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How can you’re true love; love you when they don’t even know the
true you?

Hi my name is Alexies Seithr Moon; I’m 12 and was there

when my parents got murdered.
Chapter 1

I looked in the mirror and frowned. I had just gone to soccer

practice after music practice, so I was coved in mud since we live
in Cumbria, England. My silver, light blue and green eyes stared
back at me taking in my appearance. My black hair with natural
blonde highlights is all tangled in knots and covered in mud; my
pale skin is almost also covered all in mud. I sighed and grabbed
some clothes, from my walk in closet, and went over to the
bathroom. I took a cold shower to sooth my bruises from soccer
and got dressed in a pair of caprices’ and a simple white t-shirt
with white tennis shoes. I threw my hair up in a ponytail and ran
down stairs for dinner. Our dinning room was huge because either
mom or dad always had clients over for dinner. Mum –Rebecca- is
a lawyer while dad –Jared- is a doctor. I sat in front of mum while
she sat next to dad at the head of the table. Today we talked about
our day because no clients where coming over today which is
weird but whatever. Just as I was about to talk about my day the
door bell rang. Mum went to go and answer it. Me and dad always
the nosy ones stayed silent so we could hear who was at the door.
Then… it happened. Mum screamed but was cut off by a gurgle.
Dad jumped up, while knocking his chair over, and grabbed my
wrist while pulling me to the den.

“Dad?! What’s going on?!” I asked a little panicked struck. My

eyes darted around for danger. All my father said was ‘shhh!’
When we got to the den we where facing a door under the stairs.

“Alexies” he only used my full name in serious times. “Go threw

this door and you’ll come to this tunnel. There is a flash light on
the wall some where. Go threw the tunnel and you’ll come to this
other door, put your finger print there and it will open. You will
meet my friend there but if he’s not there… then run and just don’t
stop running ok?!” He seemed stressed because his eyes kept
darting around looking for something. I nodded but couldn’t help
to cry because it sounded like a good bye. “Shh! Baby girl! Now
go before THEY come down here.” Dad said before he gave me a
huge. I just nodded and hugged him back.

“Goodbye daddy I love you.” I whispered as I heard foot steps

coming down the stairs.

“Goodbye baby girl. Love you too.” He whispered and then

walked across the room looking like he was here the whole time. I
wiped the tears away and went in the tunnel. It was dark so I
fumbled around till I found the flash light. As I was about to turn it
on I heard a loud shot. My face went pale. Dad. I put my hand over
my mouth to hide my scream and ran down the tunnel. I came to a
stop at a door with a finger print scanner beside the handle. I
scanned my finger just like dad told me to and went inside. When I
closed the door I cam face- to- face with a guy. He has long blonde
hair, black eyes, around 6’1’ and is small build. He took one look
at me and his eyes widened. He graved my hand and pulled me up
the stairs and threw another tunnel.

“W-where are we going? W-who are you?” I asked stuttering and

trying to not show fear but failed. I heard him sigh and stopped to
turn to me.

“Where going to go and put you some where safe, and my name is
Causie. I’m your dad’s friend.” He spoke quickly as if someone
was listening. After that I kept quiet. When a few minuets passed
of running I started to stumble because I was practley asleep on my
feet. Before I could register what I was doing I collapsed falling
more asleep. I felt someone picking me up, probably Causie, so I
just snuggled up to him and fell asleep.
. . .
I was bolted awake when I heard a loud ‘bang’ like someone
knocking the door down. I quickly sat up and took in my
surroundings. I’m on a leather couch in a white room with another
couch, a coffee table, and a TV. Right as I finish taking in my
surroundings Causie came busting in and picked me up while
running out of the room. He ran out side and set me down.

“Alexies… run!” Was all he was abele to say before he was shot in
the chest right in front of me. I screamed but ran as fast as I could.

I ran and ran.

I ran for my life. I ran for my parents. I ran for my parents’
life. I ran because my parents told me to. I ran towards the hospital
because that’s where dad said to go if we ever got separated or if
something happened and no one was with me. When I got there…
dad nor mum was there waiting for me. Maybe there inside I
thought. I went inside. They still weren’t there. A nurse passed by
me and screeched. I was confused so I looked down to see what
she was looking at. I was covered in blood. Causie. No… no…
no!!! I tried to say it’s not mine to the doctors and nurses
surrounding me but I couldn’t speak. After a second I found my

“It’s not mine.” I whispered. All of the doctors and nurses relaxed.
They sent me to go and get cleaned up in the hospital showers. I
just stood there in the shower as the numb of realization spread
threw me. There dead. Mum, dad, and Causie. The rest went in a
daze. I got dressed in the hospital sweats and went to the room the
nurse assigned me. I waited till the doctor came in. When he did I
was surprised because he looked like Causies’ brother. He had
long black hair, black hair, medium build, and about 6’1’.

“Hello I’m Marcus. I’m your new doctor.” He seemed way to

cherry. I just nodded and stared at the wall behind his head. “Well
then let me check you, and then you can tell me what happened.” I
nodded and tuned out after that. A couple of minutes later someone
was shacking me and calling my name. I came back. “Alexies are
you ok?” Dr. Marcus asked looking me in the eyes. I hid my
emotions, and nodded. He sighed and looked at the floor but then
looked back at me. “Alexies, I’m going to ask you a couple of
simple questions. Then I’m going to ask you what happened ok?”
He asked in a tired voice instead of cherry. I nodded and he sighed.
“Ok. How old are you?” He asked in a doctor’s voice. I held up 12
fingers. He nodded and wrote down the information on a clipboard.
“What’s your mothers’ name?” He looked at me expectantly. I
swallowed hard.

