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Dear Health Enthusiasts! I am so happy to share these collected PRAISE REPORTS from GetWell Friends. I hope you will use them to feel the friendship and fun they exude and use the inspiration and motivation they provide! Many of these GetWell Friends I have known for many years, and some are brand-new to Our Great, Global Health Revolution. I hope you will share these PRAISE REPORTS around the world! As you can see, these are not only instructive. They are entertaining and even adorable to read — simply because they are so personalized, as would yours be! And please keep in mind that Susan and I do offer full bookstore discounts in our “HOMES AROUND THE GLOBE CAMPAIGN!” when you order in quantity to either sell or give away within in your circle of friends and loved ones! AMEN! Blessings & Gratitude, Victoria & The HighJoy Horse! Here we go! Saddle up your horses! We’ve a trail that’s been blazed, into the great unknown — with God’s Amazing Grace!
1•••••Dear Victoria, I received The Live Food Factor on 10/7/2008. I have started reading it — skipping around from place to place. I read what is important to me first. I’m doing it this way because I already understand the practical reasons for eating raw foods and Natural Hygiene. Your excellent teaching over the years has served me well. I’ve been eating raw or mostly raw for 26 years. I especially enjoy the real experiences of actual people. EVERYONE WHO EATS SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THIS BOOK! This is the TRUE CHANGE that all people need. Raw foods = healthy people + a healthy environment. More fruit trees, nut trees, and gardens would need to be planted, thus keeping people employed, working in the great outdoors. The section on eating raw meat just did not appeal to me. Even cooked meat does not interest me. I just do not desire to eat the once living tissues of an animal. This book gives us the science behind the God-given Genesis 1:29 Diet. If the first people had done what God wanted, our world be a paradise today! AMEN! Sharon Stevens in Arkansas
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2•••••Dear Victoria, I would like to congratulate you and Susan for your magnificent work. It is a very impressive, valuable, complete, informative piece of art. Thank you for your contribution to humanity, to health, to the planet, and to the animals. The truth will dominate one day, soon. We will all celebrate our freedom to health, to simplicity, and to the majesty of all natural processes in our bodies and our lives. The very best to you and to all the work you are doing. Very Truly Yours, Dr. Zarin Azar in California 3•••••Dear Victoria, Thank you for sending the four, spiral-bound Live Food Factors. I am a private person, so I won’t be writing anything much or use my last name, as I wish to remain anonymous in your listings. But, between you and me, it was extremely good to see The Live Food Factor’s package in my mailbox! What an excellent book to have and to also give as a gift. I did not want to put it down after I started reading it. What a masterpiece! Congratulations on a job well done! Blessings to you and all things good! Love & prayers, Gene in Wisconsin 4•••••Hi, Victoria! Thank you for the special binding you treated me to — it makes the book much easier to handle. I haven’t read the entire book, but it is a masterpiece. You and Susan should be congratulated for the monumental job of creating it and rewriting it. It will save generations to come with the valuable information it contains. I’m sure it will be recognized as the ultimate answer to all questions regarding Natural Hygiene and “The Great American Health Revolution!” Ron Riley in Florida 5•••••Dear Victoria, Congratulations and THANK YOU for completing The Live Food Factor project — finally — after your 2 years of effort. All of us will use and appreciate the wonderful references of Natural Hygiene information backed up with Susan’s collection of research supporting raw eating! You are a treasure! The world is interesting. WE are experiencing a shift. People change when something forces them to change. In the on-the-street-people level of work I do in both health and environment relative to food, I see an opening. Reality is beginning to show itself. People are opening up — making small movements to shift a bit. On behalf of all GetWell Friends, I want to say: “Bless all of Victoria’s and Susan’s efforts for compiling this compendium for all of us!” Victoria, you are now at the peak-top of your game. What else have you planned for us? Please send me another 10 books! Mary Papavasiliou, Health Counselor, Teacher, Speaker, Sierra Club and Raw Food Activist, Simple & Raw Pot Luck Organizer in California

