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The platform enables customers of Simba Cement to pay for their purchases via
Vodacoms M-Pesa mobile money transfer service at no extra cost.
28 June 2016, Tanga, Tanzania: Tanga Cement Public Limited Company (TCPLC) and
Vodacom Tanzania have today announced the introduction of novel payment platform, that will
enable customers to purchase Simba Cement brand via the Vodacom M-Pesa mobile money
transfer service at no extra cost.
The agreement entered by Tanga Cement PLC Managing Director Reinhardt Swart and
Vodacom Tanzanias Officer Enterprise Business Unit Gregory Verbond, will facilitate the
use of Vodacom M-Pesa mobile money transfer services to enable faster and more secure
transactions while purchasing Simba Cement.
Speaking at the launch event in Tanga; Mr. Swart said the agreement will offer Tanga Cement
PLC and its customers a logistics solution that will improve customers safety, efficiency,
enhance its competitive advantage and reduce time taken to effect purchasing transactions with
Simba cement.
As a local cement manufacturer, an efficient distribution scheme is crucial for our competitive
growth. Mobile money transfers have emerged as a safe, secure, efficient, reliable, cost
effective and preferred mode of payment over cash transactions. We look forward to using the
Vodacom M-Pesa service to further enhance the efficiency of the distribution system to our
customers and to ease the burden and risks of customers having to carry cash in order to
purchase Simba Cement, the Managing Director said.
In addition to this, he revealed that all Simba Imara Cement (class 32.5 R) users will from now
get an airtime voucher worth Tzs500 inside the Simba Imara cement bag.
We have decided to reward all the Simba Cement consumers; from fundis, block makers,
normal builders, those who do plastering and all other users. These will benefit by getting a
Tzs500 airtime voucher that is inside cement bags. The process of inserting the vouchers in the
bags is starting tomorrow, so all the Simba Imara cement (class 32.5 R) bags will soon have
airtime vouchers inside.
He added that Simba cement will capitalise as the first and only cement company in country
with the M-Pesa mobile money transfer service to expand the growing distributor network and
customer base. By digitizing the commercial chain, we will also simplify the process by which

traders order their cargo thus optimising their time, easing management of sales, improving
market visibility and empowering the trader.
Detailing the payment platform, Vodacom Tanzanias Chief Officer Enterprise Business Unit,
Gregory Verbond revealed that the first phase of the service will be available to all distributors,
wholesalers and retailers of Simba Cement across the country. Under the new service, Simba
Cement distributors, wholesalers and retailers will be furnished with a special Vodacom M-

Pesa Lipa number into which customers can deposit payments for their cement consignments
via M-Pesa.
Vodacom is committed to providing innovative services that ensure all businesses have access
to mobile financial services through M-Pesa which are pertinent to driving their own commercial
objectives. We achieve this by extending the best and widest agent network payments eco
system which benefit businesses and end users alike. We are delighted to provide Tanga
Cement PLC and their customers with a secure and reliable payment platform that will positively
impact their customers and the Tanzanian community in general. The customers will now be
able to pay Tanga Cement PLC directly via a special M-Pesa LIPA account, which can be found
on the M-Pesa menu by dialing *150*00# he said.
Tanga Cement PLC and Vodacom have also embarked on a training program aimed at bringing
users up to speed to enhance effective use of the new service.
This development is part of Tanga Cement PLCs efforts to expand and consolidate its
distribution network. Recently the Tanga Cement PLC also signed an MoU with the Tanzania
Railways Limited (TRL) in which cement from the plant in Pongwe will be distributed via the
Usambara rail line to Kigoma and Mwanza regions.
For more information or to arrange interviews contact:
Mtanga Noor
+255 (0) 0713 402378
Notes to editors
Tanga Cement PLC is a producer and supplier of cement used in construction and making of
concrete products. The construction of the plant commenced in 1978 with commissioning taking
place in July 1980.
Tanga Cement Co. Ltd has an installed capacity of 1.25 million tonnes of cement per annum.
With 11,028 Tanzanian shareholders, Tanga Cement PLC shares trade under TCCL, at the Dar
es Salaam Stock Exchange.
For further information on Tanga Cement Company Limited visit: