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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: March 2004

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Views Along the Ridge Trail EBATC MARCH MEETING

East There’s so much going on around the Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Bay Area East Bay these days I’ll have to resort to bul- 7:15 to 9:30 pm
Trails lets and sound bites to get it all in.
East Bay Regional Park District
Council • The advisory vote in Contra Costa County
Headquarters: Board Room
❧ for the Los Vaqueros Reservoir xpansion stud-
2950 Peralta Court, Oakland
ies passed despite a strong grassroots effort
2950 Telephone (510) 635-0135
opposed to the expansion. It will be impor-
Oaks tant for all East Bay trail and open space ad-
Agenda: March 17, 2004 Meeting
Court vocates to keep an eye on this process in the
coming months.
❧ 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
• Carquinez Bridge trail dedication coming
Oakland, Approval of Agenda: Action
up in May! Watch for news on INK http://
California Approval of Feb. 2004 Minutes: Action, or call 415-561-2595 to

2. Reports and Updates
check status, date, and time.
Ridge Trail- Current Status
94605 • Getting from the south end of the Carquinez
Del Valle multiuse trail update
Bridge to the new Crockett Hills Regional Park
Los Vaqueros recap
will take the cooperation of the City of
SFPUC Alameda Watershed HCP
Crockett, possibly Swett High School, and
South Bay Aqueduct Trail
Contra Costa Public Works. We’ve started to
3. Round Robin and Future Agenda
analyze this route for possibilities.
Reports from members
• Plans are being finalized for the staging
area and trail improvements that will open up to assess alternative routes, identify appropri-
Crockett Hills Regional Park in 2005. Volun- ate trail improvements and infrastructure, and
teer projects will be included in the overall continue discussions about funding options.
park plan to bring the trails up to current • The Tilden Wildcat Horsemen’s Associa-
EBRPD multi-use standards. Look for volun- tion has started early in planning this year’s
teer opportunities this fall. Labor Day Trail ride. I believe proceeds this
The EBATC • The Bay Program of the State Coastal Con- year will go for refurbishing the horse camp
is composed servancy will allocate up to $1,000,000 to fund at Tilden Regional Park. Don’t be shy about
of public projects that help complete the Bay Area Ridge helping out as a volunteer this year. As a non-
Trail. Funding will be made available through equestrian last year, my eyes were opened to
a competitive grant program administered by the beauty of a major equestrian event on the
equestrians, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and the Ridge Trail. Cooks, cleaners, shuttle drivers,
hikers, Coastal Conservancy. The Ridge Trail Coun- astronomers… all are needed to make this
bicyclists, cil is hoping to see project proposals come for- thing go. Call Morris Older @ 925-254-8943.
and ward from both the Park District and the Muir Get in touch with our friends at TWHA,
Heritage Land Trust for the initial grant round they’re doing great things for east bay trails .
deadline of March 15th. • In Alameda County, Director Severin has
-ists who are • The Feeder Trail #1 task force met in early been working hard to identify a good project
committed February and identified the next series of steps for Prop 40 funding. We’re keeping our fin-
to furthering necessary for opening this trail. All parties gers crossed that the Park District will bring
the (Park District, Contra Costa County, Ridge forward a project proposal this spring. Vargas
Trail Council) have renewed interest in see- Plateau may not be a land-bank for long!
protection of
ing this project completed and the trail Finally, we will want to stay closely
the scenic opened. The momentum indicates that 2005 involved with the upcoming Contra Costa
and may be the year we open Feeder Trail #1. County Open Space Measure. CCC property
recreational • Discussions with EBMUD staff have been owners will soon be given (May 2004) the op-
resources of very positive about how to complete the trail portunity to forever protect natural open
through the Pinole watershed. A working spaces, wildlife areas, waterways and Mount
the East Bay.
group will get out on the property this spring continued on back page
MEETING MINUTES East Bay counties.
The February 18th, 2004 meeting was held in the The programs administrated by the Bay
East Bay Regional Park District Boardroom. Trail staff include the Bay Trail Grant Program pro-
viding funding to partners for planning, feasibility
Attendees: studies, to accelerate construction and to leverage
Jamie Perkins EBRPD funds from other sources. Staff is currently sur-
Ivy Morrison Co Co Coalition for Open Space veying jurisdictions and agencies to identify gaps. Key gaps currently being funding for feasibility
David Dolberg TRAC studies or construction include Richmond Parkway
Eric Johnson BTCEB to Point Pinole, San Leandro Slough bridge cross-
Katie Harris Hayward Hills POA ing and Dixon Landing to McMarthy Blvd in Fre- mont. Bay Trail information and map guides are
John Kriege Hayward Hills POA available at or at the Book and
Ed Mendelsohn Sierra Club Map Store in the S.F. Ferry Building.
