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Lately, most people would consider us crazy for all the stalker-

like things we’ve done. But, I assure you; this story is not about me,
neither is it about “us”. It’s about being as crazy and psychotic as you
possibly can.
I would consider myself crazy in the way that a serial killer can
be. Deceived from the outside, I’m a rather dark and disturbing person.
With a witch’s cackle and the appearance of an average talented girl, I
am the craziest of them all. Right now, as I write, I roar at the twisted
things I do. I’m also the merciless of the group. It would truly have to
be something to convince me to stop whatever I may be “doing”.
Charlie is crazy in the sense that she can be so confusing and
confused as anyone would expect her to be because she has blond
hair. But, trust me, when she wants to be, she would be smarter than
any of us put together. She insists she has the dirtiest mind of us all
but I might factor higher in that category.
“So this way is that way and this way is this way and this way is
the other way which really means it’s the other way because I said so,
and so then this way is the same as that way but really it’s just like this
way.” I imagine Charlie could come up with something along those
lines but more complex.
Illy is next who is crazy in the sense that she never sticks. “Never
sticks” meaning that she will do some of the weirdest things, get
attached to them, and then throw them out like they were never there.
She’s meaner than that of any of us, but I think that’s a bonus to her
complicated personality. Illy stands for Intergalactic Lazy Loopy Yub. In
other words, she’s really lazy and a little (a lot) out of place.
Hayden is the whiniest and in which case she can create
different personalities: I looked it up. It’s called Dissociative Identity.
Hayden has all of our identities tied into one. She can be stalker-like
and crazy like me. She can be confusing and a dumb genius like
Charlie. She “never sticks” like Illy and is the victim of most of Illy’s
“doings”. In the worst-case scenario, she is the craziest out of all of us.
But, unfortunately, that trait comes along with the worst whining I have
ever heard. Alike with me, we both go into silent trances for random
Along with our crazy traits come our deceiving looks. We all act
the same. We all have the same haircut. Same phone. Same opinions.
We all dream about each other dying. It’s like we were born together,
except, we fell out the window of the hospital….
So, if you still feel like reading on, by all means, take a shot. But,
beware; you will be brought inside some of the worst thoughts on the
planet. You will think of things you’ve never thought about. You will
hear some random things and some disgusting things, but just
beware. And when you finish this, don’t complain to me saying that
you’ve become insane. I’m just going to say I told you so, laugh, and
walk away.
P.S. When I said we were merciless, that meant that some of our
entries might become wildly graphic and disturbing. Please read at
your own risk…
+ 14 and older only!!

P.S.S. I stalk you in your sleep. I know where you live. I know who you
like, what you eat, what you do, who your mother is, what your name
is, what your deepest darkest secret is. I know you.
Just thought I’d throw that in there.

