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PEGA 7(PRPC) Content

• Pega 7.1 Software Installation
• Creating Organization Setup
• Operator ID
• Creating Rule Set
• Ruleset Versions
• Introduction to Class Structure
• Types of Classes
• Creating Abstract Class
• Creating Concrete Class
• Selecting Class Structure

Creating new Application
1. Create new HR Services Application

2. Identifying Case Stages (Using Case management)
1. Add Stages to a Case
1. Adding processes to stages
1. Adding Steps to a Case Stages
2. Modelling Processes
1. Configuring Assignments with process Outline

Create and Use Property Pages Day6: 1. Adding List Based Controls Day8: 1. Add Specifications to a Process Day 5: 1. Setting values of Data Elements 1. Review of Defining the Data Elements 1.2. Designing Layouts 1. Create Single-Value Properties 2. Creating Repeating Layouts 1. Add Allowed Values to a Property Definition 2. Adding Layouts 2. Identifying Mandatory Fields 2. Set a Property Value with a Data Transform 2. Adding a Repeating Layout 3. Introduction to Data Modeling 1. Validating User Entries . Formatting Data Elements 1. Introduction to Data Elements 1. Review Case Data with the Clipboard Day7: 1. Model Processes with Process Outline 3. Adding a New control on an Existing Field 2. Validating Data Elements 1. Adding Business Use Cases to Processes 1.

Direct flow processing with decision table 2. Identifying the Resolution Stages 3. Introduction to Data Tables 1. Automating Business Process using Decision Rules 1.Day9: 1. Populate dropdown from data page 2. Conditional Processing 1. Skip Screening Process 2. Schedule Company Tour Day13: . Routing to get Approval for Offer 2. Accessing Data in the User Interface 1. Create a new Data Table/Data Type 2. Case Stage Configuration 1. Determine Offered Salary 2. Request Work sample for Technical Positions Day11: 1. Direct flow processing with decision tree Day12: 1. Routing Cases 1. Introduction to Declarative Processing 1. Populate a data page in an embedded section 3. Creating a dynamic User Interface Day10: 1. Creating a Optional Process 1. Auto populate a page property 3.

Set Goal and Deadline Intervals for a Case Day14: 1. 5. Add and Configure smart Shapes 2. 3.dropdown Day17: • Declare Constraints • Declare On Change • Declare Pages Day18: • Agents Day19: . 2. Introduction to task Based Smart based 1. 4. Creating a Case Level SLA 1.1. Check-in/Check-Out Functionality Creating Harness Create Screen flow Create Tabbed/Tree navigation Screen Flow Design and Implement Screen flow How to select Screen flow types Day15&16: Activities and Methods • Explain the purpose of different tabs in Activity • Understand purpose of Pages & Classes • Different Methods used in Activities • How to call Activity from another activity • Different ways to call Activities • Types of Activities  Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition • Create an Activity to populate a autocomplete . 6.

• Reports Day20 &21: • Debugging Tools • Clipboard • Tracer • PAL Day23&24: • Configuring Web Services (SOAP) • Integration Connect & Service SOAP Day 25: • Documenting the Application • Migration/Deployment (Import & Export) Day26: • New Features in Pega 7 • PRPC Guardrails Day27: Any Missing topics Day28: Doubts clarificition .