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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: September 2007

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East 2007 has been an exceptional year on Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Bay Area the trails of the East Bay, with still more to 7:15 to 9:30 pm
Trails come: National Public Lands Day, on Septem-
East Bay Regional Park District
Council ber 29 coupled with the 100th Ivan Dickson
Headquarters: Board Room
❧ Trail Work Day scheduled in the East Bay, a
2950 Peralta Court, Oakland
massive volunteer transformation of Joaquin
2950 Telephone (510) 635-0135
Miller Park trails on October 6-7, and the
Oaks November 3 opening of 7.5 miles of new Bay Agenda: September 19, 2007 Meeting
Court Area Ridge Trail in the Pinole Watershed.
Follow me on a quick trip through the
❧ 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
high points of my year on the EB trails. At the
Oakland, Approval of Agenda: Action
end of January we closed an earlier chapter
California Approval of May Minutes: Action
in East Bay Trails history with the memorial
❧ service for George Cardinet, the father of Cali-
2. Project Reports
94605 fornia trails, who personally helped plan and
District Bond Renewal for 2008 Report
design 200 miles of East Bay trails.
Briones Trails Council BBQ Report
April brought the dedication of a
fully multi-use section of Ridge Trail at Mt Bay Area Ridge Trail: Report
Wanda in Martinez, and I led a 13-mile hike Pinole Watershed Trail Dedication
on the Ridge To Bridge event in Marin. Where Multi-use Upgrade Program
I huffed and puffed the previous 2 years, I Challenging Trail Crossings, Highway 4
flew through this one, thanks to multiple long & Crockett streets
hikes with an East Bay hiking club. Local Connections for trail in Hayward
In May volunteers from the Student
Conservation Association, celebrating their 3. New Business
50th anniversary of working on trails, and Future Projects Discussion
from Tilden and Mt. Diablo equestrian groups CA Recreational Trails Comm.vacancy
The EBATC were joined by a state park volunteer work
is composed crew for a weekend working on trails near 4. Information Items
of public Clayton, a weekend was paid for by last National Public Lands Day
year’s East Bay Hills Trail ride, and this year’s Projects for the Future
ride, used many of the trails we worked on.
equestrians, May also was a high point for EBATC 5. Next EBATC Meeting Chair/Agenda
hikers, with our multi–use event in Briones Park.
bicyclists, Hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians 6. Reports from members/Round Robin
and were even joined by a couple of mountain
unicyclists as we headed up the Abrigo Val- Martinez. Several EBATC members trained to
ley Trail and split into groups for various become V-O-Cal crew leaders or assisted on
-ists who are length hikes and rides back to our barbecue. the project.
committed The new/old EBATC t-shirt made its debut Later that month, we reopened the
to furthering at our event, and all agreed that this was an Corral Camp in Las Trampas Regional Wil-
the event worth repeating. derness to horse camping for the first time in
On National Trail Days, 60 volunteers many years. The 1950s water system had
protection of
at the Pinole Watershed built fences, planted failed, so funds raised by last year’s East Bay
the scenic trees and spruced up trails in preparation for Hills ride were used to purchase a water tank
and the upcoming dedication. That weekend also large enough to enable horse camping there.
recreational saw the East Bay debut of Volunteers for Out- At the beginning of August, the Ivan
resources of door California, which mobilized 250 volun- Dickson Project at Cull Canyon linked up
teers, who constructed 2 miles of brand new with two web-based volunteer groups,
the East Bay.
multi-use trail at MHLT’s Sky Ranch in continued on back page
EBATC Minutes for May16, 2007 directly to a Master Developer rather than to the
City of Concord, as has happened to other closures
The meeting at EBRPD Headquarters was called in the past. East Bay Regional Park District has
to order by Morris Older, at 7:15 p.m. been in discussions with the City of Concord and
has raised questions regarding the value of the land
In attendance were: within the Master Developer Agreement. The land
is now in public ownership and the District has
Glenn Kirby, BARTC maintained that the public should not be required
Michael Kelley IMBA/BARTC pay twice for open-space. Additionally, the Dis-
Judy Etheridge SRVHA / TWHA trict goal is the preservation of minimum of 50%
Marilynn Terstegge TWHA of the property as open space. September 26 is the
Diane Offutt, Tri-Valley Trailblazers deadline for letter requesting a Public Benefit Con-
Joe Stadum MHLT veyance with support from the National Park Ser-
Morris Older, BARTC TWHA vice. The City will be required to complete the
Bern Smith, BARTC CEQA (CA Environmental Quality Act) process
Howard Hornig, HHC prior to the conveyance. Concord was in discus-
Judy Bank, MHA sion with Shaw Development for an exclusive de-
Jamie Perkins, EBRPD staff velopment agreement, but those talks have ended.
