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Chapter I

In todays modern age where technology has become a way of life, it is evident
that majority of the countrys company still do not adapt the high technology. Particularly
in small companies, daily company transactions are still done manually. We all know
that modern companies are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many
clients as possible with the best of their abilities. But as the years rolled by, the number
of clients has grown and manual methods of managing records of the company (toy
store), billing, stocks and inventory.
In this study, we hope to develop a stocks and inventory system that will help to
minimize all paper works and manual records keeping, therefore allowing the staffs and
employees as well as the owner of the company to ease in keeping track of clients,
reducing clients waiting time and increasing the number of clients served. a system
that is fully automated, user-friendly, time effective and efficient.
The goal of this study is to help the company of Gift Gate Incorporated because
the one who problem of the company are manual transaction to sell the product and
monitoring the stocks in the company.Researchers introduce this topic to help the
employee working without frustrations. This topic provides informations regarding
program analysis, system and capability of outdoor equipment.
The study wants to solve the problems of the company (Gift Gate Incorporated)
in gathering information from internet on how to use our system in their particular
branches. In this case, gathering information, some data through other system is difficult

to learn and understand. Some researcher wasted their time to this. And our duty is to
build a stocks and inventory system that focus on the needed of the company and
branches such as a monitoring their stocks and easy way to selling the product
This topic will help less time and effort to manage and monitoring their stocks
such as point of sale and more and will highlightmajorstrengths and weaknesses of the
employee while telling some explanation of observed changes. The topic will comment
on the prospects of the company and make recommendations that would improve our
stocks and inventory system current performance. These observations do have
limitations which will be noted. This topic will explain to how flow a statement and
To assist in the possible improvement of our system in there company,
researcher need to understand the leadership, responsibility, staffing, collection, policies
and procedures, funding and structure in the participating membership of Gift Gate
Incorporated in comparison. Researcher has incorporated interviews with Gift Gate
employee and a questionnaire survey if our system is effective in their particular
branches of Gift Gate Incorporated. However, good leadership and cooperation among
membership plays a bigger role in achieving a common goal. Having and working
towards a common goal, under dedicated, dynamic and faithful leadership with an
active and energetic membership plays a great role in the success of a stocks and
inventory system.

Background of the Study

The first Gift Gate Incorporated established on March 23, 2010 located at 17
New York corner. Sgt. Catolos Streets, Cubao Quezon City, but now they have many
branches in different places. Gift Gate Incorporated also has their headquarters (Office)
at Unit 506 continental building 47 Anapolis Street. Greenhills San Juan City. The
company product are toys, gifts, jewelries, souvenirs and dcor, but the company have
their problem which is their manually processing in counting stocks so our group
decided to offer our knowledge and proposed system a Stock and Inventory system to
help them with their problems. Inventory is basically the total amount of goods and
materials held in stock by a factory, store and other business. An inventory system is a
process whereby a business keeps track of goods and material it has available. It
simplest sense it can be done manually by a count at the end of the day. In this way it is
possible to keep a record of goods coming in to the business and goods being sold.
Since manual consumes a lot of time and susceptible to errors, it would be
helpful to build a system that will automate the system the transactions from acquisition
of the product description to updating the inventory database. The automated inventory
system will improve employees work efficiency by automating routinely and timeconsuming task such as the time spent in taking down product information. As a result,
the time can be used in activities that more productive. The accuracy of the current
system will also improved, since the computerized inventory system will eliminate the
need of constantly encoding lengthy details of products by having an inventory
database. Some benefits of the system are to provide a computer-based information
system for the current inventory o lessen the manual processes, and to make the
system store generate efficient report.

The inventorying system of the gift gate incorporated is a manual process of

recording all data information through record book or yellow pad such as the name of
the product, the price, and the description of the stocks.
With this, project acts as a computerized stocks and inventory system for gift
gate incorporated. It stores details of product name, price and description of the stocks.

Statement of the problem

Based on the conducted interview these are the problems of the company we
1. Time consuming; it takes a long time to find the records of the stocks for
example when a customer orders an item, they do not know immediately if the stocks
are still available.
2. Labor; they need many workers to count all the stocks available, unlike a
computerized system they only need one or two laborer handle the system.
3. Loss data of the records of the stocks; when accidentally they misplace some
documents stocks. Slow process of counting stocksand inaccurate records when the
system cannot find the item or the product in the inventory when the description is not
accurate to the item product dictated to the inventory so that when it can cause an
accurate records
The General Problem of the company is that they are manually worked on their stock
and inventory. This problem will be the cause of the delay of the transactions and

production of the company. It is also the cause for slowing the data of their inventory
and stocks.
The general Problem of the company also burden the work of the employees and staffs
because they are doing it manually it is also inaccurate to do manual process of stocks
and inventory.

A. General Objectives

The general objective of this study is to provide a computerized Stock and

Inventory system that would help the company for better and faster transaction. It is also
providing an accurate and well-organized data of stocks and speed up their system
inventory their stocks.
This can also help their staffs and employees as well as the owner of the
company to lessen the work and to be accurate on the stocks and inventory of the
B. Specific Objectives
To create a system that will record and display the stocks information.
To avoid labor-intensive.
To create a system that will secure and maintain the integrity of data
information of stocks.

The significant of this IT project intends us to provide an accurate and effective

Stock and Inventory system, which will benefit the following:

Employees would be able to record and compute the stocks in an
efficient way. This will help to lessen their workload and become a
productive employee.

The proposed system will help the company as well as the owner to
handle the growing amount of the stocks. It will provide the staff to
access the items information easily

Future Researchers
The project serves as a basis of their study. It engages their knowledge
in programming activities to create a computerized system. It will also
serve as a tool to sharpen their knowledge and ability in developing a
computerized system.

Scope and Delimitation

The proposal aims to establish a better way of storing information about the gift gate
incorporated products. It also aims to lessen the work of the authorized personnel in
accordance with the counting stocks and inventory of the item. Lastly, the project aims
to lessen data discrepancies and errors, which are frequently arising from the current
The proposed system mainly focused on the Inventorying the item stocks it is an
effective way for monitoring and tracking different products and materials that
transferred in and out of the companys warehouse or establishment. The system is
checking and auditing of the stock and will automatically determines the stock
availability, the expiration of the item products. In this system it will include the when the
items delivered and will it expired.


The limitations or disadvantages our system, which is the stocks, and inventory
system are the costs required in setting up, and the complexity of using and maintaining
stocks and inventory system in an effective way. The technology and software required
to have a stocks and inventory system can be expensive to purchase, install and use.
For example, the software used to track what products had been bought, sold and
delivered in very technical, and therefore very expensive. In addition, the technology
used in conjunction with stocks and inventory system, such as tracking devices in
delivery vehicles or barcode scanners, are also expensive. This means that a good
quality stocks and inventory system is usually out of reach of small, new or independent
Due to the technical nature of the software and technology used in stocks and inventory
system, it can be difficult to all members of staff on how to learn and use the stocks and
inventory system in an effective way. In addition, the learning process can take days or
even weeks, meaning that business can come to a standstill during this time. As a
result, although stocks and inventory systems can be incredibly useful, they can also be
difficult to implement.