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EBATC Announcements, Meeting Minutes, News: May 2002

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East Lots is happening in the Tri Valley Wednesday, May 15, 2002
Bay Area area with multiuse trail development. The 7:15 to 9:30 pm
Trails EBATC meeting on May 15 at the Garms ranch Garms Ranch, Pleasanton Ridge
Council on Foothill Rd. in Pleasanton will focus on key Regional Park, 4440 Foothill Road,
❧ issues important to trails. Our TCLAV quest Pleasanton,CA
2950 has been to draw public and agency attention Telephone (510) 635-0135
Peralta to long term trail plans and lines on maps
Oaks which have not been completed. As a trail Meeting Location Change
Court advocacy group we have focused exclusively Directions: From I-580 take Foothill Road
❧ on completing and connecting multiuse trail south. After crossing W.Las Positas Blvd (traf-
opportunities within Pleasanton, Livermore, fic signal) turn right at next driveway. Look
Dublin and recently Sunol. While we are for green mailbox with Park District logo de-
pleased with the Pleasanton success our work cal. Follow driveway for .4 mile and park on
❧ will not be complete until the trails are open the right side of the service road in flat area
94605 and we plan to stay involved with the vari- below building which will be on the left. Do
ous public agencies involved. Zone 7 flood not park in the service yard.
control, EBRPD, Pleasanton Parks and Recre-
ation have all worked together, and progress Agenda: May 15, 2002 Meeting
will continue as other communities become
more involved. 1. Call to order: 7:15 p.m.
Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Approval of Agenda: Action
North Livermore offers 2,000 acres and over Approval of Nov. 2001 Minutes: Action
10 miles of new trail with important connec-
tors to Los Vaqueros watershed, Morgan Ter- 2. Reports and Updates:
ritory, Vasco Caves. A May 2 public meeting Treasurer's Report Report
asked for input, and Board approval is sched- Governance/officers Report
uled for June 18, 2002. Livermore Area Park Bay Area Ridge Trail Issues Report
and Recreation District own the 500 acre California Trail Days and
is composed Brushy Peak itself and will have their own op- National Trail Days Report
of public erational plan. Membership Report Report
agencies, Other Tri-Valley trail discussion will
focus on the Sycamore Grove Regional Park- 3. New Business
Study Plan by LARPD. This 1,500 acre park Tri-Valley Update Report
hikers, offers trail regional connectivity between Del
bicyclists, Valle , Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton, and the 4. Future Agenda
and Ridge and Sunol. We will also discuss the Field Trips, Hikes and Rides, Alternate
conservation Bernal property in Pleasanton, the Niles Rail Meeting Report/Action
trail issues, Shadow Cliffs land use plan re-
-ists who are
view, the LARPD suit of Dublin for planning 5. Round Robin
committed development in their District impacting 1,400 Reports from members
to furthering acres.
the On April 18th EBRPD and TCLAV We will also discuss the recent post-
had side by side information tables staffed by ponement of a joint multiuse carrot day due
protection of
Joseph Jones, Jamie at the Hacienda Transpor- to our inability to secure event insurance.
the scenic Equestrians and mountain cyclist groups were
tation fair in PleasantonJoseph created the
and TCLAV web site and has been the web mas- attempting to put on a demonstration event
recreational ter. You can visit it at but were blocked by an inability to secure in-
resources of I am convinced the TCLAV web site contrib- surance. Join us in discussing these impor-
uted to our recent success story with approval tant issues. Happy Trails!
the East Bay.
of the Pleasanton master plan up date. Dick Quigley, secretary
MEETING MINUTES ten years or so. The Trails Council, on behalf of
April 17, 2002, EBRPD Headquarters BTCEB, one of our member organizations, re-
quested that the Park District consider opening
In attendance were: some narrow trails to multi-use status in some of
Glenn Kirby-BARTC the parks. A list of these trails was provided. Partly
Bob Power-BARTC as a result of this request, the Board of Directors
Gary Finn-Moraga Horseman’s’ formed a special committee consisting of one Board
Don deFremery-Sierra Club Member, five Park Advisory Committee members,
Cheryl Lawton- ATRA and staff from Operations and Public Safety De-
Kathy Nixon- Arab Trail Riders Assoc. partments. The special committee made recom- mendations regarding bicycle use and also devel-
Marilynn Terstegge-Tilden Wildcat oped an evaluation tool to be used by District staff to help determine if some trails could be consid-
Ted Stroll-Self ered for greater access. This tool, referred to as the
Tim Rosecrans-Self Bicycle Trail Evaluation Matrix, provided a check-
Rich Guarienti-Hayward Hiking Club list to be used in determining whether certain trails could be considered for inclusion in the Ordinance
Judi Bank-Metro Horseman’s 38 exception for multi-use access. The report from
Dick Quigley-Tri Valley Trail Blazers the PAC Special Committee was considered by the Board Operations Committee last year, but as yet a
Joseph Jones-Trail Council of Livermore Valley recommendation has not been sent to the Board of Directors.
Jack Appleyard-BARTC Glenn then introduced Ted Stroll and Tim
Rosecrans and invited them to offer their presenta-
Glenn called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM. tion. Ted mentioned he was a member of the Dis-
After a round of introductions the agenda and min- trict Bike patrol and shared their concern of over
utes were approved as read. crowded parks with mountain bikes currently re-
stricted to fire roads. They mentioned they had
Reports and Updates: made a board presentation and shared a proposed
Treasurer’s Report: None set of Ordinance 38 changes, and were referred to
Governance/Officers: See Membership Campaign EBATC. They mentioned they were doing this ini-
below. tiative as private citizens, and not as members of
or on behalf of any other group. Tim and Ted shared
Bay Area Ridge Trail Report: Bob Power reported copies of a cover letter to EBATC and a draft of Pro-
that two staff positions have been filled for the Bay posed bicycle access amendments to East Bay Re-
Area Ridge Trail. Holly Van Houten has been hired gional Park District Ordinance 38. They mentioned
