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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: May 2006

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Honoring a Trail Advocate EBATC MAY MEETING

East Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Bay Area Barbara Weitz was only a 12 year old girl 7:15 to 9:15 pm
Trails when she was riding her horse up a trail near
East Bay Regional Park District
Council Mt. Tamalpais when she saw something, and
Headquarters: Board Room
❧ felt something she had never experienced
2950 Peralta Court, Oakland
before while doing her most cherished activ-
2950 Telephone (510) 635-0135
ity. Her heart sank. She saw a “no horses”
Oaks sign on one of her favorite trails. Well, I guess
something good can come of something bad Agenda: March 17, 2005 Meeting
when you have the heart and determination
❧ 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
of Barbara Weitz. An incredible trail advo-
Oakland, cate was born. While agencies still unfairly Approval of Agenda: Action
California exclude horses and bikes from many, many Approval of Mar. 2006 Minutes: Action
❧ worthy multi-use trails around our beautiful
public lands, a 500-mile ridge trail encircling 2. CA Trails and Greenways Conference
the bay is over 60% complete, and all user Report - Michael Kelley and Chris Towles
groups have found common ground and now
work together for the common good, preserv- 3. Geo-Caching presentation and discussion
ing trail access, preserving public open space. - Steve Wood
These are the things that Barbara Weitz has
donated countless hours accomplishing. 4. EBRPD grading policy and procedures,
Road to Trail conversions - Chris Towles
At this year’s CA Trails and Greenways Con- Terry Noonan, EBRPD Trails Coordinator
ference, Barbara was honored. Barbara was
bestowed with the Conference’s Lifetime 5. Bay Area Ridge Trail Update - Bob Power
Achievement Award. “Barbara was recog-
nized for her service as a trail advocate and 6. Announcements-Reports
The EBATC volunteer for over 25 years. Her leadership, June 3rd Trails Day, EBRPD Crockett Hills
is composed focus, and perseverance have brought hikers, Reg. Park and new Bay Area Ridge Trail
equestrians and bicyclists together for the dedication, grand opening, and hikes
of public
common goal of safe, peaceful and continu- April 22nd - California Trails Day/Earth Day
agencies, Round Robin
ous public trails” (BART website).
hikers, I got to meet Barbara this weekend at the 7. Increasing EBATC participation,
bicyclists, Conference. It was a true pleasure and honor. involvement, activity, scope
and She received her award in front of a packed
room of parks and trails professionals from
State, County, City, and Regional agencies,
-ists who are and trail advocates. She truly shined as she sympathize with as a bicyclist. She lent her
committed graciously spoke and charmed the crowd as usual support to all user groups, and finished
to furthering she undoubtedly has charmed land manag- her speech by pointing out that she is no
the ers over the years. . . helping to open trails longer able to go horse-back riding, but she
and create trails in open spaces throughout is looking for a new activity. . .perhaps, skate-
protection of
Marin County. In her speech, Barbara ad- boarding! The crowd ate it up. It was a heart-
the scenic mired the accolades and accomplishments of warming ceremony honoring a great Bay Area
and previous lifetime achievement award win- trail advocate. A wise trail advocate kidded
recreational ners, and mused, “gosh, I feel like I should Barbara afterwards, “Just because you earned
resources of be wearing a crown ; -)”. She went on to de- a lifetime achievement award, it doesn’t mean
scribe the fateful day when she came across you can stop. . . you gotta keep going even
the East Bay.
the “no horses” sign. A feeling I certainly continued on inside right page
Minutes of EBATC March meeting, Mar. 15, 2006 cant problems with the proposal, five related to
safety and one to the availability of nearby alter-
Attendees: nate loop routes for cyclists. As a member of the
Howard Hornig Hayward Hiking Club Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol he has some experi-
Judy Etheridge TWHA, SRVHA, BARTC ence with trail safety problems. He felt that the trail
Morris Older TWMK, BWR was not suitable for biking use. No action was
Jim Townsend EBRPD taken because the matter was voted on at the last
Bob Power BARTC meeting.
Chris Towles BTCEB
New Business/Updates
Chris Towles called the meeting to order at 7:30
P.M. The minutes of the January meeting were read Morris Older reported on a letter he sent and a dis-
and amended as follows. Amend under EBRPD cussion with the Tilden Park Supervisor concern-
Trail Use Change Checklist Trails considered for ing a safety problem with the trail around the back
nomination, of Lake Anza. The park map shows the trail as open
for equestrian use, but the supervisor agreed that
1. Pine Tree Trail: It was moved, seconded, and the trail is very dangerous for horse use and that
passed that this trail be recommended for consid- the map is probably in error. The supervisor will
eration under the checklist, remove the words but carry out the procedure to have the designation
in that process, staff be encouraged to look into ways to on the map changed.
mitigate the possible problem at the curve in question
replace with the words with reservations. The California Trails/Greenway Conference to be
held in May at Agura Hills was discussed. Michael
2. Towhee Trail: It was moved, seconded, and Kelly intends to attend. It was moved, seconded
passed that this trail be recommended for consid- and passed that EBATC will pay half of the con-
eration under the checklist procedure add words ference fee up to $150 to sponsor Michael Kelly to
with reservations. represent EBATC at the conference. He should sub-
mit a written report of the conference to EBATC.
The minutes as amended were approved. Jim Townsend presented some new and ongoing
matters involving EBRPD.
Morris Older gave a slide show presentation “Con-
necting Equestrian Communities on Ridge Trail”. There will be a workshop on the South Bay Salt
He reviewed early horse trips with photos begin- Pond Restoration Project Tues., April 18, 2006, 10
ning in 1975, before the Bay Area Ridge Trail ex- am. to 4 PM. Participants will include the Coastal
isted. Equestrians held numerous fund raising Conservancy and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
rides over the years and contributed many thou- Discussions will focus on social dimensions of res-
sands of dollars to build sections of the Ridge Trail. toration, especially important discussion of pub-
Rides were typically nearly a week long with well lic use of the 15,000 acres. Much of the land is to be
planned camps along the way. flooded.

