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By Nancy Montoya




It was really nice to share different student’s projects with teachers. However, more than making
certain games or projects to show others, it was quite interesting to contextualize all the topics
worked during this term, by showing different kinds of skills such as the communicative one.

Kids were too willing to take part in games, which, at the same time, were part of the vocabulary
seen in class, by getting and giving some expressions that they ever thought to use to when they
were playing and learning too.

This event wouldn’t have been possible, if we as parents and teachers haven’t always supported
and reinforced the vocabulary as well. Also, I’d like to thank to first grade students for working in
such a great way and for giving their best.

Despite of not having photos or real material to show to, it is pretty important to keep working on
kids’ skills through these projects and practicing not only at school, but at home specifically on
interactive games that allow students to enhance their communicative competence in English by
having a short conversation, or describing certain elements that are involved in their own lives .

These virtual games stimulate and gain students’ attention and improve their daily- life
vocabulary. One of these interactive games are: and, which is basically done for kids of 1st and 2nd grades to get the vocabulary
through listening activities, specially songs.
As an English teacher it’s considerable to work with kids through listening activities, especially on
songs, which is an essential resource to learn another language.

I invite you to go to these web pages to check and apply different activities for kids in class, and

give some points of view about them.

Free English listening tests, listening activities for students,
and matching audio files!

from www.123 .

English audio to download with matching worksheets

by category:

 adjectives set 1; adjectives

set 2
 animals set 1; animals set 2
 body parts
 classroom
 clothing
 daily routines
 feelings and emotions
 food
 people/occupations 1;
people 2
 prepositions of place
 verbs set 1; verbs set 2;
verbs set 3
 weather

more ...
Listening worksheet templates

 choose from 2 images

 choose from 3 images
 choose from two images and
write the answer
 match the picture to the
 match the picture and write
the answer

These are great and allow you to

make your own worksheets and
resources to match your listening scripts using
images. LOTE teachers can use these for Spanish listening
test resources, French listening test materials and other
languages as well!

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