as the new Executive Director. Holly’s background that the proposed “changes would open most dis-
includes several years with the Rivers and Trail Pro- trict trails to cyclists, but would give individual
gram of the National Park Service and as a Senior park supervisors discretion to keep them off-limits
Planner with the Presidio Trust. She also served on for good reason”. The memorandum suggested set
the Ridge Trail Board of Directors representing NPS. of answers to possible objections to changing Or-
The Ridge Trail also hired Jon Manson as the new dinance 38. A) It will be unsafe; B) it will create
Trail Steward. Jon brings experience from Marin conflict, D) it will disturb hikers’ pristine experi-
County Open Space District. ence. They also mentioned that the issue would be
Bob announced the dedication of Boccardo on the agenda for the 6/11/02 Board Operations
Trail in SCCOSA’s Kirk property adjacent to Alum Committee meeting at Peralta Oaks at 6 PM. They
Rock City Park. sited positive experiences with other Bay Area rec-
reation districts that allow bike riding on some
Bicycle Access Presentation: Glenn discussed past single-track trails. They suggested Joaquin Miller
involvement by EBATC in the annual review pro- Park (Oakland), Annadel State Park (Santa Rosa)
cess for Ordinance 38. Ordinance 38 is the East Bay and several others that allow cycling on narrow
Regional Park District ordinance regulating uses in trails.
the parks and on the trails. During the last revision Ted and Tim then asked EBATC to consider
of the Park District Master Plan, the Trails Council supporting their proposal to reduce undue conflict
recommended that trail uses be regulated by ordi- among trail users. Dick asked what undue conflict
nance rather than in the Master Plan. Our recom- is or means and referenced the ordinance 38 ma-
mendations were included in the1997 Master Plan. trix that EBATC was involved with as a means of
Because of this change, trail regulations now come trail use testing.
up for review on an annual basis rather than every Glenn, Gary, Dick and Judi referred to the
EBATC's sub-committee and general meeting dis- the meeting. Jamie asked that the materials be pre-
cussions a couple of years ago on a specific set of 6 pared sooner and delivered to the District for mail-
trail proposals (three of them single track) with rec- ing by the end of the first week of each month. Jack
ommendations from Eric Mueler of the bike com- and Glenn asked that draft minutes and lead ar-
munity and Vice Pres. of EBATC. The committee ticle be circulated for comment by the committee
made field trips to selected trails, voiced concerns by the first of the month and no later than the 5 Th.
and made suggestions that were taken to the Board Dick shared the successful Trail Council of
Operations Committee and to the Park Advisory Livermore Amador Valley, efforts at Pleasanton City
Committee. A number of members were appalled Council meeting on April 9 to approve the city
to learn in the evening’s discussion that the safety master trail plan up date.
concerns of EBATC and the report from the PAC This is significant as it sets to open zone 7 flood
Special Committee, including the Bicycle Trail control easements with gravel service roads as
Evaluation Matrix (BTEM), have not as yet been multi-use trails. The council voted 5/0 in favor and
recommended to the Board of Directors. More than was very supportive. Steve Fiala, Dick and Joe Jones
two years have passed since the Bicycle Trails Coun- (bicyclist) gave presentations. The trail next door
cil first brought the request to EBATC. video was used! Check out TCLAV web site. http:/
Jamie shared information about the trail /¨ Joe Jones has volunteered to help
construction and maintenance standards which get EBATCs web informational current and user
EBRPD employs on close to 1000 miles of trails. Ap- friendly.
proximately 200 of these 1000 miles are narrow hik- Jack noted that it is incumbent on EBATC
ing and equestrian trails, 750 miles are multi-use. members and the District to act as a catalyst for en-
A small remainder are hiking only trails. She also thusiastically following through on trail proposals.
shared that the “standards” for trail building have Don asked if possibly our old flyer could
improved over the years and are similar to those of be used as a tool as in the past at seminars or events.
the CA State Parks system. EBRPD trail construc- Marilyn suggested revitalization and update of the
tion and maintenance methodology considers as- flyer might be in order to let people know we are in
pects such as line of sight, slope, curvilinear align- a recruitment mode. Jack suggested using the
ments, natural and cultural resource protection visi- newsletter to support member organizations and
tor safety, drainage controls, regulatory permitting, circulate local stories and organizational events.
etc. Any new trail or change in use on existing trails Joe Jones shared that TCLAV will have a
requires evaluation. booth at the Hacienda Transportation Fair in
After discussion Jack offered motion split Pleasanton on Thursday 4/18. Or booth will be next
in two parts: to EBRPDs’ with Jamie as the lead.
1) EBATC recommends that Brandon Trail Brushy Peak Regional Preserve -Land Use
from Ten Hills to the Willow Park Golf Course in Notice of public meeting Thursday May 2 7-9PM
Anthony Chabot Regional Park be opened to multi- Livermore City Council Chambers was shared by
use as soon as possible for safety reasons as recom- Dick. The Public review period ends on Wednes-
mended two years ago, and, day , May 8 and trails are an important element.
2) We recommend that the report from the Board approval is set for June 18 at 2 PM. EBATC
PAC Special Committee be brought back to the members were encouraged to be involved.
Board Operations Committee for consideration. Jamie noted that the EBATC newsletter can
EBATC further recommends that the Bicycle Trail be a powerful communication tool as it reaches 275
Evaluation Matrix be adopted as a staff tool for people monthly.
determining whether certain narrow trails could be There being no further business, the meet-
considered for multi-use access. ing was adjourned at 9:25 PM.
The motions passed with one abstention. After cir-
culation of a draft letter, these recommendations Respectfully submitted by Dick Quigley, secretary.
will be sent to the EBRPD Board of Directors.

