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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: Februrary 2004

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East We’ve got a lot to talk about at the next Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Bay Area EBATC meeting. I’m stoked. 7:15 to 9:30 pm
Trails The Los Vaqueros campaign, Stop the East Bay Regional Park District
Council Dam Waste, is heating up. As you know, the Headquarters: Board Room
❧ Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) put mea- 2950 Peralta Court, Oakland
2950 sure N on the March Ballot, proposing a study Telephone (510) 635-0135
Peralta to tear down the 4 year old dam, and build
Oaks one that is 5 times larger. At the November
meeting in Oakley, EBATC agreed to oppose Agenda: February 18, 2004 Meeting
❧ that expansion, and endorse the Stop the Dam
Waste campaign. 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
Oakland, Approval of Agenda: Action
The CCWD has stated we were wrong
California Approval of Nov. 2003 Minutes: Action
when we said they didn’t keep their many
❧ promises to provide extensive recreational op-
94605 portunities with the first dam project. So, I did 2. Presentation: David Lipsetz
some research. SF Bay Trail Presentation:
Many of you recall the big sales pitch East Bay Overview
that CCWD gave us in the late 80’s. We were
promised huge recreational opportunities, and 3. Presentation:
because of this, we supported, or remained Contra Costa Open Space Measure
neutral on the first dam. Fortunately, we don’t
have to assemble the testimony of all of those 4. Reports and Updates
who heard those promises. In 1991, the CCWD Treasurer’s report
had a draft Recreation Plan for the CCWD Feeder Trail #1
prepared. It became a part of the project, and Los Vaqueros update
was incorporated into, and evaluated by the Del Valle trail proposal update
1993 EIR. It reflected the promises made 2-3 Update on Segways on Iron Horse Study
years earlier by the District. You would be as-
is composed tounded at the recreational opportunities the 5. Round Robin and Future Agenda
of public CCWD had in store for us. Reports from members
agencies, The plan was guided by seven inter-
related themes. The second of these, after wa- voir and other public amenities via a tram ride
ter quality, was: or by foot, bicycle, horse, or other
hikers, nonmotorized means. Access will be made
bicyclists, “Multiple use: A wide variety of outdoor rec- possible by a north-south tram route ad mul-
and reational pursuits, both active and passive, tiple-use trail through the watershed, provid-
conservation will be supported within the watershed. These ing general public access and serving opera-
activities include fishing, boating, swimming, tions and maintenance vehicles, emergency
-ists who are
picnicking, open play, camping and vehicles, and special access needs.”
committed nonmotorized trail use.” That theme also men-
to furthering tioned environmental educational opportuni- The plan’s discussion of Management Zones
the ties, day use and overnight facilities, specially indicated the degree that CCWD promised
protection of designated research areas, a comprehensive recreation. It mentioned many recreational
equestrian center and a small conference cen- activities and facilities: staging areas; a visi-
the scenic
ter. tor/environmental education center, a full
and equestrian center, a swimming area with
recreational The sixth theme dealt with access. It stated in beaches and sanitary facilities, open play
resources of part, “General vehicular access by the public fields, picnic areas for families and large
the East Bay. will be limited to the perimeter of the water- groups, trails and drive-in campgrounds.
shed. Visitors will be able to reach the reser- continued on back page
MEETING MINUTES Brentwood Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan
The November 19th, 2003 meeting was held in the map. He highlighted some of the proposed trails
Library of the Delta Vista Middle School, 4901 that are currently, or soon to be under construction.
Frank Hengel Way, Oakley. There will be opportunities for new parks and trails
through a future annexation and along the future
Attendees: Highway 4 extension. A trail connection is planned
Glenn Kirby BARTC between the John Marsh Historic Home and Round
Bob Power BARTC Valley Regional Preserve. Also, a section of the
Michael Kelley BARTC/IMBA Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail will be constructed
Steve Fiala EBRPD (510) 544-2602 along the aqueduct where it passes though the City.
Judi Bank MHA Steve Fiala, Trail Development Program
Jean Tarabek Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail Manager, reported on the efforts of EBRPD to pro- vide recreational opportunities to this growing part
Kathy Roemer Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail of the County. He explained that there is a special Landscaping and Lighting District providing main-
Chuck Pierce tenance and operations funding for this part of the
Nancy Kaiser City of Oakley County. However, the special assessment does not provide adequate funding for new facilities. Steve’s
Ken De Silva City of Brentwood brief report set the stage for the main topic of the evening; the proposed expansion of the Los Vaque-
Annette Rains ECHO (925) 634 6257 ros Reservoir in the hills between Brentwood and
Steve Guinn Byron MAC (925) 634 4539 Livermore.