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6•••••Victoria, I waited a long, long time for this book to arrive. I knew it would be a great book, but I didn’t know it would be THE GREATEST HEALTH BOOK I OWN! It has everything you need to know to become healthy. It has a wealth of knowledge, a treasure of inspiration, and a pile of testimonies. This book will end any confusion. The wait was well worth it. Hats off! Thanks, Thanks, and Many More Thanks, John Franco in Pennsylvania 7•••••THANKS! THANKS! What can I say, Victoria? The book is amazing and contains more information than we have ever seen in 1 book = how you got it all together = WOW! What can I say? We love the book and know how very hard you and HighJoy worked and suffered on this. Gave my grandson one, and he won’t put it down. THANKS, AGAIN, VICTORIA! Peg Thieman in Wisconsin 8•••••Dear Victoria, Your new book, The Live Food Factor, has just arrived in the mail. I haven’t been able to put it down yet, because it has got be the very BEST book on detoxification and healing I have ever read! Thank you for rewriting Chapter 14 and writing almost all of Chapter 15! It’s very easy to find anything I want to know on health, by the wonderful way you set up “The Table of Contents.” I LOVE the way each chapter is headed by big, bold letters. I can find my many questions on the subject of Natural Hygiene quickly. And I do have many, many questions. So far, I haven’t had much success in getting others to look into Natural Hygiene when they find out that they have to cut out the junk foods, like pizzas, burgers, cake, cookies, candy, ice cream, and the like. A doctor who has been 1 of my piano students for 10 years asked me, “How can you play such difficult music by Chopin, Rachmeninoff, and Mozart at your age?” I told him it was my diet and lifestyle that made it possible. I have removed all toxic foods. He wanted to know what my diet was. Upon hearing, his eyes got real big. He almost went into orbit: “Being on your diet is as bad as being in a prison in Siberia living on cold potatoes and water!” Other adults I have talked to said they would take medication any day over giving up their favorite foods. Nevertheless, I am ordering 2 more of The Live Food Factors to share with people who really need the teachings. I want to leave 1 in my piano studio, with the idea that some of the parents will read it. The cover should grab most people’s attention. As a piano teacher of 53 years, I see so many young people with poor health. It is depressing. I ask them, “Do you eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner?” They are happy to tell me exactly what they eat. Their diets are so bad I think they would kill a horse! I know that SAD foods play havoc with young bodies and minds. The high sugar diet has made children very hyperactive, as have all the drugs they get from their medical treatments. I am now witnessing a great decline in the minds and bodies and ability to focus among today’s youth. This wonderful Live Food Factor should open many doors to TRUTH. The drug industries have had their ways with us for too long. Sincerely, Wayne Reid in Illinois
5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 5 5

9•••••Dear Victoria, I just received my giant, raw book in the mail... it has so much information. I love the “before” and “after” pictures. I can’t wait to read it, cover-to-cover! I have signed up for my first raw food preparation class, which will be at the end of the month in a local cafe: “Borrowed Earth Cafe” in Downer’s Grove. A husband and wife team owns the cafe. Her husband regenerated his back through raw foods, stretching, and mental work. I will bring your book. Maybe they will carry it. Hope you can now get some rest. Say “HI!” to HighJoy! Linda Pryka in Illinois 10•••••My Dear Victoria, I enjoyed your greeting card picturing an eagle, an animal known for its ability to soar gracefully and effortlessly thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth, and which could not for 1 moment be able to ascend to those winged and panoramic heights were it not for God’s watchful eyes as He sustains it in flight. You asked me for my opinion of The Live Food Factor: “Did I do good?” Let’s look at this adjective “good” from the 3 degrees of grammar. Is the book of the positive, comparative, or superlative degree? Good? Better? Or Best? I give you a SUPERLATIVE RATING — THE BEST! The new book is a scholarly tome, superbly compiled and meticulously detailed. Those who have patiently contributed to The Live Food Factor’s publication have distinguished themselves in a laborious and persevering effort to accomplish their goals. It is my belief that your readership will respond favorably to the well-established, authenticated, and convincing facts outlined in the over 700 pages. Enclosed: my check in the amount of $50.oo to apply where most needed at The Homestead and as a reward for your work of 2 years. Love, Harold in Indiana 11•••••Amazon review by Dr. Stanley Bass, ND, DC, PhC, PhD, DO , DSc, DD — 90 yearold Natural Hygiene Doctor The Live Food Factor is a veritable treasure-trove of valuable techniques and information for changing one’s body, mind, and spiritual direction into physical and mental health and happiness. I found it so fascinating that I just could not put it down! I would wake up at 2 A.M. and could not put it down till 7 A.M. I lost sleep over it! The case history studies are most interesting and inspirational. I admire the author’s open-mindedness in presenting a broad spectrum of diets which include foods and regimens different than most raw food diets — diets which are Paleolithic as used by hunter-gatherers, the writings of Dr. Weston Price, etc. This book is encyclopedic in scope and should be in the possession of all doctors, nutritionists, and lay people. It’s full of excellent information, which can be valuable for all persons interested in vibrant health and a meaningful life. I recommend it very highly. Warning to all: Those who dare to open this volume should give up all hope of remaining the same afterward! Your life will be changed — forever and irrevocably!
