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A Review of Nature from Various Perspectives

K.W. Chan


We are not quite aware of the nature due to our indifference to the natural formations in
our surroundings. The below propositions serve a headstart for novices to start off their
thinking where nature is concerned. All credit is given to the celebrities, works, films, and
so forth cited in this article. The author does not mean relegating their discoveries if it
sounds so. Instead, it aims to instil a critical and creative mind in the readers.

Keywords: Nature, art, god, beauty.

1. Nature vs Designer

Nature, a straightforward term offers another window on other world of imperviousness

to any flesh and blood as one transcribes its quality in a metaphysical context. Literally,
nature spells out the normal conditions under which all Homo sapiens are able to
perceive through their ‘foolproof’ sensory system. The events taking place around us are
quite intelligible to the human nation who constantly vouches to be having the superior
mind. Such excitement is dampened especially when our physiological system seems to
be faulty or that even the Nobel-prize winners are transformed into pathetic victims of the
inscrutable truths underpinning every aspect of the nature. The sheer amounts of events
that our minds are permeable to are negligible for our sensory system is handicapped in
some way. Men have been going all out in the zeal of unearthing god’s will through the
physical existence. Much credit has been done to the ancient nobles with their great
discoveries about the perennial truths of the nature. “The survivor of the fittest” for
example would probably have provided a good farce to the Creator if the theory is
proved otherwise. Worse still, the mundane nature of intelligence in us always cripples
the creative powers gifted by the almighty, engendering more and more emotionless
people. The Islamic prophets had begged their caliphs to appreciate the beauty of the
nature from their within. In no way can anyone of us find the imperishable notions about
the world because the concept of ‘being qua being’ that rules every aspect in our living
environs is not what a normal man can comprehend. Anyhow, the esthetic values
emanating from the nature are limitless and somewhat spiritual in essence. “If you
wanna find a good designer, the Lord of this universe is the best guru.”

The essential greenery speaks eloquently to our sense of art. The world is painted green
because the Great Designer knows of our needs and wants. Probably, he is also a bona
fide physician who studies the mortal’s nervous system. We crave ‘green’ as effective
balm to soothe our vulnerable eyeballs. Astonishingly, we can never obtain anything
green from our bodies. We must, consequently, live symbiotically with the nature, with
the green trunks in this natural biosphere. Perhaps, we do count on each other for
subsistence. We consume the organic parts of them and they do live on the
decomposed remnants of our ancestors. Beyond that, the helpless plants cannot do
anymore harm to us. Conversely, the egotistic men are constantly deriving benefits from
the nature for the sake of themselves. Imitation products of the phylum Filicinophyta can
be found elsewhere as if the species of the plantae kingdom had no say in asserting
their copyright! In this respect, all designers are sardonically downright copycats. The
feat achieved in the realm of art has sacrificed most biotic elements. A painting using

fluorescent colorings extracted from the fire flies reveal its invaluable beauty. The killers
end up getting much credit for his killings. The creator of such color-stuff will never earn
a single reward. After all, we learn from the nature. A good sense of art is tantamount to
good synchronization with the nature. The Zea may species generously displays its vivid
yellow while the genus hibiscus arrays its mesmerizing red above board. Orchid shows
blue pods among the others. Synergistically, they strive towards beatifying the
monotonous green through their originality in design. Man again infringe on the plantae
regulations by using red, yellow and blue to form their primary colors. Yet, they fancy
themselves the great inventors of color. Hence, man keep on elogizing their efforts,
oblivious to the contributions of the nature – a hideous phenomenon.

2. Nature and Intruders

We are indebted when such a beautiful jungle is gifted to us unconditionally. We ought to

be the aborigines who lived in a natural way in such confines. The panoramic view of
this nature is conceivable, no doubt, if you take a leisurely stroll through the entire earth-
like entity. The vista of mountains inspires us to approach the nature, believing that the
one behind the wheel will show some sympathy to the helpless beings. Yet, forbidden
fruit is sweet. The well known ancestors, Adam and Eve have mended it all,
unfortunately for the worse. They thought humans could equal the mundane intelligence
with that of the Almighty? Since then, we've started intruding on the nature, ripping off its
natural beauty and inlaying bad elements. We thought the man-made artistic piece of
artwork could boost the nature, but conversely the nature hates us all for transforming it
into a clown! Land art can best woo more and more tourists to scrutinize the delicate
craftsmanship. The thrust of art and design is man itself and not the nature. If we keep
intruding on it, we're genuinely generating expletives in our works-criticisms being hurled
at the natural beauty. Now, nature is being disturbed! It's been annoyed for decades. If
nature was a human figure, this was nothing less than putting one's nose in his chest.
Alright, it's up to us to undo it now. Nothing more could be done but we should instead
do less (harm) to the nature.

