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Heidi / Mongolia

#21 Does it rain a lot in your country?

Hello everyone. My name is Heidi, I'm from Mongolia and this is
My question is does it rain a lot in your country?
And Mongolia, well Mongolia is a really, really dry country and it doesn't rain a lot in
Mongolia and when it rains we love it and we love to play outside when it's raining.
So for Mongolians I guess everyone loves rain. Thank you.
1) When it's raining Heidi _____ .
a) listens to music
b) plays outside

2) What do Mongolians think of rain?

a) They love it
b) They don't like it

3) The climate in Mongolia is _____ .

a) dry
b) wet

Erina / Japan
#25 What is the first thing you do every morning?
Hi, my name is Erina and this is for
Today I'm going to talk about first thing in the morning.
When I wake up, it's very cold in my room so the first thing I do is turn on the
heater and because I am so asleep still, I probably drink the water every day and
then maybe take a shower to wake up myself and I get changed and just get out of
the house.
1) What does Erina do first in the morning?
a) She turns on the heater
b) She takes a drink of water

2) Erina's room is _____ .

a) cold
b) warm

3) Erina takes a _____ .

a) bath
b) shower

Jess and Tom / United Kingdom

#08 Dream Job

Tom: Hi, my name's Tom from the UK.

Jess: And I'm Jess, I'm also from the UK.
Tom: We're both English teachers but is this your dream job Jess?
Jess: It's not my dream job, no. My dream job would be as a backing singer I think.
I really love music and I'd love to go on tour with a really, really, good singer like
Tina Turner or somebody but not have all pressure of being the main singer, just
like making it sound more beautiful from the background. How about you?
Tom: I'm like you, I also think I've got a more creative streak that needs to break
out. But for me it would be in probably writing. But I've got no idea how to begin.
Any advice?
Jess: Sorry, can't help you there.

1) What subject does Jess teach?

a) Mathematics
b) English

2) Would Jess prefer to be the main singer or a backing singer?

a) A backing singer
b) The main singer

3) Why would Tom prefer to be a writer?

a) He would get more money

b) He is creative
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Mark / England
#1386 What TV shows do you watch?
Hello. My name is Mark and question for now is what TV shows do you like
Actually, I don't have a TV. And I really don't like watching TV shows, so this isn't
the perfect question for me. But when I was younger, I used to love football or
soccer if you're American. Loved it. So any game that was displayed on TV, I would
definitely, definitely be watching it.
1) He ____ watching TV.
a) likes
b) does not like

2) He used to watch a lot of ____ .

a) soccer
b) American football

3) He says he has ____ .

a) no TV at the moment
b) a nice big TV

Paul / United States

#1209 Turned Down
Paul talks about a time he was turned down for something he really wanted.
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My name is Paul Walker. I'm from the United States and this video is for
and my question is have you ever applied for something and not gotten it?
And the answer is yes. Once I applied to a bank for a loan for a Harley-Davidson
motorcycle. After filling out the application forms, the loan officer informed me that I
needed to make a certain monthly income in order to qualify for the loan. I told the
bank officer that if I made that much money per month I wouldn't need a loan.
Needless to say, I didn't get the loan.
1) Who did Paul want a loan from?
a) His parents
b) The bank

2) What was the loan for?

a) A motorcycle
b) University

3) He didn' get the loan because of ____.

a) his monthly income
b) his driving record

Danny / United States

#1387 Do you have a busy schedule?
Hello! My name is Danny Lewis, and I am from the United States. And my question
is, do you have a busy schedule?
Yeah. I have a pretty busy schedule. I play basketball year-round so my schedule
is pretty hectic. I go to school from 7:00 to 3:00 then I practice after that. And then I
lift weights, then I come home and do homework. That's an everyday thing. Then
on the weekends, I have games.
So yeah, I would say that I have a pretty tight schedule.
1) He plays ____ all year.
a) soccer
b) basketball

2) He lifts weights ____ school.

a) before
b) after

3) On the weekend he ____ .

a) takes it easy
b) has games

Marcos / Spain
#1376 Where would you like to visit?
Hi. I'm Marcos and the question is, what country you would like to visit?
And the answer is China. I love to visit China but the thing is it's such a huge
country that I think I need like three or four months to visit the whole country. So I'm
waiting for like half for funds available to go there because I want to visit and it's
going to be a great trip. And I love their culture. I like the food and I think there are
a lot of places to visit like the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors. So I think it's
worth a visit.

