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Sunday evening

Acts 13
- Holy Spirit sometimes leads with specific truth not specific direction
- Jesus: many things to say to you
- HS guide you into all truth - truth place to live from not just for mind
- can show in 3 mins by revelation what couldn't learn in 2 yrs
- God can hide and disclose, seek will find, ask will be given; road to Emmaus,
disciples' hearts burned within them
- Jesus unveiled truths as a teacher
- another comforter, therefore had to be first teacher, Jesus

Acts 13
- separate Barnabus & Saul, 14yrs after Saul's conversion though called to Gentiles
- when Holy Spirit said re: under direction when we ready / he knows when we not
- may have direction, but not ready - may not be time, sense of direction is our cue to
prepare for when we go on stage
- Moses knew 40yrs before he was ready
Is 54 - strengthen stakes - otherwise will blow away
- character development necessary before extending out
- not over-extend because of zeal
- not always do as soon as we see
- ministries may be less effective as we are missing spiritual understanding, knowing
purpose, but not God's way
- Paul understood not called to everyone; to Corinthians, can't stretch out until you
develop more, as you my responsibility
- Jesus ministered to one man at pool of Bethesda, not everyone - spiritual
understanding critical
x just principles / strategies - we are not a for-profit business, different truths apply in
God's business
Jesus will lead and guide us, we to be about our Father's business, the owner of this
Jesus knew this when he was 12, 18yrs later that he fulfilled will of God, being a full-
age man

John 3
- without weapon of word of God, Jesus would have failed at temptations in
- devil not stupid, hit in area of weakness and area of ignorance
- Jesus had revelation, understanding which truth to apply
- devil twisted Word to try to get to Jesus as he could see Jesus followed the Word;
need to rightly-divide
(scripture not apply to jumping; applies to falling - therefore escaped snare as
prepared in the truth, not because was committed or anointed, Jesus could have lost
everything despite who he was)
- we hear when we are quiet - simple truth can keep you free
- we to speak word in season to him who is weary, not blab same word in same
- to be skilled, effectual, accurate, so if taken to pool of Bethesda, led by HS, guided
to know what to do and what not to do

Acts 13
- fasting means not doing regular thing to set that time apart to minister to the Lord
> set course of Paul & Barnabus for an effective team
- HS chose Barnabus, Paul chose Silas
- with wise counsel, make war

- evangelist and other spiritual office is for perfecting* of saints (Eph 4)
(same GREEK word* CATARTISO as that used re: fisherman mending nets)
- spiritual offices: their ministry is untangling people's lives
- so evangelist / all spiritual offices are to care for people
- teachers don't always have their '3 points' - improperly perceive > improperly
- Nazareth didn't see Jesus as Son of God, but Joseph's son
- we not 'guest speakers' (not NT office) - otherwise people receive a speech
- if we teachers, people need to receive us that way
- not bees, drop of pollen, pick up nectar (not give message and collect an offering)
- teaching for perfecting* (Hebrews 11 - worlds framed to be put in order - if Moon
too close & proper relationship with other planetary bodies, we would be dead, yet
we are travelling over 1000mph and yet we are fine - how come things don't fall off?)
- God wants to puts us in divine order to use us, not for giving of a 'sermon' but to
preach the WORD
- better to read the Word out if don't have a God-given message; we to teach the
Word, not ideas
- correction can be for better performance, not necessarily rebukes - eg shorten /
lengthen stride for speed
x get Scriptures to support my topic
> my purpose is to bring out the Word - God will impart the topic
> we are responsible to the church to teach Word, model life, sound doctrine, pray
for church
x give favourite message and collect an offering
> replace all concepts with truth, sometimes we need fine-tuning on our
- the church is God's instrument, we are him in the flesh, angels don't preach
- we to be fine instrument for master musician
> God has music to play, we are the voice, hands, feet, love of God, light of the
1 Cor 3 - according to grace of God, as a wise master builder (not arrogance,
honesty - became expert in ministry)
- God wants to refine us, deepen our knowledge of truth so we can live from it,
deepens our character, makes us broader, so when we extend out, we don't lose our

- spend time, not waste it
Eph 5v15 - walk wise, redeeming the time, in understanding, firmly grasping, nailing
down God's will in every area
- if not sure / hesistant, can't run; serve accurately: Paul said this to a spirit-filled
church, as wisdom not automatic, easy to be a fool, and way of fools is hard
- if sharp and strong, will always come through, without damage know what to do,
have capacity / power to do it
- executors of his will
> ignorant and weak > will fail
- don't know who you are, don't know what to do
- some not good fathers, as think they are still a man
- husband is not called a 'man living with a woman'; 'one who cares for the ground' -
responsibility to tend to wife
- if church doesn't know who it is... we not a for-profit business, we go first to the
Word and do what we supposed to do

