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Mathematics is a study of patterns and relationships. Recognizing and exploring the inherent patterns
of Mathematics make it easier for us to see relationship and understand the concepts of Mathematics. We
should really understand what we are studying. When we know the concept, pattern, and relationship we will
easily solve the problem or understand what we are really studying. Mathematics is a way of thinking. Most
of the time we spent too much thinking on how to solve certain problems that were given to us. We think and
think for the right formula to be used. We cannot solve the problem easily without really analyzing it. We can
also create shortcuts, another formula, another way of solving a problem. It is really a way of thinking, it
enhances our thinking skills. I remember when I was in high school my teacher was very creative in
Mathematics. She finds other ways for us to really understand Math. we used to sing about certain formulas
so that we can easily remember it. Mathematics is an art, characterized by order and internal consistency. In
Mathematics we usually follow methods or rules in solving a problem. And sometimes if we skip one
method we may get the wrong answer. Some people tend to derive other formula or shortcuts to solve a
problem well that not a problem atleast they are all getting the right answer. Some problems requires to
follow a method. Like in PEMDAS we need to follow this in order for us to get the correct answer.
Mathematics is an art I can see this how many games and logic games it has. One that I enjoy the most is
solving sudoko puzzle I see this as an art because it shows how Math can be so creative. Mathematics is a
language, carefully defined terms and symbols. Learning about symbol and terms that are used in
Mathematics is a big help to each of us. Most of the terms is you cannot find in other subject. We should
always know the terms and symbols their used and definitions so that if ever we encounter we easily
understand and know what are we going to do with it. Mathematics is a tool. For me it’s a powerful for us.
We can use this in everyday life. Mathematics we will encounter this everyday whether we like it or not. All
of the things that we learn in Math will be useful for each of us.
One important belief for me is the Curriculum. Every division every grade should follow a certain
syllabus on what they are going to teach and how they relate it to their student. The content is the most
important in this. As we can see when we are in grade 1 we do the basics of math. We cannot teach a grade 1
student about calculus. We should follow a curriculum. Teaching is also important in here we teachers should
have a vast knowledge of what we are teaching. We should have the mastery of this. How can a teacher teach
Math if she herself don’t know it? We should also know how can we relate this to their everyday life. So it
would be easy for them to understand it. I believe that if we know the importance of this is our life we will
give priority to this. Same as for the students if they know the importance might as well give attention to
what we are teaching them. Assessment is also important for me. In here we both have our advantage. We
will know how effective we are in teaching our students if example we give exams and quizzes and the
results are most of them have high scores it is a good sign that we are effective and good teachers. If most of
your students have low scores there is something wrong with the students or sometimes with the teacher. In
this you can also have a reflection of yourself if you are teaching them right or find other strategy that our
student will easily understand the lesson.