“Rebecca Moon” I whispered in a monotone. He looked concerned

for a moment but just nodded and wrote.

“What’s your fathers’ name?” He sounded a little in pain.

“Jared Moon” My voice the same as last time. He nodded and


“What did your parents do?” this time there was curiosity in his
voice. I took a deep breath.

“Mum was a lawyer and dad was a doctor.” His eyes widened a
fraction but he snapped out of it and wrote.

“Ok Alexies…” I cut him off.

“Alex” I corrected him. He nodded.

“Alex. What happened?” He seemed like he really wanted to

know. Then a thought struck me. What did REALLY happen?
I went threw everything but when I got to the part about Causie
something happened.
“So this guy… Causie” Marcus gasped “He told me to run then he
… he w-wa… w-w-was s-shot right in front of me. I then ran here
of course.” I was shaking because of the sobs that wanted to come
out and tears where streaming down my face. We where both silent
for a long time till a nurse came in and said that she needed the
room. Marcus led me to his office.

“Well Alex you do now we will have to put you in an orphanage”

he said in a strangled voice. I nodded. I have a very bad feeling
about this. He then went out side to call the orphanage in the U.S.
because supposedly it was suppose to be safer. I started to pace
when he had been gone for 30 minutes. I eventually got tired and
laid down on the couch in his office. I started to fall asleep when I
heard the door open. Probably Marcus came in and crouched down
next to me. He must have thought I was asleep because he started
to play with my hair.

“We will come for you when your 15.” He whispered in my ear.
Come for me? What did he mean by that? The air seemed tense
after that so I decided to drop a hint that I sleep talk.

“Pretty… LOOK A BUTTERFLY!” I yelled the last part. He

stopped playing with my hair probably thinking that I’m awake. I
need to prove I was asleep so I rolled over. My face was now
facing him. I sighed a fake happy sigh. He relaxed and laughed
while I fell back asleep.
. . .
I woke to the sound of yelling in the room.

“No! 15 is too young!” A mysterious voice said. I decided to


“Yes! But it would be a great way to try out our young program!”
A voice whispered/yelled, sounding like Marcus. Young program?
And what’s with 15 again? Why is it to young? All of these
questions were making my head spin. I forgot that I was on a
couch and rolled over groaning. I then landed on the floor with a

“OW!” I was pretty sure I bruised my hip. I heard a door open and
close quickly. There goes the mystery person! Marcus came and
kneeled down next to me.

“Alex! Are you ok?!” He seemed worried as I sat up. When I was
his expression he looked at me like I was a porcine doll that just
fell on the floor.

“Uh yah… well that’s defiantly one way to wake up.” He chuckled
as I got up. He helped me to the couch and sat next to me with a
wary sigh. Oh-oh.

“Alex I called the orphanage. They are going to pick you up

tomorrow at Elizabeth, Colorado. I’m going to take you home and
you’re going to pack. I contacted your parents will… you’ll get all
of the money and stuff when your 15.” Here we go with the 15
again! Wait he just said I have to go back THERE! Where my
parents died?! I gulped and nodded while looking at the floor. “Ok
well come with me and well go to your home so you can pack.” He
seemed like he was trying to be cherry again.
I am now standing in front of my home. I took a deep breath
and opened the door. When I walked in I almost puked because
there on the floor is a stain of blood. Mum’s blood. I started to feel
the tears build up so I closed my eyes tightly and took a couple of
deep breaths. I felt Marcus hand on my shoulder. I nodded and
went up stairs to my room. I was surprised when I got there
because it looks like it was raided. My bed a mess, my clothes
every where and my dresser drawers scattered. I noticed my
jewelry box on the floor not opened but looked like someone had
tried to open it. I gasped and checked my neck for my necklace. It
was still there. I sighed in relief. My mum and father gave it to me
and told me to never take it off.

“Alex are you ok?” Marcus yelled down the hall. I gasped and ran
to the door to close it. He beat me. His eyes widened at the sight.
“Alex stand in the hall for a second please.” He waved his hand in
the direction of the hall way. He seemed in a daze. I was confused
but did as he said. A moment later he stuck his head out and told
me to come in. I gasped at the sight. My room is back to normal.
My drawers, clothes, and sheets for the bed are back in to place. I
ran over to Marcus and hugged him as tight as I could.

“Thank you!” I squealed. I so didn’t feel depressed right now. He

hugged me tightly back. It felt like dad was hugging me. I held the
tears back at the memories of dad.

“Your welcome! Now come on start packing, and I’ll make you
lunch.” He said with a smile. I was smiling to because at least this
room won’t be different in my life. Marcus walked out and I
headed towards my closet to get out my 10 giant blue suitcases. I
took up 3 packs with clothes, jewelry and shoes 2 packs, and then I
packed other stuff like laptop, Nintendo DSI, toiletries, etc. I then
took a deep breath and headed in to my parents room. I went in to
there jewelry box and got out my mums chocker that she always
wore, there wedding ring, and a picture of them at there wedding.
With that I headed down stairs. Marcus had made some spaghetti
and said he had all ready eaten while I was packing. When I
finished eating Marcus started to load up the luggage in the car. He
was surprised that I could fill up that much luggage. When he got
to the smallest of the luggage he was again surprised that it was
almost as heavy as the other ones