Brian Holt, EBRPD staff The City of Concord is now establishing Technical
Advisory Groups. EBATC could be included in that
The agenda was amended by Michael Kelley to add process.
a report on the CA Trails Conference in Folsom. Four workshops have been scheduled:
The minutes from the previous meeting were ap- April will focus on guiding principals, May pre-
proved as presented. liminary proposals for uses on land, and June will
focus on more specific land use proposals.
Presentations: Concord Community Reuse Among the planning concepts being dis-
Project, Process and Opportunities: BRAC and cussed: The triangle near BART is the prime area
CEQA process for the Concord Naval Weapons for dense housing, the area to the south could be
Station by Brian Holt, Senior Planner Land Divi- lower density, some want development at the south
sion, EBRPD end of the property between Bailey Road and
The US Navy has identified the inland Kirker Pass.
portion of the Concord Naval Weapons Station The Park District will attempt to work with
property for base closure and reuse. The Federal the National Park Service to get a Public Benefit
process is called BRAC or Base Reuse and Closure Conveyance.
process. The City of Concord will be the lead We encourage EBATC supporters to be-
agency. There is a Community Advisory Commit- come involved in the workshops to establish the
tee. Director Beverley Lane is on the committee as uses. They will be held at the Concord Senior Cen-
well as John Mercurio, a past active member and ter. More information can be found at
supporter of EBATC.
The portion of the base to be closed is en-
tirely within the City of Concord. The northern CA Trails Day Hike-Ride-BBQ in Briones Re-
portion of the base, near the tidal lands will be kept gional Park Sunday, May 20
by the Navy. There are 5,200 acres south of High- The Trails Division of the East Bay Re-
way 4 in the project area. The land is close to the gional Park District has generously agreed to pro-
North Concord BART, Kirker Pass, Willow Pass vide the location for the event, waiving the park-
and could provide connections to Mt Diablo, ing fees for the attendees as well as the venue fee
Pittsburg and Morgan Territory. The Contra Costa for the group picnic area. Additionally, Jim
Canal Trail, the Delta De Anza Trail and the Iron Townsend has allocated funds from his department
Horse Trail are all nearby. Mt Diablo creek runs budget for food and drinks. Jamie Perkins and
through property. There is a Concord Trails Mas- Glenn Kirby will procure the provisions on Friday,
ter Plan adopted in 2003 providing for connections May 18. The Trails Council will provide
to the Iron Horse, Contra Costa Canal and Delta beerverages and serve the lunch BBQ. Also EBATC
De Anza Trails. and BTCEB volunteers will lead the rides.
The BRAC process has been used in dif- We will plan for 50 people. Temperatures
ferent ways around the country, and even in the could be in 90’s. Glenn and Jamie will get supplies
Bay Area for past closures. A number of bases have on Friday. Jim Townsend will kick in $500.00 from
already been closed including the Alameda Naval the Trails Dept for the event and the District will
Station and the Oak Knoll base in Oakland. The waive the fees for parking and the picnic area.
Navy proposes that this closure convey property Special thanks for the support of the District
Morris has picked up the new T-shirts. They will solve problems. The idea was to take a different
be available at the event: $10.00 Short Sleeve and approach from the past. Folks were asked to leave
$15.00 Long Sleeve prejudices and negative feelings behind, and to
participate with the sole idea of proactively and
Bay Area Ridge Trail Report positively working together to find solutions, and
Bern Smith reported on the Mt Wanda areas of common interest; hence the name “Com-
dedication, which was successful. The National mon Ground.” In large part, it was successful, as
Park Service provided great support for the event. different users presented ideas to facilitate sharing
There were about 45 people at the dedication, the of trails by different users. In the end, it was de-
event attracted about 2000 during the day. cided to establish an Ad Hoc committee to work
Pinole watershed is progressing. EBMUD on a set of trail guidelines, and to create 2 trails.
expects to open 7.5 miles of trail. Date is not de- One was to be a shared use single track trail, and
cided yet. Staff will be working with the board the other was to be an alternate trail for bikes of
regarding a dedication event and the management equivalent value and experience, in a situation
agreement for the trail. where multi-use wouldn’t work on one trail.
Staff from the Bay Area Ridge Trail, the Bay
Trail and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy have planned New Business
a combined hike and lunch. This will be a collabo-
rative effort between the staff for the three organi- National Trails Day in June
zations to discuss common interests and goals. REI project in Sunol, Ivan Dickson, continuing a
State Parks is considering a segment of 15 year partnership with REI
Ridge Trail in Castle Rock to include multi-use. Muir Heritage – Tina Batt Trail 2-Day event
This segment of trail is included in the Santa Clara American Hiking .org is resource for Trails Day
County Trails Master Plan.