Brenda de la Ossa Supervisor Greenberg
(925) 240 7260 Continuing Business: Proposed Los Vaqueros
Susan Stephenson Committee to Stop the Dam Expansion
Waste (510) 444 4710 Michael Kelley provided the historical per-
Brent Englund BTCEB spective. He has followed this controversial project
Dave Stoeffler Delta Pedalers Bicycle Club since 1988 when the Contra Costa Water District (“the District”) first proposed to fund the construc-
tion of a 100,000-acre foot water storage reservoir
The meeting was called to order by Glenn Kirby at within an 18,000-acre valley east of Mount Diablo
7:15 p.m. Oakley staff set up the meeting in the through a voter approved bond measure. The pro-
library of the new middle school on Cypress Road posed reservoir would bring dramatic changes to
between Oakley’s Highway 4 and Bethel Island. the delta region but would only require the vote of
The school connects to EBRPD’s Marsh Creek Re- a relatively small number of ratepayers within the
gional Trail via a connector trail for the students. CCWD service area. To build support within the
Cypress Road is ready for transformation into district and with the environmental community, the
Oakley’s newest thoroughfare into future residen- district promised extensive recreational amenities
tial neighborhoods, where now cattle pastures ex- and included millions of dollars in the bond mea-
ist. One of the reasons the Trails Council meets in sure to pay for them. The district promised to con-
the East County at least once a year, is to learn what struct boat marinas, picnic areas, campgrounds and
the cities and the county are doing to provide for trails for public use.
the recreational needs of new residents in an area Michael and others from the Trails Coun-
experiencing tremendous growth rates. cil were invited to participate in a public process to
develop a Recreation Master Plan. Trail supporters
New Business: Presentations on trail opportunities wanted to ensure that the trail connections to sur-
in the East Counties by the Cities of Oakley, rounding parks would be included in the plan. As
Brentwood and East Bay Regional Park District. time passed, members of the committee realized
Nancy Kaiser, Director of Parks and Rec- that district staff did not support the promised trail
reation for the City of Oakley, welcomed us and connections and there was no support on the Board
presented her city’s plans for parks and local and of Directors. Other recreational facilities on or
regional trails. She discussed the regional Delta De around the lake were also left out of the plan. To
Anza, March Creek and Big Break trails and showed date, very little of what the committee envisioned
us plans for connecting regional trails through to has been provided and very few of the promises
both Antioch and Brentwood. Oakley is receiving made to the voters were kept.
funds for these projects from EBRPD and Contra Almost from the beginning, and before the
Costa County Measure C Transportation Funds. current reservoir was even full, Michael and oth-
Ken De Silva, Park and Recreation Man- ers became skeptical of CCWD’s commitment to
ager for the City of Brentwood, presented the recreation. There was talk of an expanded reservoir
to be funded by CalFED, a state and federal pro- paign. Ms Stephenson asked for the support of the
gram designed to protect the delta. Recreation sup- Trails Council.
porters doubted district staff’s response that there After brief discussion among the voting
was no plan to expand the reservoir. Many of the members of the Trails Council, Bob Power moved
people involved in the early planning have become to support the Committee to Stop the Dam Waste
openly critical now that the district has announced and to endorse the No Vote, including providing
plans to enlarge the lake to 500,000 acre feet. They space in our newsletter for information and enlist-
point out that the district has not kept past prom- ing the support of our member organizations. The
ises and should not be trusted this time around. motion passed unanimously.
Steve Fiala recalled the original trail plan Glenn Kirby proposed pledging $500.00
and the trails that were expected to be provided toward the campaign, $250.00 of which would be a
within the district lands. After the voters passed direct contribution by the Trails Council and mem-
the bond the plan soon began to shrink. Although bers would match the remainder. This motion also
55 miles of trails have been provided, these are passed unanimously. Several members made a
mostly hiker-only trails and do not provide ex- commitment to match funds at the meeting.
pected multi-use connections to other parks or loop Brenda de la Ossa, Community Liaison for
trails within the valley. Only a small section of Contra Costa County Supervisor Millie Greenberg
multi-use trail has been provided outside of the thanked us for inviting her to the meeting and in-
main watershed. Within the watershed, no bicycles vited us to attend an upcoming meeting to be
are allowed, even on existing service roads used hosted by Supervisor Greenberg and Federal
by district service vehicles. Horses/equestrians are Grover, her colleague on the Contra Costa Board of
not allowed due of claims of water quality concerns Supervisors. The purpose of the meeting was to
even though cattle are grazed within the watershed. discuss issues of county and regional significance.
