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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: May 2004

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Open Space Preservation – EBATC MAY MEETING

East That’s where it starts. Open Space Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Bay Area preservation leads to parks and preserves. 7:15 to 9:30 pm
Trails Parks and preserves beget trails. These notes
East Bay Regional Park District
Council will concentrate on the Open Space Measure
Headquarters: Board Room
❧ in Contra Costa County, but Alameda County
2950 Peralta Court, Oakland
trails advocates will want to pay attention.
2950 Telephone (510) 635-0135
Open space funding efforts are ramping up
Oaks there as we go to print.
Agenda: May 19, 2004 Meeting
❧ 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
Oakland, Approval of Agenda: Action
This June, Contra Costa property
California Approval of Feb. 2004 Minutes: Action
owners will have an unprecedented oppor-

2. New Business
tunity to restore and maintain existing neigh-
Equestrian/Canine Conflict -
94605 borhood and regional parks; protect lands
The Role of EBATC Discussion
around creeks, streams, lakes and the Bay to
3. Reports and Updates
maintain our clean water sources; and pro-
Checklist review of trails: Chabot
tect and preserve our most important remain-
and Del Valle
ing open spaces, wildlife habitats, farmlands
TWHA Labor Day Ride
and shorelines, to ensure that our children
Ridge Trail report
and grandchildren will enjoy the same qual-
Los Vaqueros Expansion
ity of life that we do.
Measure C
On June 10, 2004 a ballot will be
National Trails Day — Garin-Dry Creek
mailed to Contra Costa County property own-
4. Round Robin and Future Agenda
ers regarding this important Open Space
Reports from members
Measure. The East Bay Area Trails Council
strongly endorses this measure and urges
The EBATC you to watch for your Open Space ballot in
is composed the mail and to return it with a Yes vote!
of public raised through the Open Space Measure
PRESERVATION OF REMAINING would support the maintenance and renova-
NATURAL LANDS tion of existing parkland and recreational ar-
equestrians, This “landmark” measure would pro- eas throughout the county, including Tilden,
hikers, vide funding for the protection and preser- Briones and Black Diamond Mines, the Iron
bicyclists, vation of new lands, including expansions on Horse and Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trails,
and and around Mt. Diablo, as well as other im- Pt. Pinole, Antioch, Oakley and Martinez Re-
portant natural lands and wildlife areas gional Shorelines, and many more park and
throughout the county. It would enable the recreational areas throughout the county.
-ists who are protection of lands around creeks, streams,
committed lakes and the Bay-Delta, and would provide A SMALL INVESTMENT = IMPORTANT
to furthering funding towards the creation and restoration RESULTS
the of key educational and wildlife facilities, in- The measure will raise approxi-
cluding an Off Site Rehabilitation Center for mately $8 million annually. The proposed
protection of
the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the establish- rate for virtually all single family homes is
the scenic ment of the Delta Science Center, and the res- $25 a year – or about $2 a month — a very
and toration of the John Marsh historic home. modest investment for ensuring that our most
recreational important remaining natural lands and clean
resources of MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATION OF water sources are preserved and protected -
EXISTING PARKLANDS for today and our children tomorrow.
the East Bay.
Twenty-five percent of the funding continued on back page
Minutes for the Meeting of March 17, 2004 Committee will have 17 members appointed by the
The meeting was held in the East Bay Re- JPA to oversee the distribution of funds for projects.
gional Park District Boardroom. (note: there was There will be 12 flagship projects including the Bay
no meeting in April.) Trail, the San Pablo Open Space Project at Point
Molate and funds for trails generally. There will
Participants: also be funds for conservation easements. Regional
Projects will be funded and Per Capita funds will
Bob Power BARTC be available for local projects in the Cities. BALLOTS WILL BE MAILED TO HOMES IN
Ed Mendelsohn Sierra Club
Brent Englund BTCEB Trail Use Change Checklist Process Update: A Proposal for trail use change at Del Valle Re-
Howard Hornig Hayward Hiking Club gional Park in Place of the Proposed Review for a Trail at Wildcat Regional Park.
Scott Hill EBMUD A proposed trail use change on the nar-
Judi Bank MHA row segments of the East Shore Trail at Del Valle (to put through the EBRPD Trail Use Change
Jack Appleyard BARTC Checklist process) was discussed in more detail. The notion of replacing the proposal for develop-
Bob Ward REI/BTCEB ing an existing cowpath into a new designated trail at Wildcat Regional Park came about due to the
environmental impact constraints on the cowpath
Call to Order: which crosses jurisdictional wetlands. The envi-
The meeting was called to order by Bob ronmental review, analysis, permitting, and related
Power at 7:20 p.m. delays, made the possibility of formalizing this trail
Agenda: Additions to the Agenda were approved: extremely costly and difficult. The proposal would
Minutes: Approved as presented be to analyze the possibility for the addition of bi-
cycle trail use on the narrow trail alignment which
Reports and Updates runs somewhat parallel to the existing East Shore
Trail (fire road width), several miles which is grav-
Feeder Trail #1 eled. The merit of proposing the Del Valle Trail
Bob presented a status report with a map came about from a combination of EBRPD Staff
of the current trail and the potential alignment input and a proposal from the public. Elements