3. Nature-an experiment

The hands of men are constantly perhaps intentionally vitiating the nature with no regard
to the dreadful consequences. If dumpsites are unsightly, the sea ends up becoming the
bottomless pit of rubbish. Now, the temperature hovers over 35-40 degrees, cornering
us into preserving the nature although most are no longer as pristine, just to save our
selfish enzymes that live snugly at 37 degree. Well, protection afforded to it has been
patchy. Some of such campaigns were sporadic as men attempted to show concern to
the Almighty God, as though He could not look through human nature, that humans are
hypocrites. Shifting to the root causes of environmental nature erosion, reasons are
known and lengthy discussions have been enunciated in all publications. But we prefer
living in perpetual ignorance, continuing to indulge in minor luxuries by undermining the
great nature. Man is totally reprehensive with respect to the immense harm incurred. All
that breathes the vital oxygen in this atmosphere have to bear the brunt of such immoral
actions. Can we succumb to denial? Yes, we are not absolutely accountable for the
effects. Let’s take a faltering step to propound something on other inadvertent culprits.
The microbes, E. coli and paramecium are doing the same things like us. They spare no
effort to cause mishaps, although on a small scale, localized in well regulated
physiological systems of the animal world. Thousands of them appeal filth to survive. So,
who are to blame? The entire system is akin to a holarchy, microbes being the smaller

entities while God the larger holon. The nature is merely a matter of space-time entity.
Human activities exert cancerous causal relationships in the whole temporal and spatial
context. Changes being made are due to the fact that the nature’s membrane that allows
influx and outflow of abominable activities are too porous. It’s more conceivable if some
asked ‘who compels the microbes to inflict humans?” and “why we cut trees to find
herbal remedies and thus cause harm to the nature”. The answers are obvious. The
nature holds other entities in a tight-box and we are no more than experimental objects.
All doings will be recorded and the whole experimental set-ups will be ended in a rubbish
bin. Simple as that!

4. Nature vs Art

There is much truth in the saying that man is woefully naïve in appreciating the natural
beings around us. This is, however, a fuzzy viewpoint as there have not been any
publications proving whether man himself is lacking the relevant knowledge or they
choose to be so under the obligation of getting the world into proportion. Personally,
knowledge will unequivocally help boost your enjoyment to a higher level. It does not
mean, if one would say so, non-scholars cannot understand the beauty of nature without
the basic know-how. Here comes a topic of curiosity. Everyone is endowed, for sure, the
inquisitive mind impelling one to find out truths by himself. So, curiosity should extend to
the natural creation. Even a little creature may do unlimited wonders, so do nature. A
famous work displaying awesome and yet artistic carved illustrations on a grain has
made an overwhelming number of ignorant men kowtow to the wonderful craftsmanship
as though the delicate histological formations in a plant cannot surpass his art.
Astonishingly, it would take your whole life to study the basic structure of plant-
parenchyma if you dare. On one hand, if Adlerian’s concept of inferiority complex can
justify this human nature, more of such behaviour will become easily intelligible. On the
other, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ constantly provides a firm psychological ground to
verify this phenomenon, too. To acquire a better skill, we must learn from the nature. A
successful artist should by all means understand the principles underlying all creation
under the sun. Taking a retrospective analysis of my secondary art syllabus, most
concepts, if not all, are generally derived from the nature. Stripes on zebras fabricated
wonderful wallpapers. Dangling fruits inspired the nature-artists to shape lamps, lanterns
and so on. Fruity scents travelling through the forest gave a brainstorm to many a
modern fragrance manufacturer. Last but not least, the famous film ‘Avatar’ is such a
success owing to its world of nature modified from the original version. Sooner, we’ve
forgotten the origin of these beautiful products.

We are unduly indulged in the mod cons. We end up transforming ourselves into slaves
to technology rather than anything else. As we scribble, human or man-made element
will inevitably become the focus point. This is not unexplainable. Biblically, we have gone
astray. The author would not want to give a lengthy sermon, but there is no argument for
admitting this fact. In a nutshell, art should marry nature if you still own a prospect of
being able to produce great designs!

5. Natural Dim Light

I quite like the natural dim light accentuated in Figure 1. The nature has a lot to offer if
we are still disposed to making more of it. The natural rays strike the palm sized leaves
and make a perfect lamp in the middle of nowhere. It's too perfect to imitate. There's a
lot more left to future discovery. It's up to you guys to unravel the mystery of nature.

Figure 1: Light and shadow
(Courtesy of Ben Chan from Dasein Academy of Art, Malaysia)

6. Fruit vs Art

As we explore, the beautiful fruit is nothing more than the RM50 lamp hanging on the
wall in our abode. This humdrum jungle can no longer give new and yet fangled things to
surprise its visitors. All wrong! The flawless nature has given too much convenience to
the modern artists and designers who stole its ideas to make lamps and all other
decorative stuff. This substantiates that inspirations come from the natural environment.
Ignoring its beauty is amounting to talent-euthanasia slowly killing your creativity. In fact,
all famous designers rely on nature to start off.

Figure 2: Figs
(Courtesy of Mice from Dasein Academy of Art, Malaysia)

There is no conclusion for this discussion. The author shall not conclude anything as the
nature has its unlimited power and creativity. Future work is needed to appreciate it

Special thanks to Tan Zi Hao who was dedicated enough to build a useful website for

1. Nature as artist as designer (3 April, 2010).

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