Glenn Kirby BARTC
Brent Englund BTCEB Contra Costa Open Space Measure
Howard HornigHayward Hiking Club Ivy Morrison and Dave Dolberg presented the details of the Contra Costa Open Space Mea-
Scott Hill EBMUD sure that may be mailed to property owners in the
Rich Garienti Tri-Valley Trail Trekkers County in May. The measure has been four years in the planning and involved many stakeholders
Michael Kelley BARTC/IMBA attending numerous meetings. The passage of the measure will result in a projected funding source
Judi Bank MHA of 8 million dollars a year. The funds will be used
to acquire and maintain open space land in the
Call to Order: county. The proposal calls for 75% for acquisition
The meeting was called to order by Michael and 25% for maintenance. A Joint Powers Author-
Kelley at 7:15 p.m. ity will be created among the participating agen-
Agenda: Additions to the Agenda were approved: cies and an Oversight Committee will have 17 mem-
Contra Costa Open Space Measure bers appointed by the JPA to oversee the distribu-
SF PUC Meeting tion of funds for projects. There will be 12 Flag-
Alameda County developer fees for HARD ship Projects including the Bay Trail, the San Pablo
and LARPD Open Space Project at Point Molate and funds for
State Trails Conference trails generally. There will also be funds for con-
Hayward Hills POA support for BARTC servation easements. Regional Projects will be
gap at 5-Canyons funded and Per Capita funds will be available for
Minutes: Approved as presented local projects in the Cities. The campaign commit-
tee needs support for phone banks, walking pre-
San Francisco Bay Trail, East Bay Overview cincts and donations. After discussion by the Coun-
David Lipsetz, a Planner for the SF Bay cil membership, Glenn Kirby moved that EBATC
Trail Program of Association of Bay Area Govern- endorse and support the campaign and pledge
ments (ABAG), presented an overview of the pro- $500.00 to the campaign with a direct contribution
gram. The Bay Trail was first envisioned by Sena- of $250.00 and a solicitation of matching funds from
tor Bill Lockyer in 1985 and was brought into be- members and member organizations. We would
ing by SB 100 in 1987. The project was adopted by also provide space in our newsletter for the cam-
ABAG in 1989 to provide public access all the way paign. The motion passed unanimously.
around the Bay’s shoreline where feasible. The The Coalition for Open Space and Ivy
project involves coordination wi th all nine Bay Area Morrison, Community Outreach Coordinator can
Counties, 47 shoreline cities, many special districts be reached at:
and private property owners. It will eventually 1196 Boulevard Way, Suite 10, Walnut
cover 400 miles. There are currently 240 miles com- Creek, CA 94595
pleted and in use today. The goal is to complete the (925) 381 4187 FAX (925) 947 3603
trail around the Bay getting as close to the shore-
line as possible. 80% of the trail is on separated
Class I trail. The Bay Trail Project team provides Treasurer’s Report:
technical assistance, outreach, planning and fund- Michael reported that we had $1625.00 in
ing to partner jurisdictions. The number of planned the checking account and $900.00 in savings. He
miles in Alameda and Contra Costa County is 222 reminded the group that several voting members
with 110 complete. Fifteen of the 47 cities are in the were not current with their membership dues.
Feeder Trail #1 the location of some of the destinations and employ-
A recommendation has been made that the ment centers.
Bay Area Ridge Trail manage this property and the
trail. A management agreement could bring this Contra Costa Special Meeting:
gap closer to completion. The proposal would be A meeting to discuss trail opportunities in
for a two year maintenance and management agree- the eastern portion of Contra Costa hosted by
ment. BARTC would be responsible for raising County Supervisors Millie Greenberg and Federal
$30,000 toward a construction cost of $100,000. Glover will be held this coming Thursday. There
BARTC will negotiate with Contra Costa County was an article announcing this meeting in the Con-
and the East Bay Regional Park District. Glenn tra Costa Times. Steve Fiala will represent the
Kirby moved to recommend that the Trails Coun- EBRPD at this meeting. No members of the Trails
cil supported this action. The motion passed. Council indicated that they would be available to
Los Vaqueros Update:
EBATC members have been active in the SF - PUC Meeting:
campaign to defeat Measure N. The campaign will A Hearing will be held in Dublin to discuss
need additional funding to complete the leafleting the Alameda County Watershed and a proposed
and walking campaign in the Contra Costa Water Habitat Conservation Plan. The meeting will be
District service area. An additional $60.00 was hosted by the San Francisco PUC and will he held
raised at the meeting toward our $100.00 pledge. in the Dublin Library on February 19, 2004 from
6:30 - 9:00 pm.
