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Language Arts
Book 2

Sample Test 2005

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Here are some suggestions to help you do your best:
• Be sure to read carefully all the directions in the test book.
• Plan your time.
• Read each question carefully and think about the answer before choosing or
writing your response.
Book 2
Part 1: Listening

D irections
In this part of the test, you are going to listen to a story called “The Missing Gym
Shoes.’’ Then you will answer some questions about the story.
You will listen to the story twice. The first time you hear the story, listen carefully but
do not take notes. As you listen to the story the second time, you may want to take
notes. Use the space below and on the next page for your notes. You may use these
notes to answer the questions that follow. Your notes on these pages will NOT count
toward your final score.


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■ Sample Test 2005 ■ Book 2: Part 1 Page 1
Book 2
Listening Selection

The Missing Gym Shoes

by Marilyn Sklar
Kirby looked all over his room for his gym shoes. He looked under his bed and in the
He looked in his backpack. Where could they be? Kirby had to have his gym shoes today.
The teacher wouldn’t let him play basketball without them.
“Mom, have you seen my gym shoes?”
“No, Kirby. Did you look in your room?”
“I’ve looked everywhere. Dad, can you help me find my gym shoes?”
“Sorry, pal, I have to get to work. I’m already late. Look behind the sofa.”
Kirby checked behind all the furniture. No gym shoes. He was getting very upset. The
school bus would arrive in fifteen minutes.
He had to play in the basketball game. The game was for the championship. His classmates
were counting on him. He was their best player.
“Kirby, don’t forget to feed Buster before you leave.”
Kirby looked at his dog and sighed, “Come on, Buster. I’ll get your dog food and fresh
Buster perked up his ears and wagged his tail. When he heard the dog food hit his bowl, he
jumped out of his bed and came running.
“Good boy, Buster.” Kirby gave his dog a pat on the back. Then Kirby hurried to get his
jacket and backpack. He glanced at Buster’s bed. His eyes opened wide.
“Mom, look! I found my gym shoes! Buster has been hiding them in his bed. Buster, why
did you do that? I have been going crazy.”
Buster looked up from his bowl and wagged his tail harder.
“Oh, Buster, you are a rascal, but I love you.”
Kirby grabbed his shoes and stuffed them in his backpack.
“Bye, Mom. The bus is here.”
“Bye, Kirby. Play a good game.”

■ Sample Test 2005 ■
Page 1
22 What is this story mostly about?
F a dog that likes to hide
G a boy who loses his basketball
H a dog that finds a new toy
J a boy who needs to find something

23 The chart below shows what happens in the story.

Kirby Mother tells Buster

looks Kirby to jumps out
under his feed of bed
bed for his ? Buster. when he
shoes. hears his
food hit the

Which sentence best completes the chart?

A Kirby gives Buster a pat.
B Kirby puts on his jacket.
C Kirby runs to meet his bus.
D Kirby asks his mother for help.

■ Sample Test 2005 ■

Page 4 Book 2: Part 1
24 Why is Kirby upset that the school bus is coming?
F He thinks the bus might wake his parents.
G He has to find his shoes before he gets on the bus.
H He has to make breakfast before he gets on the bus.
J He thinks his dog might try to follow the bus.

25 The web below shows where Kirby looks for his shoes. Complete the web with details
from the story. One has been done for you.

Where Kirby
looks for his shoes


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■ Sample Test 2005 ■ Book 2: Part 1 Page 5
26 How does feeding Buster help Kirby find his shoes? Use one example from the story in
your answer.

27 Which sentence from the story is an opinion?

A “He looked in his backpack.”
B “He was their best player.”
C “The game was for the championship.”
D “The school bus would arrive in fifteen minutes.”

■ Sample Test 2005 ■
Page 6 Book 2: Part 1
Do NOT turn this page until you are told to do so.

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■ Sample Test 2005 ■ Book 2: Part 1 Page 7
Book 2
Part 2: Writing

There are some mistakes in this paragraph in capital letters and punctuation. Let’s
correct them together.

My red bicycle is my favorite toy. It used to belong to

my big sister katie. She gave it to me. I ride it after School

each day. I like my bicycle because it is my favorite color.

Do you have a favorite toy.

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■ Sample Test 2005 ■
Page 8 Book 2: Part 2
28 Here is a paragraph a student wrote about a pet dog. The paragraph has some
mistakes in capital letters and punctuation. Some sentences may have no mistakes.
There are no mistakes in spelling.
Read the paragraph, and find the mistakes. Draw a line through each mistake in the
paragraph. Then write the correction above it.

My dog’s name is rufus. I take him to play at Central

Park. he plays with other dogs and chases toys i throw. At

home, he chews his dog bones. Then he takes a nap? Would you

be tired after all that playing?

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■ Sample Test 2005 ■ Book 2: Part 2 Page 9
Grade 3 English Language Arts
Sample Test 2005

Book 2

22. F G H J Read question 26 in your

26. test book. Write your
answer in the test book.
23. A B C D

27. A B C D
24. F G H J

Read question 28 in your

Read question 25 in your
28. test book. Write your
25. test book. Write your answer in the test book.
answer in the test book.


Book 1
Short-response question

9. 0 1 2 A No Response

Book 2
Short-response questions

25. 0 1 2 A No Response

26. 0 1 2 A No Response

Editing paragraph

28. 0 1 2 3 A No Response

Page 2 Guide to the Grades 3–8 Testing Program

Grade 3
English Language Arts
Book 2
Sample Test 2005