5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 6 5

12•••••Dear Victoria, AlleluYah! I’ve been waiting so very long for The Live Food Factor. I almost thought it was not destined to come out... but you know, God Almighty may have had a hand in this; and it just wasn’t meant to come out before this. Maybe in these dire times we are facing, people will look at themselves and pay attention; for all need to be in the best of health to face the turmoil that is surely ahead of all of us on the national front... putting aside our personal problems. And I know Canada is in financial straits... just as surely as America is! Thank you so very much for sending me a copy of this exciting book that has the plastic combs so the pages can be opened and stay opened as needed for good study! I didn’t expect you to gift me with that, and I am so very appreciative. I promise I will send you a more thorough book review once I have had more time to have fun reading through it. I have already, however, found out what a wonderful index you have. I looked up “dog food” immediately once I opened it because that is a question I have and haven’t had time to search for my answer. I constantly look through the book for other things, as well. And then I went to “The Table of Contents.” WOW! It is a long one... and how complete! As I looked through it, I wanted to take the time to read through every section you have included... I realize, and happily, that you have arranged it with such complete descriptions, that whatever my problem or question, I can go right to the spot I need to help me out. For I, like you, am always trying to help people to eat better and to live more healthy lifestyles... and many are not inspired to change. And I did read through all the objections you and Susan have included to change, and you have hit every objection right on the head! Maybe just using the way you have pointed out the weaknesses of those needing help may instill some with inner strength and resolve. Everything I have read and looked over so far is so far better than I could have hoped for. Thank you again, Victoria, for all the work you have done to get this edition fixed. “Doctor Vetrano’s Foreword” is really descriptive and makes anyone reading it want to jump right in and be part of a movement to restore their good health. I pray this mailing finds you and HighJoy in health and happiness. And I know prosperity will surely follow your part of His Ministry. Thank you for being my friend. May Our Saviour Bless You, Love, Susan Jean Erhard in Arkansas. P.S. If you would like me to send you something extra for the special binding of one of these volumes, please do let me know. It is well worth it. 13•••••To Victoria BidWell: Here is my review we talked about. The Live Food Factor, in plain English, is encyclopedic in scope. It is also, contrary to many books in the field of nutrition, fair in presenting different expert opinions, thus giving the reader broad information for making intelligent decisions. This is an excellent book for anyone who works to keep his or her body and mind in excellent health! Dan Lessner in Claymont, Delaware
5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 7 5

14•••••Dear Susan, Victoria, and of course, HighJoy, too!!! I spent about 2 weeks looking over the wonderful Live Food Factor and realized something every time I picked up the book: All of us who are now owners of this book are in possession of a GOLD MINE!!! The very first positive is that it is so easy to read. I didn’t have to have a dictionary handy to look up every other word. It is understandable and easy-to-comprehend — and that would hold true for someone who would pick up the book for the first time having no “health” knowledge whatsoever. What a bonus for all those seeking better health after years of abusing his or her body! I prefer eating my food raw. According to the majority of people these days, that is grounds for being “weird”! Of course, it isn’t quite as bad these days as it was many years ago (when I first started) and when it really wasn’t “cool” and certainly NOT good for anyone! Upon first picking up this book, I found it to be an instant friend. It had so many familiar topics, and yet, had additional information that was most beneficial. In particular was the Vitamin B12 issue/controversy. I appreciated the thorough discussion and thought it brought to light the reason why there is a B12 deficiency and how it can be overcome before it surfaces as a problem. “The Table of Contents” is my lifesaver to direct me to the topics that are of personal interest. It is a treat to go back and forth from one part to another — a process that literally becomes addictive. (Whoops — that’s a good thing!) The “Index” is second to none!! The “Glossary” — perfect!!! And believe it or not, you even had the Ecopolitan in Minnesota listed in the “Restaurants”!!! WOW! It has been