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The project uses an arduino which is connected to a bluetooth module which

produces a wireless connectivity between a laptop and the arduino. So when
we press a button on our laptop, data is passed on to the Robot through
bluetooth enabled in the laptop and received through the bluetooth module
present in the robot. The data is then transmitted to arduino which is
programmed in such a way to accept the data, process it and perform a tasks
mentioned as per control of data mentioned below.
For e.g. if we press a button that moves the robot forward, the arduino
receives the command through bluetooth and sets two of the pins high as it
is programmed to do so. The signal is then transmitted to the motor driver IC
which drives both the motors and the robot moves forward.

Component Required:


Arduino UNO Board

8V Lead-Acid Battery 2 nos
L293D Motor Driver IC
DC Gear Motors (4 Nos)
Serial Bluetooth Module


4 wheels
Wires for connectivity
Software (serial port software for PC/laptop)

1. Soldering iron
2. Soldering wire
3. Wire cutter/stripper
4. Screwdriver
5. Double sided tape
Block Diagram:


Setup Connection For Robot:


Circuit Diagram

We use L293D motor driver ICs which are used for the controlling the rotation
of the four motors connected to robot. Pin no 2,7,10,15 of L293D motor driver
IC is connected to the pin no 9,8,7,6 of arduino board. Output pin 3,6,11,14 of
the L293D motor driver IC is connected with the motor as shown within the
circuit diagram.

L293D Motor Driver IC

Code for PC Controlled Robot:

A Bluetooth enabled Laptop with standard Windows environment is need to

control the Robot. We use 9600 baud rate for the transmission of the data from
PC/Laptop to Robot.

Arduino Code

We can control the robot using the following instruction

'8' = Forward
'2' = Backward
'4' = Move Left
'6' = Move Right
'5' = Stop

File for PC controlled Robot

Step 1- Assembling the components

Take a piece of acrylic board and fix the gear motors to the left and right edges
using hotglue/super glue. Then attach the ball caster wheels. On the top side,
stick the arduino board using double side tape, do the same for the battery


Step 2 Setting up the connections

Setup the hardware connections with the arduino and the gear motors. The
continuous rotation gear motors are those kinds of gear motors that cannot be
controlled or set at a particular angle unlike normal ones. This motor has three
wires used. Red- Power , Black -Ground, White/Yellow- PWM /PPM Signal.
The left motor (white/yellow wire) is hooked on to arduino digital pin 9 and
right motor (white/yellow wire) to arduino digital pin 10. The black wires of

both the motors are connected to arduino GND and the Red wires to the positive
terminal of the battery holder. Connect the RX pin of bluetooth module to TX
pin (digital pin 1) of arduino and TX pin of module to RX pin of arduino (pin
0). Connect Vcc and Gnd of module to the arduino. Connect the negative
terminal of battery holder to arduino GND.

Step 3- Loading the arduino software for the android controlled

Upload the code to the arduino.

Since the Bluetooth module is connected to the Rx and Tx Pins of the Arduino,
the module should be removed while uploading the code from the PC to
Arduino. The module should be connected once the upload is complete. The
code uses the arduino servo library and simple commands. Servo is controlled
using commands like : servo.write(90) -> stops the servo , servo.write(180)
->rotates servo clockwise and servo.write(0)-> rotates servo anti-clockwise.