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During the last five years Urcuqui parish of San Miguel de Urcuqu Canton, in the Imbabura
province, has experienced a significant growth in their business, due to the increase in visitors
motivated by knowing one of the major national projects, as is the "City of Knowledge Yachay".
The "City of Knowledge Yachay" appears as the main tourist attraction of the Urcuqui parish,
associating a series of attractions and activities, which provide a great potential for tourism to
the entire territory and that requires the existence of a tourism plant at its level.
The existing tourist services in Urcuqu parish and close to the facilities of the "City of
Knowledge Yachay", are limited and are unable to meet the existing demand potential.

Due to these reasons, the present work has developed in the intention of designing a business
plan for the implementation of a restaurant of organic food, within the traditional Ecuadorian
cuisine such as competitive and innovative within the territory.

The advancement of this research, is defined in the utilization of the vast opportunities that exist
in the market, since there are no endeavors that has characteristics similar to those raised by this
project, and the business associated with this service are scarce and do not have all the
necessary requirements for outsold both tourist.
Studies carried out in the territory, also made a target market that is motivated by the consumption of
organic foods and the acceptance of expressions of the traditional Ecuadorian cuisine within your
main preferences. Add to this, an average expenditure of $ 12.00 within restaurants, with a frequency
of once per week consumption and during weekends.

Considering these features of the target market, a product and service was defined in the function to
satisfy the main needs of the potential clients and according to conceiving new experiences during
the whole consumption process inside the establishment.
In this way, was established a menu composed by traditional soups, entrees, salads, side dishes,
desserts and drinks, all within the characterization Ecuadorian gastronomic and with the added value
that the organic food grants. In addition, a personalized attention in a unique and traditional
environment managed through principles of elegance and comfort, with the intention that the clients
can taste food in a distinguished and cozy atmosphere.

The establishment will be presented with a maximum capacity of 80 people, within a service area of
132 m2. The particularity of the physical area of the settlement is evident in the area intended for the
organic garden, where food, with the intention of giving a sustainable character production and
operating processes of the restaurant will be produced gradually.
To develop each of the productive processes and operations of the establishment, it is necessary the
creation of a work team, committed to policies and corporate values, which respond to the fulfilment
of each of the tasks set out and meet with other business commitments, through the achievement of
standards in the good service and timely operation.

The restaurant will be constituted legally as a Company of Limited Responsibility and will respond
to the official fulfillment of requisites and pertinent permissions for its guaranteed functioning. In
this mode, will comply with the obligations that are required for the designation of the tourist
services, responding with permits and certifications of Health, Municipal Tax, operating license, and
Employers registration, registration in the Ministry of Tourism and in the Ecuadorian Institute of
Intellectual Property.
All these parameters, require a detailed financial study, allowing viewing the financial viability of
the proposed venture. For this, a total initial investment of $ 200,000.00 was defined by the year
2015, for the acquisition of the land and the construction of the establishment; well as to the
adequacy of machines, equipment, furniture and equipment and the purchase of a vehicle.
The exhibited total of initial investment would be 100 per cent obtained from a bank loan with the
National Financial Corporation of Ecuador, at a maximum term of ten years, with an interest rate of
11.50 %. This amount of investment shall be payable as of the first operating year of the
establishment (2016), until the year 2025.
Revenue budgets and the budgets of working capital, are considered from the year 2016, year in
which will begin its operational work. Thus it has been determined that for this year will be a
revenue budget of $ 242,925.21 US dollars compared to a working capital of $147,603.48 us dollars;
a net profit of $ 10,878.10 us dollars, and a cash flow of $95,321.73 us dollars.
Considering this information and them fitting to a minimal projection of 5 %, it is possible to
establish that the period of recovery of the investment will be carried out in the first months of the
third operative year of the establishment, that is to say in the year 2018.
The profitability and the economic benefits are evidenced in a net present value of $243,748.37 us
dollars and an internal rate of return of 46% for the first six years of operation of the restaurant,
creating economic value in a positive manner and ensuring the processes of initial investment.

Without a doubt, the productive entrepreneurship presents a considerable technical and financial
viability in their production processes and ensures the decisions of investment due to the high
economic benefits expressed.