The proposed expansion would inundate sensitive Several members of the Trails Council expressed
portions of Kellogg Creek reported to be one of the an interest in attending.
most productive breeding areas in the region for The remaining few minutes of the meeting
red legged frogs. Also, miles of trails and acres of was taken up in discussions among the members
habitat created with voter approved funds, as part and visitors.
of the original mitigation, will be under water.
Although the advisory vote in March will Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:10
be limited to CCWD ratepayers, this is a regional p.m., Submitted by Glenn Kirby
project with wide-reaching impacts. CCWD is plac-
ing this measure on the ballot before completing Register for the 20th California
required environmental review and identifying full
funding. EBRPD includes in its Trails Master Plan,
Trails and Greenway Conference in
trail connections through the valley connecting Folsom, CA March 25-28, 2004.
Mount Diablo, Morgan Territory, Vasco Caves and This conference brings trail managers and public
Brushy Peak. CCWD currently has no plans to ex- advocacy groups together from all over the State to
pand trails in the remaining watershed. Although exchange ideas on the state-of-the-art of trails plan-
Brushy Peak is scheduled to open next year, CCWD ning, design, construction, maintenance, advocacy
has not agreed to provide new regional connections. and use. Conference information is available on
Susan Stephenson, Campaign Coordinator Early registration dis-
for the “Committee to Stop the Dam Waste” intro- counts till March 5. Hardcopies of reg materials
duced the coalition of local and environmental can be obtained by writing California Trails and
groups forming to mount a campaign to oppose Greenway Conference, California State Parks, State-
the advisory vote in March. She provided post cards wide Trails Office, PO Box 942896, Sacramento, CA
addressed to the water district requesting that the 94296-0001.
measure be pulled from the ballot on the grounds
that it is illegal and violates CEQA, the CA Envi-
ronmental Quality Act. If this request fails, the com-
Renew your EBATC Membership
mittee hopes to raise $100,000 to fund public opin- Membership Dues for 2004:
ion polling and fund the campaign against the ex- Individuals $15
pansion of the dam. The committee already has the Organizations $30
support of the Sierra Club, Save Mount Diablo, Make checks payable to:
Greenbelt Alliance, the East Bay Chapter of the CA East Bay Area Trails Council
Native Plant Society, the Natural Resources Defense Send check to:
Council, Save San Francisco Bay Association, Pre- East Bay Area Trails Council
serve Area Ridgelands Committee and others. Re- P.O. Box 5381
tired State Senator John Nejedley will chair the cam- Oakland, CA 94605-0381
Boating was to be provided by rental fleet of people- Kellogg Creek zone, to a small one intended for
powered, wind-powered and low-horsepower boaters.
motorboats, either gas or electric. In the Watershed These things clearly show the CCWD in-
Reserve section, access was to be generally re- tended to, and did promise a great deal of recre-
stricted to trail users. ational opportunities. These promises were broken
The plan proposed 55 miles of trails in three when the final recreation plan was adopted. We will
zones. These included: discuss this campaign at our meeting. Time is short;
and funds and getting the word out are urgently
• Fire roads, including double tracks greater than needed by the Stop the Dam Waste Committee to
8 feet wide, were to be open to all users. They fight this measure.
were to be available in all three zones. We are going to be treated as well to a presentation
• Equestrian and hiking trails were to be available on the Bay Trail. When complete, this spectacular
in 2 of the 3 zones. trail will encircle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays
• Hiking and fishing were to be provided in one with a continuous 400 mile network of cycling and
zone, around the lake. hiking trails. Go to
• Multiple use paved trails were to be provided in overview.html for more information. F i n a l l y,
2 zones. They were intended for tram use, but we’re going to hear about Contra Costa County’s
would be for all users. proposal for a $130 million dollar benefit assess-
ment district to fund open space projects, such as
Significantly, the plan also stated that fire and mul- scenic landscapes and regional parks, creeks and
tiple-use trails were intended to allow for possible watersheds, farmland, shorelines, trails and public
future connections to the East Bay Regional Park access facilities, among other things. I can hardly
District’s Morgan Territory regional Preserve and wait.
Round Valley properties, as well as providing fu-
ture trail connections to Brentwood, and Brushy See you February 18!
Overnight camping for long-distance trail Happy trails,
users were to be provided. Three campsites were Michael Kelley
to be built, ranging from a 120 space unit in the

2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369