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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 19, December 15, 2007
Fall Quarter is Over! Yet Another Gaming Podcast
Earlier this month, I finished my Earlier this month, I mentioned gaming
Aero graduate class. At print–time, podcasts. Another one that I’ve been listening
I do not know my final grade, but I to is the Godzilla Gaming Podcast
figure I did well. This gives me (
some time to enjoy the holidays and Mike and Cam are two gamers in Japan and
get some more done on the next few they have lots to say about gaming in English in
1001+1 issues. I hope that you all a foreign country. A great segment of the show
have a safe holiday season and I is where they talk about Japanese snacks! Some
look forward to publishing again in of them sound very interesting. It’s one to listen
the new year! See you then! to when you need that gaming goodness!

Modern Odd Game Design What I’m Reading: Bloody Benders

This month, I’ve been kicking around the idea I picked up a copy of Rick
of a modern game and have gathered a bunch Geary’s The Saga of the
of things to string together to Bloody Benders (one of his
accomplish that. First, the film Treasury of Victorian
National Treasure: The Book Murders graphic novels). It’s
of Secrets (Bruckheimer) is the story of a family of serial
coming out soon. I loved the killers in Kansas that were
first movie and I anticipate this responsible for over two
one. It’s got a great mix of fact, dozen murders between
myth, conjecture and wild 1872–73. The Bender family
speculation that I just love. It’s showed up in Labette County,
the perfect flavor of setting for Kansas and built a small store and restaurant,
a conspiracy–esque game that I’d run. called the Wayside Inn. The one–room building
had a sheet to separate the room in half, with
Secondly, I’ve been reading stuff on Wikipedia.
the cooking done on one side and the store and
I read the listing on The Adventures of
restaurant on the other. The sheet divider was a
Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
very important prop in the killings.
(Sherwood). I came across the following very
interesting items: A likely victim arrived at the door and was
shown a chair, with his back to the sheet. The
• a huge robot and a box of Hitler's cigars daughter, a pretty girl named Kate, would talk
• “Find the Jetcar, Said the President–A with the victim while he ate and get all sorts of
Buckaroo Banzai Thriller” information–where they’re going, who they’re
• Lepers from Saturn. meeting and the purpose of their trip. If they
Then I read in the listing on Philip K. Dick that were alone and with lots of cash, far from
“Dick was ‘resurrected’ by his fans in the form friends, the father John Bender would smash
of a remote-controlled android designed in his them in the head with a sledge hammer
likeness. The android of Philip K. Dick was through the sheet. Kate then dragged the body
impanelled in a San Diego Comic Con into the cellar and slit the victim’s throat.
presentation about the film adaptation of the They’d steal his money, sell his horse and bury
novel, A Scanner Darkly. In February 2006, the body in the orchard out back. And with
an airline misplaced the android, and it has times being what they were, the victims were
not yet been found.” I also read about the not missed for a long, long time. The Benders
(continued on Page 2, First Column) (continued on Page 2, First Column)

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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 19, December 15, 2007
Bloody Benders (cont.) Another Good Free ‘zine
killed a whole bunch of people and then Roger Carbol writes an excellent ‘zine based
disappeared. There is a lot of speculation on upon *gasp* REALITY, mixing news headlines
whether they were really a family or just four (or small news bits) into the D20 (WOTC) OGL
criminals who worked together to kill and rob. system. It’s called Knowledge (Current Events)
( and
Rick Geary does a great job
he’s up to issue #14. It’s a great resource to add
with the subject matter. I love
a bit of flavor to a modern game, even other if
his art, it’s really got a good
other systems are used. Go Roger!
feel for that time period and
the characters and even the
everyday items around them To the Future with Mutant Future!
are very detailed. He is a Goblinoid Games (
favorite artist of mine since I will be releasing Mutant Future, a D20 (WOTC)
read Blanche Goes to New retro–clone game in the same vein as the 1st
York, a Cthulhu–esque comic editions of Metamorphosis
from 1992. Alpha (James Ward) and
Gamma World (WOTC). The
The Bloody Benders would make a good
retro-clone games have had
encounter for any party. They could be used in
quite a following. These
nearly any setting, especially an Old West game
games are D20 (WOTC) but
(and would work quite well in a Deadlands
with a focus on game style
Reloaded (Pinnacle) game), standard–bog
from our youth (or at least the
fantasy (in the wild lands between two towns)
youth of the hobby), like the
and even in modern times (an old hill–billy
Blue Box Basic D&D (WOTC). Several other
family in the Ozark Mountains).
companies are producing retro–clone games–
Goblinoid also has Labyrinth Lord and Troll
More Modern Odd (cont.) Lord has Castles and Crusades, just to name a
2000 year old Sword of Goujian. In fact, one few. I’ve downloaded the free copy of Labyrinth
part said “After being in water for 2000 years, Lord (a hardback book is also available for sale)
the Sword of Goujian till has a sharp blade and and it’s pretty good. I’m looking forward to
shows no signs of tarnish.” So, here’s the mix! Mutant Future as I am a great MA/GW fan and
a fan of other post-apocalyptic games as well.
First, Hitler’s spirit was trapped in his I’ve even been in the Goblinoid Mutant Future
cigar humidor after his suicide by forums talking about it and the designers have
Himmler, a mage of the Aryan been very cool! If you like retro–clone games,
Brotherhood. He faked his death and be sure to go to Goblinoid Games.
escaped to Argentina but lost the
humidor in transit. It found it’s way
into a storage area in Paris where PK Even More Modern Odd (cont.)
Dick’s android ended up. A freak National Security. Everybody and their kid
electrical storm released Hitler’s spirit brother are looking for this car. The real prize,
into the android and now he’s on the however, and what everyone is really after is the
loose, searching for the magic sword. script of “Find the Jetcar, Said the President–A
Hitler gets a bunch of zombies Buckaroo Banzai Thriller” in the trunk! Why?
powered by magic from Saturn and Add some Ken Hite’s Suppressed Transmission
steals a proto–type Jet Car vital to US (Steve Jackson Games) and serve in a Savage
(continued on Second Column) Worlds! (Pinnacle) Bureau 13 (Tri–Tac) game.

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