changes being negotiated. Bob spoke about the which make it favorable as a possible candidate
adjacent land uses as well as efforts of the Ridge trail include its low use, low trail use conflict, and
Trail Council, the County, and EBRPD as a trails additional opportunities for loop trail travel. At
working group to identify steps to eliminate the the meeting, it was moved, seconded and passed
road status of this trail while maintaining its sta- unanimously to recommend replacing the Wild-
tus as part of the regional trails network. cat trail proposal with the Del Valle East Shore Trail
review. Jamie said she would take this informa-
Contra Costa Open Space Measure tion back to staff for their consideration in their
Jamie reminded the group about the Con- review schedule for the Trail Use Change Check-
tra Costa Open Space Measure that will be mailed list process which is beginning under EBRPD’s
to property owners in the County in June. The Planning Department staff as lead in May.
Measure has been four years in the planning and
involved many stakeholders attending numerous Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Studies
meetings. The passage of the measure will result On March 2, 2004, voters in the CCWD
in a funding source of $175 million dollars over 20 service area passed Measure N with 61.8% of the
years. The funds will be used to acquire and main- vote. Measure N asked Contra Costa Water Dis-
tain open space land in the county. The proposal trict customers: “Shall Contra Costa Water District
calls for 75% for acquisition and 25% for mainte- work with public water agencies to expand Los
nance. A Joint Powers Authority will be created Vaqueros Reservoir, at no cost to District
among the participating agencies and an Oversight ratepayers, to: (1) increase water supplies for
drought protection; (2) improve drinking water Round Robin items were discussed such as the REI
quality; and (3) protect endangered fish in the Grants Program (see, and the Bay
Delta, on condition that: (a) CCWD water rates will Area Ridge Trail Outings (see
not increase; (b) no water will be exported to South-
ern California or a peripheral canal; and (c) CCWD Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00
will still operate the expanded reservoir?” p.m.
The support for Measure N allows envi-
ronmental and engineering studies of the poten- Submitted by Jamie Perkins/Bob Power
tial reservoir expansion to continue.
Public scoping meetings will be held later
this year to provide opportunities for all interested
stakeholders to comment on the scope of the envi-
ronmental studies. The focus of the meetings will Open Space: continued from front page
be to gather comments and suggestions about the
environmental review and alternatives analysis. STRONG FISCAL SAFEGUARDS
Meetings will be held in Concord, Antioch, Sacra- The measure incorporates strong fiscal safeguards,
mento, and the South Bay. EBATC needs to stay including a citizen’s oversight committee, annual
on top of this, monitor progress, develop more audits, and a requirement that only 3% of the funds
partnerships, understand the timeline and com- raised can be used for administration. Ninety-
ment periods, etc. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE seven percent of the funds will go to projects
UNDERSTAND HOW THEY PLAN TO MITI- throughout the county.
ATION WHICH WERE PROVIDED AS PREVI- The Open Space Measure is sponsored by the Con-
OUS MITIGATION REQUIREMENTS. See tra Costa Coalition for Open Space in conjunction for more info. with Contra Costa County. For more information,
visit, or call the
State Trails Conference Coalition for Open Space at (925) 381-4187.
The 20th Trails and Greenways Confer-
ence, March 25-28, 2004 is being held in the Gold It’s May. It’s beautiful. You are getting out there,
Rush town of Folsom, California. The web site for aren’t you?
details on the conference is www.rec-trails- The Trails Council is usually well rep-
resented at this annual event. We encourage our Bob Power, South and East Bay
members and member organizations to attend. Trail Director
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Bay Trail through the Carquinez Strait between
Crockett and Martinez
Judy Bank attended a presentation by
Contra Costa County and Alta Planning (consult-
ants) on the feasibility study for the Bay Trail seg-
ment from Crockett to Martinez. This alignment
is the old Carquinez Scenic Drive, which was
closed to cars because of landslides. This feasibil-
ity study evaluated options for constructing a
multi-use trail on this route and was funded by a
grant from the ABAG Bay Trail project. For more
information about this study contact Al Schaal,
Contra Costa County Public Works (925) 313-2234.
Equestrian access was promoted by some as was
the potential for it to remain open to vehicle traf-
fic. The Trails Council voted to support full multi-
use on this segment of trail, including hikers, bi-
cycles and equestrians.
East Bay Area Trails Council: Membership Dues for Calendar Year 2004
With the explosion of spring wildflowers, it's Membership Dues for 2004: Check enclosed:
time to renew your membership in the East Bay Individuals $15
Area Trails Council. Your participation is impor- Organizations $30
tant in our ongoing efforts to preserve and Make checks payable to:
expand the East Bay trail system. East Bay Area Trails Council

Please list below your name, address, phone Send check and completed form below to:
number and if applicable, the name of the East Bay Area Trails Council
organization that you represent on the Trails P.O. Box 5381
Council. Oakland, CA 94605-0381

Please print


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Area(s) of Interest:_______________________________________________________________________________
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2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369