my pleasure to have dined there — two different times when in the area! Really Good! Thank you for keeping at it and doing this special favor for all of us! The Live Food Factor will take its rightful place as a back-up to the best of the best: The Health Seekers’ YearBook. I need no others. These 2 say it all! In Love, Martha Jensen in Minnesota 15•••••VICTORIA! The Live Food Factor was GREAT!! Now reading Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense. Hope all is well with you and that beautiful HighJoy!!! The week of November 5th, 2008, I received — along with some delicious snackies — The Live Food Factor. I began reading it the very next day. On the 18th, I started MY RAW JOURNAL to track anything and everything from emotions to weight loss. Today is December 14th, 2008. To date, I have released 13 pounds, fasted on water-only for 1 day (to celebrate being health-conscious most of the month), and have increased my selfknowledge and self-mastery. I finished reading The Live Food Factor from cover to cover yesterday. I truly believe it has given me the encouragement I have been without to go raw and stay A-LIVE! God gives us an amazing smorgasbord of live foods — so, pick something yummy and delight in it! Anna Kulcsar in Baltimore, Maryland.

5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 8 5

16•••••Dear GetWell Friends — I have promised Victoria a “Praise Report, and I have had an opportunity to read some of the glowing reviews of The Live Food Factor on, but I see no point in repeating others’ praise and prose or variations thereof. I can, however, bring something totally unique among the many Live Food Factor book reviews by inserting my ‘2¢’ in this way: “I WAS THERE!” Indeed, from mid-December 2007 to mid-February 2008, I was a guest at Victoria BidWell’s “Health Seekers’ Hacienda” in Concrete, Washington, aptly named “Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods.” While there, I witnessed the first meeting between Susan Schenck and Victora BidWell. Susan had left the sunny clime of San Diego to sally forth into the frosty Northwest in order to discuss key details and their contract. I say “first meeting,” because up to that point, their Live Food Factor relationship had been carried on via telephone and Internet, a period of 18 months. Ah! Distinctly, I remember. It was in the bleak December,” to quote Edgar Allen Poe. I have a likewise distinct memory of sitting with the two authors in the cozy living room of the guesthouse, as the arguments for or against various points went back and forth, such as how much emphasis to place on a given topic or sub-topic. They even allowed an outsider to make the odd suggestion! So, over the 9-week period of my stay in Concrete, I was a ringside witness to the huge task these ladies were undertaking. And I marveled at Victoria’s marathon editing/rereading sessions, which several times went on until dawn. This book, in my opinion, deserves a second “Most Progressive Health Book” award, this time for 2008, to bookend the first one garnered in 2007. When I received the 25 copies I ordered from Victoria, I showed The Live Food Factor to those health advisors with whom I work: medical doctor, health specialist and consultant, naturopath, chiropractor, nutritionist, raw-food retreat owner, and dentist. All of them each bought one copy of the book except for my dentist. He purchased four. Enough said. Congratulations to Victoria and Susan for this book! I am absolutely sure it will help all who read and apply the principles and suggestions! Compared to life without the live food factor applied, these energetic Health Seekers will surely reach greater heights of health and find higher realms of joy while bound for prosperity and glory! Greg Crook in Ontario, Canada 17•••••Victoria! I hope you hear from my niece soon. She promised to me that she would buy The Live Food Factor from you, for her mom my sis, but also because she is obese... and cannot yet see the light. I hope the book will wake her up also. GREAT JOB! This book is a miniencyclopedia, chock full of good information and pointers. I will keep spreading the word! Thank you, Victoria, for everything you keep doing for us every day. The Lord bless your good heart. Love, Aida Suarez in Tuscon, Arizona

5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 9 5