The Demented Daughters
“What the hell are you doing?” I was once again displaying my
authority over Hayden as she started screwing with Charlie’s lunch
box. She looked at me with a clueless expression as she gently set it
back down on the table. I picked up the lunch box again and then
slammed it back down on the table right in front of her. A shocked look
came on her face and I started laughing.
“Charlie’s going to smack you if you don’t leave her crap alone,”
I warned for the umpteenth time. And like always, I was proven right.
When Charlie came back, her lunchbox was in the hands of the absent-
minded idiot. Automatically she got smacked.
“I can’t help it!! I need something to hold on to, or I’m going to
explode!” she whined loudly. Hayden looked at me, sighed, and then
just laid her head down.
“You want something to hold on to, there’s a nine inch eel over
at the Polley table!” I smirked. A unison of giggles surrounded me.
Charlie’s was loudest.
“I didn’t know they had any!” she murmured quietly. She
snickered again as I laughed at Hayden’s face. She had that “don’t
tease me” look.
“Hayden, you know we’re just messing with you.” I said calmly. I
tried to contain her before she got all whiny again.
“I’m not. I really mean it.” Illy stated. She opened her sour
gummy worms and water and set them next to her on the bench;
always afraid I would eat them. She then took the tab off the can and
gave it to me. I stuffed it in my pocket and then turned to Charlie.
“What are we doing today?” I said while devouring my cookies.
She shrugged but then started a rather interesting conversation.
“I saw Caesar Salad today. His hair was fine today.” She looked
at me and her eyes immediately said “Oh yeah.” I chuckled to myself
and then asked.
“Illy, what happened to the CiCi’s Pizza lover? Is she not here
today?” she looked at me weird and then replied.
“Oh yeah, she’s not here today. Neither is CiCi…. What a
coincidence!” She smirked again. I could tell all the dirty things she
was thinking. Illy looked behind me and I turned around.
I then saw a Paully right behind me.
CHEESE OUT OF ME!!” I yelled at Kyle and he just looked at me like I
was crazy.
I then calmed myself down and turned back around, just to
ignore him. I went on eating, but it felt like he was still there so I
turned around again.
“WHAT do you want? You obviously want something so just spit it
out.” I sneered. Charlie snickered beside me. He looked at me, then
Charlie, then Illy and Hayden.
“I want one.” He said. I spit out what I was eating and started to
choke on my water. I started coughing and coughing and Illy, Charlie,
and Hayden were all laughing. Their predictable dirty minds were
working through what he said and analyzing it word by word.
“And what the hell is that supposed to mean?” I coughed when I
stopped choking. He looked at me like I was crazy again and then I
glared at him.
“What. Is. That. Supposed. To. Mean?” I struggled with the
words; the laughter was coming to me.
“A picture. I want a picture. I want a Dolphins picture. A pretty
one.” He smiled at me as if he expected something. I raised my
eyebrows. I would probably end up regretting it, but I started to talk
“Well that’s too bad. Requests are closed. I’m already up to my
head in requests. What makes you think that you’re an exception?” I
murmured loudly. He grinned and turned around to see if anyone was
looking. Then he gazed back at me.
“I’m an exception because you like me.” He sneered. I was
dumbfounded. When had he figured that out?! Why did he figure that
out, and who told him?! Why would he use that against me? I started
going through all these questions, and I didn’t notice the large laughter
at the table. Every one of my friends was trying to hold in their
shocked chuckles.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tried to shrug him
away but he didn’t leave. I ignored him again.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about. I know you like me.
I’ve heard it everywhere.” He beamed at me. I couldn’t take it.
“Fine. You are the only exception,” I whispered. “Now go away.
I’m hungry,” My eyes veered over everyone else’s at the table. And
they looked too amazed to do anything but stare.
“Remember! Dolphins!” he called behind him as he walked
away. I couldn’t believe it. He just pwned me at my own game and I
didn’t enjoy it. I put my head down on the table and started gritting
my teeth. I sighed over and over again. I didn’t want to succumb to
something so shallow, but I did anyway; because he was right.
“You got owned by Kyle today. I feel bad for you. Anyone Kyle
can own is definitely pathetic. But you’re the only exception.” Illy
I walked out of the lunchroom quietly, while I heard Illy claiming
that I was beat. I strode to the other side and got to PE doors. I sat
down on the ground and placed my head in my hands as I began to
think about things. I heard footsteps coming and I assumed they were
Charlie’s, Illy’s, and Hayden’s.
“Can you three just shut up already?!” I hollered loudly. But I was
surprised to find someone else standing there. Kaleb.
“Ugh, what do you want? Your brother already ruined my day.” I
looked at his face and imagined the identical twin’s face. He looked at
me and just stood there.
“What?” I repeated.
“What’s wrong? Why are you so depressed?” he announced his
true intentions immediately.
“Why do you care? You hate my guts, remember?” I explained
slowly. A disappointed grimace covered his face as he kept walking to
class. Then he opened the door and went inside.
I guessed right every time. I made him confused about
everything and sometimes it got the better of him. It comforted me
that I had that kind of control over him. It made me feel like I could
make him do anything I wanted if I acted and said the right words.
“Hey, what were you talking to Kaleb about?” Hayden
interrogated me suspiciously. I glared at her and she backed off at
“Oh, Kaira, you don’t have to be so rude. I’m serious, I didn’t
mean anything by it.” She moaned. I felt like hitting her but I didn’t, in
fear of getting suspended. Instead I got up and grabbed my things as I
walked away over to the band room. I sat on the short brick wall and
started talking with Marcos.
“Hey Kaira, what’s up?” he smiled at me warmly; he was so
friendly. He was like an adorable little brother to me. I couldn’t not like
“Hey Marcos. I guess I’m just a little bored so I came over here to
watch the hell-raising chaos.” I laughed. I only saw boys over here, and
I regarded each one like a loving brother, except for a few. I got a long
with this group well and I seemed to fit in more when I was around
them. Sometimes I think that I should have been born a boy, because I
hate being expected to hang out with the girls. It’s just plain annoying
that I can’t go sit with my guy friends without some suggestion that I
liked one of them.
“So where’s Hayden? Shouldn’t she be over here?” he observed
her unnoticeable absence.
“That’s why I came over here; to get away from them.
Sometimes I like hanging out with the guys more than I do with the
girls,” I pointed out. I wrapped my arm around Marcos’ shoulder and
hugged him tightly like family.
“I better get back before they yell at me,” I mumbled unwillingly.
I got up and waved at him.
“Bye K!” he called after me. I stumbled my way back to the
group, catching sight of Kyle suddenly, and then disappearing. They
were awaiting my return it looked like.
“Don’t any of you say anything,” I requested. I shook my head
and sat down again.
When the bell rang, I got up to go inside the locker room. It
smelled faintly of perfume, like it always did, and I started to open the
“What’s wrong?” Charlie questioned suddenly. I laid my clothes
on the bench and started getting undressed.
“Nothing, I just wanted to say hi to Marcos,” I replied. She stared
at me and then retrieved her own clothes from the compartment. I
finished quickly and started packing my normal clothes back into the
locker. I sat down on the bench and quietly lay down on the seat. When
I closed my eyes, I saw nothing but black. Then I saw the strangest
blue light. It was turquoise colored and it was really pretty. I saw what
it was almost too soon. It was a person with dark, dark, dark brown hair
and turquoise eyes that were immensely bright. He was gorgeous but I
wasn’t able to tell who it was.
My eyes snapped open again and Charlie and Mrs. Tulane were
standing over me. I suddenly realized that I had fallen asleep. I sat up
really quickly, which was a bad idea, and started to apologize.
“I’m really sorry. I just kind of dozed off.” I stammered quickly.
The teacher looked at me with worried eyes and dismissed me. The
class had ended and I was informed that were going to the next period.
As I walked to next period, I had the feeling that I was being
followed. Then, I felt someone blow in my hair. I turned around and
saw the Paully right behind me. I gasped then caught myself. I glared
at him and he looked at me apologetically. I sighed and kept walking.

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