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Pre-Interview Questionnaire

Social Media Associate, Deliveree Philippines

We thank you for your interest in Inspire Ventures and our transportation startup
Deliveree. Prior to your interview with us, please complete the below questionnaire and
return it via email to the names listed at the bottom of this form. If you are uncertain
how to answer any of the questions, please answer them to the best of your ability and
mark the question for discussion on your next interview.
o Please estimate the time of your commute to work in the morning and home from
work in the evening if our office is located at Tycoon Center on Pearl Street in the
Ortigas Center. 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning and same in the evening. (just
one ride)
o Please rank your skills for each of the below items (1 is novice and 10 is expert):
Social Media Campaign Conceptualization: .6
Social Media Campaign Management: ..6
Social Media Page Management: ..6
Knowledge of Facebook: .8
Knowledge of Instagram: .8
Knowledge of Twitter: ..8
Knowledge of LinkedIn: 8
Content Creation Management: .6
Writing Blogs and Articles: ..6
KPI Data Reporting: .6
o In your current or most recent job, what is the title of the person you reported to?
- I am a virtual assistant of my recent job and I am handling a lot of stuff like
managing social media, video creation, Wordpress development and design,
graphic designing and some SEO stuff.
o In your current or most recent job, did anyone report to you? If yes, who?
- In my Job, I wasnt given a chance to manage someone. Mostly I work
alone and produce quality outputs within a given period of time. But since I
grew up in church, I was given leadership positions where I lead a team to
reach a goal. So regarding handling people, I can say that I have
experiences with that.

o Are you comfortable operating in a performance driven digital KPI environment?

- Yes
o In your current or most recent job, approximately what kind of hours do you work?
How many days per week?
- 8hr/day | 5days/week | working hours 8 am 3 am
o Why do you wish to leave your current job? Or why did you leave your most recent
job? Please briefly explain.
- I've been working at home online in the past 3 years...with big pay but
without benefits package. I wish to find a more stable job than what I do at
home. Since your place is near my place (I'm living in Junction Cainta - just
one ride from Ortigas) I am so excited to really pursue working in an office
with my expertise acquired through the years. I think, I can show my
potential, skills and talents to your company and is excited to build my career
with you.
o Please list the 2 most important things to you when deciding what job you will
accept. List them in order of importance.
1. LOVE WITH WHAT I DO - First consideration is that I should love the Job
that I will be doing, that it is my interest and that pursuing it will never be a
burden to me or just mere obligation but passion and life. In that way work will
never be just something that I do to get me by everyday.
2. EARNING - I will be honest about this that of course I need income to provide
for my needs and help my family. I am not asking for much but a pay that is fair
enough for the work and dedication that I pour out for the company. And also It
would be so motivating and inspiring to receive something coming from your
hard work.
o Have you ever had either directly or through friends/family exposure to a start-up
company before? If yes, please briefly explain.
- Yes, We have just started 2 months ago a family business "Food Vending &
Catering Services" I am one of the people who started it and made it run
o Are you comfortable operating in a startup company environment that requires
regularly long work hours and occasional weekend project work? A typical work
weekday for us begins at 9am and ends after 8pm.
- Yes I am willing to work for a startup business. I want to build myself and be a
part of growing a business/company and to dedicate myself to contribute from

humble beginnings until it grows to something big.

o What is your current net monthly compensation including base plus any bonuses or
commissions? If the bonuses or commissions are paid in intervals other than
monthly (such as quarterly or yearly, please describe).
- Currently Ive been focusing in our family business but if you want to know the
series of pay I received from companies I provided my services in the past 3
years. I can send you a screenshot of my Paypal account. Since the family
business is just starting, I am not yet receiving any salary but the owner, profit
sharing will happen on its 6th month of operation.

o What other benefits do you receive? Examples include healthcare, allowances.

o For the all the amounts listed in questions above, if we request it, would you be able
to provide evidence or paystubs?
Thank you kindly. Please return this completed form along with your resume to Pao Del
Rosario in Human Resources at