace in constant self-transcendence.” “ I attain inner peace by purifying my heart. “ “ I know who I Am, therefore, I have inner peace. “ “ I claim my God peace. “” “ I Am Peace ! Peace I Am ! “

“ My inner peace depends on nothing outside myself. My inner peace depends on my inner contact with, my

centredness in, the God Flame of Peace. “ “ Inner peace is necessary in order to bring about outer peace on Earth. “ “ I express God peace that is in alignment with the Will of God. “

Right Desire. A true, right desire is based on oneness with the Source of life and will make you feel whole, fulfilled and nurtured. A right desire springs from :---the drive to be part of the self-transcendence of God. --the drive to share God’s abundance. --the drive to express your divine individuality. --the drive too experience the beauty of God’s creation. --the drive to become More of God. --When you are pursuing a true, right desire you will not seek to own or possess. Instead, you will seek to give so that you can receive more from God and thus be part of God’s River of Life that constantly brings more abundance to this world. This is how a true, right desire becomes a spiral that leads upward to greater and greater fulfilment and a sense of being perfectly nurtured. --Examine all your desires and check whether they spring from your sense of being separated for God and others, or whether it springs from the drive to magnify, to raise the Whole because you accept your Oneness with the Whole.

--Learn to accept and pursue only true, right desires. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I align my desires with my goals in life. “ “ I surrender all ego-based desires, ambitions and expectations. “ “ My desires and my free will choices are in alignment with my I Am presence. “ “ I accept only, true, right desires. “ “ My desires are in alignment with the higher desires of my soul.”

Service. Service. --Service is an act of help or assistance that is given to someone in need. --Pursing your own spiritual growth will enable you to serve all life in a better way. --Giving service to others is an excellent way to transmute your karma, especially if your service is given with a joyful heart and no sign of resentment or obligation. --You also need to understand that you have creative powers or abilities which you can use to either raise up yourself or to raise up others, raise up the Whole, of which you are a part. --To give truly creative service you need to help others to realize that there is More to life than the endless struggle that most people experience. Your creative powers are :--

--power of thought , of imagination. --power of your spoken word ( to speak positively or negatively.) --power of your attention and the ability to focus. --power of free will that enables you to make choices. --Once you realize and accept that you are the one responsible for creating your own life, you can then teach others and show them how to take command of their own lives. (teach them how God’s laws work ---see notes on 1st. Ray.) This is true service. --True service is to serve the God who is in all. You do this by:---serving others in your family, workplace, or community. --raising up all life by supporting and encouraging others to learn and grow spiritually. --setting all life free by forgiving and loving others unconditionally. --attaining inner peace through being non-attached to people and the things of this world. --using spiritual techniques to balance negative energy/karma. Ie. Give affirmations visualizations, decrees and rosaries. --By serving others you are releasing God’s light and love from person to person. --Reconnect and maintain your connection to your higher self, your I Am Presence. Then you will know what to do each day.

You will naturally give the service that is needed in any given situation. --There is a higher service than giving an outer practice, such as prayer, meditation, decrees or rosaries. --The ultimate form of service you can give is total, inner peace. This kind of peace only comes when your are completely nonattached to other people and the things of this world. --Becoming the Christ while here on Earth is the most important service you can give to yourself, your loved ones , your planet and to the Ascended Masters.

Desirelessness. --You only have a certain amount of energy released to you each day. Therefore, it is important that you do not waste it or allow it to be tied up with your false desires. --False desires arise when you feel separated from God and from others. This causes you to try and fill the emptiness and loneliness with the things of this world. --A true desire will give you inner peace because it is based on your sense of Oneness with God and with others. Out of this sense of Oneness you will then be willing to freely give of yourself to others.

Brotherhood. --Brotherhood is the understanding that we all came for the same Source--God. We are all One. So what we do to another we have

already done to ourselves. --Strive to live with brotherly love with all you come into contact with. --Do not concentrate on your differences, but celebrate your Oneness.

The 6th. Ray corresponds to Right Effort one of the points of the Effort, Eight-fold path of the Buddha. Right Effort always involves service to others , ministration to life, caring for others. When you are motivated by the care for others, your effort will always be right.

Choices. A choice is an expression of your current state of consciousness. It is an expression of how you see yourself, how you see the world and how you see your relationship to the world. Life is all about making choices. Only you can make the decisions that will change your life. You can never turn off the responsibility of making choices. You are constantly choosing. Life is the choice to Be--to BE MORE. All choices have consequences. You are either making free choices or you are allowing others to choose for you.

Either way, YOU are the one who must live with the consequences of those choices. You can only influence the consequences if YOU are making your own decisions. Consequences that limit you are the result of choices you make based on incomplete or incorrect knowledge. Consequences that liberate you are the result of choices you make based on full understanding. Before you can make a truly free choice, you must make the decision with your conscious mind. You must base your decision on a complete understanding of the situation. With your free will, you must take back your ability to make truly, free choices, to make conscious decisions. By making choices and reaping the consequences of those choices, you learn and grow .

Master the 6th. Ray and balance it with willpower, wisdom, love, purity, vision and freedom, the qualities of the other 6 rays. Use your free will, your willpower, your determination, to step up to the next level of the spiritual path and leave behind the focusing on yourself and move on to focusing on others. Through the giving of service to other parts of life, you can balance your negative karma and learn your spiritual lessons. Eg.--by serving your family and those in your immediate circle of influence. --by serving those in your workplace.

--by serving those in your community. Your service to others should always be more than just seeing to the personal needs of others. Ideally, it should also include a sharing of your knowledge , of what you have learn about the spiritual side of life. Eg. --about the ego and its games; about God’s laws and how the universe works; about how to change and imptove life. It should also be about helping to raise up other people’s consciousness/ awareness and to empower them so them can take care of themselves. Your motivation for serving others should be pure. It should not be for the purpose of making you feel better or more superior, or to make people like and accept you, or to fulfil any personal need of your own. A pure motive for serving others would be :---because you love God and other people , because you realize and accept that we are all extensions of God---we are all One. --and because you have compassion for others who are suffering and you want to help them rise above their illusions and limitations. Any service you render to another should not make them dependent on you. It should enable them to take control over their own life experiences and enable them to Be free to choose. Realize that any imperfections that you observe in other people do not have to be permanent. They can change. By giving people the knowledge and tools of self-empowerment, you can serve them in the best possible way. --easy to read and understand

teachings on the universal spiritual path. --tools for journaling . ---Violet Flame decrees for transmuting negative karma. transformation. intuition. --teachings and rosaries for self

--information on developing your -teachings on your origins and how to deal with aspects of your life. You can also strive to see the good in all people and to focus on their potential rather than their mistakes or imperfections.