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Kaye Alexandhra M.


Ms. Gina Agsalon
Christian Morality

1. What is your reaction to Cassie’s story?
Cassie’s a brave young woman. I admire and respect her not just
because of the way she died but because of the reason she died.
The thought of dying terrifies me yet she faced it with such
braveness that only shows how deep her faith was. She showed that
beneath her past imperfections and faults she remained a true
warrior of Christ in the end. Her passion to help others who are in
need inspires me to follow her examples. Her life may be cut short
the things she had done for those people and to everyone she met
changed their lives forever. I may not know her personally, I know
that we share the same faith. She knew that the moment she said
“yes” she will be killed. But it didn’t stop her from saying this word.
The word that made her famous around the world not because of
her fixation on witchcraft and occult but because of the change that
happened it her life because she finally accepted the Truth- Jesus.
2. Do you think Cassie is a martyr?
Yes. Simply because she died because of her undying love for
her faith.
I remember that I read something which says that most of our saints
are unknown men and women. Having read her story of selfsacrifice, I remember Cowper quoting, “To die for the truth is not to
die merely for one’s faith, or one’s country, it is to die for the world.
The blood of martyrs is shed in confirmation of the noblest claim-the
claim to feed upon immortal truth, to walk with God, and be divinely
free.”. Because of her death, she now lives her new eternal life with
God and all other people who truly lived their faith - THE GREATEST
3. What do you think you would have done in a similar
situation to Cassie’s?
It is said that the greatest blessing of all is the blessing or gift of
eternal life. Like I said, the thought of dying terrifies me. Whenever I
face something that is tempting me to sin, I always think of what
would Jesus do if he is in my position. So if I were to die for my
faith, so be it. I’m not afraid anymore. Jesus once died for me to
save me. I’m willing to die for my faith that saved me. In end, I will
be saved. That is what I believed in. Having a mortal body is not
something meant for us to have permanently that is why it is
mortal- it ends. The important thing is we lived life to the fullest
without having any regrets.

What riches would you be willing to give up in order “to be perfect. In order to have eternal life I must throw away all of these things because I know that in the end only my faith matters. therefore we must love God above all things.4. He sacrificed His only Son in order to show us how much “love” he has for us. . my things. everything came from God. I must put all of my trust to God that He will show me the right path that will lead me to Him. Because everything that I have right now I owe them to God. God’s love is eternal. My life. and to gain eternal life?” I will give up everything.