18•••••By Doug Neagles: This is the most comprehensive coverage of the live food diet ever. For both those who have followed is the addition of contributing author Victoria BidWell’s information on the Natural Hygiene Movement. Evident by the multiple forewords, acknowledgments, and prefaces, this book was a global effort. Susan Schenck is not just out to make a buck, although The Live Food Factor is worth every penny. She is genuinely concerned about the health of her fellow man and wants to lay it all out for you to see the truth about the damaging effects of a cooked food diet and how eating raw can provide your body with what it needs so that it can heal itself. Susan Schenck’s primary goal is to get the most current, most accurate, and most complete information out to the public. She surrounded herself with the most knowledgeable people in the field and let them write the parts that they know best. She lists most every known scientific study on the subject of raw food and most every known literary and online resource available. The Live Food Factor is not meant to be the final word in raw food, but a starting place. I initially found this book to be overwhelming in size. Then I started reading, and the positive energy set forth in the opening pages sent a tingle of excitement through my body. I felt like I was about to open the door to a secret world of health that few know about. The testimonials of people who have started eating raw foods just continued that feeling. Then Susan gets into the science. This section is important for grounding the reader in fact and proof. I admire Susan for not giving just a 1-sided approach to issues. She talks about the negative effects that can come from a raw food diet. I think this is very important in converting newcomers as well as getting backsliders back on track. You have to know all the ups and downs to be able to weather them. The Live Food Factor is all that it promises and more. There is a large family of raw fooders out there that is just waiting to embrace us cooked-food addicts. This book is the first hug. 19•••••M. Hagerty in San Diego, California: I recommend The Live Food Factor to anyone who is interested in health. This book is a great help to Baby Boomers to prevent or reverse disease and slow down aging. But younger generations should also read it to keep their youth and health. My husband and I knew Susan when she was battling Hepatitis C. She looked pale, haggard, worn down, and depressed. Then one day, we saw her radiant, glowing, and energetic! She said it was due to the raw food diet. This inspired us to eat more raw. We LOVE the recipes in her book. But this book has so much more than recipes! It is packed with many inspirational testimonials and enough science to convince even medical doctors. It is a complete “how to” and reference book to keep forever. This second edition is more complete than the first since it includes many other health tips besides diet. It goes into much greater detail about the true causes of illness. It includes several new [and completely rewritten] chapters, such as fasting and how to feed children with this diet [the bulk of which was written exclusively by Victoria BidWell and edited by Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano].
5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 1 0 5

20•••••Dear Victoria, First of all, let me thank you for sending me 3 books I had on order — and with the special bindings as your gift! THANK YOU! By the time I get around to writing you at length my opinion of Susan’s book and yours, all the superlatives will have been used by others; and I will need to invent a new super-word, which this book surely so richly deserves. I call the book: “A Life Owner’s Operating Manual.” It has helped me enormously on my own road to rawness. I am sure that it will help others to help themselves to a more healthful life, even if each reader only comes to realize that he himself or she herself is “The One and Only Keeper of My Own Flame of Life!” In all the years I have been advocating Natural Hygiene, I had never been able to convince even one single person to pursue it — until now. The lady friend, to whom I had asked you to send a book anonymously, has begun to adopt many of the Energy Enhancers and methods expounded in it! By likewise distributing the book to friends and relatives, they have come to see some of the grand benefits of Natural Hygiene — finally! Some of them are trying hard to implement as many of the precepts as they are able, given that they have spent their lives formerly so deeply immersed in another philosophy altogether. I want to thank you personally for all your many kindnesses to me for, LO, these many years now — and — to thank all of those who worked so hard to bring this marvelous book to fruition. Always in your corner, Victoria, as you fight the Food Giants into submission. With Great Affection, Judith Shuter in Hookset, New Jersey 21••••• Hi, Victoria, I have read most of The Live Food Factor, and I can honestly say: “It is the most factual and informational book on health I have ever read. It’s like having Doctors Shelton, Vetrano, Tilden, Trall, Bragg, and so many others speaking directly to me as personal advisors.” The book is so complete. It also gives many opinions on various subjects to look at and make up my own decisions. I appreciated that. YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB! Jim O’Kelly in Valparaiso, Indiana 22•••••Victoria — I love The Live Food Factor. Could not put it down. Read it from cover to cover. Then went back and read more. I read everything I get from you — over and over! Love, Geneva Brummett in Sarasota, Florida 23•••••Hello, Victoria! I am enjoying and learning from The Live Food Factor. Such a wealth of information! I bought a copy for my niece who is going to college in Oregon State and is excited to try going raw. Finds the book most thorough! As for myself — I’m still transitioning after all these years. My will power at times is so very weak, but I am staying at it. I am 50% to 60% raw on any given week. This was GREAT WORK! I know you work very hard. Mark Hughes in Middleton, Pennyslvania