New Business – Membership Campaign: Glenn NATIONAL TRAIL DAYS

brought up our membership needs and encouraged
There is still some room at the EBRPD National
all to think about recruiting and skill set needs.
Trails Day event in conjunction with REI and
Because of the length of the discussion on bicycle
EBATC on June 1 at Redwood Regional Park in the
access tonight, this topic will be continued to next
Oakland Hills. Optional campout the night before
at Redwood Creek complete with s'mores and
campfire talks and good solid trailwork the next
Round Robin:
day within the Redwood Forest, Call (510) 527-7377
The newsletter often gets delivered to
for registration.
members just a day or two, or even on the day of
East Bay Area Trails Council: Membership Dues for Calendar Year 2002
With the trails surrounded by spring wildflowers, Membership Dues for 2002: Check enclosed:
it's time to renew your membership in the East Individuals $15
Bay Area Trails Council. Your participation is Organizations $30
important in our ongoing efforts to preserve and Make checks payable to:
expand the East Bay trail system. East Bay Area Trails Council

Please list below your name, address, phone Send check and completed form below to:
number and if applicable, the name of the East Bay Area Trails Council
organization that you represent on the Trails P.O. Box 5381
Council. Oakland, CA 94605-0381

Please print


Represented: ________________________________________________________________________(if applicable)


City / State / Zip:_______________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:______________________Fax Number:___________________ e-mail:______________________

Area(s) of Interest:_______________________________________________________________________________
(hiker, cyclist, equestrian, skater, etc.)

2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369