Del Valle Trail Proposal:
A proposed trail use change to put through Alameda Cty. Proposal to Increase Developer Fees:
the EBRPD Trail Use Change Checklist process on Alameda County is currently holding a se-
the east side of the dam is being discussed. No ac- ries of meetings to discuss a proposal brought for-
tion has been taken yet. A meeting is scheduled ward by the Livermore and Hayward Area Park and
for the upcoming Thursday afternoon. The pro- Recreation Special Districts. In-lieu fees have tra-
posal is for mt. Bikes using an existing fire road ditionally been assessed for new construction to
and creating loop trail connections. The Checklist fund services provided by the parks for the resi-
for Change procedure will be used by Park staff dents of these new homes. The fees have not been
and will involve nominations of potential trails and raised for over ten years. The request for a fee in-
review by EBATC. Jamie explained that the cycle crease could result in a cost of over $11,000 per new
for the Checklist for Change will be annual, simi- home in the county. While these costs are compa-
lar to that for Ordinance 38. The first cycle will be rable to what many cities charge, there has been
for the trails that BTCEB and EBATC recommended discussion about the impact on the affordability of
in Chabot and Wildcat some time ago. The pro- homes in the county. Glenn moved that the Trails
posed trail in Del Valle could be brought forward Council support the increase in fees to support the
the following year. There was some discussion of parks but to not support a particular amount for
how long some of these proposals take. Members the increase. The motion passed.
were critical of the length of time these procedures
have taken. The recommendations for new multi- State Trails Conference
use trails in Chabot and Wildcat were made 4 or 5 The 20th Trails and Greenways Conference,
year ago and have still not been brought forward March 25-28, 2004 is being held in the Gold Rush
for consideration. Our hopes for a new trail in Del town of Folsom, California. The web site for de-
Valle appears to be a minimum of another two years tails on the conference is
away. Jamie explained that staffing constraints and The Trails Council is usually well represented at this
the need to complete the extensive planning pro- annual event. We encourage our members and
cess for the Land Use Plan for Sunol/Ohlone as member organizations to attend.
the latest delay in allocating staff time from the
Planning and Stewardship Department to this pro- Hayward Hills POA
cess. Katie Harris and John Kriege alerted the
Trails Council to their concerns for the Ridge Trail
Segway Study on Iron Horse Trail Update GAP in the Hayward Hills between 5-Canyons and
The research project scheduled to be con- Garin Regional Park. This Ridge Trail segment is in
ducted by students from the University of Califor- EBRPD land-bank status until additional funding
nia, Berkeley has received approval by the Board mechanisms are identified for operations and main-
of Directors to submit an application for a Special tenance. A community connector trail is attached
Use Permit. Details need to be worked out for the to a development application before the Alameda
number of conveyances to be used in the study and continued on the back page
Minutes: continued from inside page View: continued from front page
County Planning Commission for a 24-home de- Diablo. The Measure is an unprecedented oppor-
velopment that will be adjacent to the trail. The tunity to create a permanent local solution that will
Fairview community residents have been monitor- preserve and protect our most important natural
ing the discussions and have some concerns with resources for current and future generations.
the development and the trail connector to the fu- See the following websites
ture Ridge Trail not being included. They asked ( or
the Trails Council to support the inclusion of the (, and click on Open Space
local access to the future Ridge Trail from Fairview Funding Committee link). This measure, which
and also support for permitting the homeowners will be decided by mailed ballot to property own-
in this development to keep livestock on their prop- ers, would provide approximately $8 million dol-
erty. lars per year to:
• Preserve natural open spaces, wildlife areas,
Bay Trail through the Carquinez Strait between hiking trails, and remaining agricultural lands for
Crockett and Martinez future generations.
Planning is underway to repair an old road • Protect shorelines and the Bay from polluted
that has been closed to traffic for many years be- runoff.
tween Crockett and Martinez along the shoreline. • Maintain and improve neighborhood parks and
The plan is to repair the road for trail use and open recreation areas to provide safe places for children.
it as a segment of the Bay Trail. The Trails Council • Protect lands around rivers, streams and the
voted to support full multi-use on this segment of Bay to maintain water quality.
trail, including hikers, bicycles and equestrians. • Protect Mount Diablo and other important natu-
ral lands and wildlife areas.
Round Robin items were covered in the added • Maintain and improve existing regional parks,
agenda items. open space areas and trails such as the Briones to
Mt. Diablo Regional Trail, Point Isabel Regional
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 Shoreline and Tilden Regional Park.
p.m. Wildflower season is upon us and the
views are phenomenal. Get out on the trail!
Submitted by Glenn Kirby Bob Power, South and East Bay Trail Director
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369