5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 1 1 5

24•••••Victoria, I can’t understand how you can afford to sell this Live Food Factor book so cheaply. I pay that much for books with less than 200 pages. Keep up the good work. Danny Freeman in Charlotte, North Carolina 25•••••High, Victoria... Enclosed is $50 for 2 more FACTORs to be sent to my 2 daughters. I just want THE FACTOR in their homes. Like THE HOLY BIBLE, THE FACTOR should be there! They can reach for it as the need arises. I have a grandson who is healthy. His mom was raised on Maui on mostly papaya and mangoes. Plus, I have 2 grandsons on the way — so, the mothers will have THE FACTORs in their libraries, on the bookshelves. They have to want to read it. They will. So, I thank you 2 women for your research and creation of “THE LIVE FOOD NEW WORLD BIBLE.” Michael Bobier in Santa Rosa, California 26•••••Dear Victoria, I loved The Live Food Factor book. I need more copies. I went to a friend’s wedding, and the bride’s father gave a big speech about how his daughter always “went after the truth in all matters.” So, for a wedding gift, I wrapped up my copy that I had not even read very much of yet and gave it to her as a present with a note: “For you who want to know the truth, here is a truth that may benefit you.” I also have 2 sisters who are into vegetarian lifestyles. One of them is a veterinarian, and she wants to know: “Where is the proof?” She will especially appreciate the chapter and appendix. She knows of my extended fast at Dr. D.J. Scott’s Institute in 2003, and I know I need to do it again. To sum things up, I plan to get rid of and settle my previous home, improve my own Natural Hygiene lifestyle, and see if I can promote a program to not let Natural Hygiene die in this area. Wishing you all the best in health and success in your new ventures in 2009, Barbara Seltzer in Cleveland Heights, Ohio 27•••••Victoria, I have just finished reading The Live Food Factor. This is a landmark book. It is most comprehensive in that it leaves out no ideas, authors, related books of importance, or research findings. As far as live food/raw eating is concerned, all web addresses, bibliography, and supplier contacts are given. Indeed, this book is the fruit of the labour of love. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please pass my congratulations to Susan Schenck. There is going to be a great demand for this work. Best Regards, Mohammed in India

5 How Does The Live Food Factor Complement The Health Seekers’ YearBook? 5 1 2 5

28•••••Dear Victoria, I received the book order 2 days ago with The Holiday Sampler of 25 of your “GREAT & YUMMY GETWELL EDIBLES”! The raw Nutty Nuggets candy! Wow, it’s terrific! And my husband ate most of it already. I hope you have a recipe for it because I will have to start making it for him now. My brother in Washington will get the first book from this order, but I have already given 1 of my copies I had to my daughter. Good news, she decided to not have the surgery and just try nutrition. Not completely raw now but a lot more of it and some juicing, too. I have a juice book by N.W. Walker D. Sc. that I have used in the past and have told her to get 1 of her own. The book, The Live Food Factor, has been a God-send for me. I have been transitioning to raw for about 5 years and have never really been able to quite go all the way for any length of time. My husband is a cooked food eater, and I fix his meals, so I also end up eating them. This was before I started reading The Live Food Factor. The Prefaces and Introduction were great, and a lot of the things said were more or less duplicated from other books I have read on going raw. That was why I have been trying to go all-raw. Then I got to the first chapter, and I read something that made me realize that cooked food does virtually the same thing in a lesser degree that a microwave does, and I haven’t used a microwave in about 15 years. So if I’m not going to use a microwave because of what it does to the food, why should I cook it with the same results? Wow, have I been dumb — or what? Anyway, I told my husband that I was finally going all raw on January 1st and that