1) He would like to visit ____ .

a) China
b) Colombia

2) He needs to wait for ____ .

a) time off work
b) money to travel

3) He wants to see some ____ .

a) art
b) nature

Olga / Mexico
#1362 What can we do to reduce crime?

Hello, my name is Olga. I'm from Mexico. The question is how can we reduce
It's a difficult question. But I sincerely think that the crime can be reduced from
education. If you ... like, when you're a kid basically you learn all about the world. If
you kind of, you know, change the education system, and kind of introduce like

more moral and values to kids when they're young, I think when they grow up they
will become better human beings and kind of respect humanity and society.

1) She thinks we need to increase ____ .

a) education
b) penalties

2) People need to know about ____ .

a) the law
b) morals

3) We need to focus on ____ .

a) poor people
b) children

Florencia / Argentina
#1361 Is there good transportation in your city?
Hello, my name is Florencia and I'm from Argentina.
The question is is there good transportation in your area?

Well, I am from Buenas Aires. That is a big city, so there is a lot of traffic. The best
way to get from one point of the city to another point is to take a train or subway.
We have a lot of buses also, but it could take double time that it takes to just take a
train or subway, so I would rather take a train. I have it closer to my house, and I
can get to the other point of the city in just half an hour, and that saves me a lot of

1) She likes to use the ____ .

a) bus
b) train

2) It is closer to her ____ .

a) home
b) work

3) She also uses ____ .

a) taxis
b) the subway

Win / Vietnam
#1358 What musicians do you like?

I am from Vietnam and my question is what bands or musicians I like?

I listen to a vast range of music, so I have many favorite artists from different types
of music, but today I'm going to talk about Carla Bruni because I've been listening
to her a lot lately. Well, Carla Bruni is Sarkozy's wife. She's originally a model but
sometimes she's sings too and sings in French and English. What I like about her
songs is that the lyrics are very poetic and also Carla Bruni has a really distinctive
voice that no one else can copy.
1) She singer is ____ .
a) single
b) married

2) She is also a ____ .

a) model
b) movie star

3) Her songs are ____ .

a) powerful
b) poetic

Abidemi / Nigeria
#1346 What do you like most about your city?
Hi, I'm Abidemi and I'm Nigerian. The quest is what do you like most about your
There are many things that I like about my city, and about living in Nigeria in
general. I like that fact that it is hot almost all year round, and it's a very lively
country. Maybe my number one favorite thing about my country and city is the fact
that you can buy already prepared food at almost any street corner. We have street
vendors that sell food in the morning, evening, afternoon - any time of the day that
you want to buy something. The food is always fresh, delicious and cheap. This is
a great thing for me because I don't like to cook too much and prefer to do the time
doing something else.

1) She says the ____ is hot.

a) food
b) weather

2) She likes to buy food ____ .

a) at the market
b) on the street corner

3) She says she ____ cooking .

a) does not like
b) really likes

Chris / United States

#1323 Have you ever been the boss?
Hi, my name is Chris, Im from the US and my question is, Have I ever been a
boss? Yes, I have been a boss at one time. It was before I finished my
undergraduate degree. I was a manager at McDonalds for about little over a year.
Uhm, it was a job that I enjoyed but I was very busy all the time. Uhm, and, you
know, when youre the boss and you have people working under you, it also
becomes an issue of managing people, not only just managing what happens in
doing your job but also making sure that people are doing their job and youre
responsible for them.
Based on my case, responsible for the cash drawer, making deposits, ordering,
taking inventory, making sure everybody was doing what theyre supposed to be
doing and also myself, staying busy to help things run as smoothly and efficiently.
1) He was a manager at a ____ .
a) clothing store
b) restaurant

2) He says he ____ the job.

a) enjoyed
b) disliked

3) He talks about ____ workers.

a) managing
b) motivating

Adelina / Spain
#1299 What would you change about your appearance?
Ade from Spain talks about if she is happy wiht her appearance.

Hi, this is Adelina and I am from Spain. The question is, what will you change about
your appearance?
Well, I am quite satisfied with myself so I don't want to change much but if I have to
choose something, I will change my lips because I think they are too thin. I would
prefer to have bigger lips, and also maybe my skin type because I'm coming from
the South and we have a lot of sun here so my skin has a lot of sun marks, so what
do you think?
1) She would like to change ____ about herself.
a) a lot
b) a little

2) She says her ____ are too thin.

a) lips
b) hips

3) She does not like the ____ on her skin.

a) the color
b) the marks

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