Trails Use Change Checklist
CA Trails Conference – Folsom The 2 nominations for 2007 need to be for-
Michael Kelley reported on the recently mally submitted by EBATC to Raphael.
held 22nd Annual California Trails and Greenways 2006 Pine Tree trail still under consider-
Conference, which was held May 10-12 in Folsom. ation, Board to walk trail in June. On May 7
He had been participating in this conference for Norman LaForce made a presentation to the Envi-
19 years, and was gratified to learn that this was ronmental Round Table representing the Sierra
probably the largest one ever. It was a great op- Club Public Lands Sub-committee in which he
portunity to reunite with old friends, and become asked for a moratorium for future checklist nomi-
acquainted with new ones. The sessions included nations. Glenn will check with Sierra Club con-
a wide variety of topics, including: trails in wet tacts to determine if he was accurately represent-
areas; trail mapping with GPS, accessible trail plan- ing the Sierra Club in this letter.
ning and construction, boating trails, cost of trails,
working with elected officials, the Salt Pond trails, Projects for future discussion and planning:
successful Trail Coalitions, social trail strategies; Strategic Planning
working with volunteers; trails and health-and the Incorporation of the Trails Council
list went on. There was something for everybody. Get more players to the table
There was an emphasis on water trails, including Projects – Revise project list
a kayak and raft trip down the American River. Carriage Riding
Participants were treated to a water trail that Multi-use gaps
passed through a very scenic area, with plenty of Camping
wild life, but which was also a highly urbanized Regional trails
area. There was one session on GPS training, which Volunteering
for the first time at such a conference, included Ridge Trail
hands on work with a GPS unit on a route around Multi-day events when the east bay gaps
the conference. This was a pleasure after the sev- are closed
eral prior conferences that featured much more Checklist process
technical discussions of GPS technology. On a re- Other parks, local, state, national, special
lated topic, there was a marvelous session show- district, EBMUD
ing how we could use Google Earth technology to
visualize and work with our trails in 3 dimensions. Next EBATC Meeting Chair / Agenda
This will provide great inspiration to us as we con- Bond Renewal will be featured agenda item for the
tinue our work. Of particular interest was a ses- September meeting. Morris to chair Sept meeting.
sion entitled “Common Ground”, which was an Sunday picnic report. Report on the Conference.
effort to bring different user groups together to
Trail Notes: continued from front page Minutes: continued from inside page
resultng in 35 volunteers who worked all morning Reports from members / Round Robin
clearing brush on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Judy Etheridge asked about the process to create a
And now, as I write this on September 5th, new trail in East Bay Regional Park District lands.
I can look back at the week leading up to Labor Jamie will report this in the future
Day, when we had our 6th Annual East Bay Hills Bern reported that the Coastal Conservancy Board
Trails Ride, 6 days of camping, celebrating the trails would be meeting this week. The work of the con-
of the East Bay, with 65 equestrians riding up to servancy is on their website.
100 miles of EB trails. Not to mention numerous Morris is looking forward to the EBMUD Pinole
other trail openings, trail workdays, hikes, rides Watershed and SkyRanch projects.
and horse camping throughout the year. Morris was at Mt. Diablo last week to organize sev-
EBATC has a key role to play in all this, eral groups to work on trail, 28 people contributed.
promoting trails and encouraging multi-use. Our Glenn reported that he is now a member of the
May 20th Briones event was one example of how Sierra Club ExCom and will be attending their
EBATC can break down the barriers between trail monthly meetings. This should be particularly
users. But to become a more vital trail coalition helpful in light of the recent challenge to the Check-
reflecting the needs of all trail users, we need to list process by another member of the Sierra Club,
attract more hikers and dog-walkers and trail run- Norman LaForce.
ners, in short a broader constituency, to reflect the Jamie expressed appreciation to the Trails Council
myriad of trail issues so that the trails community and is happy to contribute toward our event this
can speak with a unified and strong voice as Mas- weekend.
ter Plans and trails are developed, as opportuni-
ties for new trails and camp sites unfold, as con- Acting Secretary, Glenn Kirby
flict between various user groups plays out and as
volunteers seek to remedy the effects of budget cuts
and deferred maintenance. The V-O-Cal project in
Joaquin Miller and the Pinole dedication are op-
portunities that we should embrace with relish.
Happy trails, Morris Older

2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369