I would fix enough for both of us and that if he wanted anything other than raw, he would have to fix it himself. He AGREED! What a relief that was. And I’ve been raw ever since. It’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I have read the book from cover to cover and have been using some of the recipes along with other recipes books I have. My husbands response just the other day was, “I like eating this way!” YEAHHHH! Now, I am taking the USANA supplements with Dr. Tosca’s coaching and your sponsoring. I wonder what this New Year will bring with all these wonderful changes? Victoria, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You — for all your hard work on the book. I will use it for referencing, for recipes, for passing it on to others who want or need it. And I will probably read it from cover to cover again. Next time, I will go slower and look at all the references and web sites along the way. This book will not be put on the bookshelf after having been read and then forgotten. It will be in my kitchen, ready and waiting to be picked up quickly along with your book: 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense. Thanks again for your contribution to this book. I think it is worth all you put into it. Love, Janet Myerberg in Burbank, California
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29•••••DAVID KLEIN, Ph.D., VIBRANCE MAGAZINE in Sebastopol, California, regarding The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet by Susan E. Schenck, LAc with Victoria BidWell, Ph.D., Ed.D. The Live Food Factor is the first comprehensive guide to not only the raw food diet, but also the raw food movement itself. This diet is sweeping America as people discover its power to not only make a body lean, but also keep disease at bay and assist healing of what are typically considered “incurable” diseases. It stands as the most well researched book on raw foodism on the market and may stand as the best in its field for all time. The second edition of The Live Food Factor is an updated, expanded, and revised, comprehensive guide to the raw food diet, with a section on inspiration, a section on science, a section on the history of raw foodism, a complete how-to section, including frequently asked questions & answers and recipes. It contains 66 scientific studies to support the superiority of eating raw. This second edition brings a summary of all the benefits of Natural Hygiene, as well. It includes several chapters and appendices written mainly by Victoria BidWell, including the true cause of illness, how to detox, and an entire chapter on fasting. It also includes a new chapter written mainly by Dr. Vetrano and Dr. Tosca Haag on how to get children to eat raw. There are new testimonials, many new recipes, updated science studies, and even 3 new appendices to total 7. The second edition of The Live Food Factor is packed with new and updated information. In fact, this edition has about 37% more information! As one reviewer so cleverly wrote: “Everyone who eats should read this book!” The Live Food Factor stands as the most comprehensive book on raw foodism ever published. This treasure trove of life-enhancing information is completely backed by empirical science. As a 24-year raw fooder and health scientist who has read all the raw food books, personally knows the co-authors, and long ago recovered from a deadly illness using the Natural Hygienic principles The Live Food Factor teaches, I’ll attest that The Live Food Factor is a sound guide to superior health — one that humanity needs to embrace. The variety of topics, especially the healing stories and conclusive scientific studies, are almost endlessly infatuating. A health lover’s library is incomplete without this 704-page masterpiece. If you desire to be break out of the shackles of conventional thinking and harmful lifestyle habits and become truly healthy and vibrantly alive, dig in and get inspired for life! I close with this quote from the first foreword: “The Live Food Factor is the very best book on alternative health care ever done. It contains more research on the benefits of raw foods as well as the dangers of cooked foods ever amassed in one place.” — Dr. Vivian V. Vetrano, DC, hMD, PhD, DSci