Ordnance 38 Checklist Plans are in progress for the extension of the Iron
Horse Trail in Pleasanton.
The status of the Zeile Creek Trail use change was
announced, and there was a discussion of the Design is underway by a private developer and
Towee Trail. The proposed change of use of the the City of Albany for a large waterfront develop-
Zeile Creek Trail in Garin Park to allow bicycle use ment in Albany. Although the San Francisco Bay
was approved by the Board Operations Commit- Trail will be affected, the Bay Trail is guaranteed a
tee and will be submitted to the Board of Directors right of way in whatever evolves.
for final action.
Geo-Caching was described and briefly discussed.
Howard Hornig reopened the discussion of the It is a “treasure hunt” of hidden sites by the use of
proposed change of use of the Towee Trail in An- GPS. The District has some concerns about distur-
thony Chabot Park to allow bicycle use. At the last bance of natural terrain at the off trail sites. It was
EBATC meeting this proposed change was voted requested that a geo-caching representative be in-
on and approved to recommend that EBRPD staff vited to give a presentation on the sport.
evaluate the proposed change with the Checklist
process. Hornig had abstained on the vote because There was no new report on the proposed expan-
of insufficient familiarity with the trail. After a care- sion of Las Vaqueros Reservoir. Michael Kelley is
ful inspection of the trail, he observed six signifi- writing a letter on behalf of EBATC to CCWD in
support of trails. continued from front page
stronger!”. More about Barbara’s history can be
Round Robin found in the May 1st Bay Area Ridge Trail article,
Bob Powers announced that a new segment of the
Bay Area Ridge Trail will be dedicated in a cer- Along the lines of trail advocacy excellence. Please
emony Apr. 22, California Trails Day, in Crocket consider attending this month’s meeting. EBATC
Hills Regional Park. participation has slacked lately, and we’re looking
for new ways to spark more activity, interest, and
The next meeting of EBATC will be held in May. trail and open space advocacy. Got some good
The meeting was adjourned about 9:30 PM. ideas? . . . . brainstorming new ideas is on the
agenda. There are a couple of other hot issues to
Respectfully submitted, discuss such as geo-caching, and what EBRPD is
Howard Hornig, doing to improve it’s trail grading policy, and con-
temporary scribe. vert some roads to trails. Learn about it. . . give
your input. More information about the incred-
ible CA Trails Conference will be given also. See
you at the meeting.

Chris Towles
Bicycle Trails Council - Outreach
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