Revelation 1v4
- local churches in a city are the church
- Aaron had to keep lamps burning, Jesus, the head of the church new about those
seven church
v12 - these first 3 chapters teach us about churches
v12 - Jesus in middle of lamps (churches) in his priestly robes, to keep lamps
burning night-and-day and never stop shining
- God lights world from local lamp to illuminate that region of world
- Jesus was the local light - the people saw great light because Jesus was there, not
heaven opening
Matt 5 - sets lamp of lampstand
Rev 1v14 - judgment unto change, not death; seven stars
Rev 1v20 - seven stars are angels / messengers - spiritual leaders
- right-hand > next in authority
- Jesus to speak to spiritual leaders to bring correcting judgment so lamp keep
shining light for years and years
- Jesus speaks to leaders first as character, motivation etc etc of local church
connected to quality of leadership
- always said he know the works of each church: the efforts, the character of local
body - needs to burn effectively
- Lev 24 - priest responsible to keep lamps burning
- we are God's lamp, his opportunity to illuminate the world in our region
- God sets up a local body to illuminate that region
Revelation 2
- church at Ephesus commended for not permitting false teacher - good leadership
- however, v4, yet if church unhealthy doesn't hurt you going to heaven but heaven
can't come to the church
- therefore, lampstand removed as can't illuminate the region
- Jesus looking to make us really useful, burning brightly as possible
- sometimes burning brightness of local church, not just evangelism that affects the
community, it's the health of the church function in every way in and amongst the
members as well as to the community
- some teaching is unnecessary, doesn't enrich church, leader's responsibility to
keep good doctrine in church
- the truth may be told 1000x as it may be the truth that saves lives, even if not
'exciting', may be the right word
- endure sound doctrine - continue in the Word, in the Scriptures even though know
it, needs reminding - save yourself and those who hear you
- Jesus: someone who calls herself a 'prophetess' - leaders allow false teachers in
Isaiah: new thing is not 2010 thing, it was the NT age
- we to preach gospel, which doesn't change, which isn't a new thing every year
(if you're really hungry may stuff yourself with the wrong thing - not eveything is good
for us)

- God lights the world with lamps - olive oil doesn't make smoke, but burns bright,
day in and day out
- so people who sit in darkness can see a light and may see our good works and
glorify God (Matthew)
- God's MOD is to reach the world through the church x move of God - need moving
- we know what to do - to be light of world, minister word of reconciliation - plant the
seed, don't have to convert them
- Romans, word is power of God unto salvation, don't need fabulous sermons (Acts
2) - preach gospel, not enticing words of men's wisdom, preach Christ & him
crucified, resurrected
- for a moving church, we need to be properly built

Lev 24
- tabernacle well built, lampstand built from one piece of gold, with seven lamps on it
(as in Revelation)
- Aaron to order lamps, keep them functioning

Zechariah 4
- symbolism: picture can be worth 1000 words
- lampstand of gold - one piece of gold, central bowl with oil (one HS) feeding the
v3 - picture is not HS working while we watching TV, we the church working with HS
- church is lamp filled with oil, speak / work by his spirit
- commission to go into world after being spirit-filled
Matthew 5
- we are in the world to be the church
- God's illuminates the world through the local church growing to maturity under good
leadership, everyone doing the works of the ministry / their part and giving people
opportunity to see God
- not everyone came to God when saw Jesus, but they at least saw the Father
- church is not bunch of sick people in a hospital
- church is holy temple, lamp, light of the world
- can't move until we are set - God sets us in the body, then we ministry of Jesus
carried out through his body
- Jesus, head of church is ensuring local body has right leadership, doctrine, is fed
etc etc so lamp burns brightly
- preparing us things ahead - not reacting to trouble, being ready to deal with as
have been prepared by trimming of the lamp

Matthew 5v14
- God has faith in us, entrusted his Word to us, grace gifting, stewards to multiply for
the master
- growing in grace, knowledge etc, lampstand is preparation / foundation / platform
from which to set the lamp in place
(becomes portable to broadcast light where need)
- we not left under bushel of stupidity etc etc, we on lampstand of character, love etc
> then people come to the light
> lamp lights whole city - as church grows, adds more light and lights whole region
> become model church, can show other churches how to shine though healthy
functioning, built-up church
- we have a part to play in broadcasting light: let your light shine, not your light will

- when woman lost her coin, she lit a lamp

- God lights a lamp when looking for his lost people into every bar, brothel,
workplace to see if something valuable can be recovered; God has lost his people
and sets us on fire with oil of HS, people see our good works and come to the light