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30•••••Dear Victoria: Congratulations on your contribution to creating, in my opinion, the best book on our planet relating to “ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE” and “RAW FOODS.” The Live Food Factor book provides thorough, detailed, and comprehensive information that should enlighten and motivate all open-minded truth seekers in their quest to achieve a “LONGER LIFE SPAN WITH VIBRANT AND RADIANT HEALTH.” I taught Holistic Health at Daytona Beach Community College form 1981-1991. And I told my students: “The best book on HEALTH is Victoria BidWell’s The Health Seeker’s Yearbook.” I wish I could contact each and every one of them now and offer The Live Food Factor as an additional source of enlightenment and inspiration. THE UNIVERSE PROVIDES FOR US EXTREMELY WELL WHEN WE SEIZE THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITIES, John W. Lynch, L.M.T., B.B.A. in Daytona Beach, Florida 31•••••Dear Victoria, The Live Food Factor is a wonderful book. And when I opened the package, all I could say was — “WOW!” It was well worth the 2-year wait for all the manifold improvements to the text to make it Hygienically correct. Nobody could have done this job better than yourself, and your yeoman’s labor on this book is much appreciated. This is a wonderful reference book to be read and reread. It is certainly a new classic in Natural Hygiene literature. Wishing you all the best in all your labors in the course of Natural Hygiene and a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year. In closing, I am James Heney in Roslindale, Massachusetts. 32•••••Reviewed by Get Fresh! Magazine: This [704-page] tome, arguably the most comprehensive book ever written on the raw diet and lifestyle, is surely destined to become a classic. The 1st section covers the benefits of this lifestyle, the 2nd showcases the scientific evidence backing it up, the 3rd chronicles the raw movement’s history and provides a who’s who guide to its leading experts, and the 4th is a complete how-to manual. This last section includes tips on getting started, detailed chapters on detoxification and fasting, tips on staying raw in a cooked world and a section looking at the different raw diets and the most controversial nutritional issues. This second edition has acquired a Natural Hygiene slant thanks to the addition of Victoria BidWell as a co-author, but that doesn’t detract from an impartial look at the choices available. The highlight for many will be the summaries of 66 scientific studies [in Chapter 5] that found advantages of consuming raw foods and/or disadvantages of cooked foods. Never has so much science supporting the raw diet been collected in one place before let alone made available in such an easy-to-read book.

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33•••••Victoria, I have just finished reading The Live Food Factor. This is a landmark book. It is most comprehensive in that it leaves out no ideas, authors, related books of importance, or research findings. As far as live food/raw eating is concerned, all web addresses, bibliography, and supplier contacts are given. Indeed, this book is the fruit of the labour of love. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please pass my congratulations to Susan Schenck. There is going to be a great demand for this work. Best Regards, Mohammed in India 34•••••GetWell Friend Cara Mia Yowell’s Review for Amazon: At 704 pages, this book leaves nothing out when it comes to the raw food diet. You will find many recipes to get you started, but don’t think this is another one of those diet books that is devoid of content with numerous recipes to increase the page count. The Live Food Factor has so much relative content and resources you will either become a convert to living foods, be supported in your current healthy lifestyle, or seriously consider changing in the near future. This guide is not a bunch of New Age fluff. Susan Schenk, the author, included many documented, scientific studies along with user experiences with photos. The Live Food Factor even dares to expose some of the myths surrounding a raw food diet, explores some of the extreme branches of raw foodism, and balances the whole presentation with a great primer to the basic tenets of Natural Hygiene by Victoria BidWell. I agree with Dr. Vivian Vetrano’s assessment that The Live Food Factor is not complete without Victoria BidWell’s The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense (otherwise known as the new 2 Books in 1). BidWell’s book provides a whole year’s worth of easy menus for the beginning health enthusiast — including formulas to continue with menu creation and with NO REPETITION! The amusing, amazing rhetoric and graphics alone are worth the investment for 2 Books in 1. If you were ever interested in finding out more about a raw food lifestyle but were discouraged by the lack of evidence to support it, be sure to read The Live Food Factor. Then get 2 BOOKS IN 1: The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense!

35•••••Hi Victoria, THE BOOK IS WOOOOOOONDEFUL! Everything you said it would be and more. I gave a copy to a lady friend, and she raves about it. She takes it with her wherever she goes, quotes it and says “Finally, something I can understand!” You girls are the greatest! Raw Food and Natural Hygiene will never be same! Thank you! Thank you! Merry HighJoy Christmas and Happy, Happy New Year! Karl Anderson in California
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